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 Chapter 426 - Officer Fan!

Warm water?

For me?

From the scene he had witnessed earlier, Zhang Ye roughly understood what kind of person this short haired beauty was. He knew that she had a bad temper. This 'bad' temper was different from Rao Aimin's 'bad'. Rao Aimin's bad temper was only from her mouth, and she was really a soft hearted person. She was caring even though her mouth was savage. Every tenant that stayed in the building had been recipients of the scoldings that came out of Rao Aimin's mouth, but they had all also received her kindness and concern even more so. This short haired beauty, however, was different. It was obvious just by seeing that her 'badness' was ingrained in her bones and not only limited to the words that came from her mouth. Thus, when Zhang Ye saw her actions, he was also stunned for a moment. He didn't think that this person was the type to automatically offer a drink to others!

Zhang Ye received it with both hands. "Thank you very much, thank you very much."

Fan Yingyun looked at him and smiled, "You sure are courteous. It's fine."

Meng Yi said exasperatedly, "Did the Sun rise from the West today?"

Fang Xiaoshui also looked doubtfully at Fan Yingyun. What was Old Fan up to today?

Then, Fan Yingyun said with a smile, "Teacher Zhang, I'm a hardcore fan amongst hardcore fans of yours. Ever since your first poem, I've been following you. I have nothing else to say, but it's really right up my alley. In a while, you must give me an autograph, so that I can commemorate it."

Zhang Ye was honored. "Yeah, no problem."


You're actually Zhang Ye's fan?

Only then did everyone in the office understand. However, they couldn't accept it. In their opinion, a hooligan like Officer Fan would not have an idol or religious beliefs. Eh, wait, that wasn't right. Someone suddenly thought of it and was momentarily at a loss at whether to laugh or cry. I nearly forgot. This freaking Teacher Zhang Ye's temper is about the same as Officer Fan! Officer Fan was a verbal hooligan, but she didn't fight, but Zhang Ye? He beat his leader, he beat his leader's son, and had even beaten foreigners. The two of them were pretty much two bits of the same rat excrement in a pot. There was no need to call the kettle black as they were pretty much the same! This was the so-called smelly fish searches for rotten shrimp! No wonder the both of them were so alike!

"Your talk show is almost over?"

"That's right, in just a few more days."

"The later episodes were not as nice as the first few episodes. There were fewer episodes with people-scolding."

"Hur Hur, you can't do it at too large of a scale. I was targeted in the first few episodes."

"You should still scold. You must stick to your style."

Zhang Ye and Fan Yingyun began chatting and hit it off pretty well.

As Meng Yi, Fang Xiaoshui, and company watched this scene, they shuddered. They had odd expressions on their faces. When two assholes meet, there was such harmony?

The back door opened.

The Director, Dong Zhiqiang was back again. "Quiet down. The leader is here to inspect your work."

There were three middle-aged men beside him. From the epaulets on their shoulders, they were likely the leaders of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. They were at least higher ranked than Dong Zhiqiang.

Vice Chief Zhao of the Bureau smiled and said, "It's not an inspection. We are just here to take a look." He then immediately looked at Zhang Ye and nodded at him slightly. "Teacher Little Zhang, welcome. Are you used to the environment yet?"

Zhang Ye said, "There's nothing to not get used to. If there's any way I can assist, please speak."

Vice Chief Zhao said, "Director Dong's department is on a mission that is related to something related to the entertainment industry, so they will need your guidance."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "No problem at all."

After a few simple exchange of words, Vice Chief Zhao looked at Fan Yingyun and laughed. Then he said to Dong Zhiqiang, "Old Dong, is Teacher Fan doing fine here?"

Dong Zhiqiang wiped his nose. "Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?"

Another leader, who stood behind them, was amused upon hearing this. "When would Chief Zhao want to hear a lie?"

Dong Zhiqiang said, "Then I'll speak the truth. It's not fine at all. Officer Fan's work attitude is severely lacking. Not only is she not hardworking, she has bad relationships with her co-workers. Furthermore...Ai, anyway I still have the same thing to say. I wish the leader would replace her with a self-motivated subordinate. We are an elite department in the Internet Surveillance Bureau, but now..."

Vice Chief Zhao laughed as he patted Dong Zhiqiang's shoulder, saying, "Old Dong, then I need to have a good chat with you. This matter was brought up by you more than once last year. We have also answered that it is impossible. Every person has their own faults and weaknesses. You are the boss here in the First Department. As the leader, you need to help her adjust to it and lead them. You can't just transfer her away and push the responsibility onto others."

The leader behind quipped, "Old Dong, let me tell you that Teacher Fan was a professional teacher for nearly a decade at People's Public Security University of China. She's an elite amongst elite. Many people are yearning for her, but we refused. Later on, we arranged for Teacher Fan to be here by your side, so this is also us trusting you!"

Dong Zhiqiang said with a wry smile, "But we are a real crime fighting department. We are fighting on the front lines of cyber crime, and not engaging in education theory. I feel that with Officer Fan's professional skills, she should be transferred to public promotion or information. If that won't do, she should be sent back to People's Public Security University of China."

Fan Yingyun snapped her fingers. "That's a good suggestion."

The leader shook his head forcefully.

