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 Chapter 229: What is a Talk Show?

Beep, beep, beep!

The alarm rang. The day had just begun.

Zhang Ye kicked away his fluffy down blanket and switched off the alarm. He was still sleepy, so he rolled over and carried on lazing in bed. He didn't care if he was late for work.

Shortly after, there was a knock on his bedroom's door.

"Zhang Ye."


"It's time to wake up. Hurry and get up."

"Got it. Let me sleep in a bit longer."

The door was not locked, so Dong Shanshan walked right in. She was dressed in professional attire. Today, she dressed in the style of a white-collared office lady. Her thick lipstick and the makeup on her face made her look sexy, as well as accentuated her curvaceous figure, regardless of the clothes that she wore.

Dong Shanshan poked him, "Breakfast is ready."

A fragrance wafted through the gap in the door. It smelled like porridge.

Zhang Ye opened his eyes tiredly and sniffed, "It smells so delicious."

"If you don't wake up, I'm going to eat it all." Saying that, Dong Shanshan walked out the room and closed the door behind her.

Zhang Ye stretched his back and quickly dressed himself and got out of bed. Thinking of Dong Shanshan waking him up... This scene reminded him of a young wife waking her husband. It made Zhang Ye feel his heart itch. He decided not to set an alarm in the future. He just needed to wait for the school belle to wake up him up daily.

In the hallway, Dong Shanshan was preparing the utensils.

"Good morning." Zhang Ye greeted her as he entered to the bathroom. He saw another cup beside his brushing mug. A purplish-red toothbrush was placed in it. Looking sideways, there were three new bath towels, as well as several facial skincare products. Zhang Ye did not know a thing about these. There was even a pink sanitary pad placed beside the toilet paper roll. They obviously all belonged to Dong Shanshan.

We really are living together.

The situation seemed pretty good. In the future, he could feast his eyes on a beauty walking around his home. Furthermore, the beauty was in charge of cooking. Was there anything more blissful than this new lifestyle?

Living with the school belle?

Just thinking about this made Zhang Ye feel incredulous!

When he came out after washing up, Dong Shanshan had already begun eating without him.

Zhang Ye pulled up a chair and sat down. He recalled something and went to his bedroom to grab it. He came out with a key in his hand. "This is the key to the house. It's the spare one."

"Alright." Dong Shanshan took it and put it away. "Hurry and eat."

"Alright." Zhang Ye drank a mouthful of porridge. He repeatedly praised it.

Dong Shanshan smiled very happily, "Do you need to act so dramatically? Although my food isn't horrible, it also isn't that good. I'm only good at making a few dishes."

Zhang Ye encouraged her, "No way; it's especially tasty."

When Dong Shanshan had finished eating, she said, "I'll go to work first. Let's not go together."

"I understand. Go ahead then." Zhang Ye said. They definitely could not let their colleagues know that there were living together. It would lead to negative effects and bad rumors.

Before leaving, Dong Shanshan waved, "I'll see you in the office shortly. Oh, yes. Just leave the dishes in the sink when you're done. I'll wash them when I return home tonight."

The door closed and she was gone.

Suddenly, Zhang Ye felt a tingle around his ankle. This feeling felt very familiar. It was the numb sensation he felt when the Red String of Fate was activated after he had first tied it. With him suddenly feeling the sensation, he could not help but lower his head and saw the transparent Red String of Fate tremble before snapping with a slight sound. The Red String of Fate disappeared into thin air and became red strands of light. In the blink of an eye, nothing was left other than the system message from the game ring:

[ Red String of Fate No Longer In Effect]

Great, it had lasted for about half a day.

Zhang Ye was pretty pleased with an item like the Red String of Fate. Although his Marriage Affinity with Dong Shanshan lasted nearly a day, the time spent was like being on the edge of a blade. Their Marriage Affinity had clearly been pulled together. The incident in the bathroom and the matter of staying in his house had all closed the distance between him and the school belle, both psychologically and physically. They were only separated by a hallway. Hence, the Red String of Fate's effects were very clear. Zhang Ye believed that if he did not use the Red String of Fate to tie their Marriage Affinity together, Dong Shanshan would definitely not have come to his house last night, nor would she have chosen to stay here. She would probably have found an apartment to stay at since Shanghai was so large. It was definitely possible to find something suitable and cheap with so many apartments available. Even if she didn't manage to find one on such short notice, the motel that Dong Shanshan used would not have been fully booked. This was probably all based on the effects of the Red String of Fate.

