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 Chapter 160: We Aren't Issued with Bayonets!

The web was teeming with discussions!

The pressure was increasing!

Superintendent Song's house was quite far from the station. His drive back to the station was also delayed quite a bit. This time, it was a phone call. He thought that it was a call from police station again. Just as he was about to give them a scolding, he saw from the side of his eyes the Caller ID and kept his mouth shut.

"Chief Shen." Superintendent Song said politely.

"Old Song! What mess did you create?" Chief Shen said in a low voice.

Superintendent Song hurriedly explained, "I will take care of it. I guarantee it will be settled without a hitch!"

Chief Shen rebutted angrily, "You will solve this? My ass! It has already exploded all over the web now! Everyone's questioning your station! The branch's website has been getting so much traffic! It almost crashed! This case has already captured the attention of the city's people! You still can settle it? How are you going to settle it? Wasn't this just an ordinary case of fighting? Why couldn't your station even deal with this kind of a case? Look at what it has blown up into! Do you even know how much trouble this has caused? All of you have even caused the branch here to be activated! Even the superiors from the city's Commission for Discipline Inspection have called us to question us! They sound like they want to take over the investigations!"

"Ah? The Commission for Discipline Inspection?" Superintendent Song was dumbfounded, "That won't be necessary, right? We were just following procedures. This case hasn't been investigated thoroughly yet. That Zhang Ye really did beat someone up quite badly and the 24-hour custody period has not expired. This is all within the norm. We are....."

Chief Shen said, "Don't explain it to me! Leave it for when the Commission for Discipline Inspection board questions you!"

"Don't be like this, Chief Shen!" Superintendent Song was anxious, "Let's not bother the Commission for Discipline Inspection department!"

"I still have the same words - don't explain it to me!" Chief Shen said, "It's spreading now on the web that your station had forced a confession, tortured him and even used a bayonet!"

Superintendent Song nearly fainted, "That's not true! Chief Shen, I swear to God that's not true! That poem of Zhang Ye's is full of sh*t! No such thing happened at all!"

Chief Shen said, "But the people take it to be the truth! Everyone is spreading it as such!"

Superintendent Song was almost crying, "We have really been framed! That Zhang Ye! He's too wicked!"

"The branch's other Leaders also know about this case. Old Song, if you insist on doing it your way, even I won't be able to stand up for you! Do as you see fit!" Chief Shen obviously knew about this case, "I can't be bothered anymore! A hooligan who tried to attack others, even if he was beaten up, so be it! It's not like there were serious injuries, right? Why are you arresting the Good Samaritan instead? The station's procedures for handling cases need to consider the law and following the will of the law, but where did the laws come from? The law can be viewed as a form of service for the people! Therefore, it has to take into consideration the people's feelings, too! That's it, I'm not talking to you anymore! I've said all that I could! If you don't have the abilities to handle this case, then alright, scram! I will ask someone more capable to handle it!"

Du du, the phone was cut off!

"Don't, Chief Shen, Chief Shen...." Superintendent Song was sweating by now. He knew that he had gotten into big trouble now. No, it wasn't him who caused it. It was Zhang Ye who caused all these troubles!

At this moment, Superintendent Song only wanted to curse at Wang Shuixin 10,000 times! Just as Superintendent Song had told his wife, he was only helping a friend within the laws. Zhang Ye's behavior and actions, as long as they was tolerable, they could close an eye regarding the matter. But if they had to be strict, according to the law, they could still hold him in custody for a few days. Therefore, Superintendent Song did not have any pressure. Even if there was any pressure, he could still handle it. But now, Superintendent Song obviously could not handle it!

The Commission for Discipline Inspection wanted to take over?

The whole city was paying attention to the case?

The branch Leaders were also keeping an eye on them?

Superintendent Song could only feel cold sweat on his back, and his uniform was all wet. This wouldn't do. He had to quickly handle this. Otherwise, he might really be sacked. He sped up quickly towards the station!


10 P.M.

It was already late at night.

However, the station was brightly lit. A few of the spotlights were also switched on. The on-duty policemen also increased from 3-4 to over 10 of them. They knew that something had happened here, so those who were off duty had returned to help with controlling the reporters. They were now kept out with barriers in the courtyard at the back gate.

A car arrived. The door opened.

"Superintendent Song!"

"Superintendent, you're finally here!"

"What do we do now? I've seen the situation on the internet....."

