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 Chapter 400: Something Has Happened Again!

Midnight passed.

Everyone was jubilant over the arrival of a new year!

On the screen, the Spring Festival Gala had also reached its climax. The programs after that were no longer something worth watching. Many people would leave and were preparing to disperse. Even a portion the audience in front of the televisions were likely go to sleep. There would be a portion of people eating dumplings and having idle chatter with family, so even though there were still programs later in the night for the Spring Festival Gala, the true Spring Festival Gala was only the first four hours before midnight!

Mission accomplished!

This bro could also leave now that everything was settled!

In the crowd, Zhang Ye found Ci Xiufang.

"Auntie Ci, I'll be leaving." Zhang Ye bade her farewell.

Ci Xiufang revealed a smile with her plump face. "Go ahead. Please send my new year regards to your parents too. I'm waiting for a friend and will be going home soon."

Zhang Ye said, "Alright then. Thank you."

Ci Xiufang said, "If there's a chance, let's have an exchange."

"Sure, I have your number anyway." Zhang Ye walked out the lobby.



The Broadcasting Studio's special tunnel.

When Zhang Ye reached the exit, there were many celebrities and staff members walking out from there. There were women he had seen previously seen in the dressing room. The person with red underwear was also in the crowd. All of them were walking very slowly. There was no other reason than because this was the exit. There were many fans gathered outside the door "blocking stars". Zhang Ye felt quite helpless over these people who did not spend time with their families at home and instead came here to join in on the buzz. In his case, no matter how much of a star-chaser he was, he would never have done that. Furthermore, there were many company cars and managers waiting to receive these celebrities. It caused this special green colored tunnel to be especially congested.



"Sister Qi! Sister Qi!"

"Lord Twelfth has come out too! Ah! He's so handsome!"

The fans were shouting the names of their favorite celebrities. Zhang Ye had never heard of people like Lord Twelfth. It was probably some palatial-related character role's name in some movie or television drama.

The fans were squeezing inwards!

More than twenty security personnel pulled out a cordoning tape to block the crowd from advancing.

"Don't push!"

"Step back a bit!"

"This is a restricted area!"

The security personnel were turning hoarse from shouting.

Zhang Ye noticed he would not be able to exit any time soon, so he decided to light a cigarette on the side. He wanted to wait for the people to clear out first. After all, his family had already already celebrated the arrival of the new year, so he was no longer in a rush to go home.

As the celebrities walked out the passage that was beside a wall, they were met with fans shouting their names one after another. It was like walking down the red carpet.

These celebrities, who had finished their performances just a while ago, were also very responsive. They would wave to everyone and say some words in response. One female celebrity even threw a flying kiss to the crowd. A few men who were big fans became so excited that forgot who they were. To be able to go on the Spring Festival Gala gave them a boost in popularity. Furthermore, since it was the new year, one of the most traditional and bustling festivals in China, the celebrities present were all feeling very good. Some of the celebrities, who usually did not take interviews, would stop putting on airs and interact with their fans.

Heavenly King Sun was the first to get into his company's car under the shouts of his fans before leaving.

Then a very popular crosstalk actor also boarded his manager's car under everyone's laughter and jokes before slowly driving out of Central TV.

Suddenly, a cacophony of ear-piercing screams sounded without warning!




The sound was extremely loud, and were basically only women. The voices of women were so much sharper. It was not like the low pitches of men. This "cacophony" was simply astounding!

Many celebrities and staff looked backwards!

Zhang Ye was also given a shock. He did not hold the cigarette firmly and dropped it on his arm. He hurriedly flicked his hand and thankfully did not burn his clothes. It only left a trace of ash on it, which could be removed with a pat. Zhang Ye grumbled while stamping out the cigarette butt on the floor. He was very angry! What was all that commotion for!? All of you nearly scared this bro out of his wits! Can you at least give some warning before screaming so loudly? He also looked backwards curiously. He did not know who had so much charisma and popularity. Could it be Old Zhang coming out? If he did some calculations, Zhang Yuanqi's celebratory supper had probably ended.

But this glance of his made Zhang Ye's anger come from only one single source!

Lee Anson!

Lee Anson had actually come out!

And he was putting on quite a bit of airs. He had two bodyguards beside him who looked like Koreans. Bodyguards were not allowed into Broadcasting Studio 1. Didn't you see Zhang Yuanqi and company not even have her manager with her? Maybe Lee Anson's bodyguards, who were two large, black suit-dressed Koreans, were waiting outside, and received news in advance and came to receive him. The moment Lee Anson walked out the exit, they came to both his sides. They looked at everyone else with vigilant eyes. Hence, Lee Anson was escorted out!

Zhang Ye despised him, and it was greatly at that!

What sort of pretense was this!? You even brought bodyguards? I don't even have bodyguards. Without even needing to mention bodyguards, I don't even have a f**king manager! What type of act are you trying to pull off!?

