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 If you have something to say, hurry up?

This dog... is really insane!

Did it even know who it was facing? What the hell did it mean it was in a rush?

Where were you in a rush to go?!

Everyone was shocked when they heard the words that came out of the dog's mouth. All of them were stunned speechless.

A dog who could talk wasn't anything special. In the Immortal Cooking Realm, there were many spiritual beasts who could talk. Of course, there were many who couldn't speak as well.

However, for a dog to tell a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert to hurry up, it felt so surreal.

Could this dog be rushing to its death?

A faint fragrance drifted in the wind, and everyone became slightly agitated when they smelled it.

Mu Liuer supported Manager Chen and went over to the entrance of the restaurant, bringing the heavily injured Uncle Mu with them.

Lord Dog glanced at the three of them and lightly gave a "harrumph" before letting them in. Although he was sleeping earlier, he knew what the three of them did.

"Go in... Lord Dog will make sure you're safe and sound," Lord Dog lightly said.

Mu Liuer's face froze. This dog really knew how to joke around.

Mu Liuer wasn't worried about her life at all. She believed that Tong Muhe would never dare to kill her. After all, she was the daughter of the City Lord.

If he really killed her, the Tong family would face a lot of trouble.

She only stepped into the restaurant because she smelled a pleasant aroma.

When that aroma assaulted her nose, her entire body quivered, that's why she wanted to take a look at the dish that could cause it to happen.

Without a doubt, it was a dish that could draw lightning punishment onto itself.

Manager Chen said earlier that the lightning punishment this dish attracted was even stronger than the Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings. In other words, this dish was even better than the soup dumplings he had tasted before.

The moment Mu Liuer's group stepped into the restaurant, the familiar interior entered their sight.

Manager Chen and Mu Liuer were not shocked at all. After all, they were already familiar with this restaurant.

On the other hand, the heavily injured Uncle Mu spat out a mouthful of blood. He became extremely depressed.

Looking at his surroundings, a bitter look appeared on his face.

This is the restaurant he was trying to protect? He actually suffered heavy injuries because of the chef who owns this small, hole-in-the-wall place...

Tong Muhe's cultivation was too strong, and with just a single spear strike, Uncle Mu was defeated.

This caused him to be very dispirited.

In the restaurant, many eyes turned to look at the trio as they walked in.

Mu Liuer and Manager Chen immediately smiled at them...

Bu Fang stood at the entrance of the kitchen with an expressionless face. There was a puzzled look in his eyes as he looked at Mu Liuer and Manager Chen. There was even a tall and sturdy man with them who was on the verge of death.

However, the puzzled look soon disappeared. His attention returned to the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork on the table.

Flowery was standing on the chair on her tiptoes, trying to get a better look. The muscles on her fair and delicate legs were trembling.

Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes were glued onto the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork as drool flowed out from her pink and tender lips.

"Aiya, aiya... You really scared this dragon king! This dragon king's head was almost cut off from his body!" The Black Dragon King touched his bald head as he yelled with lingering fear in his voice.

Just a moment ago, when he sneakily opened the doors of the restaurant, the sharp spear lights charged towards his head, causing his small and weak heart to nearly jump out of his throat.

Luckily, Lord Dog, who was just behind him, couldn't stand the commotion outside. He quickly took graceful cat-like steps and stepped out of the restaurant.

The Black Dragon King was gloating and rejoicing in other people's misfortune at the moment. Those bunch of crazy people outside were about to fall into a pit of despair!

Even though Lord Dog frequently messed with his daughter, he had to admit that the dog was an incredibly awesome being. He was so awesome he could shatter the heavens and break the earth with a single paw!

In Nether King Er Ha's eyes, there was only the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork. Even the Spicy Strip in his mouth had long since dropped onto the table.

"Bu Fang young man... How is this red braised meat so pleasant looking?!"

Nethery sat quietly as her pitch-black eyes remained glued onto the ruby-like Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork. Her red lips trembled, and a yearning look appeared on her peerlessly beautiful face.

