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 Chapter 50: The Heavenly Queen's Personality Can't Be That Bad!


Zhang Ye's house was in a mess.

"Give me.. water."

"Getting me to get water for you?"


"Alright, wait...Hai! Don't vomit on the floor!"

Zhang Ye was in a panic and felt grossed out. He quickly dragged Zhang Yuanqi, who had just vomited, to the bathroom. Opening the toilet lid, the reeling Zhang Yuanqi vomited inside.

As she vomited, Zhang Yuanqi's body slumped to the ground. Even her clothes had some vomit!

Zhang Ye said loudly, "Big Sis? Big Sis?"

Zhang Yuanqi did not make a sound. She had fallen soundly asleep.

Noticing the situation, Zhang Ye had no other way but to endure the grossness as he bent down and lifted up the dirty Zhang Yuanqi into the room.

At this moment, the Cupid Sachet's effective time was up!

Zhang Ye felt like crying. That was the five minutes he got with good luck with the females?

He did not have the opportunity to complain. The smell in the room was terrible. Zhang Ye opened the windows to ventilate the room, as he pinched his nose and entered the bathroom to get a mop to wipe the floor. Then he cleaned the vomit in the bathroom.

What should he do?

Zhang Ye smacked himself in the forehead. He went to the landlady's house, but no matter how long he knocked on the door, no one came out. Rao Aimin had not seemed to be at home for the past few days. Finding a female neighbor? That wouldn't do. The rooms here were all rented. The people that lived here were a bit unruly; and what sort of status and fame did Zhang Yuanqi have? If this was made known, her popularity would definitely take a hit. The Heavenly Queen always appeared so graceful on television, so this was not to be made known to others!

Returning home.

Zhang Ye poured a glass of warm water and brought it to her, "Sis, drink some. Didn't you say you were thirsty? Here, open your mouth."

It was unknown if Zhang Yuanqi heard it as she moved her mouth.

Zhang Ye took the opportunity to pour the water in. There was some water that spilled onto the bed. Hai.

After suffering till 4 P.M., Zhang Ye managed to tidy up the room. Finally, the gross smell was gone. He was tired enough, as he fell asleep on the chair.

One hour...

Three hours...

When Zhang Ye opened his eyes, the sky was already dark. Looking at his watch, it was already 10 P.M.!

Ring, Ring, Ring. The Heavenly Queen's cellphone kept ringing. So it was her phone that had woken him up.

Then Zhang Yuanqi's body also moved. She let out a very long tone as she rubbed her eyes. Suddenly she sat up, "Oh?"

Zhang Ye immediately stood up while rubbing his eyes, "You have finally woken up!"

Zhang Yuanqi's beautiful eyes looked coldly at the room's environment, before staring right into Zhang Ye's eyes. Her tone was blunt, "Who are you?"

Zhang Ye said, "My name is Zhang Ye, I'm..."

Zhang Yuanqi abruptly interrupted, "Why am I here?" Checking her clothes, she looked up, "I'm giving you a minute to explain!"

Your sister!

To think you are angry?

Zhang Ye said, "Big Sis, shouldn't I be asking you this? I was in my room, minding my own business, but there you were using your key to stab my door. After you entered, you threw up on my floor. It took me two hours to clean up the mess!"

Zhang Yuanqi frowned, "What did I say in the afternoon to you?"

"It was all nonsense. Then you fell asleep." Zhang Ye said.

Zhang Yuanqi asked again, "Do you recognize me?"

"Zhang Yuanqi, right? I've seen you on television." Zhang Ye said honestly.

After about ten minutes, Zhang Ye managed to explain the situation to her. She had gone to the wrong house in her drunken stupor.

"What happened in the afternoon should only be known by you. Don't tell anyone, alright?" Zhang Yuanqi said without explaining herself.

Zhang Ye nodded, "Sure. I'm not a gossipy person. Then, now you should..."

Zhang Yuanqi lowered her head and sniffed her clothes. Her eyebrows knitted and her expression turned sullen, "Give me some female clothes; I'll leave once I change."

Zhang Ye said helplessly, "Why would there be female clothes in my house?"

Zhang Yuanqi said impolitely, "You can buy it outside."