"There are too many reporters outside. A wave of them just left, but another wave has arrived. They are blocking the gate. The back gate and the front gates are full of reporters!"

"Superintendent, our station's 'famous' now. When I was taking the public bus here, I was on the phone regarding a previous case and when I said that I was from this police station, a few people overheard me. They were all looking at me with contempt. That feeling was so burdensome and I didn't dare raise my head until I got off! Who do you think we offended?"

When Superintendent Song arrived, everyone was complaining.

"Where's Zhang Ye?" Superintendent Song asked directly.

Old Zhao pointed over to the other side, "Still in the dark room."

Superintendent Song did not answer their questions. Instead, he walked straight toward that room.

He pulled open the door and saw Zhang Ye sitting down, holding the cuffs on his legs, He was idly humming a song like nothing had happened.

"Superintendent Song?" Zhang Ye looked up.

A few policemen also followed over. They wanted to see how Superintendent Song would handle this. It was Zhang Ye's two poems that had caused all the trouble. With Superintendent Song's hot temper, he would be crazy if he didn't get mad! Sure enough, Superintendent Song shouted out. But what they did not expect was that the shout was directed at them, not Zhang Ye!

"Who cuffed up Teacher Zhang Ye? Eh? Who was it!" Superintendent Song face was full of anger. He pointed at the policemen, "Who was it? Stand forward now!"

Everyone was confused!

A policeman nearly vomited blood. Superintendent Song! Wasn't it you who asked us to cuff him up?

Superintendent Song angrily slammed his fist on the table in the dark room, "Are you all rebelling? Eh? Do you all even care that I am your Superintendent?" Then, he pointed towards Zhang Ye who was seated on the floor, "Do you know who this is? Do you? This is one of the famous writers in Beijing! A writer! And a historian! Such a prestigious teacher! How could you all beat him? And even put cuffs on him? How do you all handle things around here? Eh? Are you not trying to drive me to the grave!"

Old Zhao, "......."

The policewoman, ".........."

The policemen were all unsure of what was going on!

Superintendent Song shouted, "What are you all looking at me for? Quickly take the cuffs off Teacher Zhang Ye! What are you waiting for!"

A junior policeman quickly came forward, "Let me do it, let me do it!"

When the cuffs were off, Superintendent Song continued, "I've only been away for a short while! And you guys have already caused such a big mess! How many times have I told you all! To a venerable person like Teacher Zhang Ye, you have to be respectful and courteous! But see what you all did? Did you just ignore my words? Instead of treating Teacher Zhang Ye properly, all of you cuffed him up instead?" Superintendent Song said disappointedly, knocking his clenched fist on the table, "I am bitterly disappointed! I'm really disappointed in all of you!"

Zhang Ye was venerable?

You want us to treat him with respect and courteously?

F**k, when did you tell us that!

Seeing Superintendent Song like totally a different man now, with that air of righteousness, made Zhang Ye, who was still seated there, speechless. The small table looked like it was about to collapse from his knocking. The table's four legs looked like they were now embedded in the crumbling cement floor!

"Go! Go away, all of you. You guys are a sore sight!" Superintendent Song chased away the group of policemen.

When they left, Superintendent Song quickly helped Zhang Ye up. "Teacher Zhang, sorry to have let you suffered. I did not teach my men well; please quickly get up."

Zhang Ye got up and patted off the dust on his butt.

Superintendent Song looked at him, "But Teacher Zhang, I feel that you are not particular. You were really not particular. What whip? What bayonet? Speak with your conscience. Have we lay a finger on you ever since you came? We didn't! But your poem was written with those descriptions, like torture? I really feel that you are a little not particular!"

Zhang Ye casually said, "Those are artistic embellishments. Actually, I didn't mean to be sarcastic. It was just a stroke of inspiration, and it had nothing to do with you all."

Superintendent Song was at a loss to cry or laugh, "But the public believes it. Everyone's saying that we used torture on you. Don't you feel that we have been maligned? Right?"

Zhang Ye threw up his arms, "But I am a literary person; I don't care how others look at it."

"Look at you. We can talk this out. Actually, we weren't intending to press any criminal charges against you. Such a Good Samaritan's acts are good! This act should be strongly encouraged and publicized!" Superintendent Song said sternly, "We would keep you in custody? That's impossible! We were just going by the book by bringing you back for the investigations to show everyone. Look, you must have been mistaken about us!"

Zhang Ye said, "Oh, really?"

