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 Chapter 745: The first person in this world!

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At the same moment.

Zhang Ye left the court and went straight back to his parents' home.

After opening the door with his keys, he went into the house and saw Chenchen who was rummaging through the refrigerator to grab some soda to drink. Chenchen glanced at him and said, "Zhang Ye, you're going to be lectured."

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. "What lecturing am I going to get?"

His parents then walked out from their bedroom.

His mother was very mad. "Why did you go and stir up trouble again?!"

"Why are you two so up-to-date with the news? You two know about it already?" Zhang Ye returned.

"It was everywhere in the news! So how can we not know about it?!" his mother replied angrily.

"Mom, I did not cause any trouble." Zhang Ye smiled and stated, "I was just protecting my legal rights and interests."

His mother said frustrated, "But this is Central TV we're talking about here!"

Zhang Ye shrugged. "So what if it's Central TV? Even a laborer knows how to use legal procedures to protect their own rights and interests if their salary is withheld, so why can't I do the same? It's just Central TV that I'll be suing!"

His mother said angrily, "I nearly died of anger because of you. Why do you always make people worry over you? Isn't it just 8,000 RMB? You can earn that easily with just a fart. Why you must go and challenge Central TV Department 1? How long have you been working for Central TV? Yet you've fallen out with them again! Now that this incident has happened, regardless of how the matter is resolved later or whatever the verdict of the court case is, it will not be a good ending. At that time, how are you going to stay on at Central TV Department 1? When the entire TV station system blacklists you, what will you do?"

His father added, "You are too impulsive. You should have at least consulted us first even if you met with some injustice."

Zhang Ye explained, "But the problem now is not only about the 8,000 yuan salary. That's not the main reason."

His mother was infuriated. "No matter what reason you have, you should not have sued Central TV!"

Zhang Ye replied, "Central TV Department 1 wants to steal my overseas copyright of The Voice but I refused. It was because of that that they resorted to withholding my salary to give me a warning. If I did not make a firm stand against that, wouldn't they truly think that I'm easy to scare?"

His mother said furiously, "How much can that crappy copyright possibly fetch?! How can it be more important than your job?!"

Zhang Ye glanced at her and responded, "It would fetch at least 10 million RMB and this amount is just a lowball."

When she heard that, his mother was immediately stunned. She exclaimed, "What? More than 10 million RMB? It can be sold for over 10 million RMB? I...f**k Central TV to their second grandma! Sue those bastards! Sue them!" His mother slammed her hand on the table and stood up!

Zhang Ye: "..."

His father: "..."

Chenchen: "..."

Hey, isn't your change in attitude way too fast!

After that, his mother only cared about scolding Central TV Department 1 and she did it for a full five minutes. Finally, she said as she panted, "Son, do whatever you need to do regarding this matter! Just sue them! Ignore what the others will say! Mom will fully support you! Hmph, even a laborer knows how to use legal procedures to protect their own rights and interests if their salary is withheld, so why can't my son do the same? Central TV? So what if it's Central TV?! Does Central TV have the right to steal our money?"

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded by this reaction. "Mom, that sounds just like what I just said to you."

"Is that so? Oh right, son, are you hungry yet? Have you eaten?" his mother asked.

"No, I haven't eaten yet. I was in court the entire afternoon," Zhang Ye answered.

His mother headed straight to the kitchen. "Wait awhile. I will cook something for you immediately. Eat and drink to your heart's content, then fight it out with them tomorrow!"

"Thank you, Mom. I will go back to my room first and lie down for a bit. I'm feeling very tired right now." Zhang Ye drank some water and then went back into his bedroom. He took off his clothes and laid down comfortably onto the soft bed.

Only at this moment did he take out his cell phone to have a look.

Good god! There were more than a dozen missed calls from his relatives and friends.

Zhang Ye returned their calls one by one. "Hello, Old Yao, you were looking for me?"

Yao Jiancai said: "I called you twice but you did not answer."

Zhang Ye said: "Heh, I was in court just now, so I couldn't answer it."

Yao Jiancai said: "I'm telling you, old bro, you're pushing it way overboard this time! You really scared the shit out of me! Previously when I called you, I reminded you, but you said that you would have a sense of propriety. I thought you had taken my advice to heart, but you basically ended up not listening to my words at all. With your suing of Central TV, how do you think this matter will end?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "But I wasn't intending on ending the matter."

Yao Jiancai pleaded: "Listen to this old bro for once. Withdraw the lawsuit immediately. It's still not too late to do that now, this situation is very different from what you've encountered in the past!"

Zhang Ye said: "Hur hur, I know that this time is different, but it's all water over the dam now. Old Yao, I know that you have good intentions, but I can't back off if something goes against my principles. If I take a step back, it will follow with a second step, then a third step with no end to it."

Yao Jiancai sighed: "What if you are put into the freezer?"

Zhang Ye said: "It doesn't matter."

Yao Jiancai asked: "Do you not plan to appear at Central TV Department 1's Spring Festival Gala in your lifetime?"