Also, there was another point. Even though the Red String of Fate had broken and became ineffective, the "victory" it created did not lose effect. Dong Shanshan would definitely still live here!

This is a good thing!

There was another one left that could be used in the future!

After he finished his meal, Zhang Ye closed the door and left for work.


Weiwo Headquarters.

WebTV department's office.

When Zhang Ye swiped his card, it was 8:55. He had barely made it to work on time. When he walked towards his desk, he heard people speaking to Dong Shanshan.

Ah Qian said hospitably, "I'll look for an apartment with you again tonight."

"There's no need. Hur hur. I already found a place to stay. Thank you." Dong Shanshan pulled out some specialties from home and passed it to him, "This was brought from my home. Have some."

Ah Qian felt flattered and said, "You didn't have to."

"You accompanied me to house hunt all of yesterday, and even treated me to a meal. I'm the one who feels bad. Take it. It's not that expensive either." Dong Shanshan pushed it to him.

Ah Qian said happily, "Alright. By the way, where are you staying?"

"Me?" Dong Shanshan began lying, "Seeing that the rent around here was so expensive and it's inconvenient to stay so far from here, I went to live with a relative."

Little Yu, who was sitting nearby, joined in the conversation, "You have a relative living near here?"

Dong Shanshan nodded, "That's right. A paternal elder cousin of mine. She has been in Shanghai for a few years now."

The female colleague, Zhang Han, said, "Staying at a relative's place is good. You can take care of one another. Renting a place with someone is troublesome and also unsafe. Shanshan, maybe you can invite us to your place as guests when your cousin isn't home?" Yesterday, when she went to the bathroom to search for Dong Shanshan, she referred to her as Teacher Dong, but today her salutation had changed. Clearly, they were a lot closer now. Yesterday, it was Zhang Han who accompanied her to go house hunting, too.

A guest?

Go home?

Zhang Ye, who was about to sit down, slipped and nearly fell to the ground.

Dong Shanshan smiled receptively, "Alright. We'll find a day, but it definitely won't be in the near future. My cousin seldom travels." This goalpost was moved far away.

It was time to work.

People began to busy themselves.

Zhang Ye was already pretty familiar with work, and with no one giving him any tasks to complete, he could sit in front of the computer and do nothing. However, he was not sitting by idly. He could do something, even without having tasks assigned to him. Hence, he created a new document on the computer and began preparing his program proposal.

What should he name it?

What program name would be the most suitable?

After tapping on the keyboard a few times in deep thought, Zhang Ye rejected a few talk show program shows from his world. Things like "Tonight 80's Talkshow", "Weekly something Show" would not do. Zhang Ye was wondering if he should respect the orthodox talk show program names from the West, such as "Zhang Ye's Show"? No, this was the world's first talk show program, after all. If words were omitted, there would be more people who could not tell what it meant. It needed to be the full name!

Let's call it "Zhang Ye's Talk Show"!

Right. This was easy to tell at a glance!

As Zhang Ye was a talk show fan of his world, he had watched it often. Along with him being a professional broadcasting major, he knew a lot about Talk Show programs. He spent about an hour completing his proposal. It included the stage layout, live audience, equipment requirements, funding application, and various other aspects. He listed them all out in detail. He found it very well done.

Elsewhere, Ah Qian had returned from outside. He was in charge of professional program planning in the WebTV department. Little Yu also had a similar job description. They were responsible for any proposals for, and the production of, new programs.

Ah Qian first found Dong Shanshan, "Teacher Shanshan, I've showed your proposal that we discussed yesterday to the Director. He's okay with it and asked us to begin preparing."

Dong Shanshan blinked, "That proposal for 'Online Talents'?"

"Yes, it's that one. Didn't we reject one of the other ideas we discussed?" Ah Qian said.

