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 The loud bark scared many people, so much so that they pissed in their pants.

When the spectators heard the bark, their legs went soft and turned into jelly. They felt as though the opponent wasn't a dog. Instead, it was an ancient terrifying beast, whose roar could shake the heavens.

There were some people whose legs had gone completely soft, causing them to plop on the ground with a terrified expression on their faces.

There were also some who started trembling all over, their bodies rooted to the spot.

All of them never thought that a mere dog could produce such a scary side.

How the f*ck could it still be considered a dog?

This was a ferocious dragon who was wearing the skin of a dog!

After the bark from Lord Dog, the cheers from the spectators for the silver-armored guards became even more enthusiastic.

In their eyes, the silver-armored guards were there to eliminate the demons.

The explosive bark that came from the black dog made it seem as though it was the evil demon from the legends. It was an evil demon that should be suppressed by the silver-armored guards.

Naturally, all the spectators hoped for the silver-armored guards, who represented justice, to come out on top.

Of course... in reality, there was no such thing as a clear line between good and evil.

With a single bark from Lord Dog, the silver-armored guards started to shiver.

A silver-armored guard wielded his spear as his muscles bulged. He was the only one who arrived in front of Lord Dog.

The silver spear seemed to transform into a whip, looking like it could cover heaven and earth. It shot viciously towards Lord Dog with the intention of killing him with a single strike.

However, Lord Dog was still Lord Dog...

With a single bark...

A gale seemed to rush out of his mouth, which prevented the silver-armored guard from approaching him.

The silver-armored guard became still, his body turning rigid. He couldn't move a single inch.


The silver-armored expert was enraged. He was actually stopped by a dog! How could this even happen?!

That loud shout made the veins on his neck bulge. He wanted to kill Lord Dog with a single strike, believing that he could kill him.



The lord spear was snapped in half after bending too much. Lord Dog's terrifying bark was the cause of that, and the silver-armored expert felt as though an enormous strength smashed against his body.

His origin soul seemed as though it scattered, and with a loud puff, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

The blood spurted so high it rose three thousand feet in the air!

Another silver-armored expert charged forward with his spear light, coming down from the sky like a waterfall as it smashed down in torrents.


Those spear lights held endless might. If it landed on the ground and exploded, the ground would instantly be blasted with countless holes like a sieve.

However, it was useless.

No matter how many ways they attacked, Lord Dog simply dealt with them with a single bark.

The myriad of spear lights dissipated along with the bark, and the waterfall of spear lights started to flow backwards.

The silver-armored expert who used the waterfall move instantly felt a chill through his body, and a horrified look gradually appeared in his eyes.

Puff! Puff!

He wasn't able to resist at all.

Those spear lights that had flowed backwards instantly pieced countless holes through his body. The spear light turned around and became the cause of his death.

In the end, his energy rebounded, and he was the one who turned into a human-sieve...

How frightening was this sight?!

The shouts of the silver-armored expert stopped all of a sudden. That was because he no longer had the ability to scream.

With a loud blast...

A tattered body crashed on the ground, fresh blood pooling underneath it.

A silver-armored expert... died.

A loud bark killed a silver-armored guard!

However, this was just the start.

Everyone felt as though waves were rising in their chests. They looked at the dog with a ghastly expression on their faces.

Tong Muhe clenched his fists, and blue veins bulged out on his forehead.

As the fresh blood stained the ground... the fourteen remaining silver-armored guards felt their pupils shrinking. Their killing intent burst forth.

Initially, they were here to mess around. They felt as though it was beneath them to take part in this battle altogether. However, they finally felt the threat of death.


Spear lights shot into the skies endlessly and gathered in the sky. In the next instant, they gathered and turned into a net that surrounded Lord Dog.

The net made from spear lights swished around continuously. Without a doubt, anyone caught in it would suffer, and their bodies would be twisted until they died.

"Kill it for me!" Tong Muhe hissed.