Naturally, Mu Liuer saw the dish that was placed on the table as well.

The dense aroma filled the air and surrounded her in all directions. It assaulted her senses endlessly, and she unconsciously made her way forward towards the table.

Manager Chen sucked in a cold breath.

"The immortal energy is extremely dense, and the fragrance is really strong as well.... The red braised meat is just like a piece of art! Nothing can be more beautiful!"

Words of praise never stopped coming out of his mouth.

Manager Chen had to admit that Bu Fang had talent. His skills were truly great.

Perhaps this was the reason the Junior Pavilion Master wanted to protect him.

Facing such a cold and indifferent genius, helping him in the hour of need would move him much more than adding flowers on a brocade.

As for Uncle Mu, he endured his heavy injuries as he sat on a chair. Both of his arms rested on a table as he kept on panting.

However, the dense aroma really shocked him.

"Can you start?" Uncle Mu said, taking a deep breath before glancing at Bu Fang.

Once the words left his mouth, everyone looked over at him.

Bu Fang turned his gaze to this person with a look of astonishment on his face. Then, he said, "Wait for a bit. We'll wait for that dog..."

Wait for that dog...

Mu Liuer, Uncle Mu, and Manager Chen were stunned. Then, a strange feeling welled up in their heart.

Shouldn't they enjoy the dish while it's hot?

When Tong Muhe killed his way into the restaurant, none of them would have the opportunity to taste the dish.

This mortal chef... why is he so foolish?


Meanwhile, outside the restaurant, Lord Dog's words thoroughly infuriated Tong Muhe.

Just a damn dog dared to behave so brazenly in front of him... He, Tong Muhe, was someone who killed his way out of a sea of corpses. Would he be afraid of a mere dog?

Back then, when he left Immortal City and entered the Endless Wasteland, he killed terrifying beasts. The fierce beasts who died in his hands were too many to count.

Today, he was actually mocked by a dog...

Tong Muhe sucked in a cold breath before an indifferent look appeared in his eyes. He ordered the silver-armored guards behind him, "Go... slaughter this dog for me."

The two guards who charged at the doors earlier instantly sucked in a cold breath. However, both of them followed Tong Muhe's order and attacked.

Spears shot out with silver lights as they flew into the distance. They shot out so fast the onlookers didn't manage to see anything.

With a loud ripping sound, it seemed as though the curtains of heaven were torn apart as the silvery spear lights fused and transformed into a dragon. It traversed the sky as it charged at Lord Dog.

Lord Dog stood in front of the restaurant and yawned, his tail wagging from side to side.

Facing the formidable spear light dragon, he didn't seem to care in the slightest. He just raised his paw and lightly tapped.

In an instant, the spear lights started to gather in the air and didn't move a single inch forward.

The two silver-armored guards were shocked. Their eyes shrank as they sucked in a cold breath!

"How is this possible?"

Tong Muhe's eyes widened, and in that instant, everyone suddenly regained their wits.

Unbelievable. This dog is definitely not ordinary!

When Tong Muhe was dancing between the line of life and death, he experienced many things. He would never be mistaken about these things.

He was initially looking down on the dog, but now, seeing as this dog had the ability to easily take down the spear lights of two of his subordinates, he knew it was a very powerful existence.

If he took everyone according to the report yesterday, Tong Muhe wouldn't be anxious when facing the being who slapped his Third Uncle to death.

Even though his Third Uncle was at the Two-star True Immortal Realm, he wasn't truly a strong Two-star True Immortal Realm expert.

Tong Muhe could also kill his Third Uncle with just one move.

However, this dog... gave him a strange feeling.

Tong Muhe's eyes shrank, and he let out a long breath. He didn't dare to be careless at all, so he quickly ordered, "Be cautious... All of you, attack at the same time!"

Everyone in the surroundings sucked in a cold breath.

Fifteen silver-armored experts attacking at the same time... It was just a dog, but Tong Muhe took it so seriously?

