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 Chapter 437: Red Alert at the Global Malware Protection Center!

The Korean hackers erupted into chaos!

Another person shouted, "I'm infected too!"

JIN angrily said, "Why did you open your inbox for nothing!?"

That person said, "I didn't open my mail. I downloaded a Chinese translation software from a website. I used it to create a defacing picture to post, and then..."

Then, the person's name dimmed!

"It can spread through documents too?"

59-V's avatar on the communication software also dimmed. The final words he said was "F**k! I'll be going off for a while. I'll try to crack the virus! Seek revenge for me!"

As a hacker!

As a top security expert!

59-V's computer actually got infected? This was no doubt a great humiliation!

However, JIN and company did not make any move. Revenge? They still were unsure of the situation. How could they possible to seek revenge!? The virus came around too oddly. How did the anti-virus software or firewalls not detect and quarantine it? One had to know, as hackers, the anti-virus software they used was definitely not bad. Some of them even personally modified it themselves. They even had homebrewed tools that typical users would not have access to. This was to prevent trojan horses or intrusions by others. Yet, against that panda, they were useless?

Jen issued an alert, "Why is 59-V still sending e-mails? His inbox is constantly sending emails out to everyone! Didn't he disconnect?"

JIN gasped, "The virus might be able to auto-reconnect!"

Jen: "What? Other than pulling his network cable, that 'panda' will keep reconnecting to the internet to spread the virus? It can even destroy EXE's and files. It's a worm virus!"

A hacker, who luckily had not gotten infected, said, "Anti-virus software is useless against it?"

JIN said, "The virus library does not have any records or documents about this virus!"


It was a new virus!

That '2' actually produced a new, homemade virus!

At this moment, the Korean hackers had drumming heart beats!


In Korea.

At a certain office building, an office was still lit.

Han Juyu was a website editor. He had been on a discussion forum live streaming the situation regarding the Sino-Korean hacker war. He had always been anti-Chinese, so when he saw how the Korean hackers were pressing forward while the Chinese were retreating in defeat, Han Juyu felt extremely excited. He chuckled as he published a piece of live news on his computer. The tone he used sounded like he was really enjoying watching fellow Koreans beating a downtrodden enemy. Many radical people liked his form of reporting. After he finished writing and editing, he was prepared to upload a picture of the battle situation. The pictures were screenshots of Chinese websites after they had been invaded by Koreans, filled with profanities.

Ding Dong.

"Hmm? Mail?" Han Juyu clicked open his inbox to take a look. Inside was a mail from his website's boss. The mail had no title, and he couldn't tell what it was. Typically, when he encountered such mail, Han Juyu would not open it, but today, he immediately opened it!


For someone to ask this question, his EQ would definitely lower than 5!

That was because it was his f**king boss' e-mail! Even if the title was "Darn ****", he would also look at it!

After he clicked it, Han Juyu was surprised to realize that the content of the mail was a bunch of garbage. He did not know what it was and ignored it. He carried on uploading his report and picture.

Suddenly, a panda jumped out!



All the icons of his executable files changed into a panda holding three burning joss sticks!

Han Juyu shouted with profanity and tried to click the icons, but he could not do a thing. He immediately realized his computer had been infected. He hurriedly cut off his internet, hoping he could prevent the document from being uploaded, but just as he cut his internet, it immediately made an automatic connection!

Upload complete!

It was posted on his website!

Then in Han Juyu's raging surprise, his computer began to reboot. And after it was done rebooting, before he could do a thing, it rebooted once again!

It's over!

The computer was down!

He immediately realized one thing. It was '2'! It was done by that '2'!


At an internet cafe in Korea.

A few hundred machines were whirling away.

Some of them were playing games, others were chatting or watching videos, and there were some watching the Sino-Korean hacker war. They were discussing it on a forum!



"My computer has BSOD-ed!"

"What's going on? My computer rebooted!"

"Administrator! Administrator! Quick take a look for me! What happened to the machine?"

"Why is there a panda?"

"Crap! This machine is down! I was almost done fighting the BOSS. All my day's efforts have been in vain! This is infuriating! I'm going crazy!"

"It's a virus!"

"This...This is Chinese! Wasn't this sentence the one that appeared on the government's website earlier? It's that hacker from China, '2, who wrote it!"

"What does it mean?"

"I heard the translation was 'whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed'!"

"Holy sh*t! This is revenge from a Chinese hacker!"

