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 Chapter 346: I didn't scold the Old!

After the gala ended.

Although it was a gala, it was only 6 PM when it ended.

"That was really enjoyable."

"Right, it was worth coming to this gala."

"It really wasn't for nothing coming all the way here to Beijing."

"Although the programs average and always the same old, every gala is about the same anyway. However, Teacher Zhang Ye's closing speech really stirred you up!"

"Just that closing speech alone made it worthwhile coming!"

"As expected for Teacher Zhang Ye to understand us. He's so much better than the other teachers!"

"When I return home, I'll definitely work harder. This speech might have changed my life!"

"Me too. I won't need my teachers and parents to force me to study anymore!"

Many of the students that came from the various provinces were greatly moved. They had gained a lot from this gala, or to put it another way, this closing speech of Zhang Ye. This sort of encouraging form of education, this classic speech of "Ode to Young China" was literally priceless. Anyone who listened to it live felt like they had received a windfall. Some of the secondary school teachers even made up their minds to analyze Zhang Ye's speech thoroughly when they returned, and reproduce it for the students who were unable to come to the gala!

The people not from Peking University all left.

A few Peking University leaders walked back slowly.

An elderly Vice President, who was even older than the President, said, "President Wu, I never had the chance to ask you. Why did you decide on inviting a host to join us?"

Wu Zeqing did not directly answer him. She smiled, "A host might not necessarily be a bad teacher."

Another Vice President looked at her, "Old Wu, that might not be guaranteed. Your Chinese department's Little Zhang has caused trouble once again. Who will clean up this mess? Let's think about it first?"

Wu Zeqing said indifferently, "But this closing speech doesn't have any problems, right?"

The elderly Vice President said, "From the child's point of view, there's no problem, but from other points of views, there are too many problems. It will be quite problematic. If need be, we might even need to consult the President. Well, it would be bad if this matter blows up. If society demands an answer from us, that would be very troublesome."

Wu Zeqing said, "I have already informed the filming crew and the official website staff not to upload the closing speech. Only the gala's content will be uploaded."

The elderly Vice President said, "That's just a form of self-deception. There were so many reporters present, and there were cameras from every television stations. It can't be covered up. It will all be up to Little Zhang's luck on whether or not he can get through this. This matter isn't serious, but neither is it trivial. The crux of the issue depends on the attitude of society. If he can't get through this, the punishment dealt to Little Zhang would definitely not be lenient. He would also find it very difficult to find another job in academia."

Another Vice President said, "It's such a pity."

The elder Vice President looked at Wu Zeqing, "By the way, Old Wu, Zhang Ye is now teaching 'Appreciation of the Classics' in your Chinese department? I think he is actually quite suitable for teaching history too. How about it? Why not get your Chinese department to first fire him, as a form of punishment, and then let Little Zhang come over to the History department to seek refuge?" The History department was under his charge.

Wu Zeqing looked back and said in a lukewarm fashion, "Are you trying to wreck my department?"

The elderly Vice President waved his hands with a smile. "No, I'm not. I'm just looking out for Little Zhang."

Wu Zeqing curved her soft lips. "Aren't you afraid Little Zhang will cause trouble in your History department?"

"Not at all. A person with talent always has a bit of temper or is somewhat anti-social. As the saying goes, a person not envied by others is mediocre." The elderly Vice President said.

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, "What a coincidence. I think so, too."

The elderly Vice President threw up his hands, "Fine, pretend I never said a thing."

After Zhang Ye's closing speech, there were already more and more people who had their sights set on him. Even Vice Presidents from other departments wanted him for themselves!

They did not care about his temper!

They did not care about his character!

Zhang Ye's talent was the real deal!

After the elderly Vice President heard "Ode to Young China", he suddenly had a fond heart towards such a talent!

They had arrived at their office building, but the moment they entered, they saw more than a dozen people. Leading them was Yan Jiantao. He had left the auditorium early to come here. There were many elderly professors and lecturers behind him. Their stance was formidable and they looked unfriendly.

"Old President!"

"President Wu!"

"Zhang Ye is being too much, right?"

"This matter needs to be severely dealt with!"

"How can he scold people? Does he have any virtuous shred of respect for elders? We have dedicated our entire lives to teaching education! He just negated everything we have done with a single speech? We became those who lead people astray and are nosy? We have become old debauchee that take opium?"

The three Vice Presidents looked at each other. "Come on, let's talk inside."


The other side.

Outside the Grand Auditorium.

After Su Na picked up a phone call, her expression changed. She hurriedly ran towards Zhang Ye, interrupting his chat with Professor Zeng.

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Teacher Su? What's seems to be the matter?"

"I just heard that Professor Yan and a bunch of other faculty professors have gone to complain to the Vice Presidents. They request for disciplinary action be dealt to you, removing you from the education system!"

"Is that all? I got it."

"What did you get? You can even laugh?"

"Then what can I do? Their mouths belong to them, I can't do anything about that."

"You should be rushing over there and at least be able to explain yourself."

