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 Chapter 410: Out!


The news was exposed on the internet!

A piece of news was released: This morning, numerous citizens went to Bayi Lake Police Station, where Zhang Ye was incarcerated, to surrender themselves. Everyone claimed to have been involved in the beating of Lee Anson and his two bodyguards. All of them expressed that they had been involved in assaulting Lee Anson. According to our reporter present, there were more than a thousand people who came. Amongst them, there was daughter of "Father Wei", who we all know well. She came to the police station to surrender herself. There was also Zhang Ye's fan, who had once been of great societal concern due to her terminal illness. She had just finished her operation and was still in rehabilitation. She got her mother to push her in a wheelchair over. The scene was extremely chaotic, but the scene also touched our reporter, who was present! We could not help but think and reflect. Who was at fault in this matter? Lee Anson caused a fan to be injured, but did not apologize or did any actions that indicated any apology. Is he completely not at fault? Zhang Ye had acted for righteousness, and blocked the way to seek an explanation for the fan. Even if he had fought, is he supposed to shoulder all the responsibility?

"A thousand people?"

"Indeed, there were a thousand people."

"I happened to walk past Bayi Lake and saw it. There were really tons of people. The police station was completely blocked and there was no way to walk through. They were all there to surrender themselves!"

"Zhang Ye sure is popular. So many people helped him take the rap?"

"It's not that he is popular, but because Teacher Zhang did this too beautifully!"

"Everyone's great! F**k! I feel like going too! Who has some means to get me a train ticket to Beijing? I can't buy tickets during the Spring Festival travel season!"

"I'm going too!"

"I plan on driving to Beijing tomorrow!"

"Society is still filled with good people!"

"Zhang Ye was indeed in the wrong, but it was understandable why he did so, right? Everything needs to consider the circumstances. Lee Anson caused the matter to escalate so badly, yet they aren't allowed to beat him? If Teacher Zhang Ye was really detained, then isn't that too cold of an act? In the future, who would dare to be a good Samaritan? In the future, who would rush up to help if injustice happens? Humanity is drained off bit by bit in such a manner! Society will end up colder and colder!"

"Support Zhang Ye!"

"To the comrades who surrendered yourselves! I thank you on behalf of everyone!"

"Lee Anson has really lost his humanity! He handled this matter too f**king badly! See how Teacher Zhang Ye handles matters? How can there be any comparison!?"

"Everyone says Zhang Ye is a hooligan, but I don't understand nor would I comment. However, on this matter, I have to give Zhang Ye a Like! Well done!"

"Hooligan? Don't listen to the media or people from the literary world speak nonsense! If Zhang Ye really was a hooligan, how could so many citizens step forward spontaneously to create a petition for him when he's in trouble? How can there be so many commoners willing to be detained just to help bear the brunt of the charges Zhang Ye has received? Lee Anson is the real hooligan! I don't want to see that grandson ever again on our People's Republic of China's screens! Get the f**k out!"

Another round of heated debates broke out!

Many well-known public personnels also debated it on Weibo. They discussed this matter from multiple angles. Some supported Zhang Ye, while there were others who rejected his actions.


It was past 12.

The scene at the police station was still going on!

Zhang Ye became worried that the elderly would no longer be able to hold on. Some were hungry, while others were tired. "Everyone, listen to me! If all of you think highly of me, Zhang Ye, then give me face and go back first today. I can handle such matters here myself. Besides, it's not a big deal. There are many grandpas and grandmas here. If any of you get ill from this, it will be a big deal! It wouldn't pass on my conscience! Everyone, please go back! Really, please go back!"

"I'm not leaving!"

"I'm not leaving either!"

"Teacher Zhang, don't speak another word!"

Everyone was insistent and did not move at all!

Zhang Ye looked at Yang Jie, "Superintendent Yang!"

Yang Jie was out of options too. The other policemen were the same. Actually, when they saw this, they were already leaning towards Zhang Ye's side. They also found Lee Anson extremely abominating. To be worried by so many citizens, Zhang Ye was really popular amongst the common populace, and what was the thing Lee Anson did? You were wrong in the beginning, yet you did not remediate the situation. You deserved to get beaten up. Now, just by moving your mouth, you caused Zhang Ye and so many citizens, as well as all the policemen in their police station, to suffer? Based on what!? This matter was really f**king vexing!

Suddenly, a voice came from outside.

"Make way!"

"Please make way!"

"Sorry, we need to go in."

Three people came in from outside. The person leading them was very young. Zhang Ye looked over and was surprised to see someone he knew. He remembered his name to be Lu Yuhu, Rao Aimin's junior brother. The last time, Lu Yuhu had been nosy and brought a friend to his landlady's place to matchmake them. Zhang Ye had even competed with the other guy over couplets.

Why was he here?

Oh, right. This person was a policeman, right?

Lu Yuhu was dressed in his police uniform. "Who's Yang Jie?"

Yang Jie and the other policemen looked suspiciously at his police uniform. "I am, who are you?"

Zhang Ye looked at Lu Yuhu.

Lu Yuhu also gave him a glance, but did not say a word. He took out identification for Yang Jie to see.

