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 Chapter 150: The Amazing Fruit of Charm!

Leaving home for work.

On the way, Zhang Ye was pondering over the effect of the Fruit of Charm (Voice). Previously, when he drew the Fruit of Charm (Eyes), although there were only four of them, the results were obvious. People walking on the street would take another glance at him. It was no longer like in the past where no one paid him any concern. Alright, although the attention wasn't that great, but at least there was some effect. This time, he had eaten nearly ten times the number of Fruits of Charm, but why wasn't there a great change in his voice? He still had his original voice, but he could not feel the charm.

There was a small sundry shop in front of him.

Zhang Ye walked over after getting off the subway, "Big Sis, give me a bottle of mineral water."

The female boss looked at him, and then, in a disinterested manner, took a bottle of mineral water with the brand of this world, "Boat Mountain", and passed it to him, "1.50."

Zhang Ye subconsciously tried to bargain, "Can it be cheaper?" He was out of money, so he had to scrimp.

What he did not expect was that when the female boss heard him, she looked at him and said, "If you want... Then 1.10. That's our cost price. It can't go any lower."

Zhang Ye immediately got the money out, "Thank you."

The female boss said, "You're welcome. I just found what you said soothing to the ear."

What I said was soothing to the ear? Zhang Ye was surprised. He still had his original voice after all.

After Zhang Ye left, the female boss began to play will her cell phone out of boredom. Suddenly, she was stunned as she muttered to herself, "Eh, why did I really sell it to him at cost price? It's just a bottle of mineral water. If he didn't want it, then he shouldn't have bought it! To think he bargained..?" After saying that, she smacked herself in the head, "What's wrong with me today? Just that kid's words made me confused!" Only then did she react. The young lad's voice seemed to have an indescribable charm to it. After hearing it, she could not help but follow his instructions. She did not understand the situation herself!

Outside the shop.

Zhang Ye finally understood. The Fruit of Charm for voice was the same as the Fruit of Charm for eyes. It did not change the player's physique in any way. For example... Making the eyes bigger? Or making the voice sound clearer? There were no such effects. Zhang Ye still had that slightly hoarse-like voice. What the Fruit of Charm changed was something that was more like the essence and something more mysterious. Hence, the other person sold him the bottle of mineral water to him at cost price. Anyway, Zhang Ye had never heard of anyone bargaining while buying mineral water. And it could be seen that she did not recognize him, nor was she a fan of his. Then, there was no doubt that the 38 Fruits of Charm had directly increased the charm of Zhang Ye's voice or his manner of speech!

Man, why does it feel like it has the feeling of bewitchment?

If he really ate 10,000 of such Fruits of Charm for voice, would a simple word, poem or song from him cause everyone in the world to crazily worship him? Wouldn't this perfectly make up for his naturally poor voice? There was really such a possibility. When that happened, would this bro need to work so hard? He just needed to speak daily and the fans would come rushing over. Wouldn't that be easy?


The unit.

Everyone had arrived.

"Teacher Zhang, you are here?"

"Morning, Teacher Little Zhang."

Hou Ge, Xiao Lu and company greeted him.

"Morning, everybody," Zhang Ye smiled and returned the greeting.

Xiao Lu was stunned, "Eh! Teacher Zhang, why does your voice sound different today? No, that's not right. Your voice hasn't changed, but why do I feel... Heh, I can't tell!"

Hou Ge pondered for a while, "There's something different."

Hu Fei came in, carrying his bag, "Are you all here? Then let us get to work. It's time to work. With Little Zhang taking time off for the past few days, the recorded programs have finished broadcasting. Today, we will need to produce a few more episodes. Time is tight on our side. Let's go. As for the exact details, let's talk about it in the recording studio." He rallied the people to work.


The audience came.

The cameras were turned on.

Zhang Ye stood behind the podium and adjusted the microphone. He then began speaking, "During the last episode, we talked about how Cao Cao was good at using people. He was good at using people because he knew how to read people. And it was because he knew how to make a penetrating analysis of people that he seldom thought highly of others. He only thought differently of Liu Bei. Cao Cao once said..."

One episode was done.

The audience stood up to clap and cheer!


"So interesting!"

"I think today's episode is better than any other episode!"

"Indeed, I also have that feeling. But it seems the previous few episodes were all about the same, right? However, why do I find that this episode is especially soothing to the ears?"

"Me, too. Listening to Teacher Zhang's lecture is like a form of enjoyment!"

It was not common for people to give a standing ovation after one episode was finished recording. It was all spontaneous from the audience. No one requested it. Even if it was requested, it was not something obtainable. What was common?

Commonly, when recording a television station program, a recording was made of the audience's applause and cheers before the show began, as the audience would still be patient and still in high spirits. Later on, during editing, they would intersperse that into the program. That was common. Back then, "Lecture Room" did the same, too.

However, from the recording of the second episode onwards, the program team no longer used such a method, for there was no need to. Zhang Ye's "Analysis of the Three Kingdoms " was too interesting. If you prevented them from cheering and clapping, they might not even be able to endure it. Was there a need to record applause as backup? It was unnecessary!

In a day, Zhang Ye recorded eight episodes!

If this carried on, he could probably finish recording all of "Analysis of the Three Kingdoms" this week!


Time to knock off work.

After working hard all day, Zhang Ye's forehead was covered in sweat. His throat was a bit hoarse. Xiao Lu rushed over to wipe his sweat and handed him some water.

As Zhang Ye gulped it down, he saw Hu Fei looking down at a sheet of paper. His looked skeptical and curious. Seeing that everyone was done with their work, he then said to the filming team and the lighting crew he had borrowed from the station, "Everyone, thank you for the hard work. Thank you. You may go now."

After everyone left, only the segment team was left behind.

Hu Fei looked at them and said, "Today's first recording was broadcast in the afternoon. The ratings have been calculated ahead of time. Well, there's something strange."

Dafei asked curiously, "Strange?"

This also caught the attention of Zhang Ye and company.

Hu Fei placed the sheet on the podium, "Take a look. Our ratings have always been very stable. Today isn't the weekend either. I also watched the program. It's still the same high quality as in the past. There's nothing wrong with it, nor is there anything more interesting than the past. But today's rating actually hit 5.62%! It was higher in ratings than the other similar episodes by 0.5 or even 0.6! This increase was indeed very strange! It increased so much for no reason!"

Xiao Lu laughed, "This is good! If it's the weekend, it will definitely be above 8.6, right?"

"It may be good, but why did it increase? Is today some enforced holiday? No!" Hu Fei could not figure it out no matter what!

Only Zhang Ye had a vague idea of why this was so. This was most likely the effect of the Fruits of Charm. Now, his voice and manner of speech was infused with the effects of the Fruits of Charm (Voice). As long as he spoke, he could grab the attention of people to a certain extent. This was probably how the increase in rating came about!


His path in the future would be easier from now on!