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 Chapter 246: Zhang Ye's Ratings Legend Continues!

After reading all the reviews.

He made a few calls.

Zhang Ye's few cousins, the television station's old Leader, Hu Fei, the radio station's old Leader Zhao Guozhou as well as his old colleagues such as Wang Xiaomei, Xiao Lu, Dafei and company who Zhang Ye informed about the broadcast of his show all called back and proposed some small suggestions. For example: the way Zhang Ye stood, as this was not like "Lecture Room" where he stood straight, facing the camera. Furthermore, in "Zhang Ye's Analysis of the Three Kingdoms", there was still a lecture podium for him. However, for the recording of "Zhang Ye's Talk Show", there were some side profile shots and shots from top down. Hence, the way he stood was very important. Where he placed his hand was also important. Zhang Ye readily took in their suggestions.

Of course, most of the phone calls that came here were that of praise and congratulations.

"Teacher Zhang, congratulations!"

"What's there to congratulate me about?"

"Your program has hit it big. Your future will be boundless!"

"Hai, I still don't know the results yet. I'll need to see the hit rate later."

"I guarantee you that it won't be low. In the future, when you become famous, remember to take care of me. I'll be prepared to pack and follow your tail. Hehe."

"Sure, I would wish for that, but Brother Hu needs to let you go."

Zhang Ye had a nice chat with his old colleague Xiao Lu from the television station before hanging up to take a look at the click numbers of "Zhang Ye's Talk Show". But due to some delay or technical problem, the numbers were not immediately refreshed. The number of clicks for the program was still zero, so he couldn't tell.

He was feeling anxious!

Hurry up and refresh!

Zhang Ye had done everything that he could. Now, all he waited for was the final outcome. Could people accept such a talk show program that had never appeared before? On this matter, it would be a lie if Zhang Ye was not worried about it. Anything new would need a gradual process for people to get familiar with it. Like in his world, talk shows had been developed for decades in foreign markets before they were broadcast domestically, allowing the people to get familiarized with it. However, this world never had such a foundation, so even though he was confident, his heart was still playing with drums. The only good news was that the talk on the internet about "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" was very good!

It was almost 9.

Ding Dong. The doorbell suddenly rang.

Zhang Ye said as he walked over, "Who is it?"

"Me," It was Dong Shanshan's sexy voice from outside.

"Hmm? Don't you have a key?" Zhang Ye opened the door for her. Only after seeing her did he understand. The school belle's hands were full. There was a large plastic bag in each hand. It was filled with vegetables and meat. "Hey, why did you buy so much?" He hurriedly stretched out his hands to help carry it for her.

Dong Shanshan panted and then stretched her sore arm with a smile, "We've been busy these past few days. You worked overtime at work without coming home. I've also been coming home pretty late sometimes. We haven't eaten together in a while. With your program broadcasting today, we must have a good meal, so as to celebrate for you, as well as to celebrate my "Online Talents" early, hoping it will be smooth and have a soaring number of hits. You haven't eaten yet, right?"

"No, I just woke up." Zhang Ye felt a craving after seeing the groceries. "There's even fish? Hey, I haven't eaten that in a long while. Great, then I'll give you a hand. It's almost 9."

Dong Shanshan said, "Alright, I'll need your help today. Wash the vegetables."

"Sure, leave it to me." Zhang Ye went to the sink to busy himself.

Dong Shanshan smirked while entering the kitchen. She rolled up her sleeves to begin preparing the carp. As she removed the innards, she looked sideways and said, "I saw on my cellphone on the way back. Your program is receiving many commendations on the internet. I saw that there was even an industry insider who pushed you to the forefront of the country! But that is indeed true. Such a new program that has never appeared in the world, it really has risen to the occasion for our country's entertainment variety industry!"

Zhang Ye laughed, "No matter how much kudos I get, it's just the minority. What I want to know is the number of clicks it gets. That is the actual reaction. After all, no matter how good a program is, it will definitely not receive the approval of everyone. They might not like it. Well, the click numbers haven't appeared yet, as it just finished airing twenty minutes ago. I think that it will be out once we finish eating. Let's hope it breaks a million."

