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 Chapter 414: I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name!

This poem originally did not have a title. This poem's title was added by an old friend of Lu Xun, Xu Shoushang, in his "Nostalgia". The first line spoke of the intensity of the love he had for his country. In the next line, it described the reason why he loved it so much. The third line summarized the first two lines and did a transition, expressing the worry over how his "own compatriots had not yet awakened". The concluding line was an outpouring of his commitments; it was a motto he would set out to live up to throughout his entire life, to the point of giving his life for his country.

Zhang Ye also wanted to express the same thing. His country was being "violated", yet his compatriots had not awoken. He did not know what to do, and could only dedicate his life to the motherland!

The moment this poem was released, it infected numerous people!

This was Zhang Ye. You could question his talk show program, saying it wasn't funny. You could refute his analysis of "Dream of the Red Chamber", saying that it lacked logic. You could criticize him for his bad temper that made him unlikable. You could scold that he did not know literature or art, but you could never question the love for Zhang Ye towards his people and country. This was something no one was qualified to question. An "I love this land" and the "I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name" were already enough to fully expressed what sort of person Zhang Ye was!

He was a citizen of the People's Republic of China.

A Chinese national who loved his motherland, his family, and his fellow Chinese!

"I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name?"

"A man!"

"This is what a f**king true man is!"

"Who said Zhang Ye lacks the image of a teacher by beating people? Who said a teacher must hold a book in hand to teach lessons? No matter how others evaluate Zhang Ye, in my heart, Zhang Ye is a good teacher!"

"Those brainless fans, take a look! Those so-called foreign stars, they all say they like you on their lips, thanking you, saying they love you, but what do they eventually want? To be frank, they are just bewitching you! They need the popularity and attention you give them, so as to rise up in their status. They don't think anything of you, and do not care if you are dead or alive! Look at Teacher Zhang Ye's poem. Who was the one who truly cares about you to the bone? I think there's no need to express it with words. As a teacher, Zhang Ye is really full of good intentions. Yet, you take weapons and stones to attack Teacher Zhang instead? I do not know what's wrong with you, but touch your own conscience and think, 'What am I doing this for!'"

"Wake up! Don't let Teacher Zhang's efforts be in vain! Don't let Teacher Zhang and everyone turn cold in the heart!"

"Teacher Zhang, you have already done enough. You have done your best. Ignore them. Let them think through it. You must ensure you get well soon. Without you in the entertainment industry, it won't be as interesting. We are still waiting for you to contribute more excellent works!"

"Wishing Teacher Zhang a speedy recovery!"

"This poem is too great! I've learned something!"

"Teacher Zhang is a true man of steel and blood!

On Weibo, many, who did not understand Zhang Ye's actions, immediately stood on Zhang Ye's side, helping wave his flag!

What was worth mentioning that with "Personally Inscribed on a Small Picture" posted, many verified teachers from various schools and or teacher organizations stepped forward. They began reposting Zhang Ye's Weibo post!

Peking University's Vice President Wu Zeqing reposted it.

Peking University's Professor Zeng, Su Na and other colleagues all reposted it.

Other higher institutes of learning, primary, and secondary schools from various districts and provinces also reposted it!

Facing negative foreign cultural invasion, against adverse teaching from deplorable foreign artists, and against those under-aged children who were easily fascinated, China's teacher organizations reacted collectively under this poem with Zhang Ye leading the call!

Team Leader of Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University's Chinese Department: "I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name!"

Education Dean of No. 15 Middle School: I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name!"

Shanghai's No. 3 History teacher: "I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name!"

Adjunct Math Lecturer of Nankai University: "I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name!"

A certain substitute teacher in Beihe province: "I sacrifice my blood in the... Yellow Emperor's name!"

Zhang Ye's poem, Zhang Ye's words and Zhang Ye's actions might not seem much to people. Some citizens might have watched it out of amusement, but numerous teachers were touched. On this matter, they knew what was on Zhang Ye's mind the most. They also understood the anger and frustration Zhang Ye was feeling the most! Hence, they also issued out their cries! Numerous people responded on Weibo! They wanted to tell everyone that it wasn't only Teacher Zhang Ye who was like that! All of us teachers, all of us educators, have also dedicated our lives for the motherland, for education, and for our children!

At this moment, a person spoke. He was a famous person in the world of education. Almost everyone in society knew who he was. He was a very ordinary teacher, and was a substitute teacher in a village town, but two years ago, during an earthquake, he risked his life, despite already being safe, to save 18 students from a classroom. He carried each and everyone of them out of the classroom. Finally, all the students were saved, but at the final moment when the classroom collapsed, he forever lost his legs. His name was Song Min.

Song Min said, "Some of you might not understand what Teacher Zhang Ye did, but I understand, and we can all understand. In other people's eyes, those children are just children, but in the eyes of a teacher, they are our future, and also our hope. Towards Teacher Zhang Ye, I have always liked him. However, I previously liked his poems and television programs. I did not understand him very well, but after seeing his poem today, I think I've finally understood him. Maybe people might say he likes scolding people and does not have the temperament of a teacher. Others might say he is always fighting, and lacks the bearing of a teacher, but no matter how everyone views him, I stubbornly insist that Zhang Ye is a good teacher. He is an excellent, outstanding, and perfect teacher of the people! I only have one thing to say here: Teacher Zhang Ye, you've worked hard."

Immediately, there was a lot of discussion replying to this post!

"Teacher Song has appeared too?"

"Teacher Song, how are you?"

"You are right. I also think Teacher Zhang Ye handled this matter with the perfect demeanor that a teacher should have. Teacher Zhang's blood will not flow in vain. There will be people who will wake up!"

"To foreign culture or foreign stars, it is not that we can't accept it. We also do not disagree with it. They have things we deserve to learn, which we will learn from them, but towards those foreign artists, who do not have the most basic morality or respect, I only have this to say to you: Get out of China!"

The crowd was in a frenzy!

When the teacher organization stood behind Zhang Ye, the sounds of the fans that continuously supported Lee Anson decreased!