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 Chapter 159: The Heavenly Queen gives Zhang Ye a "Like" on Weibo!

What was united we stand?

This was united we stand!

On every discussion forum, Tieba and every government website, there were traces of Zhang Ye's fans. His Tieba subscribers only numbered in the tens of thousands, so on this night, those who were online and could help only numbered in the thousands. At its highest peak, it numbered around 10,000 at most. But it was these supporters who were stationed on several of the larger discussion forums which were deleting and censoring their threads, fighting back by posting more threads until the top pages were flooded by their posts!

This fighting spirit and cohesiveness were too great!

Some of the larger Tiebas which numbered in the hundreds of thousands did not even have this ability!

Those Tieba subscribers were great when things were going well, but if something were to happen and the group needed their support, a majority of them would disappear. Only a few would be left to fight the battles. But this wasn't the case for Zhang Ye's fans, as almost every one of those online were fighters!

"This fan club is too passionate!"

"That's right; it's as passionate as Zhang Ye's poetry!"

"Seeing this, I can't sit around anymore; I've gotta help!"

"Yes, they don't have too many people, after all. If this goes on, there won't be much effect!"

Many of Zhang Ye's ex-colleagues from the Beijing Radio Station also appeared on their verified Weibo accounts!

Wang Xiaomei posted on Weibo, Zhao Guozhou responded to Zhang Ye's poem, while Big Sis Zhou and Auntie Sun stepped up, too! Tian Bin, who was now at Central Radio Station, also posted an emotional and angry statement through his Weibo!

His colleagues and friends all supported Zhang Ye, each in their own way!


A few minutes later.

A moderator from the SS Tieba also posted a thread. This SS Tieba was the hottest FPS game forum these days, and its subscribers numbered over 300,000, many more than Zhang Ye's fan club. As it was, gamers from an FPS game were naturally more hot-blooded and angry.

That moderator was one of them!

He wrote, "Brothers of the SS Tieba, after a discussion with the moderators and administrators, we are angry over an incident that happened today. It's the case of Teacher Zhang Ye's arrest. I am a fan of Zhang Ye and I like his poems very much. Perhaps those not from Beijing have never heard of Zhang Ye's name. So even though I am a moderator, I do not wish to make the decision for everyone; we would like everyone's view instead. I will post the key point of this incident and have a vote about whether we will help in this matter or not!"

A few links were posted!

A few pictures were also posted!

After viewing, many of them were angered!

"Holy sh*t!"

"Is it this messy over at Beijing?"

"How did this kind of thing happen? Such a good person was arrested? And not even let out yet?"

"That person was harassing a woman! Why did they arrest Zhang Ye instead! Are the police crazy?"

"The discussion forums are even deleting threads? In my opinion, there's someone behind the scenes, manipulating the matter!"

"So what if he's the son of television station's Leader? Can he misbehave just because of that? And he can't take a beating because of that? What the heck! Zhang Ye served justice!"

"These two poems were written too awesomely!"

"So this is who Zhang Ye is? I have not watched his programs before, and I don't live in Beijing either. But I have read his poems on the web; they are really quite good!"

The moderator asked, "Does everyone think we should help or not?"


"F**k! We definitely must help!"

"Zhang Ye's fan club's guys are really brave! I saw them flooding those forums! Even though they were deleted, they continued to repost. I can feel their anger; even I can't let this pass. Help them! They don't have enough people! Their strength is not enough! We must definitely help!"

"Right! Support them!"

"Let's agree to support 'Zhang Ye's Nest' Tieba!"

"There's no two ways about it! We definitely must help on such a matter!"

"I've just finished a round and have nothing better to do! Let me help out, too!"

"We can't let them battle alone!"

SS Tieba's members all leaned towards helping Zhang Ye's fan club. Their sense of justice was high as they all prepared to lend some support to his fan club!

The Tieba moderator acknowledged and immediately sent out a post announcing, "In response to Teacher Zhang Ye's arrest, and with everyone's approval, SS Tieba has decided to immediately give support to Zhang Ye's fan club and help them with manpower and resources to seek justice for Teacher Zhang Ye!"

A screenshot of the post was then quickly posted onto Weibo.

Zhang Ye's fan club members who saw the post were touched!

"Men of SS Tieba! Thank you!"

"Words can't express our gratitude! If you all need any help in the future, just say it!"

"We will always remember this kindness! We will repay it a hundredfold in future!"

"A friend is best found in adversity! From now, any problem of SS Tieba will be the business of our Zhang Ye's fan club!"

The SS Tieba moderator replied "Don't mention it! Let's delegate the duties. Your group has less people, so you all should concentrate on the forums. We are more experienced with Tieba, since we've been around here for so many years. Our SS Tieba has got contacts in many places, so let us handle the Tieba front! Let's bombard Beijing Television Station's Tieba! As for the other Tieba pages, let's split up and go break the news to them! We need to let more people know of this incident!"

