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 The dense dark clouds in the sky were gathering unceasingly, and they gave off an incomparable pressure to everyone.

It was as though a lightning dragon was rampaging above them and was ready to charge down from the heavens at any second.

Tong Muhe held a silver spear in one hand, which looked rather extraordinary as silver light burst out from it.

That light filled the sky, as though it was a long silver dragon, causing everyone's eyes involuntarily to shrink.

"The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion... wants to stop me?"

Tong Muhe raised his chin and looked at Mu Liuer's group with an indifferent expression. There was a trace of arrogance in his voice.

Aside from him, there were fifteen silver-armored experts, and all of them were at the True Immortal Realm.

How would the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion stop them?

Every single True Immortal Realm expert was a force to be reckoned with, not to mention Tong Muhe who could contend with a Three-star True Immortal Realm expert.

It would be a joke if the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion thought that they could stop him.

In fact, it was really a joke.

As soon as Uncle Mu saw the silver-armored experts, the thought of retreating already appeared in his heart.

He knew that he alone would not be able to stop Tong Muhe, much less fight against the other fifteen silver-armored experts behind the latter.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The Tong family experts landed on the ground, and every single one of them was emitting a bright silver radiance from their armor.

All of them exuded an endless amount of might from their body.

"Uncle Mu..."

Just as Uncle Mu was thinking about retreating, Mu Liuer stood beside him and knitted her brows. She spoke in a soft voice, and a trace of hope could be heard in those words.

Tilting his head to look at Mu Liuer, Uncle Mu sighed and said, "Screw it... I'll take it as I'm doing you, the Junior Pavilion Master, a favor."

In the next moment, he raised his head, and all the muscles on his body started to bulge. A sharp look appeared in his eyes as his gaze landed on Tong Muhe in the distance.

"Today, I'll properly experience the might of the Tong family's martial fanatic... Tong Muhe's power!"

Uncle Mu hissed as all the hair on his head fluttered in the wind, looking like they were about to shatter the void.

A moment later, a huge blade appeared in his hand.

The blade was split into two parts. The edge of the blade was gray, while the back was pitch-black.

One could tell that the blade was anything but ordinary.

Tong Muhe raised the spear with a single hand as he looked at Uncle Mu, whose aura was charging towards the sky. The corners of his lips pulled back into a smirk.

The onlookers around them sucked in a cold breath.

No one thought that there would actually be someone stepping out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion to stop the Tong family.

However, it was obviously not possible for the three of them to stop the Tong family.

"You're too weak..." Tong Muhe glanced at Uncle Mu and laughed coldly.

His words barely hid his disdain for Uncle Mu, which enraged the latter to the point where he almost exploded.

"Arrogant kid! You'll only know if I'm weak after fighting with me!"


The huge blade flashed, and the air seemed to split apart the moment it moved.

The ground shattered apart, and debris flew everywhere.

At that moment, the terrifying might of a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert was released without restraint.

This was a Two-star True Immortal Realm Expert!

Most people in the surroundings were shocked, but there were even more who had an excited expression on their faces.

Tong Muhe was also at the Two-star True Immortal Realm, so they were really eager to see what would happen next. No one knew if they would get to witness a fierce battle between the two experts.

Meanwhile, Manager Chen took Mu Liuer away as they retreated into the distance.

Their gazes landed on the battlefield where the two experts were about to fight.

All of a sudden...

Everyone's eyes lit up.

In the next moment, it was as though they saw a malevolent silver dragon flash past their eyes.

It was as fast as lightning.

Tong Muhe made a move. A single spear shot towards Uncle Mu!

In a flash, the spear charged forward with the momentum of a dragon.

Uncle Mu suddenly felt that he was unable to control the blade in his hand...


With a single move...

Uncle Mu was defeated!

If not for Tong Muhe showing mercy, maybe Uncle Mu's body would have already been destroyed by the spear.

Mu Liuer and Manager Chen's eyes shrank...

They were both Two-star True Immortal Realm experts, but why is the difference in their strength so huge?

The martial fanatic Tong Muhe... indeed lives up to his name.

He was still holding the silver spear in his hand as he slowly walked forward. Before long, he passed Uncle Mu...

Tong Muhe didn't even spare Uncle Mu a glance.

The strength of a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert was split into different levels too. Tong Muhe was at the peak of the Two-star True Immortal Realm, so he was even able to fight against a Three-star True Immortal Realm expert.

One had to know that in the True Immortal Realm, there was a huge difference in strength every time one advanced a level. A one star difference between experts was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Tong Muhe was actually able to instantly defeat Uncle Mu with his Two-star True Immortal Realm cultivation. It was enough to show how terrifying he was.

The Tong family was really serious this time.

Sixteen silver-armored experts at the True Immortal Realm... Who could stop them?

Tong Muhe just glanced at Mu Liuer and Manager Chen. He didn't bother with the two of them at all. He walked directly towards the Immortal Chef Little Store.

Very quickly, a huge group of people surrounded the entrance of the restaurant.

"Blast open the doors..." Tong Muhe's indifferent voice resounded in the air.

In the next instant, two silver-armored guards behind him nodded their heads, taking out their long spears. As they swept out their weapons, the void seemed as though it was breaking as the spiraling energy shot towards the doors.

If the spears really managed to hit their target, there was no doubt that those doors would be smashed to smithereens.

However, just as everyone was ready to listen to the blast...

A long creaking sound echoed in their ears.

The doors of the restaurant slowly opened, revealing a bright bald head poking out from inside the restaurant.

"What are you doing? What in the world is going on?! Why is it so noisy? Can't people enjoy their meal in peace?!" The Black Dragon King's eyes were wide as he roared angrily.