"It's almost 11 P.M. Which mall is still open?" Zhang Ye rummaged through a closet and threw her a pair of pajamas. "This should get you through."

Zhang Yuanqi's eyebrows ticked.

"I'm going to the bathroom. You change here." Zhang Ye went into the bathroom and hid himself there. After a few minutes, he asked, "Are you done changing?"

"Yes!" A lukewarm response sounded.

Zhang Ye came out and saw the clothes that she had taken off had been placed on the bed. "Shall I wash it for you?"

Zhang Yuanqi said yes with a deadpan expression, "Leave it in the dryer for a while to dry it faster."

Zhang Ye was thinking how much she did not stand on ceremony. "I don't have a dryer, but I can try using a hairdryer." After he went through the motions of blowing on it with the hairdryer, he hung up her clothes.

Coming out, her majesty Zhang Yuanqi was sitting on a small sofa, with her legs crossed in an elegant fashion. "Little Zhang, right? Get me something to eat. I'm a bit hungry."

Zhang Ye, "..."

"Alright?" Zhang Yuanqi exhorted.

Hai, forget it. She was, after all, a superstar!

Zhang Ye took out the last egg in his house, "I'll make a poached egg for you." This was a studio, so the kitchen was also in the house. Zhang Ye expertly turned on the fire, poured oil and sprinkled green onions. After the oil heated up, he cracked the egg into it. Knowing that the Heavenly Queen was waiting for her meal, Zhang Ye did not resist. He did it proudly. He was a man, after all. To be able to show off in front of a woman tends to give them a sense of accomplishment.

The egg was done!

Zhang Ye presented the plate, "It's done!"

Zhang Yuanqi looked at the plate, "Are you sure that you can cook?"

"Of course. You sure are funny. If I don't know how to cook, who can?" Zhang Ye said mockingly.

Zhang Yuanqi asked, "Then tell me why the color of the egg on the plate is this color? Also, why am I smelling a burnt smell?"

Zhang Ye waved his finger with confidence and dragged the plate towards her. "That's because you don't understand. One glance and I know you can't cook. This is a new method of cooking. I did it on purpose. This is to fully express the flavor of the egg and to extract the fragrance of the egg to its fullest extent. The fire needs to be big, hence resulting in this color. Hai, you won't understand. Such a superstar like you must have never eaten authentic street-side chicken eggs!"

Zhang Yuanqi looked at him silently.

Zhang Ye coughed and finally threw the egg into the rubbish bin dejectedly, "Alright, I messed up!" How could this rascal know how to cook!?

Zhang Yuanqi continued sending short messages with a deadpan expression.

"My house only has instant noodles. I'm also hungry. Do you want to eat it with me?" Zhang Ye asked for her opinion.

"...Do I have any other choices?" Zhang Yuanqi said in a lukewarm manner.

Hei, you sure are a big shot, to be picky with your meals! Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. He began boiling water to make the instant noodles. Each person had a bowl of noodles.

"I'm not going to care about you. I'll eat first." Zhang Ye was extremely hungry.

Zhang Yuanqi put down her cellphone and looked very unhappily at the bowl of instant noodles. Finally, she picked it up and frowned as she ate it.

Zhang Ye was having a good time eating, "It's delicious, right?"

Zhang Yuanqi, "...Have never eaten anything else?"

"It's not delicious? Uh, then you'll have to make do. Other than instant noodles, my house has nothing else." Zhang Ye said.

"When will my clothes dry?"

"The weather isn't very hot now. It will probably take four to five hours?"

"Then I still need to live in your house tonight?"

"You can wear my pajamas and leave."

"Were you joking with me? I don't find it funny at all!"

Zhang Ye also did not find it funny. What good luck with females? He had seen through it. There was all sorts of bad luck befalling him today. What good luck with females? Clearly an Empress Dowager had arrived! Thinking of the Zhang Yuanqi on television, she was so elegant and gentle. She was kind and warm to others. She remained patient and answered all the journalists who surrounded her. She was unusually friendly with her fans!

But now, what had happened?

Can someone tell me what had happened?

Who is this person? Why has her personality changed by 180 degrees!?

Zhang Ye's impression of the female goddess, Zhang Yuanqi, in his mind was shattered. My Heavenly Queen's personality can't be that bad! Something was definitely wrong!