"Yes, really." Superintendent Song looked up at the writing on the wall, which was "Prisoner's Song", "And this poem, aiyo, who would dare not let you out? We would open the door for you to come and go anytime. Whoever dares to stop you is asking for it from me, Old Song! What 'I shall live with fire and warm blood ever after'? That's not necessary. Your words are too strong, too strong! Teacher Zhang, you can go back now. Let me send you home!"

Zhang Ye knew that his poem had caused a commotion, so he was not in a rush, "It's okay, Superintendent Song. I'm happy to be here. I understand your job. As a citizen, I have the duty to cooperate. I will wait until the investigations are done."

Superintendent Song hurriedly said, "Don't. How can we do that? The environment here is so bad; it's not suitable for a man of your stature. I will get someone to send you back!"

Zhang Ye dismissively waved it off, "It's pretty good here. You're overthinking it, Superintendent Song. I can write some stuff here and compose some more poetry. It's not that boring at all." Having said that, Zhang Ye looked down as if he was looking for something. He saw the broken cement and mud pieces at the foot of the table and went over to pick it up!

When Superintendent Song saw this, he nearly felt his spirit escape from his body. He rushed forward, "No! Teacher Zhang! If you have something to say, let's talk! Let's have a good talk! Please, don't you write a poem!"

Two poems had already caused chaos to their police station. And you still want to write? Do you really still want to write?

"Someone! Someone, come here quickly!" Superintendent Song shouted.

The old policeman pushed the door and entered, "Superintendent, what's the matter?"

As Superintendent Song pulled on Zhang Ye, he pointed to the floor, "Quickly clean the gravel on the ground! Sweep them all away! Don't leave any behind!"

The old policeman wiped his sweat, "Alright!"

Zhang Ye was speechless, "What are you doing? I'm just writing a poem, and just writing a few words to relieve my boredom."

"Teacher Zhang! You are wanting our lives! Don't write. Please don't write!" Superintendent Song noticed that the old policeman was being slow, so he ended up doing it himself. He dug out all the gravel and cement blocks and quickly passed it to the old policeman for him to throw them away.

Zhang Ye was at a loss.

Are you a graduate of the Lanxiang Vocational School?

Why are you so good at digging?

Superintendent Song had his unspeakable reasons. He didn't dare let Zhang Ye write anything again. Other people had to use guns to kill, or had to use fists to fight, but a person like Zhang Ye could not be described in a normal way. If he wanted to pick on anyone, he only needed to write. Superintendent Song and the station had apparently tasted Zhang Ye's medicine and were suffering. And so, once bitten, twice shy!

"Teacher Zhang, why don't we take a seat and talk this out? Give me, Old Song, some face." Superintendent Song said, "We are gentlemen and we talk with our mouths, not our fists!"

Zhang Ye said, "But I didn't use my fists?"

Superintendent Song complained, "Your words are like your fists! Our attitude from before was inappropriate. I would like to apologize right here. Teacher Zhang, won't you go back home? Don't make it difficult for us anymore. We are just a small police station. We can't take your bashings. Please, have mercy, have mercy."

Zhang Ye was not an unreasonable person, but as Superintendent Song's attitude from before had annoyed him by pushing things too far, "What about the case? It has not been fully investigated yet!"

Superintendent Song hesitated for a moment, then clenched his teeth and said, "It's already been fully investigated. You were just doing a good deed, and you did nothing wrong. That hooligan, Wang Cen, attempted to hit someone. So when he is out of the hospital, we will bring him in for investigations! Detention! And also press civil charges against him!"

That's better.

Zhang Ye thought for a while, "Alright then, since it has been investigated already, I will leave."

Superintendent Song let out a heave of relief, and eagerly told the old policeman, "Quick, send Teacher Zhang back home. Drive safely and don't make Teacher Zhang uncomfortable."

The old policeman could only helplessly say, "Yes."

Seeing Zhang Ye leaving, Superintendent Song said loudly, "Teacher Zhang, when you are home, could you please post on Weibo to clear our names? Our station really didn't use any bayonets! The city's armory does not even issue any bayonets to us at all!"

Zhang Ye just looked straight and waved back at him. It wasn't clear if he would do as they asked.

Superintendent Song wiped the sweat off his forehead. He finally had sent away this jinx. He did not even want to see Zhang Ye anymore as long as he was alive!

He had seen wicked people before!

But he had never seen anyone so wicked as this!