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 Chapter 1184: Shooting the music video together!

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The song came to an end.

But the melody still seemed to be reverberating through the air.

Dong Shanshan stopped dancing. "What's this song called?"

Zhang Ye said, "To Youth."

Dong Shanshan nodded. "That's a good title."

This was a song of Han Hong's, and it was written and composed by Leng Wanwan. Back in Zhang Ye's previous world, this song was very popular and sung by a lot of people. However, perhaps due to a lack of promotion, this song didn't manage to become a classic. However, Zhang Ye still liked it very much. To him, the song "To Youth" could be considered one of his few favorite songs from his previous world. And carried by today's emotions, he finally brought this song to this world.

The teens nearby were all visibly moved and finally came back to their senses.


"Zhang Ye!"

"Dong Shanshan!"

"Yu Yingyi!"

They got recognized!

It was only then that Zhang Ye and the others realized there were others around.

Zhang Ye smiled as he returned the guitar to them. "Sorry about that, I was just borrowing your instrument for a bit."

Yu Yingyi also returned the violin to them and said gently, "Thank you."

One of the girls waved it off. "Alumni, you don't have to stand on ceremony."

One of the boys said in admiration, "Just use them as you please, it's fine."

"Alum, how do you sing so well!"

"Yeah, I was crying listening to it."

"Alumna Shanshan, you danced really well!"

"This is unbelievable! Truly unbelievable!"

The sophomores were talking excitedly.

Zhang Ye said, "It's all credit to Shanshan's dancing and Yingyi playing the strings so well."

Yu Yingyi who was still immersed in the sadness of the song was a little annoyed by Zhang Ye's words. "What do you mean playing the strings? It's called a violin, alright? But I have to say that I'm no professional. I only learned it for two years in school. I'm just an amateur, so it was lucky that I didn't ruin the song."

But Zhang Ye said, "You really played great."

Yu Yingyi sighed, "I just went with the flow."

A girl admired, "All of you were amazing!"

After the students moved everything away, Wang He sighed, "This song is basically about us. I really fucking miss our buddies we might never see again!"

Liu Tie said, "Thanks, Zhang'er. You even wrote all of us a song for remembrance."

Dong Shanshan said, "How I wish Little Qiu could hear this as well."

Zhang Ye suddenly said, "She will."

Xiaoqian asked, "Are you going to release this song?"

Zhang Ye said, "Of course. Not only am I going to release it, I even want to shoot a music video for it. I've been thinking of releasing a music video for a new single for the past two days, but I couldn't come up with anything at all. But I've decided now."

Ma Xufei said, "That's great!"

Old Wang said, "You must release this!"

Xiaoqian said, "We'll be waiting to listen to the official version!"

However, Zhang Ye said, "There won't be an official version."

Wang He was taken aback. "But why?"

"The way we it sang today is more or less the official version," Zhang Ye said with a laugh. "So I will need everyone's help. Let's do this together and release that music video."

Xiaoqian asked, "You want us to be in it?"

Zhang Ye said, "Yes. Shanshan will dance, Yingyi will play the strings, Wang He will chip in with the chimes, and everyone else will have their parts as well. All of us must be in it."

Xiaoqian said, "Are you sure we'll be able to do this?"

Yu Yingyi found it both funny and embarrassing. "With my amateur playing, embarrassing myself in front of our classmates is OK. But now, you want me to play the violin in your music video too? Aren't you afraid of getting scolded by others?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "It's exactly our group that I want in the music video. If I invited a group of professionals, the song wouldn't be about our youth anymore, would it? It's exactly because this is our school and we're at this place with our group that it's going to work. I'll go back and get the team ready. Then we can shoot the music video here tomorrow. What do you guys say?"

"Hell, what do you think?"

"Come on then, let's do it!"

"Would we be afraid of you?"

"What's there to be scared of!"

"With your reputation, we might even be able to have some of your fame rub off on us and get recognized in public."

