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 Chapter 412: Zhang Ye is Injured!



After having his meal, Zhang Ye said, "Dad, Mom, Aunt, Sis, I'll be leaving first. I have something important to do this afternoon, so I might not be back tonight."

Mom grumbled, "Where are you going?"

Aunt said, "It's the new year, spend time at home."

"You just came back, and you're leaving already?" Zhang Shuang also said.

Zhang Ye said, "For me to be able to come out of this fine, it was all due to a friend, who pulled quite a few strings. No matter what, I have to go thank that person. That person went through all the trouble, so if I don't thank that person face to face, that wouldn't be nice, right? It would be lacking in sincerity over the phone, so I'll just step out. I might be back in the afternoon or evening. I'm not very sure either."

Dad nodded and said, "That's true. Thank that person nicely. By the way, there's quite a lot of hampers at home, take some over. Don't buy them outside."

Upon hearing this, Mom did not say anything else. "Drive slowly."

"My car is still at Central TV. I'll get a friend to drive it back for me later. I'll take a taxi." Zhang Ye began choosing and took a few hampers downstairs.


On the web.

There was leaked information everywhere.

"Haha, latest news, latest news. Teacher Zhang Ye has been released from the police station. It is said that he has returned home safely. He's fine!"

"Is that true?"

"It's true. The citizens who went to surrender themselves at the police station have dispersed too."

"Teacher Zhang has a strong network of people!"

"That's true. At Teacher Zhang's celebrity level, how can he not have connections? At least he has more social connections than Lee Anson. As the saying goes, a foreign monk might not be good at chanting!"

"It's great that he's been released. The entertainment industry definitely cannot lack a shit stick that's as hard and smelly as Teacher Zhang Ye! Or else, wouldn't everything be meaningless?"

"This matter was well done!"

"Zhang Ye should not have been arrested to begin with!"

"Lee Anson's face has probably turned green!"

"I also have new that half an hour ago, Teacher Zhang had broken through into the ranking of a C-list celebrity! He got his C-list ranking from scolding and fighting!"

"Haha! Awesome!"

"Zhang Ye the mighty!"

"The good will always be rewarded."

"Our whole family supports Zhang Ye! We like such celebrities with personality!"

"Well said. Some celebrities are too different off screen. They are too fake! Only Teacher Zhang Ye is so much fun! He suits my appetite too well!"

"Congratulations Teacher Zhang!"

"Patriots send their congratulations!"

"Zhang Ye really deserves to be promoted to C-list!"

"Who said only singers or movie actors can become stars? Other people can too. In my opinion, celebrities are a form of expression and also a form of communication. They are a medium to transmit one's beliefs. Look at Teacher Zhang Ye, he relied on feelings and beliefs to infect everyone. On this point, no one in the entertainment industry does it better than Zhang Ye!"

Suddenly, Lee Anson's Weibo posted a message. He did not know Chinese, so it was definitely translated or written by his manager. On Weibo, Lee Anson expressed his strong protest against Bayi Lake Police Station's release of Zhang Ye. He expressed that he would not let it go, and did not rule out the use of the law. He even ridiculed how there was something shady in this matter, appealing to his fans and supporters to denounce a deplorable artist!

Many people started cursing.

"You still have the face to say that?"

"It was you who didn't cherish your fans! You didn't help a girl up after you caused her to fall. You are so arrogant that even your mother can't recognize you. Now, you want your fans to denounce others for you?"

"I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen such a shameless person before!"

"A f**king retard! Verification completed!"

"Actually, I have never liked Zhang Ye. His character doesn't suit me, but after seeing this grandson's, Lee Anson's, Weibo post, I suddenly realized how great Zhang Ye is! Humans are most afraid of being served as a foil to something! They are most afraid of being compared! On this matter, I give my unconditional support to Zhang Ye!"

Lee Anson was immediately cursed to shit.

However, there were others who supported Lee Anson.

"Anson-oppa! Are your injuries okay?"

"We will not let Zhang Ye off!"

"A person like Zhang Ye must be hacked to death!"

"Anson-oppa, ignore what they say. We all stand by your side! We will be with you! We will endure all sorts of storms together!"

"I found an address! I think it's Zhang Ye's house!"

"Let's go! Let's seek justice for Anson-oppa! We can't just let this go!"



Outside the small district.

Zhang Ye sat in a taxi that slowly and leisurely drove into the district. He realized that there were many people in the district today. Many underaged youths were here, but he did not pay attention to them. He wore his face mask and sunglasses, and after paying for the taxi, he alighted, planning to head to his rental apartment.

Suddenly, someone shouted loudly!

"It's Zhang Ye!"

"It's him!"

"He's here!"

"It's really his house!"

Zhang Ye was startled. Only then did he realize these kids were not from his district. As he glanced, he saw many reporters stream out from a small park nearby, or from hidden corners in the buildings. Some were holding cameras, while others were holding voice recording devices. They all surrounded him!

