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 Chapter 242: The Program that Shocks the World!

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The moment it was announced that the show had ended!

There was silence throughout the venue, a complete silence!

Zhang Ye felt deeply ashamed. He was thinking 'how bad could this bro's new program be?' It had already ended, so can't you give me a response?

However, two seconds later, someone from the audience suddenly stood up from his seat in excitement as he used all his strength to clap his hands!

A second person!

A tenth person!

In a blink of an eye!

The hundred-strong audience all stood up. Many of them did not seem like they were capable of using words to express their feelings and excitement that they felt deep in their hearts. They converted all their emotions into applause for Zhang Ye. Some people's palms had already gone red from clapping, but they did not stop. They still steadfastly stood there clapping, unable to suppress their emotions. No one left, nor planned to leave the venue. They stood in their spots applauding!

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Thank you, everyone. Thank you. It's over. I'll let the staff lead everyone away." He then flattened his palms against each other to express his appreciation towards them.

Bba Bba!

Bba Bba Bba!

The applause was still not ending!

People still did not want to leave. Some carried on clapping, while others whistled. There were even people who were excitedly shouting Zhang Ye's name, over and over again!

Zhang Ye was very grateful and his heart was touched by this scene. He knew that the hard work that he had put in was not in vain! He knew the hard work he put in had paid off. The audience was a bunch of cute people. They were not like some Leaders. Sometimes, even if you sacrificed a lot, the Leaders would not remember you. They were also not like colleagues who weighed the advantages and disadvantages. They were also not like so-called experts who decided if you were good or bad on their own whims. The audience was a bunch of people who would respond with the corresponding amount of enthusiasm if you whole-heartedly gave them a piece of good work!

A minute.

The applause was still thunderous!

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Thank you. Please take leave. Please take leave!"

The staff members were already there. They wanted to lead the audience away, but no one left. All of them were clapping, giving him the most sincere applause!

"Teacher Zhang Ye!"

"I love you!"

"You're the best! It's great!"

"So this is what a talk show is!"

"Perfect! This is a perfect program!"

The crowd cheered!

Zhang Ye had already given countless numbers of thanks on stage, "Thank you, thank you!"

He could even see Feng Guiqin, Wang Xiong and the other company Leaders standing there, smiling. They were also constantly clapping for Zhang Ye offstage!

Dong Shanshan, Ah Qian, Little Yu, Wang Bei, Zhang Han and the other colleagues were doing to the same thing, too!

Zhang Ye tried to persuade them to end their astounding applause, but failed. He could only smile wryly to himself.

The audience's cheers lasted ten minutes before they felt tiredness from clapping. Finally, under the lead of the staff, they left Studio 7, one after another. But there were quite a significant number of people who rushed up onto the stage, asking for Zhang Ye's autograph or a picture with him. Zhang Ye naturally did not reject their requests. He satisfied every request of theirs. If he didn't do so, the audience might never even leave.

This scene was something never seen before in Weiwo WebTV. They had been doing WebTV for several years and had recorded programs, big and small, that amounted to more than a hundred, but even so, they had never had such an enthusiastic audience after the recording of a program. This was certainly very rare!


After the audience was sent away.

Zhang Ye sat down on a chair he pulled over. Having spoken for half an hour without a break, he was already completely exhausted. This program was not filled with normal, everyday speech. One wouldn't even feel tired chatting normally with friends for two hours. But here, he was doing a program. He had to be careful with his words. His brain had to constantly arrange the words he was to deliver and the thoughts behind them. Besides, there was no one interrupting him midway. It was Zhang Ye speaking all alone from the beginning until the end. It was naturally draining for both his mind and body. Just looking at the present Zhang Ye was enough. He was sweating from his forehead and back. Of course, this was also related to him being shined on by the countless number of lights for a long period of time.

"Teacher Zhang," A female staff member hurriedly ran over with a bottle of mineral water. "Drink some water and take a rest. You've worked hard."

"Thanks." Zhang Ye removed the cap and gulped down the whole bottle.

However, that was not enough. Seeing this, a Field Director brought another bottle of water over.

Zhang Ye finished half of the second bottle before letting out a long breath. He had somewhat recovered, but the moment he relaxed, he realized that his voice had gone hoarse. He got up, saying, "Everyone, you worked hard, too."

Sister Four came forward. Without a word, she punched Zhang Ye in the chest, "Well done! So this is your so-called talk show! Back then, I really believed that it was just jokes after jokes! So it wasn't just purely jokes! It is linked to current affairs! And every joke segment of yours was f**king clever! I was wondering! How does your brain work?"