The fourteen silver-armored guards burst out their auras at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spectators felt as though they were about to choke, watching the silver-armored guards suppress their enemy in battle.

In the end, what would the result be? All of them were curious!


Inside the restaurant

The atmosphere seemed a little stifling.

Mu Liuer looked at Bu Fang before looking at Nether King Er Ha and the rest. Her breathing slowly slowed down.

Uncle Mu opened his mouth to take deep breaths. He had no idea what in the world they were waiting for.

It's just a dog... What are they waiting for?

Bu Fang clasped his hands together, and he slowly walked back and forth in front of the table.

He wasn't anxious at all. There was immortal energy in the dish, so it wouldn't be a problem to preserve it for tens of thousands of years.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes spun around before jumping off the chair. She pulled Nethery's hand as she walked towards the entrance of the restaurant.

It looks like she wanted to look at Lord Dog's heroic figure.

Nethery didn't refuse and followed behind her.

Mu Liuer's heart shook, and she chose to follow the two of them. She was now able to feel the trust Bu Fang had for the dog, and this made her very curious.

Just as she stepped out of the door and stretched out her head...

Mu Liuer's eyes shrank, and her body froze.

It was because everything happening outside was completely out of her expectations.

In the distance, a silver-armored guard from the Tong family was sprawled on the ground, lifeless. His body had many holes, as though it was a sieve.

The stench of blood in the air was simply too strong.

A silver-armored guard died?!

This dog... actually killed a silver-armored guard.

Mu Liuer wasn't stunned by this alone.

The scene that played out after this caused her to almost stop breathing.

The remaining fourteen silver-armored guards burst out with their strongest fighting strength as they held their long spears. With reddened eyes, they all charged towards the dog.

Their suppressive aura started to spread out and caused everyone's legs to shiver.

As though he felt the gaze of the people behind, Lord Dog turned around lazily. His eyes landed on Flowery and Nethery, who just came out of the restaurant.

Lord Dog's lips curled upwards.

In the next moment, he slowly raised his exquisite dog paw.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The moment Lord Dog raised his paw, all of the silver-armored guards made their move. Their figures flashed and transformed into beams of light, which changed continuously in the void.

However, even as they transformed, they were charging at Lord Dog.

"Is the red braised meat done?" Lord Dog asked, yawning.

Mu Liuer was stunned. However, she replied while stammering, "Done... It's done..."

"Alright, then we shall no longer waste our time here." Lord Dog smirked.

In a flash, the exquisite paw in the air slapped down ferociously.


Overwhelming amounts of Nether energy rushed out from Lord Dog's body. In just a blink of an eye, the sky turned dark.

The bodies of the silver-armored experts trembled, and their speed suddenly exploded to the maximum.

However, very quickly...

They were shocked as they discovered that they were unable to approach the black dog.

The pitch-black Nether energy formed a giant paw in the sky, shattering apart the net formed from the spear lights.

Under the paw, the fourteen silver-armored experts tried their best to flee as their silver spears transformed into dragons. They wanted to break apart the restriction of the paw and kill their way out.

However, as the paw made from Nether energy descended, their breathing became constricted, and a feeling of dread in their hearts appeared.

They were unable to run from this paw.

However, none of them wanted to be slapped to death by this paw!

Sounds of hissing came from under the paw.


All the spectators felt their mouths go dry.

That dog... Is it actually a pinnacle existence?

This paw seemed to crush the entire sky!

Everyone felt a sense of despair.


As the silver-armored guards were smashed into the ground, they gripped their silver spears as they resisted the black dog's paw. It was as though they were supporting the heavens.

As for Lord Dog, he tilted his head to the side and slowly pressed down.

In the next moment...

The long spears were bent, and they eventually shattered...

The silver-armored experts were only able to resist the paw with their bare hands.

Tong Muhe felt as though every part of his body was rumbling as he watched from the distance!

A long whistle could be heard.

He raised the silver spear in his hand and stepped on the handle. In a flash, the silver spear turned into an arrow as it shot through the sky with a loud whistling sound.

