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 Chapter 103: Colleagues Realize Zhang Ye's Glorious Deeds!

This scene shocked everyone!

Hou Ge's eyes nearly popped out, "Your car...Your car is fine?"

"Impossible! Impossible!" Hou Di refused to have his beliefs shaken as he rushed forward to examine the car!

Dafei and Xiao Lu also rushed over. They touched the roof that had been smashed by the flower pot. Then they touched the front windshield that had also been hit by the fragments of the flower pot. Then they looked at each other in shock. They did not know what to say anymore. They looked like they had seen a ghost! Regardless if it was seen far away or up close, or even if it was touched with one's hand, the car's roof and the glass were completely intact!

This was from the fifth storey!

A fifth storey that was more than ten meters high!

A flower pot filled with soil was not light. Furthermore, with acceleration from gravity, a normal car would be dented from the smash. A small dent or even the hood flipping open would be expected, even for European cars with thicker shielding. The X5 was no exception!

But Zhang Ye's car was fine!

It was as if the thing that came crashing down was a bubble wrap!

The mother of the children that caused trouble, the middle-aged woman, also came forward in a daze together with her relatives to confirm. Finally, she looked at Zhang Ye, "Little brother, your car..."

Zhang Ye waved his hand, "I said that my car is fine. You don't have to pay. However, take care of your children. Thankfully, we got lucky; if it had hit someone, it would be no trivial matter."

"I know, I know." The middle-aged woman said excitedly, "Thank you. Thanks."

Then she quickly got her children to apologize to Zhang Ye.

The child said with tear-stained cheeks, "Uncle, sorry."

Zhang Ye patted him on the head, "It's alright. Be careful next time."

Although the matter was settled, everyone still remained. More people crowded around the car. Many of them had been eating in the restaurant or had happened to walk by. They had witnessed it with their own eyes, and did not know what had happened. Why was this car...

Suddenly, Dafei thought of a possibility, he exclaimed, "Holy sh*t! Zhang Ye! This car of yours is not a regular X5! This is a X5 bulletproof car!"

Hou Ge was stunned, "Bullet, bulletproof car?"

Hou Di and Xiao Lu said, "Ah, that can't be?"

"Why not!?" Dafei slapped himself in the forehead, "I was already saying that it didn't feel right when sitting inside. The engine's sound was not the sound of the horsepower from a low configuration. It did not sound so thick, and the interior has slight differences from a normal X5. Also that glass... It clearly gave a heavier thud than normal glass-reinforced plastic. And one can tell with the naked eye that it's much thicker!"

Xiao Lu said with a daze, "It's really a bulletproof car?"

"Definitely! I dare to swear!" Dafei had done research on this as he vowed, "This came out this year! And it might even be an upgraded X5 bulletproof version! No wonder it was fine, even after being smashed by a flower pot from the fifth floor! This is a bulletproof car worth about 5 million Yuan! It can even resist bullets! What more a tiny flower pot! I heard that they had tested it overseas. As long as it's not too close to an exploding hand grenade or rocket-propelled round, this car can protect the safety of the people inside!"

Hou Ge said in horror, "How, how much did you say?"

Dafei glanced at him, "The base price is 4+ million. The entire set is slightly more than 5 million. There's no doubt about it. My friend had even specially asked about it. This car is being sold in several places in the country. It's just that the supply is quite low. Usually, one has to preorder it before the shop will do the necessary arrangements. It's not easy to buy. Most places don't even have it, so it's not even wrong to say that it's a limited edition car!"

More than 5 million to buy the car?

And it was a bulletproof car?

When the surrounding people heard this, there was an uproar!

The few children and the middle-aged woman stared with their tongues tied!

After Dafei finished, he turned towards Zhang Ye, "Zhang Ye, was I right?"

"I guess so." Zhang Ye did not acknowledge or deny it, "Let's go. Let's eat first, or we might not be able to return in time for work." Saying that, he entered the restaurant under the watchful gaze of everyone.


After lunch.

Zhang Ye went downstairs to drive his car.

The few colleagues also boarded the X5 again. Their expressions this time were completely different from before.

Dafei could not help but touch the car's interior. He liked it very much and kept praising, "Nice car. It's really a nice car!"

Hou Ge, who spoke a lot, no longer made a sound. He was about to cry at any moment. Just recalling the words he had said en route made him feel like his face had swollen. A low configuration X5? A car that cost just hundreds of thousands? And to say it was inferior to his Reizi? 800,000, your ass! He met a master today!

Xiao Lu was curious, "Zhang Ye, is your family rich?"

Zhang Ye shook his head, "No. My parents are from the working class."

"Then how did you buy such an expensive car? Didn't you only work for a few months? Didn't you just graduate from college?" Hou Di asked in bewilderment.

Zhang Ye did not say much, "I was lucky enough to make some money."