Dong Shanshan smiled. "It's good that it has been approved. These kinds of programs are pretty popular these days. We can also get some tailwind from it, too. However, the exact implementation still requires more consideration. Those talents aren't easy to find, right?"

Little Yu chuckled, "It's easy to find them. We just need to collate them online. There can't be too many people applying for it, and they don't have to be talented in a certain aspect. Something humorous would do, too. For example, I know that someone who can consecutively fart more than ten times in a row can be considered talented. It can also attract a lot of attention. Anyway, our WebTV is given more free reign, and is more open to topics than television stations."

Dong Shanshan nodded, "Alright, then I'll begin the preparations."

"Alright. Leave the planning and implementation to us. I have even thought of the team to help you out." Ah Qian said, acting very professional.

"Then I'll trouble all of you." Dong Shanshan smiled. "When the program is produced, I'll treat everyone to a meal."

Talent show?

There was such a thing here already?

Zhang Ye was no stranger to it. Although he had not seen such programs in this world, they were clearly more or less similar. His world also had such a program for a very long time. Zhang Ye was feeling a bit regretful. He was wondering if this world did not have all sorts of programs. If not, then after he finished his talk show, he could flex his muscles and use the programs from his world. But now, it seems like.. it had been just a dream. Some programs had already appeared in the entertainment environment of this world.

It was impossible to not have anything. After all, their society was very similar, so there couldn't be too great of a disparity. Zhang Ye did not have that many loopholes to fill. For there not to be a talk show in this society's history was already extremely lucky for him. He did not think further and planned to research on it in the future. Furthermore, this world also had programs that did not exist in Zhang Ye's world. Hence, both worlds had their own things which Zhang Ye needed to slowly explore.

Let's not think about it too much!

First, he had to make the format of a talk show popular!

Zhang Ye began typing and modified the proposal on his computer.

At this moment, Ah Qian hesitantly looked at Zhang Ye after he had finished speaking to Dong Shanshan. He finally walked over and smiled. "Teacher Zhang, hello. I'm a part of the second program planning team of our department. You can call me Ah Qian." Be it income or their social status, program planning employees like Ah Qian and Little Yu were definitely lower than a host. The level of their jobs were incomparable, so he had to speak politely to Zhang Ye.

Of course, the other reason was that Zhang Ye looked to be someone with an "unpleasant" temper. Ah Qian was a bit fearful when speaking to Zhang Ye. He was afraid that he would end up being cursed at if he wasn't careful with his words. He was in charge of planning and definitely could not compete with a host in a swear battle. A host was someone who made a living with their mouth!

As for Zhang Ye? He was excited!

There was finally someone amongst his colleagues who came to speak with him!

Zhang Ye was nearly overflowing with tears. Over the past two days in the department, not a single colleague had spoken to him other than the school belle. It made this fellow feel like he was playing a single-player game! Hence, from the looks of Zhang Ye, one could understand that people could temporarily not need others or need any exchange. However, people were, after all, social creatures; they would find it torturous if social activities and exchanges were cut off for a long time.

Zhang Ye held his hand and said, "Hello, Ah Qian."

Ah Qian nearly jumped up with fright. Man, you are way too enthusiastic. "Uh, hello, hello." Seeing this scene, his attitude towards Zhang Ye also changed. He was no longer that afraid. "Just now, when I went to Deputy Director Wang's office to submit the application for Teacher Shanshan's program, the Leader asked me if you had any thoughts on where to begin for your program, and I didn't know how to answer. Later, the Leader told me to tell you to look for him at 11. He will return after a meeting."

Zhang Ye looked at his watch, "It's soon. Alright, I'll be there in a moment."

Ah Qian blinked his eyes, "You already have some ideas for your program? Actually, I wanted to discuss with you about the new program yesterday. However, I heard that the situation regarding you and Teacher Shanshan was different. The higher-ups delegated the program's planning, production, and hosting to you?"

Zhang Ye acknowledged it, "Yes, that's what the contract said."

Ah Qian gave a wry smile, "This makes other so envious. Typically, a new web host would not be allowed to plan his own program, even if he were quite popular. It is usually created through a discussion with everyone, or by selecting a suitable proposal from the planning archives for submission. For you to have such freedom, it is something that I'm hearing for the first time in this company."