What was this about?

Was his address revealed?

Actually, Zhang Ye was not surprised. Many neighbors and residents here knew that he rented an apartment here, so the news would eventually spread out.

A female reporter raised her microphone and said, "Zhang Ye, some people said you pulled strings from under the table, and used your connections to illegally leave the police station. On this point, do you have anything to say about it? As for your actions in beating someone, what..."

The other reporters were also about to begin their interviews.

Suddenly, an accident happened!

It was unknown which youth did it, as a rock suddenly flew over. It was clearly aimed at Zhang Ye, but as the distance was quite large, the throw was slanted a bit, and headed towards the female reporter questioning Zhang Ye. It was heading straight towards her head!

The female reporter was stunned!

The cameraman and many reporters did not have time to react!


"There's a rock!"


Only Zhang Ye was fast enough. After all, he knew some kung fu. He immediately stood in front of the female reporter and stretched out his hand to block. However, he was still lacking, and had not achieved mastery like Rao Aimin. Before he raised his arms, the rock had already struck him in his head!


Zhang Ye took a deep breath as his body wobbled. Blood immediately flowed out of the gash on his forehead!

The female reporter, who had been saved, turned pale. "Teacher Zhang! Teacher Zhang, are you alright!?"

Zhang Ye could not stand steadily. He felt dizzy and his legs felt like they were floating!

When a cameraman and two male reporters saw this, they rushed forward without a word to help Zhang Ye. They did not care about the interview or recording, and immediately shouted, "What are you all doing!? Are you trying to murder someone!?"

The boys and girls that numbered about twenty did not appear apologetic. Instead, they appeared to feel discharged of their anger. They said without a care, "Who let him hit Anson-oppa! He deserves it!" These children's ages averaged about fifteen. The youngest was about 12 or 13, while the elder ones were about 17 or 18.

Drip. Drip.

Drip. Drip.

Half of Zhang Ye's face had turned red. Blood had drenched Zhang Ye's clothes red.

The female reporter immediately cried, "Teacher Zhang! Teacher Zhang!"

At the next moment, people threw things over again. Eggs, apples and all sorts of things came flying over!

Zhang Ye was surrounded by reporters. The job and mission of these reporters were to interview, so anything else had nothing to do with them. On the contrary, they wished for people to get in trouble, for only then would there be news. Only then would there be a topic of conversation, but at this very moment, many male reporters and cameraman looked at each other and rushed up to block Zhang Ye. The eggs, apples and tomatoes smashed into them!

They were reporters, but they were people too. They had feelings and a conscience. Zhang Ye had protected the female reporter at the split second without any consideration, enduring that rock. The key of the moment was that female reporter was asking very biting questions, and did not say anything nice to Zhang Ye. Yet, Zhang Ye saved her without a second thought. This was a natural kindness that was embodied in his reflexive actions. This scene had moved the reporters too much!

So they also stood in front of Zhang Ye!


"Stop throwing!"

"Little bastards!"

The few reporters were infuriated!

However, the people on the other side began throwing with more vigor. "Get lost! It's none of your business!"

The things thrown out did not lack in some more dangerous items. For example, an apple. It was quite heavy, so it would still hurt when someone got hit by it!

At this moment, Zhang Ye had got a hold of himself and regained a bit of consciousness. He forcefully endured the fainting spell and pulled the two reporters away and walked forward himself.

The female reporter exclaimed, "What are you doing!?"

"Teacher Zhang, get behind me. This bunch of kids are crazy!" The female reporter's male colleague said.

However, Zhang Ye refused to heed their advice. He stopped the approaching reporters and exposed himself to the children. He then took step after step forward.

"Smash him!"

"Kill him!"

"Seek revenge for Anson-oppa!"

The children threw things at him crazily. Some of them finished throwing their items and went to the flowers to grab muddy stones and threw those at Zhang Ye too!

Zhang Ye was hit by an apple, while a stone grazed past his neck. Eggs also smashed into him, dirtying his clothes immediately!

The reporters were extremely anxious, afraid his life was at risk!

However, Zhang Ye did not blink once and walked step after step in front of them.

A few of the younger children finally became afraid. "Be careful! He's going to beat us!"

A girl shivered and said, "He's very powerful. Even Anson-oppa's bodyguards were no match for him!"

However, to everyone's surprise, Zhang Ye did not do a thing. He stood in front of them, with face full of blood, just looking at them.

One second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds...

The children felt their hair standing seeing this and even felt scared.

"Let, let us go."


"He's very scary."

"So much blood. I, I..."

"Stop talking, hurry up and run!"

This children all ran away in a moment.

The female reporter rushed over, "Let me call the police, and get them to send an ambulance."

"There's no need." Zhang Ye forced a smile. "I'm fine. There's no need to call the police."

Many reporters were stunned, "Don't call the police? Why?"

Zhang Ye said lightly, "They are just children."