In his world, talk shows had a wider audience demographic than historical programs like "Lecture Room". However, it was not considered a program that was very well liked by the masses. One could tell from the ratings. It was still on a different level compared to the top variety programs that quaked the entire country with 2-3% ratings. Hence, Zhang Ye did not have extremely high expectations. He would be content with breaking a million clicks for the first episode. Besides, if it passed a million, the bet he had before with Dong Shanshan would come into effect. They had previously made a bet that if Zhang Ye's program broke a million clicks, Dong Shanshan would lose a kiss to him.

Fish stew.

Stir-fried vegetables.

After busying themselves all day, they finally could eat.

"Here, try my cooking." Dong Shanshan said.

"Sure, let me try. Oh, delicious!" Zhang Ye praised.

Dong Shanshan said, "I seldom make fish, as I'm not very good at it. Make do with it."

Zhang Ye smiled. "It's pretty good; just a bit sour. But I like to eat sour stuff. Here, here, here. You eat, too. You've been busy all day."

Dong Shanshan was wearing a 7-8 cm high heel that was waterproof. She took off her apron and revealed a deep cleavage that was situated in between two snow-white lumps of meat. After returning home, Dong Shanshan had taken off her outerwear and had not switched to pajamas. She wore a pair of black pants that clung tightly to her body as well as a red low-cut top. The neckline was very wide, so although her bra was barely hidden, it appeared that she would end up exposing herself at any moment. It seemed like if she used a bit more strength, her bra would be revealed, but yet he couldn't see it. It was very tempting.


A beauty to feast his eyes!

Zhang Ye glanced at her chest a few times before lowering his head to look her two legs that were clinging tightly to the black pants. That butt of hers was so perky. He really wanted to pinch it. Without knowing it, he had finished a big bowl of rice already!

Dong Shanshan flicked the hair off her shoulders and ate a mouthful of fish, "Oh, it's still alright."

Zhang Ye put down his bowl and began to eat the dishes.

Dong Shanshan gave him a look, "Oh, you eat pretty fast?"

"Yeah, I'm starving." Zhang Ye said apologetically.

Dong Shanshan spoke as she munched on the fish and then stood up, "Give me the bowl. I'll scoop you...Aiyah!" She had not changed shoes after returning home, so she was still in her high heels. So when she got up, she missed her footing. Gulu, the fish and a few bones in her mouth were subconsciously swallowed. Dong Shanshan's face turned pale as she immediately covered her mouth, "Oh! Aiyah!"

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "What, what?"

"Bone...stuck!" Dong Shanshan inhaled.

"Quick, drink some vinegar!" Zhang Ye rushed to the kitchen to get a bottle of vinegar for her. He was also very worried. Because as a broadcast host, he knew that the most important thing in their line of work was their throat. It was something that fed them, so they could not lose it.

Dong Shanshan bit the bullet and drank a mouthful, "Doesn't...work."

Zhang Ye went over and said, "Open your mouth for me. Where is it stuck?"

"A few...bones...in larynx!" Dong Shanshan opened her mouth for him to take a look.

Carps were fish that had a lot more bones, and they were mostly "Y"-shaped bones. The moment one got stuck, it would be quite troublesome as it would be latched on.

Zhang Ye lowered his head as he looked into her throat. "Raise up your head a bit more. There's light here. I can't see with it dark here. Right, a bit more. Alright, I see it! There was already a bone that had gone right in, leaving a tiny bit outside! Thankfully, it has not entered your gullet. It's at the mouth to your throat!"

Dong Shanshan closed her eyes, trying to spit.

"Don't." Zhang Ye stopped her, "If you swallow and it enters your esophagus, it would be troublesome. You... Eh, I'll get you a pair of chopsticks."

Dong Shanshan nodded and opened her mouth again.