"That's right. Alright, I'll go. Thanks Teacher Su. Professor Zeng, I'll be leaving first. I won't be able to treat you today, but maybe some other day."

"Go on ahead!"

"Why are you even talking about food? Go ahead!"



Zhang Ye looked up before striding inside. Zhang Ye was in no way surprised about the elderly professors mass complaints. He had anticipated it and was already mentally prepared. The moment he had gone on stage, Zhang Ye knew very clearly that including "Ode to Young China" in his closing speech had its dangers. This prose was heavily disputed even in his world. The prose had entered textbooks, but it was not in its entirety, only excerpts. The excerpts were only limited to the last two paragraphs said by Zhang Ye today. The textbook's "Ode to Young China" did not have any phrases that scolded "the old" as they were deleted, leaving only the last few paragraphs. This was enough to illustrate how serious the problem was disputed.

Come on.

I'll take on any move of yours!

At the worst, I'll just be dismissed. It's not like it'll the first time!

Zhang Ye was quite a carefree soul. Since he had completed his lectures on 'Dream of the Red Chamber', he did not mind too much, but honestly, this was not Zhang Ye's true thoughts. He still cared about some things. Despite having only worked for slightly more than ten days, his feelings towards Peking University and the students were like that among family members. He felt like a fish in water, and especially liked the job as lecturer. He certainly would miss this job. If possible, he definitely wanted to carry on teaching at Peking University. Just leave like that? Zhang Ye would also feel indignant about it!

President Wu trusted him so much!

The students liked him so much!

Zhang Ye definitely wanted to fight back for he did not wish to leave. Furthermore, he had told his students that he would carry on teaching them "Appreciation of the Classics" next year!

"President Wu!"

"Is there any need for consideration?"

"Is he even in the right to scold us old people?"

Before entering, one could already hear Yan Jiantao and another professor's voice from outside!

Zhang Ye stepped forward and knocked on the door. Knock, knock.

"Come in." It was the elderly Vice President's voice.

Zhang Ye entered and pretended to be stunned. "There's so many people?"

President Wu waved her hand. "Come over here Little Zhang. You came just in time."

Yan Jiantao looked coldly at Zhang Ye. "Zhang Ye, what's the meaning behind your closing speech?"

Zhang Ye blinked his eyes and said, "What do you mean by meaning?"

"Don't act the fool!" An elderly professor from the Philosophy department said, "You are a person with parents and seniors. Can your conscience feel alright after you scolded 'old people' in such a way?"

Zhang Ye said with an alarmed look, "Ah? Who scolded old people? Tell me, I'll fight that person for all of you!"

A few elderly professors nearly fainted. They were thinking how great this darn kid was at acting. "You asked who scolded!? You were the one! Did you forget what you said?"

Zhang Ye said with an exaggerated gasp, "When did I? Heh! Is it a misunderstanding? It has to be a misunderstanding! So you were talking about my speech from just now? Hey, I didn't scold old people. Those words were just literary metaphors and analogies. The so-called 'old people' in my speech was referring to a mental age. It's a state of mind, an antiquated statement in general that does not refer to anyone in particular. It's not talking about old people. Aiyah, so this was the problem? All of you have misunderstood me! All of you as professors are famous in the world of academia, and pillars of support of Peking University. You are not 'old people'. In my eyes, you are all vibrant youths! 'Ode to Young China' is also referring to everyone!"

Yan Jiantao: "......"

The few old professors: "......"

A female secretary in the office could not help but let out a stifled laugh.

Zhang Ye carried on with his nonsense. "The few of you have been in education for decades. Your understanding in literature can't be bad. In literary and figurative writing, it is very common to use metaphors. For example, 'the sun smiled warmly'. How can the sun smile? If it really cracks a smile, then there would be an explosion! Our Universe might be destroyed! It's just an anthropomorphic metaphor! For me, I'm doing the exact opposite. When I used the words 'the old', it is a metaphor for 'antiquated', or else what should I say? Should I just use the word antiquated? That wouldn't sound good, and it would not have any poetic feel. It would be too direct and impetuous. Professor Yan is also in literature, so he must understand this, right? In literature, you need to have a bit of pretense. Use some anthropomorphism and quasi-physical metaphors to make it sound more awesome. I really did not mean any harm!"

Yan Jiantao said angrily, "You are speaking nonsense!"

Zhang Ye said innocently, "I did not. That's really what I meant. Could it be that you, Professor Yan thought yourself as 'the old'? That you are antiquated and aging?"

Yan Jiantao said angrily, "I'm still young!"

Zhang Ye pointed. "That's it! Isn't this how it should be? I also think of you as a young man, so how could I be scolding you!? This is all about someone who doesn't know literary metaphors trying to malign me due to ulterior motives!" Turning his head to face Wu Zeqing and company, he said, "Leaders, you must be fair to me!"

When the few elderly professors heard this, they were all rendered speechless!

This Zhang Ye was indeed eloquent! Even while defending himself, he did not forget to abuse others!

He even talked about metaphors?

Metaphors your sister!

Even primary school students would be able to tell that you were scolding old people!