Zhang Ye laughed, "I didn't say it was a joke anthology?"

"But that was what everyone thought it was!" Sister Four laughed out.

Feng Guiqin, Wang Xiong and another Leader were in whispers as they discussed some matters. When they finished, Wang Xiong came over with a smile, "Teacher Little Zhang."

Previously, he would use "Little Zhang", but now the term "Teacher" was added.

Zhang Ye hurried looked over, "Director Wang."

Wang Xiong said, "We have just discussed. There's no need to wait for Monday. We can have your program aired on Sunday at 8 P.M., which is tonight! This is the best time slot of our WebTV. It's Director Feng's decision. She is leaving this time slot for you, and the other programs will be rescheduled!"

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "Is this alright? I'm a newcomer, so..."

Wang Xiong waved his hand, "Cut that out with me. Hur hur. Nothing is more suitable than your program to take over the primetime slot on the weekends! The Leaders have already decided. If you have any disagreements, keep them to yourself."

How could Zhang Ye have any disagreements? He earnestly wished for it to be like this. Broadcasting on Sunday, and at primetime at 8. That was a completely different concept compared with Monday. "Thank you, Leader."

Feng Guiqin chuckled while looking at him, "There's no need to thank us. This is all your hard work. Just a few days ago, when you submitted this program's proposal, several people in upper management, including me, were pessimistic about your new program. What talk show? What the heck was a talk show? It was never heard of, so we naturally had a subjective bias. However, today, you have opened our eyes to what a talk show is. Honestly, I was pretty shocked while listening to your program. I believe everyone present was a bit shocked and surprised. Previously, you said that your program would not have any problems? The facts have proven that you were right. Do you remember the words you said to us back then?"

Zhang Ye blushed with a smile, "It was nonsense. Nonsense."

Feng Guiqin smiled. "No, that was not nonsense. You said that we cannot deny the basic judgment you had as an artist. Now, from the looks of it, it seems that was the case."

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, "Not at all. I was just being quick to speak. My temper is a bit short, so... Please don't take my unsightly words to heart."

Wang Xiong was feeling very good. He chuckled, "If just rebuking us can produce a good program like 'Zhang Ye's Talk Show', we would wish that there would be people rebuking us daily!"

Feng Guiqin said, "We just had a round of discussion and are very optimistic about your new program. We don't have to wait to see the hit rate for the first episode. If such a program doesn't have 500,000 hits, then it would be a tremendous joke. The hit rate would definitely surpass 500,000. It's just a matter of by how much. Right, prepare for the recording of the second episode. In the future, the Saturday and Sunday time slot at 8 P.M. will belong to your 'Zhang Ye's Talk Show'. We have already reserved the best time slot and resources of our WebTV for you, so Little Zhang, don't disappoint us!"

Zhang Ye said, "Definitely."

Weiwo WebTV was really having some trouble this year. They were facing setbacks at every turn. Several programs were unsustainable. Those programs that had good results in the past had turned into cliches and had lost a large number of their viewers. They were basically relying on a celebrity interview program to support their WebTV. The other programs, which had 600,000-700,000 hits, were already considered pretty good programs. The overall quality was getting worse. This was also the reason why Weiwo recruited web hosts to produce new programs. They wished to inject new blood into their WebTV. Dong Shanshan's new program was eagerly anticipated by the Leaders, but they were not pleasantly surprised, as this sort of program was commonplace on television. As for Zhang Ye's program, no one was optimistic about it. But after the recording today, "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" gave everyone a tremendous pleasant surprise and astonishment. The emotions felt were difficult to describe with words!

This was a talk show?

Just one person alone, using his normal mouth, was actually able to use his silver tongue to create a brand new program that the world had never seen!

Domestically, be it talent shows, singing competitions, or the other popular variety shows, they were all taking reference or were even to the point of plagiarizing from foreign television shows. A large number of them even bought the program rights from overseas. There were too few that were domestically created, and those that stood out were even fewer! Creativity was something easily said, but not done, as the country had a mysterious department, known as the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People's Republic of China (SARFT). Many program formats and variety show formats were kept on a tight leash. For example, excellent foreign programs would be restricted domestically. It would not pass the censors. As such, it would further influence the growth of creativity in the domestic programs. They could only keep taking the leftovers from foreign countries!

But now!

But today!

"Zhang Ye's Talk Show" had been born!

This was a new program format that had never appeared, domestically or abroad! Weiwo company's Leaders even had a hunch that the talk show program established by Zhang Ye would not only create a national sensation, it could even create a global sensation!

Talk show?

What a good talk show!

This was the program we needed!