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 Chapter 420: A great harvest of Items!

In the room.

An air of seduction seemingly floated around.

Zhang Ye poured himself a glass of water and drank a few mouthfuls. He went to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. Only in this way could he cool down a little. His mind was full of images of the landlord auntie's fair white skin. If he didn't do this, his mind would not have been able to settle down. Alright then, it's back to serious business, the lottery draw. Zhang Ye decided that he could no longer be distracted. If he used whatever he had drawn, it would affect his state too much.

Here it goes!

Time for the lottery!

This time, he was going to add 20 additional stakes!

Zhang Ye opened the lottery and started to spin again. He did not idle after that. With his two hands clasped together, his mouth continuously chanted some incomprehensible incantations. Then, in the middle of the spin, he ran to the toilet and quickly washed his hands with some soap. Those who did not know him, whether it be fans or colleagues, would think that Zhang Ye was a very upright and brave person, but in actual fact, those who were familiar with him would know that this was a person who did not even dare to go to the hospital if he was unwell. He was also a little superstitious, even if he neither believed in gods nor ghosts, but he believed in life.

Sometimes lucky?

Sometimes unlucky?

This stubbornness in believing this had some form of regularity and continuity. He had his own set of theories regarding this and that would be - washing his hands!

The needle stopped spinning!

It had stopped on the consumption category of items!

Twenty Treasure Chests (Small) had been drawn. Zhang Ye took a deep breath and opened the first one. Then he was stunned. Stunned because it was empty, there was nothing in the chest at all.

The second one was empty too.

The tenth was the same!

Zhang Ye cursed, knowing that he had been scammed!

In past lottery draws, whether the outcome was good or bad, there had at least have been items that could be used, but this time, it was empty. It was clear that empty chests were valid items as well and knowing that it was a lottery, it shouldn't be all that surprising. Zhang Ye was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. He hadn't experienced such a situation before in so many times of the lottery draw, that he felt that he was having wretched luck today. According to his experience and analysis, the chances of getting an empty chest was really small, yet today, he had met with such an unfavorable situation!

Twenty additional stakes all turned to dust!

That was 2 million worth of reputation points!

Zhang Ye could feel the pinch, but knowing that he had over 50 million made him feel better. After all, accidents did happen. The sun would continue to shine, producing rainbows after the rain! Well, let's analyze it a bit. Why did that happen? Didn't he already wash his hands? He even showered before that! Logically speaking, it should not have happened! Aiyo, that must be it! He only washed his hands after he opened the lottery draw system! F**king washed a little too late!

Zhang Ye felt that it made sense, so he ran straight to the bathroom again to wash his hands. He even washed it six times as 'Double six breaks the Jinx'! He was doing it for good luck!


This time, it would definitely be good!

Zhang Ye bought another chance at the draw, and was ready to bet a big one this round. Even though he had drawn the X-Ray vision eye drop earlier, it wasn't powerful enough and wasn't of much use either. Later on, he drew 20 empty chests too. It felt like a bad patch, but as things go, the new draw should bring a surprise! How much should he bet? The largest ever bet he had ever tried was 100 additional stakes. This round, maybe he should go for 200 additional stakes!

Twenty million reputation points were spent just like that!

Zhang Ye bore the pinch from the big spending and looked straight ahead!

Alright, here we go!

Open! Open! Open!

Zhang Ye continuously shouted three times, and the needle came to a stop!

This time, it landed on the Skills Category region!

Although the Treasure Chest (Small) was not big, 200 boxes of treasure chests sparkling in his inventory was still a rather amazing sight to behold. This one was definitely a success! There was no way it could be a failure!

Zhang Ye's hands trembled as they touched one of those treasure chests. He knew that once he opened it, the contents inside would decide if he lived or died. 200 stakes, that was 20 million reputation points. No matter what kind of experience books appeared, after he ate them, he would definitely gain something great. He would probably not be at full level for the skill, but at least it would propel him to a rather high level. Previously, with those 100 Skills Experience Book for Calligraphy, this was already proven. The 100 books had largely increased his skill and it's effects were obvious. Now, he had 200 books!

Please don't let it be empty again!

Abracadabra Homalihom!

The Treasure Chest (Small) opened with a golden glow, and a book could be clearly seen sitting within it. It looked rather familiar.

[ Computer Programming Skills Experience Book ].