After a pause, he said, "Actually, it's not odd, too. I have specially watched your 'Lecture Room', and it was really well done. It managed to consider both the historical knowledge and interesting aspects of it together. It also had great synergy. I heard that the program was planned by you? Also, back then, the creative advertisement for the conservation of electricity was also planned and produced by you? You are an expert in planning and much better than us. However, maybe the Leaders are not at ease to fully leave the planning to you, so I didn't dare to venture too deep yesterday. In front of you, I don't dare to act the expert." He euphemized his words and one could tell that he was trying to build a good relationship with Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye remembered that the Human Resource person who had been cursed away by him knew Ah Qian and company. He had even chatted with them. But from the looks of Ah Qian's attitude, it was unlikely that they had very close ties. They could chat, but their relationship wasn't that great.

Zhang Ye felt good being flattered, "Don't say that. Being a broadcasting host is just my profession. As for planning, that's just fun and games for me. I can't compare to you in terms of experience."

Both of them flattered each other.

This was what chatting meant.

When Little Yu noticed that Ah Qian had managed to look so friendly with the industry wonder, he also felt some pressure. He took the opportunity and also went over, "Teacher Zhang, I've long heard about your fame. Everyone calls me 'Little Yu', or calls me by my English name, 'Ca...'" When he spoke up to here, he suddenly recalled that Zhang Ye was an ultra-nationalist, so he quickly ceased, "Just calling me Little Yu would do. I'm also part of the second program planning team."

"Hello." Zhang Ye shook hands with him.

The two of them were very young. The trio were similar in age.

After a short while of chatting amongst the trio, Dong Shanshan joined in after finishing up her work. They began laughing amidst their chatting. The atmosphere was good.

"Aiyah." Little Yu looked at the time, "It's 11."

Zhang Ye got up, "Then I'll look for the Leader. By the way, how do I print something? I want to show Deputy Director Wang the plan."

Ah Qian exclaimed, "You have done it already?"

Zhang Ye said, "Yes, I just finished it."

"Wow, so fast?" Ah Qian felt dizzy hearing that, but without any hesitation, he helped Zhang Ye print out a copy from the computer.

Dong Shanshan and Little Yu also curiously came to take a glance.

Other than the title, they did not see anything, for the other words were too small.

Zhang Ye's Talk Show? What was this? The trio was stunned and were slow to react. Talk what? What sort of program was this? A show and dance?


The Deputy Director's office.

Zhang Ye knocked on the door, "Leader."

"Come in." It appeared that Wang Xiong had just returned from his meeting. He was entrusting a task to an employee. When he saw Zhang Ye, he smiled. "Little Zhang, have a seat." After he was done giving instructions, the employee left and closed the door behind him. Wang Xiong then said, "I was looking for you about your new program. Although I know a good program requires a long period of planning and preparation, the number of clicks our WebTV has been receiving doesn't look optimistic. It has been continuously declining over the past few months. We lost quite a lot of market share. You can feel it from looking at the views on our website. It is also the reason why we headhunted you and Dong Shanshan. We want to make two new programs to compete with other WebTV sites, so it is quite urgent."

Zhang Ye said confidently, "Leader, I understand. Hence, I have already taken the time to prepare a program plan. Please take a look and give me you opinion." He took out a few pieces of A4 paper.

Wang Xiong was very surprised, "Oh? You are already done? Good, very good." Previously, when he saw Zhang Ye's posture, he thought that Zhang Ye wasn't diligent at work and wanted to reprimand him. Who knew that he was so hardworking and had already come up with a plan. Wang Xiong liked such employees. Compared to those employees who sucked up to their Leaders, the kind of people who were prepared for a rainy day before the Leader spoke was naturally well-liked.

"Let me take a look." Wang Xiong took it over.

Zhang Ye sat there, with an unflinching expression.

After a few glances, Wang Xiong was dumbfounded.

"Talk show?"


"What's a talk show?"

"It's talk-show in English."

"What is talk-show?"

"It's a talk show."

Wang Xiong, "..."

Your sister! Are you having tongue twisters with me?