Vice Chief Zhao also could not help but laugh and pointed towards Dong Zhiqiang, saying, "The higher ups were nice to you and are taking care of your department. Yet, you can't appreciate it!"

Dong Zhiqiang and the other colleagues were stunned. "What's the meaning of this?"

Vice Chief Zhao shook his head and said, "Your current missions does not allow Teacher Fan's professional value to shine. In the future, you will understand!"

Fan Yingyun said with a self-deprecating chuckle, "I don't have any value. Old Zhao, I'm so tired of staying here. When can you transfer me back to the university? Let me carry on being a teacher. If not, you can always send me home. What's the point of me idling here? I might as well find my own path."

Old Zhao?

She dared to call him that?

Zhang Ye was blinking his eyes.

Dong Zhiqiang and the others were not surprised. They knew that Officer Fan and Vice Chief Zhao were old acquaintances.

Vice Chief Zhao said, "I can't make the decision even if you wanted to leave. You need the Chief to sign off on it."

Vice Chief Zhao did not fight with her over it. He too knew of Fan Yingyun's bad temper. They had known each other for about five or six years. His son had studied in People's Public Security University of China and had attended Fan Yingyun's class. His son did not live up to his expectations and often caused trouble at school. Back then, Fan Yingyun did not care what rank or status Old Zhao enjoyed. She would often summon Old Zhao to the school to reprimand his son. Yes, it was a true reprimand. She even pointed at Vice Chief Zhao's nose and said how he spoiled him. Even the notice of expulsion was slapped in the face of Vice Chief Zhao by Fan Yingyun. Old Zhao still remembered what she had said to him clearly. I don't care how big of an official you are! If your son can't listen to lectures obediently, then get lost as far as he can go!

Back then, Fan Yingyun was such a person.

Many years later, she was still the same old. She had not changed one bit!


The Leader left.

Dong Zhiqiang helplessly went back to his office.

No one believed that Officer Fan had the so-called professional skill mentioned by their leader. A teacher of the People's Public Security University of China could only teach according to teaching material. In terms of basic knowledge, they were definitely inferior to her, but how could a teacher, who taught all her life, have any hands-on experience? In the First Department of the Internet Surveillance Bureau, they were always on the front lines of the war against cyber crime. They did not need theories or a teacher, but actual combat experience! Hence, in their opinion, for Fan Yingyun to remain here, it was all due to her powerful connections. After all, she had been teaching in People's Public Security University of China for years. She had plenty of students in high places . Didn't you see how Vice Chief Zhao's son was her student? Was this connection powerful enough?


What the hell was this?

It was working hours, so no one came to chat with Zhang Ye. They had quite a lot of work to do and began busying themselves.

Zhang Ye then pretended to click the mouse.

Only Fan Yingyun sat there without pretending at all. She crossed her legs and poured herself a cup of coffee. As she drank, she played games on the internet.

That's what you called laid back!

Fang Xiaoshui frowned and looked at her before handing her a document. "Officer Fan, do some statistics on this data, and filter out any suspicious points. Please create a table and go to the internet library. I'll be needing it before noon. We don't have enough manpower and can't finish it."

Fan Yingyun leered at the document before returning to her game, "I don't know how to do that."

Meng Yi couldn't watch this any further. "As a teacher of the People's Public Security University of China, how can you not know how to do this?"

Fan Yingyun gave them a gaze of looking at ignorant people. "Haven't you been to school? This is aggregating information and logical analysis of suspicious values. There are many fields in internet technology. I didn't teach this subject."

Meng Yi said, "Then what did you teach?"

Fan Yingyun sneered, "Why do I need to tell you? At such a young age, you don't even call 'Sis Fan'. All day you just go 'Officer Fan, Officer Fan. Do you know anything about seniority?'" Saying that, she reached her hand and pointed at the epaulet on her shoulder. "Even if I were demoted by a rank, my rank would still be higher than yours! Go to a corner and stop annoying me!"

Meng Yi rolled his eyes.

Fang Xiaoshui pulled Meng Yi while feeling infuriated. "Ignore her. Let us do it ourselves."

The two of them returned in low spirits, having lost all their mood.

An old cyber-policeman beside them shook his head. He was wondering why the two of them had gone to annoy her. Wasn't that just causing yourself harm? It's not like they had not experienced Officer Fan's bad temper before. Actually, he too had suffered under Fan Yingyun before. Just thinking of the moment Fan Yingyun first came a few months ago, the old cyber-policeman found her pretty, but did not work all day. Hence, he tried to earnestly educate her. He just said "Little Fan", before being at a loss as to how to carry on. This was because Fan Yingyun immediately responded with "Hawker (homonym)? Why don't you call me urban management?" She nearly caused him to choke to death!

Hence, Officer Fan became the title they used to call her with. Those, who were younger than Fan Yingyun, were unwilling to call her Sis Fan. Those who were older than Fan Yingyun, were afraid of her retort if they called her "Little Fan". Hence, from then on, everyone addressed her only as Officer Fan.

Anyways, this fellow was a person who caused everyone, from lowly officers to leaders, a headache in the entire Internet Surveillance Bureau! And no one could do anything about her!

Of course, an exception came today.

Fan Yingyun only treated Zhang Ye exceptionally well.