Actually by now, Zhang Ye had a good understanding of Lee Anson. He knew he was recently very popular in China. He was the kind of person that became popular overnight. In terms of foundation, he was probably worse than Zhang Ye. And according to what he knew, Lee Anson was only popular in China. In Korea, Lee Anson was not even somebody in his country's entertainment circles. He wasn't even considered a B-list celebrity. The only reason was that he had a song and a Korean drama he acted in, which was received with lukewarm response in Korea, suited the girls in China better!

Lee Anson's shoulder brushed past Zhang Ye. And for some reason, he gave Zhang Ye a glance.

Zhang Ye noticed it, but ignored him and did not look at him again. He lit another cigarette stick. He knew why this person looked at him. One, it was just an accidental glance without any intent. Second, Lee Anson might know that he had composed a song for Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Xia at the last moment, allowing "Woman Flower" to go on the Spring Festival Gala, and shortening the time allocated for his song from three minutes to two minutes. It was just a minute and did not seem like much, but don't forget that this was a miraculous stage. This was the annual Spring Festival Gala's stage. One minute? One minute was as precious as gold! How many celebrities would fight it out just to get on that stage, yet they didn't even get the opportunity to appear on it for half a second. One minute was too precious! As such, it was unlikely Lee Anson did not have any feelings about this. However, how could Zhang Ye care about him?

He might not care, but the fans cared!


"You sang too perfectly today!"

"The Spring Festival Gala directing teams are too idiotic! You should have had so much more time for your program today! Yet they cut off one minute for that bad song, 'Woman Flower'? What bullies!"

"Right, Lee Anson, ignore them. There's us supporting you!"

"In our hearts, you are better than any of the celebrities at this year's Spring Festival Gala!"

"I love you! Marry me! Give me a signature Anson-oppa!"

"I want one too, I want it too! I've already waited two hours for you!"

"I also sneaked out of my home to come see you! I've finally seen Lee Anson! He's so handsome!"


Only this word could be used to describe the situation!

Zhang Ye was wondering how lip-syncing could be considered perfect? Have you seen the world before, or is the Spring Festival Gala's directing team idiots? Or was "Woman Flower" a bad song? All of you sure are funny! Forget it, everyone has their own standards. It was impossible for a person or a piece of work to be liked by everybody. Zhang Ye did not say a word. It was their freedom to chase after stars. Everyone had the right to choose who they liked.

However, what made Zhang Ye and many people surprised was that Lee Anson seemed to transform into another person. He was so warm and approachable on stage, and the way he smiled at the audience was so kindly. Now that the program was over and he was leaving, Lee Anson's face was completely cold. That cold was not like the coldness from Zhang Yuanqi. Old Zhang was cold in private, but that was mostly a result of her personality. She was such a person and had such a temper. However, even though Zhang Yuanqi was cold, she never put on airs. As long as friends looked for her, or even those juniors from the entertainment circles, she did not even know, she would still not put on any airs. Zhang Yuanqi would still help them and was particularly loyal. Hence, Old Zhang's coldness was just a personality trait, and not her nature. However, Lee Anson's gaze was completely different. The way he looked at fans were as if he did not take them seriously.

"ㅅ ㅂ ." Lee Anson said something in Korean.

The fans actually did not know what he said, but cried out in excitement.

"Lee Anson said something to me!"

"Go and die! He was speaking to me!"

Immediately, two girls around the age of seventeen rushed past the cordon tape towards Lee Anson. When the people behind saw someone take the lead, they also rushed forward!

Lee Anson frowned.

His two bodyguards immediately protected him from the front and rebuked the fans. They spoke Korean, but it was likely to get them to make way!

"Please give me an autograph!"

"We really waited very long!"

"Anson-oppa! Please!"

There was a fifteen-year-old girl whose lips had turned white because of the winter weather. Clearly, she had stood outside in the cold for more than two hours. Her body was clamped together with her head lowered. Yet, she stretched out her trembling hand, with a small beloved book over. She looked excitedly at Lee Anson.

"Make way!"

"Go away!"

"Do not cause disorder!"

The security personnel hired by Central TV rushed out to maintain order!

However the group of people that crowded around were all young girls. They could not be too rough either, so the situation reached a stalemate.

At this moment, everyone thought Lee Anson would give the fans some autographs for a photo op. It was impossible to sign fifty, but five would definitely not be a problem. That was also a way to account to his fans. However, no one expected that there was no response for a long time. Pushing carried on for quite a while!

Suddenly, a scream came from the crowd!

"Someone's pushing!"

"Someone has fallen!"

"The guards are beating people! Beating people!"

With a rush, the crowd moved back. A fifteen year old girl, who had nearly frozen, had fallen to the ground!

Translator's Note: Some of the Korean characters that appeared in this chapter and subsequent chapters are just Hangul consonants, and are not supposed to mean anything. They were originally "*#%&@*($&@)" in the raws. If you know what those Korean consonants might represent, just treat it as an inside joke amongst us ;)