Zhang Ye nearly fainted. He had previously drawn this Experience Skill Book before. Back then, he remembered it was about 11 books that gave him the skills to get into the computer system of Li Tao, an employee of the Shanghai SARFT. He had activated Li Tao's camera and gotten the video evidence that he needed. This skill might be called programming, but practically speaking it was a skill used by mainly hackers, web specialists, or internet security experts. Most of the skillset came from computer programming and web technology!

200 books!

Was this game trying to make this bro a computer hacker?

Zhang Ye didn't think that this skill experience was bad. In fact he knew it was quite good, but to him, he didn't feel that he needed so much experience in this area. It was worth 20 million reputation points, it was just such a waste!

It wasn't ideal!

Today's lottery draws were all too unideal!

Zhang Ye was nearly tearing. Washing his hands?

I'll wash your sister instead! Comrades! We still need to fall back on science!

As he grumbled, Zhang Ye opened up the 200 Treasure Chests, and then the Experience Books as he absorbed each of them into his brain. Although he was cursing, he still had to learn it. After all, he had spent so much Reputation on it. He couldn't just throw them away. Zhang Ye had accepted the reality of the situation. This was also quite a huge workload, for he spent half an hour before he finished consuming all of them.

200 books of experience books had all been 'eaten'!

And then? Continue the lottery draw! I won't believe this!

Zhang Ye was feeling rather fearless today. He did not believe that his luck would be so poor. He decided not to put any additional stakes this time, and would just get a feel for what was to come. His Reputation points was increasing at a much faster rate now. Compared to the past, he could only draw once with 100,000 Reputation points, which would make him so happy like a darned grandchild, but now, even if he sat at home unmoving, he would gather hundreds of thousands of Reputation points every minute. Hence, he did not mind it too much. After all, he was famous now, and there were more and more people who paid attention to him or liked him. The sources of Reputation points was constantly expanding, and was not as limited as it had been in the past. Hence, if he wanted to think about it, the 20 million Reputation points was nothing much. Since he had spent it, so be it. He could not be lucky for his entire his life. Although the Reputation points were spent, he could still earn more in the future. There was a steady stream of revenue, so it was alright.

It started spinning!

The needle became slower and slower!

Zhang Ye didn't take his eyes off it and also did not wash his hands or pray. It was just 100,000 reputation anyway, he would treat this as a test.

The needle stopped!

It was the largest region yet again - Consumption Category.

Zhang Ye did not have any expression as he opened up the treasure chest, but when he saw the item in the chest, he spat out yet another curse word!

Holy sh*t!

It can't be such a scam, can it?

An item came out from the Treasure Chest (Small) - [Lucky Bread]!

Zhang Ye had gotten this item before too, so he definitely knew its uses and power. It was an amazing item, limited to five minutes of use. It could increase Zhang Ye's luck. For example, he could use it before drawing from the lottery to help him gain better items, and in normal day to day life, it would help him to smoothly sail through any difficult situation. Frankly speaking, after so many times of playing the lottery draw, Zhang Ye had come across quite a number of items, but if he had to pick one that had the most practical use with the best results, he had no doubt that it would be the "Lucky Bread". Previously, he had used it to help him get past difficult situations countless of times. It did not have any side effects either. Compared to the "Difficulty Adjustment Die", it did not last as long, but it didn't carry a chance of putting him in a difficult situation! Back then, when the "Difficulty Adjustment Die" was used, it created an extremely difficult situation for him in the form of an aircraft hijacking! He had to literally fight for his life in that situation! That was playing with his life! Overall, the lucky bread was too good of an item!

This was the item that he wanted the most!

Now that he had drawn this item again, it was a good thing!

But because of the outcome of the earlier draws, Zhang Ye did not put any Additional Stakes on this bet. Thus, he only managed to draw one Lucky Bread. Wasn't this purposely blocking his path to success!?


This was too unsettling!

If he had used 100 additional stakes or even bet all of his reputation points on it, he would have a few hundred Lucky Breads. He would definitely be overjoyed if that had happened!

Zhang Ye was left wondering what went wrong today. Having just recovered from a sickness, everything else was also not smooth sailing?


I don't believe this shit!

Zhang Ye was provoked. He gave it some thought before gobbling the Lucky Bread and putting it into effect!

Lucky Bread in Effect!

Countdown begins, 5:00...

Zhang Ye had a dark expression. He was in a bad mood and did not say a word as he opened the lottery. This time, he did not put any additional stakes from the start. He decided that he would observe the situation before doing anything further.