Zhang Ye sticked a pair of chopsticks into her mouth and tried to find the correct lighting before picking the first bone. However, as the chopstick were too big and inflexible, they could not pinch the bone, as they was too clumsy. The moment he touched it out of luck, it skidded past it!

This touch caused it to stab the school belle, causing her to wail in pain.

Zhang Ye did not dare to make any rash moves anymore, "Why don't I use my fingers to pinch it out?"

Dong Shanshan urged him, "Hurry... It's.. very.. painful!"

Zhang Ye had washed his hands before eating, but no longer cared to wash them again. He bent his back and half-squatted to be on the same level as Dong Shanshan. His thumb and index fingers entered the school belle's soft and seductive lips. He was naturally a lot more precise using his finger, so he managed to pinch the first bone immediately. Taking it out, his fingers were stained with Dong Shanshan's saliva. He threw the bones on a piece of napkin before reaching into her mouth again.

The second bone was harder to find, as he had to take a long time.

Other than the saliva on his fingers, her tongue was pressing on his fingers. Her tongue was not very big, but it was quite thick. It was soft and hot.

Being distracted, he could not help but glance down. From his position, he could already see the bra down Dong Shanshan's neckline!

It was dark blue!

And there was lace, too!

Maybe it was because she wore a bra that was larger today, so it was unable to completely wrap around her flesh. The bra was slightly opening outwards. Naturally, Zhang Ye lucked out seeing the white scene inside it.

Zhang Ye focused again as he began trying to get the bones out as he endured the temptation.

The next moment, the bone was pinched. However, this time, it stabbed into Dong Shanshan's throat making her smooth and small tongue to jerk upwards in a reflex motion. Zhang Ye felt his fingers being wrapped by her tongue. Even the tip of her tongue had licked his palm, as it was smeared with the school belle's saliva.

Zhang Ye ignored her retching, and pushed his hand in to barely grab the bone and pull it out in one fell swoop. "...It's done!

Dong Shanshan coughed a few times before swallowing her saliva, and then she exhaled.

"Are there anymore bones?" Zhang Ye asked.

"No, thanks." Dong Shanshan went into the bathroom. "I'll rinse my mouth."

Zhang Ye looked at his sticky fingers. There were still saliva on it that was rolling down. He quickly went into the kitchen to wash his hands.

A minute later, the both of them sat back down to carry on with their meal.

Dong Shanshan laughed, "Next time, you can't talk while eating fish."

"It was such a coincidence. Take off your shoes. The heels are too high," Zhang Ye suggested.

"Indeed, I was so engrossed in cooking, as it was late, that I forgot about it." Dong Shanshan did not go to the door to take a pair of slippers. Instead, she bent down and took off her heels and placed them by the side. She stepped on the wooden floor with her bare feet. As she had just wiped the floor yesterday, it wasn't dirty.

Under her tight pants were black colored stockings. With it exposed in front of Zhang Ye, he could see it just by looking down.

So beautiful!

Every part of her body was so tempting!

Dong Shanshan noticed that he was looking at her leg. She could not help but lower her head, "Why? Did my stockings tear?"

"No," Zhang Ye coughed, "The floor is cold. Don't catch a cold."

"It's fine. Then turn on the heater." Dong Shanshan pressed a button to switch on the heater.


After the meal.

Dong Shanshan picked up the plates and left them in the kitchen, "I'll wash the dishes. Go check if the numbers are out. Hur hur. I'm also pretty interested with how many people your program can attract."

Zhang Ye took his notebook computer to the living room's tea table. Leaning back on the couch, he clicked into the WebTV's site and checked "Zhang Ye's Talk Show". The moment that he saw the string of numbers, Zhang Ye was first momentarily stunned. Then he pushed his head closer, as he tried confirming what he had seen. There was no mistake. It was that number. It was written very clearly on it. There were no errors!

Holy sh*t!

So much?

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded!

Dong Shanshan probed her head out while holding a dish scrubber, "Are the statistics out?"

Zhang Ye nodded.

"How much?" Dong Shanshan asked.