After taking a glance, Yang Jie was quite dumbfounded. "Someone from the Ministry of Public Security?"

A youth, who had followed behind Lu Yuhu, said, "We are here to escort someone. We wish your police station will cooperate with us."

A comrade from the Ministry of Public Security came to their small police station to escort someone? Was it that exaggerated? Yang Jie asked, "Of course. Who are you escorting?"

Lu Yuhu said nonchalantly, "Zhang Ye."

Yang Jie was stunned. "Zhang Ye?"

When the other citizens heard this, they all turned silent and paid attention.

Lu Yuhu did not speak further. He took out something and handed it to him. "These are the procedural documents."

Yang Jie took it over and glanced at it with a few policemen. There was no problem and everything looked proper. Hence, without any questions, he immediately said, "Alright, we will cooperate fully!"

Lu Yuhu said, "Thanks. We'll be bringing him away."

"Oh, sure." Yang Jie was the police station's Superintendent, so he had the authority to make the exchange. After both sides signed their names, the procedure was completed. Yang Jie then got a policeman to take Zhang Ye's cell phone and wallet to hand to Lu Yuhu and company.

Zhang Ye was baffled. What was going on?

Lu Yuhu said in a businesslike manner, "Teacher Zhang Ye, please follow us."

The citizens were still unsure of the situation, but they all subconsciously opened up a path.

Zhang Ye followed them out and after exiting the police station's entrance, he entered Lu Yuhu's police car. Then Lu Yuhu looked sideways with a smile. "Teacher Zhang, we meet again. We'll be sending you home first." Then he handed the cellphone and wallet back to him.

Zhang Ye blinked. "I can go back just like this?"

Lu Yuhu said, "It's fine on this side. We have already gone through the proper procedures. We have engaged you to assist our Public Security Ministry. That's all written in the documents. However, there was a pretext, that we used a loophole to avoid punishment. From this moment onwards, you can go home if you wish and can go anywhere you want. My capacity is limited, so I can only help you this much. Hur Hur, don't you go bash whoever you see in the future. That would be against the law."

A policeman, sitting in the auxiliary seat, turned around and said, "But that bashing sure was relieving! I saw it on the news too! It felt great!"

Zhang Ye asked, "You didn't violate any laws, right? I hope I didn't trouble you?"

Lu Yuhu smiled and said, "I'm fine. It's no big deal. I still have some say in the ministry. They wouldn't care even if I did things through the back door. Furthermore, we did everything in accordance with the rules. There won't be any fault with it, so don't worry."

Zhang Ye said, "Thank you."

Lu Yuhu said helplessly, "Don't thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank my Senior Sis. The moment you got into trouble, Senior Sis called me, asking me to get you out. How could I dare not agree? It's not like you don't know that temper of hers. If I don't do what she wants, she would really beat me. Let's not even mention how I am injured due to a previous mission, even at my prime, ten of me was no match for her, so there was no other way. I didn't get to sleep over the new year's and rushed back to the office to handle the procedural work. Oh, furthermore, this matter isn't considered serious and the general sentiment is leaning towards you, so it was easy for me too. If it were any more complicated, I wouldn't be able to help either."

"Thanks a lot." Zhang Ye said, "Let me treat you to a meal."

Lu Yuhu waved his hand. "There's no need. Let me send you back. We are still waiting to go home to spend the new year."

A policeman, who was driving, laughed and said, "A meal isn't necessary, but when you alight from the car, could you give me your autograph, Teacher Zhang? My partner heard that 'Woman Flower' from last night and was full of praises for you. She loves that song too much. She said how it sang the life of a woman perfectly. Hai, I don't know much about music, but she particularly liked it."

Zhang Ye said in an amused manner, "That's no problem. Help me thank your wife. When Zhang Yuanqi releases the 'Woman Flower' single, I'll send one to your wife."

The policeman said, "That'd be great!"

Zhang Ye clasped his hands and said, "Thank you for all the hard work today. To busy all of you over the new year's, next time. Next time, I will definitely treat all of you as a thank you."

Lu Yuhu said, "You are welcome. It was simple."

Then in the car, Zhang Ye searched through his phone book and found Yang Lian's number. He called her. "Hello, Yang Lian, I'm Zhang Ye."

Yang Lian sounded very anxious. "Teacher Zhang? How are you? Where are you now?"

Zhang Ye said, "I'm fine. I'm already on my way home. Help me tell everyone to not let the citizens take the fall for me over there. It's all settled. Everyone should return home and have a good new year's. For those who had previously recorded their statements, tell them to withdraw them too."

"Are you really fine?"

"Yes, I'm almost home."

"That's great. Alright, I'll tell everyone."


On the other side.

Yang Lian immediately told the news to everyone.

When the grandpas and grandmas heard this, they felt assured and left the police station.

The police station's Superintendent Yang Jie also understood. He pretended not to know a thing and secretly got rid of all the recorded confessions and surrender materials. They were not recorded on file, so what happened this morning was as if it had not happened. With that, the matter came to an end.

As for Lee Anson?

Who cared what he wanted to do!? If he wants to sue, go ahead!

This grandson must have been too accustomed with the "democratic Korea" and became arrogant?

Then have a taste of communistic manipulation!