The needle started moving.

It was spinning very quickly!

10 seconds...

30 seconds ....

One minute...

The needle started slowing down, passing the Consumption Category region to the Skills Category region before slowly edging past the Stats Category. Suddenly, Zhang Ye spotted something!

It was the Special Category that the needle was moving towards, a very small region!

Almost there! Just a little more!

Zhang Ye had luck on his side his side this time. He firmly believed the needle would stop at the Special Category region!

Just 3 millimeters more!

Another millimeter!

It went into the region! The needle had stopped!

Zhang Ye was very excited, but also very nervous, because he had used up his last and most important Lucky Bread. He had bet it all on this draw. The Skills Category treasure chest had items that could be bought from the merchant shop, which meant that he could buy whatever he gotten this time without limit, as long as he had enough Reputation Points. It would allow him to use it continuously without a need for a lottery draw, but the right to be able to buy such items was based on luck. If it were the rights to buy lock picking skills, then that was as good as useless. Zhang Ye's goal was to become a famous person, not some professional thief, who could open any lock with a packet of instant noodles!

What could it be?

What item's buying rights did he win this time?

Zhang Ye stared at the game interface without blinking, afraid he would miss something important.


The system notification appeared!

[Special Category awarded: Adding the right to purchase item, "Lucky Halo"]


Lucky Halo?

What was that? He had never seen such a thing!

Zhang Ye immediately tapped open another game option - Merchant Shop. There were already three items unlocked inside. The first was the 'Memory Search Capsule'. It was the earliest unlocked item that Zhang Ye had ever drawn from the lottery. The second item was 'Taiji Fist Skill Experience Book', and the third item was marked as an angelic halo icon. Zhang Ye tapped on it with his hand and the item description appeared.

[Lucky Halo]: Increases the luck of the player, usable without limit. Takes effect or gets canceled after clicking. 10,000 reputation points is deducted for every second of use!

When he saw this description, Zhang Ye nearly broke down and cried. He really had not been forsaken by the gods! The gods did not forsake me!

Did you see!?

Washing my hands was very critical!

It did not show in the beginning, but it showed up later on!

At the moment he won the right to purchase this item, Zhang Ye felt that all the efforts before was not in vain. So what if he had wasted 20 million Reputation points, or regretted not buying Additional Stakes for one Lucky Bread. F**k it, I now have this divine item known as "Lucky Halo". Why would I ever need Lucky Bread again? Lucky Bread could only be used for five minutes at most and have to be lucky to draw it in the lottery. It can't be used anytime and there are so many restrictions, but what about "Lucky Halo"? As long as he had enough Reputation points, there was no restriction and no time limit. There was no upper limit. He could use it as long as he wished. He could augment his luck anytime he wanted. He could stop it anytime he wanted. He could enter and exit, could be soft and hard, could be offensive and...Alright, enough of the nonsense. Anyway, it was definitely very awesome!

This solved a big problem for Zhang Ye!

This Merchant Shop purchase rights were perfect!

With his luck augmented, he could get anything he wanted. What sort of concept was this!? What sort of feeling was this!?

Well, the only disadvantage was that "Lucky Halo" was a bit "expensive" to use. A Lucky Bread drawn from the lottery was only 100,000 Reputation points, but "Lucky Halo" spend 10,000 Reputation points a second. A minute would be 600,000 Reputation points. Ten minutes would be 6,000,000 Reputation points!

The more powerful it was, the more it would cost him.

Furthermore, drawing at the lottery and purchasing had their differences. This was something he could only helplessly accept.

For example, the Taiji Fist Skillbooks were only 100,000 if he played the lottery, but if he bought it from the Merchant Shop, it would cost a million per book. It was ten times more expensive, and he could do nothing about it. The lottery was all about luck. If he really could not draw something useful, then it would be useless forever, but the Merchant Shop? As long as you had the rights to buy the item, you could buy it any time, but correspondingly, the cost would be much more expensive.

Anyway, Zhang Ye had a great harvest today!

He made note of his Reputation points and items.

Total Reputation points: 33,000,000+.

Items: Difficulty Adjustment Die x 2. X-ray vision eye drops x1.

Skills: Trivial.

Merchant Shop Items: Memory Search Capsule. Taiji Fist Skill Experience Book. Lucky Halo.

Zhang Ye's confidence grew. This lottery had given him a good start to reach the goal he had for the year!