Zhang Ye laughed, "Guess, I'm sure you won't get it."

Dong Shanshan narrowed his eyes, "Over a million?"

Zhang Ye chuckled, "More than that. Guess again."

Dong Shanshan blinked, "Impossible? It has just been aired less than two hours ago. It couldn't have hit 2 million? It can't be that high, right? I'm not guessing. Tell me quickly. Stop keeping me in suspense!"

Zhang Ye pointed to the computer screen and said a shocking sentence, "It is already 5.3 million!"

Dong Shanshan exclaimed, "No way! Let me see! Let me see!" She did not even put down the bowl she was washing. It was still dripping with water. She rushed out from the kitchen with bowl in hand as she bent over to see the computer!


Dong Shanshan could not help but let out a swear word, "Holy motherf**ker! Can you not be so ridiculous! It hasn't even been two hours! Even if the increase in numbers would begin to slow down, it would not be a problem to hit 7 million hits by tomorrow! This is a new program, and it's just the first episode. It has 7 million hits on the first day? Ever since WebTV's inception, there has not been any person or new program that has broken 6 million in hits on the first day. The highest is a variety show from our Weiwo's competitor. It hit 5.9 million hits on the first day! You took two hours to almost exceed it?"

Zhang Ye touched his nose, "Actually, I didn't think that it would be so much. I was thinking that a million would be not bad. Looks like everyone approves of my program."

"Isn't it far more than approval? This is heaven-defying!" Dong Shanshan shook her head and sighed, "Just this result of yours is definitely enough to cause a stir. Tomorrow... No, just tonight, before 12, you will refresh the historical record for the pilot episode of WebTV. And I believe that in a few days and in a few episodes, your 'Zhang Ye's Talk Show' will also refresh the historical record of having the highest average hits for a single episode! It looks like the evaluation on the internet isn't wrong. You have really created history!"

However, Zhang Ye was cautious, "There might not be so many clicks in the future. There could be so many today because of the good promotions. For example: the hijacking incident. I had appeared on Central TV's news after all. And also with the commercial, 'I'll speak for myself', it had also garnered some buzz. Everyone was curious about it, and since it was quite well-liked after the broadcast, it was in some sense free advertisement for me. Hence, many people clicked in to watch my program. There might be some who watched for a while and closed it after not liking it. So to maintain the level of the first episode's clicks might not be that easy." He didn't let himself get carried away by the results.

Dong Shanshan smiled instead, "Hai, if my new program has a tenth of your clicks, I'll already be overjoyed to death." Saying that, she went back to washing the dishes.

Zhang Ye carried on refreshing the webpage as he watched the click numbers increase bit by bit.


10 P.M.

The school belle had washed the dishes and swept the floor. She even wiped the table.

"Alright, we still need to work tomorrow. Get some rest." Dong Shanshan yawned and stretched. Just this stretching motion naturally revealed a charm and laid-backness. It made Zhang Ye unwilling to look away, for it was too tempting.

Zhang Ye recalled something. He did not say good night and instead said blankly, "Classmate Dong, didn't we have a bet in the past?"

Dong Shanshan looked at him in confusion, "Eh? What are you saying?"

"We made a bet that if my program's pilot episode broke a million, isn't there something? Right?" Zhang Ye said.

Dong Shanshan's mouth of lies relapsed as she smiled. "Did I say that? Why don't I remember? When was it?"

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "Hey, you can't do that!"

Dong Shanshan blinked, "Did we really make a bet?"

"Of course it's true. If you lost, you'll give me a kiss. If I lose, I'll give you a promotional clip." Zhang Ye threw up his hands helplessly, "Don't you go back on your words."

Dong Shanshan sighed, "Alright then. Then I'll consider it as we made the bet."

"What do you mean, 'consider'? We really made the bet!" Zhang Ye was speechless.

Dong Shanshan headed to the bathroom, "I'll brush my teeth first. You brush in a while, too."