"Yeah, let's make use of your reputation to gain some fame."

Everyone agreed instantly!

Dong Shanshan said, "Then let me go and improve on the dance a little."

Zhang Ye quickly said, "No, you mustn't. Just dance like you did today."

"But I was just randomly dancing, I didn't even know how I danced." Dong Shanshan said, "I just went by feel."

Zhang Ye said, "Then just dance according to your feelings when we do the shoot. Honestly, your dance really stunned me. If the music video does not have your dancing in it, it would definitely be much less interesting." Dong Shanshan's dance was what led Zhang Ye to make the decision to shoot a music video for this song. Back in his previous world, "To Youth" did not have an accompanying music video and the song was also not famous enough that everyone knew about it. This was the reason why Zhang Ye wanted to give it a try. He wanted to know if this image that shook him would also gain the recognition of the people, and possibly allow this song to discover a different light in this world!

Xiaoqian agreed, "That's right!"

Yu Yingyi also praised, "Shanshan, you don't know how beautiful you looked just now."

Dong Shanshan threw up her hands. "Alright, since you guys don't mind it, I won't either. It's not my first time working with Zhang'er anyway."

Yu Yingyi quipped, "Yes, you two are thicker than thieves."

Xiaoqian giggled and said, "Zhang'er even wrote that 'Ms. Dong' song."

"Was that for me?" Dong Shanshan laughed.

Wang He said, "Who else would it be for?"

Yu Yingyi harrumphed, "Others might not know your birthday, but would we not know? It was the actual day of your birthday when that King of Masked Singers' episode was recorded. Zhang'er even added the phrase 'happy birthday' to the end of 'Ms. Dong,' so who else could he have written it for other than you? Ai, Zhang'er, when are you gonna write a Ms. Yu? We're such old classmates, so you better not practice favoritism, alright? You can't just write a song for Shanshan and not for us."

Xiaoqian added, "I want one too."

Ma Xufei said, "And me."

Zhang Ye said, "Whoa, please spare me."

Dong Shanshan helped him smooth things over. "Oh right, Boss Zhang. How are we going to split the profits?"

Ma Xufei asked, "Yeah, how?"

He Kui joked, "Haha, you'd have to pay us an appearance fee."

Zhang Ye did not hesitate at all. "We'll do it however you guys want to."

"Boss Zhang is really generous!" Liu Tie gave him a thumbs up. "But we're just joking with you. We're doing this together. There's no need bring up the issue of money."

Xiaoqian said, "I don't need it either."

Everyone was now saying there was no need for it.

Dong Shanshan spoke, "I have a suggestion. Excluding repaying the production and publicity budget, whatever the music video earns, let's donate all the proceedings to Little Qiu to get her legs treated."

Zhang Ye smacked his thigh and exclaimed, "Yeah! That's settled then!"

Wang He gave two thumbs ups. "That's a good suggestion. We didn't know about it before, but since we know now, we must do our part for her. I don't have much money, but I do have strength!"

"Well said!"

"Count me in!"

"Let's all chip in a part of our strength to help Sister Qiu stand on her feet again!"

Zhang Ye, seemingly wanting to take it all on, said, "Leave this to me. We'll let Liu Tie bring all the money that the music video earns to Little Qiu. If she can't get it treated in China, she can always go overseas. If she still can't get it treated overseas, then she can get prostheses. There are disabled athletes who have lost both their limbs taking part in the Special Olympics 100-meter race. All of those athletes can run faster than us, so I don't believe that Little Qiu won't be able to stand up! I don't have many friends, but it shouldn't be a problem to get a recommendation to a foreign specialist hospital for treatment. Leave this to me!"

"That's right!"

"Yeah, let's do it!"

"For Little Qiu!"

"For Sister Qiu!"

In an instant, everyone was full of fighting spirit!

For a common goal, these young adults had gathered together again and were shouting catchphrases of what they wanted. This was very nostalgic, and every one of them harbored an inexpressible emotion within their hearts.