What would it look like when fifteen silver-armored experts struck out at the same time?

This time, all of them would finally witness a scene like that.

One by one, a terrifying aura was released from the bodies of those experts, and before long, their origin souls appeared on top of their heads.


In the next instant, many spear lights appeared and formed cracks in the sky, shooting towards the vault of the heavens.

Fifteen silver-armored experts turned into streams of light as they held long spears in their hands. They charged towards the dog who was standing outside the restaurant.

A loud battle cry came from their mouths, and the killing intent it brought could shake the hearts of anyone present.

Tong Muhe was extremely satisfied when he looked at this scene. This is the troop he commanded!

Even though their culinary talents were mediocre, when all of them walked in the streets of Immortal City, no one dared to look down on them. It was because they belong to Tong Muhe's troops!

They were his comrades who crawled through a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood with him!

All of them were elite fighters, and they were famous One-star True Immortal Realm experts! All of them were able to fight against the Two-star True Immortal Realm expert sent out by the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion previously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Some silver-armored guards landed on the ground first, causing the earth to shatter. They charged at Lord Dog at breakneck speed, looking like a pack of ferocious beasts.

As a spear swept out, the air seemed to explode!

"Just a damn dog... die!" an expert roared.

At the same time, some silver-armored experts elegantly wielded their long spears, transforming into flying swords that they stepped on. They descended like rays of light falling from the heavens.

The others waved their long spears, causing a myriad of spear lights to cascade down like a waterfall.

Everyone let out surprised shouts.

As citizens of Immortal City, who were immersed in the art of cooking to promote themselves to an Immortal Chef, this scene was unbelievable to them.

They rarely got a chance to experience such a terrifying killing intent.

That was the reason all of them felt excited the moment the battle began. Their bodies were trembling in anticipation as they watched this scene unfold.


"The Tongs' silver-armored guards are unstoppable!"

"Come on! You guys are the best!"

The spectators were moved by the silver-armored guards' might. They quickly started shouting to show their encouragement, cheering the silver-armored guards on without being conscious of it.

Tong Muhe held his silver spear, the red cloak behind him flapping in the wind.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards as he exclaimed proudly, "These are... my troops!"


In the restaurant, everyone heard the shouts of the spectators outside.

Mu Liuer's group had an ugly expression on their faces.

Uncle Mu's eyes dimmed as he said, "It's over... Tong Muhe's troops are the elite of the elite. This restaurant is finished..."

Mu Liuer's face paled.

As the City Lord's daughter, she never saw anything as terrifying as the scene outside before. The strength of the silver-armored guards shocked her.

She actually wanted Uncle Mu to stop them... It was indeed a ridiculous request.

"We should hurry up and eat... or else, we won't have the chance to eat anymore," Uncle Mu said.

Even though the terrifying silver-armored troops scared him, he couldn't resist the temptation of the red braised meat in front of him, so he quickly offered his suggestion.

"Don't be hasty. Wait for the dog," Bu Fang said indifferently.

Mu Liuer, Manager Chen, and Uncle Mu were stunned. Then, they looked around the restaurant, noticing that everyone had no trace of fear on their faces.

They had so much faith in the dog?


Outside the restaurant

The wind blew and became bone-chilling as it roared endlessly.

The fur on Lord Dog's body swayed in the wind as he looked at the fifteen silver-armored experts charging towards him, admiring the spectacular sight.

Lord Dog's mouth suddenly twitched, and a soft chuckle escaped his throat.

In the next instant, he stood up straight, his belly swelling up.

As the fur on his body rolled, he opened his mouth.

Looking ahead, Lord Dog released a loud bark!

That bark was like the evening drum, and it was a loud blast that sounded like thunder exploding in everyone's ears.

Like the roar of a lion and the cry of a dragon, it was deafening as it shook the earth with its might!

Explosions could be heard in the surroundings.

Everyone's faces changed.

Tong Muhe felt the bark, and his pupils constricted!