Zhang Ye replied: "It doesn't matter."

Upon hearing that, Yao Jiancai said helplessly: "Alright, then I won't try to dissuade you any further."

Zhang Ye remarked: "I've been possessed by a 'warrior,' so no one can talk me out of it."

The call had just ended on this side.

Then another call came in from the songstress Zhang Xia.

Zhang Ye: "Grandma Zhang, you called?"

Zhang Xia said in a helpless tone: "An old friend of mine from Central TV came to me and asked if I could talk to you and persuade you to resolve the matter internally."

"Then you-" Zhang Ye was about to ask.

Zhang Xia interrupted: "But I'm not prepared to intervene since I know what your temperament is like. I just called you to check on your current situation."

Zhang Ye laughed. "Me? I'm fine."

Zhang Xia asked: "Are you prepared for everything?"

Zhang Ye replied: "Yes."

Zhang Xia said: "Alright, then I don't need to go any further. If my old friend asks me, I will just say that I could not contact you."

Following that, a number of other friends also called him.

Like Xiao Lu.

Wang Xiaomei.

Tian Bin.

Hu Fei.

They were all anxiously trying to dissuade Zhang Ye from taking such drastic actions.

Hu Fei who was from Beijing Television Station understood this industry the best and knew how grave this matter was. He even got angry at Zhang Ye, which he seldom did, and wanted him to withdraw the lawsuit. Thinking back, Zhang Ye had Hu Fei to thank for bringing him into the television industry. Hu Fei was Zhang Ye's Bo Le and also an old friend who genuinely cared about Zhang Ye.

But Zhang Ye did not listen to him this time. He had his own reasons for his persistence.

For those who knew and understood Zhang Ye's character, they knew that Zhang Ye had truly been angered this time. The compensation of 100 million RMB was obviously an unreasonable demand. He just stated a random, large amount. Don't mention delaying the salary payment for a day, even if it was delayed for 50 years, it would still be impossible to get 100 million RMB. The court definitely would not accept the demand of 100 million as compensation, yet this amount represented Zhang Ye's anger and attitude on this matter!

100 million?

I will f**king demand this 100 million RMB in compensation!

If you people from Central TV Department 1 are being unreasonable? Then I will be more unreasonable than you all! What can you do to me even if I demand 100 million? Bite me?


His mother finished preparing dinner right as the calls petered out.

While Zhang Ye was dining, he browsed through the news and Weibo on his cell phone. In the end, he discovered that, at this moment, the Internet was utterly overtaken by topics and discussions about him and Central TV Department 1!

It was on the headlines of the largest discussion forum!

The topic on Weibo had garnered more than 200,000 replies!

Zhang Ye had not expected this matter to gain such a great deal of attention. It was so huge that it caused server outages on a large number of forums online. It was as though the entire entertainment circle only had this piece of news to report about tonight. Zhang Ye had lost count of the number of times he had been pushed to the forefront of discussions! Countless netizens rushed over in astonishment to admire at Zhang Ye's "heroic bearing"!

"Demigod Zhang has shown his might again!"

"I can finally see it! As long as Zhang Ye stays in the entertainment circle, this industry will never have a moment of peace!"

"I hope Teacher Zhang will have good luck this time!"

"This is too exciting! This was what I wanted to see!"

"I'm getting a kick from this drama! I can understand why so many people like Teacher Zhang now. It's because he dares to say things we wouldn't dare to say all our lives! It's because he dares to do the things that we wouldn't dare to do all our lives!

"I like it when people pick a fight or argument with Zhang Ye, because it's at such times that Teacher Zhang looks like he has a divine glow surrounding him! I have an inkling that Teacher Zhang favorite pastime definitely is not composing poems, nor writing books, nor creating TV shows. What he likes most must be picking a fight with others! This is a unique ability that Teacher Zhang is best at!"

"The first person to declare war on Central TV!"

There were two reasons why the affair had turned out this way.

First, even though Zhang Ye had gotten into disagreements with many of his ex-employers, the organizational scales of those employers were not as large as Central TV's. Furthermore, Zhang Ye had also been banned by the SARFT before. In those incidents, he had always lost the initiative by taking a passive stand at first. Zhang Ye had only started resisting after he got listed as a banned artist. But the clash this time with Central TV Department 1 was different. Zhang Ye doubtlessly could have found a better resolution to this situation, yet he chose to take the initiative in declaring war. Moreover, it was a war against Central TV Department 1, a big brother of the industry! As a result, the shock that everyone received was different from the past!

Second, and also the main reason why this matter had caused such a sensation throughout the entertainment circle, was that in this world, ever since the entertainment circle had come into existence, ever since there was a television station, there had never been a precedent of an artist suing Central TV!

That's right!

Not even once!

In this world, Zhang Ye was the first person!

That was why the entire country was shocked!

That was why the industry was in an uproar!

No matter who won or lost, regardless of the results, history would record this moment today. That there existed a person named Zhang Ye who said "no" to the face of Central TV Department 1!!