"Crap, this virus is too powerful! The anti-virus software can't kill it!"

"I just received a phone call. My classmate's computer also got hit with the virus too. He was just looking at a picture of the battle situation of the Sino-Korean hacker war on a discussion board, but the moment he downloaded it, his computer was completely unusable! He is trying to use recovery to restore the system, but even the recovery system's files were destroyed. There's no way to restore it!"

"Then what can we do?"

"What sort of virus is this!?"

"It's too wicked! This virus is too powerful!"

"I told you not to let your friends download stuff from message boards! The board definitely has an editor or administrator who was infected!"

The entire internet cafe's computers were infected!

This situation played all throughout Korea!

Grief, anger, and curses constantly appeared. At the office, and at home. Computer after computer were infected by the Panda Burning Incense virus!

A hundred!

A thousand!

Ten thousand!

This number constantly increased!

All of Korea was enveloped by the shadow of the panda. There was an emanating panicked atmosphere!


At the same time.

On the other side.

The scene on the Chinese side was very different. They were still stagnant on another scene. They did not know what was happening on the other side.

"Come on!"

"All the way!"

"Hold on!"

"Either you die, or I die!"

Another website was infected as the Internet Surveillance Bureau was prepared to defend to the last!

The Chinese citizens, who were paying attention to this matter, were also cheering them on!

All of China's front line programmers from security companies and the Internet Surveillance Bureau were prepared to fight it out. They were ready to charge, and even if they could not hold out, they had to!

But then, all of them were dumbfounded!

"Holy sh*t!" Zhang Er shouted.

Fang Xiaoshui said dumbfoundedly, "Eh, where are they?"

Meng Yi was befuddled. "Where did they all go?"

Dong Zhiqiang was also curious. "They all left? Not a single one remained?"

Those websites, that had been invaded, did not need to go through them. The staff of those websites could restore them themselves. The people from the websites were also confused with the current situation.

What happened to the attack?

What happened to the fight to the death?

A large bunch of Korean hackers had launched their second attack with powerful momentum, but in just half a minute, they had all disappeared? What were you guys doing?

"That's not right. Everyone, be careful!" Dong Zhiqiang's expression turned solemn as his face turned ugly. He said with a stern look as he analyzed. "Nice strategy! What good tricks! These bunch of Korean hackers are too crafty! I never expected them to use the strategy of 'a trapped enemy allows relaxation'. They know we are lacking in number, and do not have enough manpower. Once the battle begins, we would definitely have to send out our entire force, so they decided to employ guerrilla tactics. They first pretended that they are initiating a large-scale attack and invaded our websites. Then, they would retreat en-masse and recharge and brew their strength. While we are anxiously waiting for their arrival, they are resting. When we cannot hold on the tension anymore, they will bounce back and kill us all!"

When Zhang Er heard this, he could not help but say, "So that's the reason!"

Dong Zhiqiang said with an ashen face, "Their attacks are relatively freer. They have no lack in numbers, and hold the advantage. Now, they are even using such diversionary tactics to trap us while they remain relaxed. I can tell that their leader is a very meticulous and strategic hacker. Everyone, stay alert. This leader is completely different from the previously encountered hackers who only know how to charge straight on. This person is very scary!"

Fang Xiaoshui said nervously, "The leader is JIN, right?"

Dong Zhiqiang waved his hand. "Little Fang, you are still young. From that move, I can already guess that JIN was formerly the leader. He was also the instigator of this operation, but from JIN's particulars, he is not a strategic hacker. Besides, the actions he is now employing is completely different from the past, so the answer is very clear. There must be someone else behind him. It must be a hacker even more dangerous than JIN, who has taken over the operation. He must be giving them pointers. Their leader has changed!"

Meng Yi gasped, "As expected of Director Dong! To be able to analyze so much from this tiny move. How could I not have thought of it?!"

Dong Zhiqiang smiled and said, "You sure are still young. I've been in network criminal investigation for more than ten years. What sort of hackers and Interpol criminals have I not encountered?"

Fan Yingyun leered at them, but did not say a word. She lay back down on the sofa and went back to sleep.

The other colleagues in First Department were not that relaxed. "A hacker more dangerous than JIN? Could it be any of the top three hackers in Korea?"