A moderator from Zhang Ye's fan club said, "Okay! Let's split up and get to work!"

With the sudden surge of supporters from SS Tieba, the news of Zhang Ye's arrest captured the internet within a few minutes. Many of the discussion forums did not manage to delete the threads in time. The posts were sprouting like weeds in the spring wind and this helped to further attract attention on the incident!

Soon after.

While Zhang Ye's fans and SS Tieba's members were busy with their spreading of the news of Zhang Ye's arrest, an unexpected person made an unexpected move! This came totally out of the blue!

This was one of the few S-list heavenly queens!

This was the superstar with no less than 10 million fans, both domestic and overseas!

It was not a studio, nor a company's Weibo, but her own personal Weibo. This account had actually Liked the "Prisoner's Song" posted by the Beijing Times newspaper! After a minute, she still used her personal Weibo account to Like another of Zhang Ye's poems, "My Confession"!

The first time could have been a coincidence, for she might have Liked it accidentally!

But with two Likes, and was purposely on one person, this couldn't be a coincidence!

Zhang Ye's fans were all stunned, and SS Tieba's bros were all dumbfounded. All those who were observing were tongue tied. Everyone only had a thought. They felt it was.. impossible!

"Is what I'm seeing right?"

"It's really happening!"

"It's really the Heavenly Queen's Weibo account!"

"Holy shit! Even the Heavenly Queen has appeared!"

"This is turning into something big!"

"Zhang Ye's news was even noticed by the Heavenly Queen?"

Everyone knew that Zhang Yuanqi was a very friendly celebrity; she had no airs about her. Even those D-list or E-list celebrities weren't as friendly as her. But she usually interacted more in person and did not often use social media like Weibo. Her popularity was already at the peak, so she did not need Weibo for her promotions. So whenever there were any posts that appeared on her Weibo, they were usually symbolic promotional materials; for example, the dates of her concerts, or the date her latest movie would screen. It was basically requested by her company, and it was very rare that Heavenly Queen Zhang would interact with her fans on this platform!

But to Like?

And to Like two posts in a row?

Zhang Yuanqi's fans swore that they had never seen that happen before!

Sister Zhang's Weibo could actually Like posts? Sister Zhang actually reads news on Weibo? Everyone was not used to this, so they were a little stunned!

After getting over it, they exploded with thoughts!

All those who had supported Zhang Ye in this incident were now inspired!

"The Heavenly Queen has pressed Like! Does this mean that she also supports the idea that the police should not have arrested him?"

"How can that be? Was it someone else who used the Heavenly Queen's account, such as her manager or her assistant? The Heavenly Queen couldn't have pressed Like! She's a Heavenly Queen; she wouldn't have time for this!"

"But she did press Like!"

"It's definitely the Heavenly Queen who Liked it! Her personal account can't be accessed by others! If it were her manager who wanted to publish any official information, they couldn't possibly use her account to press Like! She would have used her own account, right?"

"Good point!"

"It's really the Heavenly Queen?"

"This is my closest experience with the Heavenly Queen!"

After the unexpected moment, many of Zhang Yuanqi's fans had now joined in the fun!

"What poem is it that's so charming? Even the Heavenly Queen likes it? Let me take a look!"

"Aiyo, these two poems, who are they written by? So kickass, Zhang Ye? Who is this Zhang Ye?"

"I don't know him either, but his name sounds familiar. He might be a small-time celebrity, and is probably not very famous."

"Looks like this Zhang Ye has some grievances. Otherwise, how could he compose two such earth-shattering poems? It really evokes thoughts when reading it!"

"What shall we do?"

"That should be needless to say! Let's bump it up!"

"Sister Zhang has already Liked it! How can we not Like it?"

"Yes, let's go along with Sister Zhang! We will go wherever Sister Zhang points us to!"

"Haha, for something to be able to get the Heavenly Queen's attention, we have to support it!"

It was just two simple Likes without even mentioning anything, yet it had attracted millions of people to take notice. These people numbered many times more than those who had gathered from SS Tieba. This was the charm and popularity of Zhang Yuanqi. In this world, amongst the Heavenly Queens, Zhang Yuanqi was in the top two!

"Let's go; let's support Zhang Ye together, too."

"Although I don't know who he is, for him to be able to attract Sister Zhang's attention... I believe he is not an ordinary person. I don't care so much. Wherever Sister Zhang goes, I will go!"

At this time, there were countless Likes and countless shares!

Zhang Ye's two poem-related searches were now in the top 9 and 10 spots on the front page of Weibo. From this, it could be seen how strong Zhang Yuanqi's fan club were!