However, just as the words left his mouth, he saw the bewildered expressions on the faces of the people around him.

Looking at the spearheads that were shooting towards him, he sucked in a cold breath as he quickly retracted his shiny bald head, slamming the doors shut.


The spears landed on the door with a loud explosion...

However, the destruction that they expected to happen didn't take place.

The doors didn't even shake.

As green smoke slowly dissipated, the doors stood completely undamaged.

Everyone had a look of disbelief as they goggled at the doors.

The two people who attacked were One-star True Immortal Realm experts. How was it possible that the doors didn't shatter?!

"How is it possible?" The pupils of the two silver-armored guards shrank as they yelled in surprise.

Their cultivation base was utilized fully, but they failed to even leave a scratch! Their attacks should be able to pierce a hole in a mountain!

Above them, the oppressive aura became stronger and stronger. It was as though the lightning punishment was about to descend at any moment.

Tong Muhe took a long breath, and his eyes slightly narrowed.

In the next moment, he stepped out, transforming into a beam of silver light as he shot out.

Holding the long spear firmly in his hand, he aimed towards the restaurant's doors.


Like a silver dragon tearing through the sky, the silver light flashed through as it flew towards the restaurant.

Suddenly, just as the collision was about to happen...

The tightly-closed doors of the restaurant opened once again.

A black dog who was wagging its tail walked out from the restaurant with graceful cat-like steps.

Everyone was stunned.

A dog?!

Why did this restaurant send out a dog?!

Are they giving up on defending themselves?

As the spectators looked at the dog, which was walking like a cat, many of them couldn't control themselves as they sneered.

Tong Muhe halted and frowned. He took a deep breath and said, "Why is there a dog? Shouldn't it be the handsome fellow who killed Third Uncle?"

Back then, the Two-star Immortal Realm expert from the Tong family was killed by a handsome youth with a single slap.

Other than completing his mission, Tong Muhe's other goal was to look for the youth.

Lord Dog stepped out with graceful cat-like steps as he sauntered over to the stone steps in front of the restaurant.

"Keep quiet... It's the most important part in preparing Red Braised Meat, so don't mess around." Lord Dog yawned as he spoke lazily, his eyes half-closed.

When those words left his mouth, everyone fell into a stunned silence...

What the f*ck is going on?

When tension was running high and everyone was about to break out into battle at any moment, a dog like this actually ran out of the restaurant, not to mention that it was sleepy and told everyone not to mess around...

You guys are really hilarious...

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Suddenly, the silver spear turned into a silver dragon and shot towards the dog...

Everyone's heart shook.

In a few moments, all of them would be able to witness the bloody scene where the dog dies.

Lord Dog glanced at the silver spear heading straight for him and slightly raised his paw.

With a light slap, Lord Dog sent his paw out.

Tong Muhe's body shivered. He didn't dare to believe what he was seeing...

His spear strike was actually easily slapped away by a dog's paw!


Lord Dog shattered the spear light with a single slap. He didn't bother about Tong Muhe or anyone else. He simply raised his head and looked at the sky.

A lightning dragon was roaring in the distance.


The ground started to shake.

After that, a light flickered in everyone's eyes as they looked at a giant figure, which was shooting out of the restaurant.

It was no one else but Whitey.

The moment Whitey appeared, the metal wings on its back unfurled as lightning arcs danced around its body.


In the kitchen, Bu Fang's mental energy rippled as it battered against the dish in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bubbling sounds could be heard coming from the steamer as steam rose into the air.

After a while, Bu Fang extinguished the flame before opening his eyes.

The Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork was complete.

Standing up, Bu Fang clasped his hands together as he walked in front of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He slowly opened the steamer, and hot steam rose from within.

The instant the steam appeared, it filled the kitchen, and in the center of all the steam was a ruby-colored light that shot out in all directions.

It was extremely beautiful.


The moment Bu Fang raised the cover, lightning fell from the sky with a thunderous roar.

The oppressive aura it gave out was extremely intense.

Everyone felt terrified and quickly retreated.

Facing the lightning punishment, everyone had a sense of reverence in their heart.

The light was blinding as it slowly filled the entire area.

A wave of immortal energy swirled around the bowl, as though it was a small dragon.

In the bowl, the ruby-like Red Braised Meat emitted a brilliant scarlet light.

Naturally, Bu Fang was able to sense the events that were happening in front of the restaurant. However, with Lord Dog around, he didn't need to worry at all.

Holding the ceramic bowl in his hands, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen.


The bell that was hanging on the door let out a crisp ringing sound.

As the dense fragrance diffused around the restaurant, resplendent light shot out in all directions.

Bu Fang placed the bowl on a table...

The aroma of the meat emerged from the dish, which seemed as though it was carved out of gems. Overall, it was sparkling and translucent.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes instantly narrowed, and drool flowed out of the corners of his mouth. His nose constantly twitched as he took in the amazing fragrance lingering in the air.

The Black Dragon King and Nethery's eyes lit up.

The dish was complete, and the lightning punishment fell.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant, lightning shot down from the dense black clouds.

After that, in front of everyone's eyes, it was swallowed by the iron puppet that had soared into the sky.

The crowd went into an uproar, shock and disbelief all over their faces.


Whitey landed on the ground as bolts of lightning danced around its body.

It stood beside Lord Dog, light flashing in its eyes. It emitted a horrifying pressure just standing there.

"Oh... smells so good. The aroma is so strong it even reached outside. Looks like the Red Braised Meat is done. Lord Dog can't wait!"

In the next instant, Lord Dog looked at the silver-armored guards, who had a dumbstruck expression on their faces.

"Hurry up if you have something to say. I, Lord Dog, am in a hurry..." Lord Dog indifferently said.