Dong Zhiqiang nodded and said, "Definitely. Hurry, Little Fang. Check those people's information. Make copies of them and give them to everyone one. It will definitely be of use later. Then, everyone should rest for now. According to my years of experience, this bunch of hackers will definitely not attack anytime soon. They are waiting to the point when we can't hold out any further before they launch their next attack. Hur Hur, did they think we would fall for their trick? They are looking down our Internet Surveillance Bureau's First Department!"

Fang Xiaoshui said with admiration, "As expected of Director Dong, to be able to see through the enemy's scheme. If not, we would really have been foolishly waiting for nothing."

Meng Yi said with some fear, "Yea, we nearly fell for the enemy's trick."

Dong Zhiqiang took the opportunity to educate them. "This is experience and wisdom. Our enemies are of all shapes and sizes. Fighting against them is not based just one brute force. You have to use your brain. All of you have much to learn."

Everyone nodded.

With experience comes wisdom!

Director Dong was indeed better!

Following that, the Korean government, the Korean Malware Protection Center, and five anti-virus companies issued an emergency joint red alert on a virus! Yes, it was not an amber alert, but the highest grade red alert. The paragraph was "Panda Burning Incense" virus has spread throughout Korea and has infected an unquantifiable number of machines. It is in the form of worm virus and is extremely infectious, extremely dangerous, and extremely devastating. The Malware Protection Center temporarily has no prevention or warning measures. Relevant departments and companies are urgently researching how to crack the virus. We urge people not to open any dangerous mail without thought. Do not download any dangerous files!

A few minutes later, the Global Malware Protection Center also issued the same red alert!

The moment the news was released, it caused a global uproar!

Korea was shocked!

Russia was shocked!

America was shocked!

The world was shocked!

A virus red alert, that was something that had not been seen for many years across the world, had just appeared? In the past, if a new virus could infect a thousand machines, that was already considered quite a serious virus, and those only got an amber alert. They were then quickly eliminated. Two years ago, there was a virus that infected thousands of corporate machines in France, and it only received an amber alert, but today? Meticulous people noticed that when the Korean and Global Malware Protection Center's issued statement describing the virus, they used the words "extremely" thrice! This was a description that had never appeared in recent years!

Extremely infectious!

Extremely dangerous!

Extremely devastating!

Furthermore, the number of infected computers was...unable to be quantified?

Was this truly something unquantifiable, or was it that there were too many that they could not quantify the number!?


Somewhere in the Internet Surveillance Bureau.

Everyone looked at the red alert virus that went around the world. The office turned silent.

Fan Yingyun woke up upon hearing this. "Let me take a look."

Fang Xiaoshui gasped, "It's '2'!"

A young cyber-policeman exclaimed, "That '2' has made his move!"

Meng Yi said in disbelief, "To think it's a virus! He actually created a new virus to retaliate! I, I thought he would only attack a few websites!"

What spirit!

What a strong virus!

What a fierce hacker!

F**k! This was what a f**king awesome godly person was!

Pandas were China's national treasure, and that line of 'whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed' were '2''s original words. Hence, there was no doubt that this virus was produced by '2'!

Fang Xiaoshui tapped on her computer when she suddenly shouted, "I just got news that more than ten Korean hackers were infected with the virus. They...might not even be able to attack anymore!"

The moment she said that, all the cyber-police in the office looked towards Dong Zhiqiang.

No matter how thick Dong Zhiqiang's skin was, he could not help but turn red. He was so embarrassed that he wished he could kill himself by smashing his head in. This time, he had lost so much face!

A diversion?

A trapped enemy allows relaxation?

The leader had changed?


As Dong Zhiqiang thought about his analysis from before, he felt the urge to vomit blood, so you f**didn't have any f**king schemes at all! So you f**king didn't have any plans! It was because they were all hit with a virus that they were unable to launch any further attacks!

Dong Zhiqiang coughed and forcefully said, "About this. With my years of experience, I had actually anticipated that. As internet surveillance workers..." He hurriedly tried to tide the situation over.

Fang Xiaoshui listened intently.

Meng Yi's mouth twitched, but he was nodding his head.



"Leader, you are right."

Everyone said in unison.

Eventually, Dong Zhiqiang could tell and angrily cursed with a wave of his hand, "All of you stop acting! If you want to laugh, then laugh!"

Fang Xiaoshui nearly sprayed the water out of her mouth as tears nearly fell from her eyes from her laughing!

Meng Yi and Zhang Er were also bending over their desks laughing, "Hahahaha!"

Dong Zhiqiang felt depressed. F**k, I've worked in network criminal investigation for more than ten years, yet I screwed up big this time!