"Alright." Zhang Ye's heart was thumping. He stopped looking at the computer and threw his notebook into his bedroom. To him, the attractiveness of the school belle was clearly far greater.

A moment later, the school belle came out after washing up.

Zhang Ye glanced at her and also went into the bathroom as he brushed his teeth and washed his face.

The moment he came out, Dong Shanshan was sitting on the sofa, watching the news on TV. It was a replay from earlier that day.

Zhang Ye walked to her side and sat down. He wanted to speak, but stopped. He smiled as he felt slightly embarrassed to open his mouth. He also began watching News Simulcast.

Dong Shanshan said, "Done brushing?"

"Yes," Zhang Ye cleared his throat.

"OK." Dong Shanshan did not say anything more.

The atmosphere was vague and somewhat embarrassing.

The school belle always looked graceful and she dressed very sexily. She appeared open, but in fact, as a classmate of Dong Shanshan for so many years, her personality was actually the opposite from her outer appearance. In fact, she was more introverted. People tended to be contradictory after all.

Dong Shanshan was still wearing her black tight pants and a red, low-cut top while sitting on the sofa. She constantly switched her crossed leg. She did not seem natural.

Zhang Ye was even more unnatural. Against his enemies, he was always as cold as the autumn wind. But against woman, he had little experience.

In the end, the two of them watched TV from 10 to 10:30.

30 minutes later, the news ended. Only then did Dong Shanshan switch off the TV and look sideways at Zhang Ye and gave a smile, "Hurry, I'm sleepy."

Zhang Ye tersely acknowledged.

Dong Shanshan fidgeted a lot. One moment, she was stroking her hair, while the next moment, she was straightening her clothes. Finally, she leaned her body towards Zhang Ye. Her chin raised slightly up. Her eyes were closed, too. No, actually, they was just narrowed. One could see her eyes through a tiny gap.

Zhang Ye hurriedly took a cup to drink a mouthful of tea, then he embolden himself and moved his body over. His head was approaching her.

"Hold on." Dong Shanshan opened her eyes, "Hur hur. My throat is a bit dry. Let me drink a mouthful of water too." She had come home late, so she had not prepared tea. Dong Shanshan took Zhang Ye's cup and ignored the saliva on the cup. She tossed it back and drank it. "Alright, it's okay."

A moment of silence.

Zhang Ye once again moved his head over as his bit the lower lip of Dong Shanshan, as his saliva had a strange smell. This was the experience he gathered from his previous kiss with Dong Shanshan. Hence, he did not kiss her upper lips. The upper lips were close to the nose, and since Zhang Ye smoked and drank, he naturally wanted to leave a good impression on her. Hence, he only kissed her lower lips. The lips there were also thicker, so the feeling was better and felt great.

The two lips locked.

Both their heads were stuck together.

Zhang Ye remembered the regret from the past, which was not sending his tongue in. Hence, the moment they locked lips, Zhang Ye was afraid Dong Shanshan would run away the moment they touched, so he immediately stuck his tongue into the school belle's mouth. It immediately wrapped around the school belle's tongue!

Dong Shanshan clearly was caught off guard, "Oh!"

Zhang Ye was very nervous and uneasy, but he was such a person. The moment he did it, then it didn't matter. His courage grew, as he kissed her again and again. After his tongue had enough of it, Zhang Ye did not go overboard and removed it from her mouth.

Dong Shanshan huffed and puffed as if she was simmering. She said in an exasperated tone, "Why did your tongue come in? There wasn't this in the bet, right?"

Zhang Ye acted dumb, "Didn't you forget about the bet?"

Dong Shanshan, "..."

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "The agreements of the bet didn't say that was prohibited. Next time we make a bet, we can make it more detailed."

"Next time?" Dong Shanshan leered at him and smiled. "You sure have taken enough advantage. Enough, I'm sleeping. You rest early, too."

Zhang Ye said kindly, "Good night, Shanshan."

"Goodnight," Dong Shanshan returned to her room.

Zhang Ye was left alone in the living room, recounting the sweet taste in his mouth!