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 Chapter 211: Who Knows How to Fly a Plane?

The lock was opened!

There were cheers in the cabin!

Seeing Teacher Zhang Ye, who was more talented than the terrorists, everyone gave their warmest admiration and respect!

Zhang Ye could only bitterly smile. Back then when he had received the lock-picking skillbooks, he felt that it was a trash skill. It was wretched for it had no use. But he never expected that he had used this skill the most from just eating a few of lock-picking skillbooks. It had helped him several times. Such as back when the landlady's house had a thief, avoiding the reporters with Zhang Yuanqi, and this time. He could be a f**king lock specialist!

But Zhang Ye was happy. Being praised and worshiped by others felt good, as he cupped his fists, "No big deal, no big deal. Everyone has been too..."

Just as he said that, Dong Shanshan suddenly shouted from afar, "Look out!"

"Watch your back!" A female passenger screamed.

An improvised knife suddenly appeared from the gap in the door. Zhang Ye was nearly stabbed as he rolled on the ground, dodging the calamity!

There was still another person!

There was still another criminal in the cockpit!

Only then did Zhang Ye remember. He stood up in a pathetic manner. It was indeed the bearded hijacker. He had come to block the door upon seeing the door open!

In Zhang Ye's world, after the year 2002, many airlines equipped their new aircrafts with inner locks to prevent hijacks. Only the pilots could open from inside, and this world was similar. However, an old aircraft did not have such a lock. If the criminal had locked from the inside, then even if Zhang Ye had a key outside, it would be impossible for him to open the cabin door. Not having the new locks installed helped Zhang Ye greatly. The bearded man could only leave the pilot's seat to try to shut the door once again!

But how would anyone let him do so?

Especially with an expert like Zhang Ye around. This fellow was fearless and charged straight forward and sent punches and kicks. The criminal's arm and head was hit by Zhang Ye!

"Quickly come here and help! Hold open the door! Don't let him close it! Pull the criminal out!" The fat air stewardess did not dare to go forward in fear of being injured. She could only shout from the back!

Seeing Zhang Ye's brave performance, and that the criminal was almost taken down, the male passengers did not hesitate. Five young adults piled on and pulled his hair and ripped his clothes. Combined with Zhang Ye's movements, they managed to pull the criminal out! This criminal did not seem to know Muay Thai and only had basic martial arts foundation. He did not have the skills of the two people from before so he was quickly subdued!

"Punch him!"


"Beat the f**ker!"

The crowd gathered around him and punched him!

Even old people and women sneaked in a few!

Before the criminal could even fart, he had been beaten unconscious by the frenzied crowd!

There were a few air stewardesses who did not participate in the fight. They rushed into the cockpit the moment the criminal was pulled out. They took the co-pilot out. "Get the doctor!"

The old doctor from before came over, "Quick, carry him over."

The co-pilot was seriously injured. He had many stab wounds all over his body, but thankfully he was still alive. He was still breathing in his unconsciousness. He was not dead!

Many people heaved a sigh of relieve!


"We've finally solved it!"

"We've survived! We are out of danger!"

"Haha, unity is strength!"

The passengers and the air crew felt like they had survived a disaster! But at the same moment of jubilation, everyone felt something amiss. It was as if they had forgotten something very important!

Suddenly, someone said something that shocked everyone!

The old air stewardess looked at everyone with a solemn expression, "Who, who knows how to fly a plane?"

Holy shit!

Fly a plane?

Everyone was shocked. But at this moment, they thought of the key problem. Right! Your sister! The main and co-pilots are unconscious. What do we do with the plane?

Next, the scene that agitated more happened!

Everyone felt the plane begin to sink lower. The speed seemed to be extremely slow and the internal cabin began to tremble violently. Everyone began to look towards the cockpit. Some of the machinery might have been smashed when they pulled the criminal out. Now, the plane was out of control and was going to crash!

The cabin crew youth exclaimed, "I'll go turn on the auto-pilot!"

The old air stewardess said, "Do you know how to?"

"I've seen Brother Zhou do it once." The youth ran into the cockpit.

A few air stewardesses rushed over to help. Zhang Ye and two passengers also went inside.

But it seemed like Heaven wanted them dead. The moment they entered the cockpit, they gasped. It was obvious that there was a fierce scuffle in the cockpit. At least three dashboards in the plane had been destroyed. One of the button mechanisms had been ripped open and there were sparks in one of the lines. It was a mess!

The cabin crew youth did not think further and immediately pressed a few buttons. He pulled something and realizing that it did not work, he panicked. Again, he repeated his actions before saying in a saddened way, "The auto-pilot is broken! It can't be started!" Again he turned on the land communication link, "Contacting control tower! Contacting control tower! This is China airlines CA1883! Please respond!" No sound came back. The communication device had been broken!

The plane was violently shaking!

Many people lost their footing and fell to the ground!

Zhang Ye's shoulder slammed on the cockpit door. The pain made him clench his teeth!

Dong Shanshan, who was wearing high heels, also fell down. After she climbed on to a seat, she did not dare wear her high-heels again.

One could see through the cockpit window that the plane was dipping downwards at a 30 degree angle. The speed was very fast, and if this went on, they would crash into the sea!

The fat air stewardess shouted, "Quick think of a way!"

The cabin crew youth said, "I only know how to switch on the autopilot. Now with the autopilot functionality broken, it can only be operated manually. Besides the pilots, no one else knows how to!"

The fat air stewardess fell to the ground, "It's over!"

A passenger screamed, "Can the two pilots wake up?"

The doctor outside heard this, "Impossible. They have lost too much blood and need to be sent to the hospital immediately. They can't even wake up let alone stand up!"

The old air stewardess shouted, "Who here knows what to do now? Does any passenger know how to fly a plane? Is there anyone to save us all!"

Zhang Ye said rapidly, "Now, the plane's speed is too slow! So it cannot maintain its motion and crashing down!"

The cabin crew youth and the few air stewardesses' eyes lit up and said with anticipation, "You know planes too?" That's right! Now, there wasn't enough power! That was why the plane could not maintain going straight and was being pulled down by gravity!

Everyone looked at Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye said very professionally, "Of course I know! Step on the gas! Change the gears! Move it to fifth gear to fly the plane!


Change gears!?

The cabin crew youth and the air stewardess nearly fell off the plane hearing this. Step on the gas? Move it to fifth gear? F**k your sister and your mom, you think you are driving a car!?