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 Chapter 378 - Profound Essence of Water Magic Pt.1

Suo Jia unclasped the Death God's Cloak and turned around, cooly draping the cloak over his shoulders. The next instant, the rainbow glow surrounding his body instantly disappeared. Instead, the cloak emitted a thin and faint black vapor that slowly poured out from the cuffs and hem, dispersing through the air and covering the cloak's entire surface!

Although the vapor seemed pretty thick, it didn't affect Suo Jia's vision at all. However...when Suo Jia looked at his reflection in a mirror, he couldn't see his own face. It was completely covered by that floating black fog!

Suo Jia signed in awe. He knew that although the cloak didn't have any other abilities, it was definitely the world's best equipment for concealing the face and any light emitted. Most importantly, while the Death God's Cloak seemed very large, to the point where his hands weren't visible, it was extremely well-sculpted in shape and looked extremely cool! It was Suo Jia's ideal image, the one he had always dreamed of!

After relishing this fact for a bit, Suo Jia tried to release his spirit power to scan the Death God's Cloak. The next instant, he sensed an activated energy crystal at the back of his neck!

After sensing it, the next step was simple; he focused his concentration on gradually seeping it into the crystal. Instantly, he felt the largest amount of the darkest energy he'd ever felt, currently rushing about within the crystal!

Sensing Suo Jia's presence, the dark energy immediately surged outwards in a straight path. At the same time, he was shocked to discover that his body underneath the cloak instantly vanished! Suo Jia had completely disappeared from the material world!

The next moment, he appeared in a different realm. This realm wasn't just nothingness; on the outside, it seemed pretty similar to the material world. However...everything here was transparent, as if made of condensed water.

He looked around his room where all the objects within it were now clear. When Suo Jia tried to reach out to the table next to him, his hands smoothly passed through it without any form of resistance. Although it looked like it was made of condensed water, in reality it was something that didn't exist at all!

Suo Jia walked towards the wall and tried to reach out towards it but he didn't feel anything. Rather, his palm easily went through the wall and appeared on the other side of the room. Moreover, the water-like people outside didn't react at all!

He then tried to grasp the doorknob, but similarly, he couldn't grab a hold at all and the hand passed straight through to the other side!

This time, he tried to walking through the door, and his body passed over like a mirage, appearing outside the room.

"This is-!" Suo Jia couldn't help but gape in astonishment at the translucent image of the auction hall lobby. Just then, he suddenly felt a type of energy come out from himself and...suddenly the people next to him all turned to look in his direction!

"Ah!" When Suo Jia saw their surprised expressions and noticed his surroundings were no longer see-through, he realized that he had returned from his 'disappearance'!

Suo Jia studied his cloak more closely. In general, he could conclude that he had been in the transparent world just now for a dozen or so seconds. From this, he came up with a vague theory that the rank ten Death God's Cloak allowed one to disappear for ten seconds! The extra seconds afterwards depended on Suo Jia's innate spirit power and energy.

Suo Jia couldn't help but grow wild with joy at this thought. If his predictions were correct, then his entering of the other realm meant his disappearance from the material world. And while in the alternate realm, Suo Jia was able to pass through any space surrounding him!

Suo Jia sighed in admiration and his eyes lit up in his excitement. No wonder one could never hide from the Death God's scythe. With this kind of cloak, any boundary in the material realm turned to nothingness. Even if the Death God brushed past a person, there was no way their presence would be detected!

This wasn't the same as using stealth or concealing oneself, it was completely disappearing. One could pass through its surroundings in stealth, completely hidden by warping any reflecting light. With this, the cloak user would be impossible to discover. The body itself was still from this world, but upon "disappearing", it could leave and enter another!

What did this mean? It meant that even without using magic, Suo Jia could disappear and temporarily avoid any attacks. Although this only lasted around a dozen seconds, it was more than enough!

Suo Jia rushed back to his room. He wanted to carefully calculate exactly how long he could stay "disappeared". This was extremely important for use in battle, so he had to be as accurate as possible!

Upon entering the room, Suo Jia skillfully put on the cloak and focused his energy onto that crystal once more. Immediately, a force surged out, causing a different change!

"Hm?" While Suo Jia was waiting for his body to completely disappear, the cloak suddenly billowed backwards and split into twelve black ribbons waving into the air!

"What in the-!" Suo Jia couldn't help but exclaim. The strips of the large cloak were flapping furiously around in the air like wings. There were six on each side fluttering in the wind. At the same time, a powerful force pushed his body up into the air!

If the cloak was just cloth, the phenomena wouldn't seem particularly odd. However, each strip of the cloak was shrouded with thin feathers formed from a condensation of the black vapor. It looked as if he had sprouted twelve graceful wings!

When he tried pushing the energy, the six pairs of wings suddenly spread open completely and Suo Jia's body lurched forwards. With a loud bang, he collided into the opposite wall, instantly chipping off some of his Life Protection!

Because of the Life Protection, Suo Jia wasn't injured. However, the dizziness he felt from the collision was unavoidable. He bitterly rubbed his temples and slowly stood up. He hadn't thought that these wings would be so amazing! Their force was comparable to a rocket's thruster. These wings were definitely very powerful!

As Suo Jia studied the extended black wings, his eyes lit up. Although the Atlantis Boots granted him the ability of walking in midair agilely to the point where he could make sudden 180 degree turns, flying straight up was its greatest weakness since it lacked the propulsion force required.

But the situation was different with the appearance of these wings. With their powerful support, Suo Jia could speed up in midair and then use his Wave Walking for sudden 180 degree turns. In other words, he would be as skillful as both a bird and a fish! This was too amazing!

However, everything had a downside as well. Neither the wings nor Wave Walking could be used for long; in other words, he couldn't fly for long periods of time! Just as he thought this, his wings gradually lowered from the air behind him and returned to their original form of a dark cloak!

"Damn!" Suo Jia couldn't help but curse in disappointment when he saw this. Because he had been so elated over this new ability, he'd forgotten to keep track of the time!

With lack of better option, Suo Jia could only once again gather his spirit power and pour it into that crystal. But this time, he didn't rush to activate it. Instead, he carefully surveyed its inner contents. He quickly concluded that there were two large magic arrays connected within the crystal. In other words, this cloak only had two abilities: the first was the transformation into wings, and the second was to make him disappear!

After confirming this, Suo Jia took a deep breath and began to direct the sinister energy within towards the disappearance magic array. The next moment, his body vanished in mid-air and Suo Jia began his count!

1 second...2 seconds...3 seconds...

Suo Jia counted closely and after sixteen seconds had passed, his body was pushed by an unknown force back into the material world!

For preciseness, Suo Jia tested it once more. But this time, when Suo Jia extended his spirit energy into the crystal, he was shocked to discover that its inner energy had disappeared!