The speed was lightning fast. It was like a bolt of lightning that wanted to shatter the heavens.


Tong Muhe roared in anger as the energy around his body burst out. He was like a giant who wanted to support the heavens.

Crack... Crack...

Sounds of shattering could be heard.

The silver-armored guards were on their knees, struggling against the might of the paw. Their silver armor shattered, and huge beads of sweat and blood flowed to the ground.


Tong Muhe appeared and sent a palm out.

This palm seemed as though it moved all the power between heaven and earth.

"Get lost!"

The long spear charged out and smashed against the paw made from Nether energy.


The paw simply surged in response.

In the next instant, the silver spear pierced through the paw. As it shot out, it pierced through a silver-armored guard on the other side...

With a loud pop, the expert directly exploded.

Tong Muhe sucked in a cold breath. The color of his eyes changed, turning blood-red.

"Damn it! Just a f*cking dog... I'll smash you apart!"

Tong Muhe punched out and displayed his fist technique. Behind him, it was as though a heavenly screen appeared.

On the screen were glittering stars, and their radiance shone in all directions.

Rumble! Rumble!

With a loud explosion, the surface of the ground sank downwards, and the dog paw scattered.

Tong Muhe's fist immediately shot straight towards Lord Dog. At this point, his pupils were scarlet-red.

Behind him, the bodies of several silver-armored guards exploded. No doubt they were dead...

Their bodies actually exploded due to a slap from the dog...


Tong Muhe's eyes widened. He never thought that all the silver-armored guards would explode in such a short amount of time!

Facing Tong Muhe's punch...

Mu Liuer felt as though she was choked, and her body started to tremble. It was as though she was approaching death's door.

"Oh... there's a fish that escaped the net."

Tong Muhe's fist was eventually blocked.

It was blocked with a soft touch from Lord Dog's paw.

Tong Muhe's face revealed a stunned expression. This fist contained all the power he had. How could it be blocked so easily?

This dog... could it be an existence at the peak of the Three-star True Immortal realm? Or even... the Four-star True Immortal Realm!?


Lord Dog waved his paw and slapped out once more.

In that instant, Tong Muhe watched his arm explode under the might of a single paw!

His figure shot outwards and landed viciously on the ground.

Coughing up mouthfuls of blood, Tong Muhe frantically tried to crawl up from the ground and escape.

Scanning his surroundings, he was dumbstruck as his pupils shrank. The stench of blood filled the air.

All fifteen of his silver-armored guards were killed. There were no survivors.

He stood up unsteadily, and his gaze became extremely sharp.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sounds of crisp footsteps could be heard.

Bu Fang walked out of the restaurant, and his lean body leaned against the door frame.

When Tong Muhe's gaze landed on Bu Fang, he opened his mouth with a sinister expression on his face.

"You're the mortal who injured Tong Cheng..." Tong Muhe said coldly. His voice was somewhat hoarse.

Bu Fang frowned. "Oh, if there's no one else, then it's me."

A cold laugh came out of Tong Muhe's mouth. Blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth, and his laughter was intimidating.

"I heard you used a wok to smash Tong Cheng's spirit sea. Today... I'll use a wok and kill every one of you!"


The moment those words left his mouth, the aura around his body surged, and a bright light filled his hand. Dense immortal energy started to swirl around continuously.

"It's an immortal tool!"

"Such dense immortal energy. What grade could the immortal tool be?"

"The Tong family actually entrusted Tong Muhe with an immortal tool! There's no way for them to lose with it... Too bad he took it out too late."

The spectators started to break out in discussion, and they were extremely excited.

A blue wok appeared above Tong Muhe's head, and he channeled all the true energy in his body into it.

This was the craziest method he used to activate the immortal tool!


The rumbling of thunder could be heard from the vault of the heavens.

In the next instant, Tong Muhe used the only hand he had left to smash the wok down at the Immortal Chef Little Store.

As the blue wok moved through the sky, the void started to shatter!