The twins, Hou Di and Hou Ge stared into each other's eyes. They began to feel that this person was a bit mysterious.


The car reached the television station.

When they got out of the car and entered the station, they saw a similar scene from before. When a few people saw Zhang Ye, it was as if they saw a ghost from a supernatural novel. They were shocked and frightened.

"I'll go to the restroom. You guys go ahead." Zhang Ye left first.

Seeing people still pointing at Zhang Ye's back, Hou Ge finally could not resist and went forward, "Brothers, what's up with that person?"

"Ah? Weren't all of you together?" a television station employee asked.

Hou Ge blinked, "We are together. He is our colleague. But why are all of you looking at him? Did you know him previously? Who is he?"

Another employee gave a wry smile, "Still colleagues? You don't even know Zhang Ye? Even if you didn't go to the Golden Microphone Awards in person, you should have heard of this name. Are you new here? And you were not part of the radio and television circles?"

Hou Ge, Xiao Lu and company never expected to be read in a glance.

Hou Ge said, "Eh, how can you tell?"

The employee said, "Who can't? Few people in this circle would not know Zhang Ye. Since you don't know, I'll tell you. This person is no ordinary person. He wrote a novel, 'Ghost Blows Out the Light', and has written many poems, such as 'Flying Bird and Fish' and some 'if you are living well, then the skies are clear', and that 'See Me or Not' and that 'Shuidiao Getou', and that "This is also Everything". Right, recently there's a very popular funny short story about working hard to buy a house that was also written by him."

Hou Ge exclaimed, "'Ghost Blows Out the Light' was written by him? What the heck! I just bought the hard copy book yesterday! That novel is too awesome! I, I didn't notice the author's name!"

Xiao Lu's eyes dimmed, "He wrote 'Flying Bird and Fish'? It's that 'The furthest distance in the world'? What the f**k! I love that poem so much! Why is it written by Zhang Ye!?"

The employee was speechless, "If it's not written by him, then who wrote it? The things that happened at the Silver Microphone Awards just a while ago.. I guess you have not heard of it?"

"No, we just started working a few days ago." Hou Ge quickly asked, "What happened?"

The employee explained, "Zhang Ye is famous in the system not because of his well-written novels and poems, but because of his guts. During the award acceptance speech at the award ceremony, Zhang Ye had used a 'Dead Water' poem to publicly curse his unit and Leaders. He offended people greatly. He even made one of the unit's Leaders faint on the spot. It took all day to revive him. So do you think such a divine person can't be famous? So when we saw Zhang Ye at our television station, we were all surprised. I still want to ask you. Why did the station hire him?"



Work time.

Zhang Ye went back to the small office in the Arts Channel from the restroom. He sat down and busied himself. But even after waiting for a while, his colleagues still had not returned. He did not know what they were doing.

Only ten minutes later did they return to the office.

Zhang Ye looked up and went to the water dispenser, "Do you want to drink cold or hot water?"

Hou Ge nearly jumped up and hurried forward, "Don't move, don't move. I'll do it, Little Zhang... No, Teacher Little Zhang. You sit down, you sit down!"

Zhang Ye tried to do it, "No, I'm a newcomer. This should be done by me."

Xiao Lu also came to pull on him, "Teacher Zhang, please sit down. Let me do these chores. Don't put us to shame. We failed to recognize a great person. You aren't a newcomer. It's just the ignorant us that haven't heard of you because we aren't from this circle."

Zhang Ye was not used to it, "Please don't. I'm not famous. Even if I am, it's just notoriety."

"What do you mean, not famous?" Hou Ge said, "I've been reading 'Ghost Blows Out the Light' for the past two days and two nights. It's too awesome. Yesterday, I even told my brother that the person who wrote 'Ghost Blows Out the Light' was too formidable. I never expected to meet you today. Hai, it was all my fault previously. Please don't fault me!"

Now, they had completely understood Zhang Ye's deeds and knew why Hu Fei valued Zhang Ye so much that he would pull in a person with such average looks onto his team. So this person had so many "glorious deeds" in the past. The person that they thought was a rookie, a rookie they wanted to repress, a rookie they wanted to order around to do chores, was actually this famous!

Suppressing a rookie?

Teaching a rookie a lesson?

Afraid he would revolt?

Just thinking of his initial thoughts made Hou Ge feel at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry. With Zhang Ye's qualifications and bad temper, who knew who was the one trampling on who. Thankfully, they had realized this early. If they had offended Zhang Ye later, just a casual poem by him would make them famous, as they would be damned to death!

Who was Zhang Ye?

He was a person who dared to curse his unit and Leaders!

They had even just searched online for Zhang Ye's information and realized that the newest "This is also Everything" was specially used to smack their Arts Channel's Wang Shuixin. The person known as the "Face Smacking Specialist" was him! He even dared to trample on Director Wang! Who else did he not dare to trample on?