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 Inside the kitchen of Immortal Chef Little Store, bubbling sounds could be heard as the water boiled.

Bright lights lit up the kitchen, and as the steam rose up from the boiling water, it shrouded the room in mist.

Bu Fang placed the entire piece of Eight Treasures Pig meat onto the countertop. With a thought, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, which emitted a resplendent golden light.

As of today, Bu Fang could already communicate with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spirit easily, which allowed him to be completely at ease when preparing the ingredients.

With a spin of the knife, it danced around in his hand as it processed the piece of fatty meat. After that, he placed it in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

In the wok, the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water was continuously bubbling. The instant the Eight Treasures Pig meat touched the boiling water, a wisp of immortal energy started to revolve around the surface of the wok.

Bubble. Bubble. Bubble.

Bu Fang used a pair of long chopsticks as he flipped the meat around.

He looked at the golden flame burning brightly under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which was burning with extreme intensity, and he couldn't help but sigh.

"It looks like the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame is too weak to cook this level of ingredient. It's time to change to an immortal flame, preferably a higher grade, or else I won't be able to cook higher grade immortal ingredients."

Since Bu Fang's cultivation level had increased, the grade of the ingredients he used would increase as well.

There many ingredients he couldn't cook thoroughly with the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. No matter how superb his cooking skill was, if he couldn't cook the dish, it didn't matter.

As such, he had to up his game and try harder to find an immortal flame.

However, this time, Bu Fang was lucky that the Braised Pork could be prepared by his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

After removing all the foam on top of the water in the wok, Bu Fang took out the piece of meat.

With a flash of golden light, the way Bu Fang held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife became more solemn.

Since the ingredients didn't have to be prepared so quickly, Bu Fang chose to use the Overlord Thirteen Blades.

As for the newest Cutting Immortal Style, he didn't dare to try it out as he hadn't practiced using it yet.

After dicing the meat into small cubes, they looked extremely exquisite as Bu Fang placed them neatly in a line.

He then took out an earthenware pot, which was needed to prepare the Braised Pork.

With a thought, Bu Fang took out several bamboo leaves. These crisp and glistening leaves were products from the newest part of the Heaven and Earth Farmland, the Bamboo Forest.

The bamboo trees that grew in the Bamboo Forest were all spirit ingredients. They contained dense spirit energy, which was also the reason why they looked like jade.

Bu Fang started to spread out the bamboo leaves at the bottom of the earthenware pot.

He then added several pieces of thinly-sliced Son Mother Ginger and sliced bulbs of Scale Tail Scallion before placing the pork meat, filling it to the brim.

After that, it was time to prepare the seasoning.

He first poured in dark soy sauce before adding light soy sauce. These two different kinds of soy sauce would bring about two different tastes.

Bu Fang then took out two pieces of rock sugar that looked like diamonds and stuffed it into the pot as well.

Pouring in half a jar of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, Bu Fang placed the lid of the pot before putting it on the stove. The slow cooking process was now about to begin.

Bu Fang spurted out a ball of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame on the stove.

Clasping his hands behind his back, his mental energy surged out like a wave and enveloped the entire pot. He started to feel the movement of energy in it.

This dish was of a higher grade than the Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings, but it wasn't that much difficult to prepare. That was because the ingredients he used were different.

Condensing the origin energy of the ingredient into immortal energy was a step that allowed the ingredient to level up. After this step was completed, its taste and texture would improve drastically.

The time Bu Fang would use to stew the pork was the time it took half an incense stick to burn.

Once the time was up, Bu Fang opened his eyes, but he didn't relax his mental energy at all. At this point, the Braised Pork wasn't done yet.

Opening the lid, billows of steam escaped, along with the dense aroma of the meat. It wafted in the air, and in an instant, it filled the kitchen.

Eventually, the fragrant smell filled the entire restaurant as well.

Outside the kitchen, the Black Dragon King, who was playing with Flowery, suddenly twitched his nose. His eyes lit up, looking like light beams were shooting out of them.

"Smells so good! What new dish is Owner Bu cooking?"

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes spun as she opened her mouth in excitement, revealing her sharp teeth.

Lord Dog, who was lying on the floor and snoring loudly, suddenly opened his eyes. There was a bright look in them as he lifted his head up to look at the kitchen.

"This smell... It's so fragrant! It's the smell of meat! It's not Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs... Smells like Red Braised Meat. However, it's no ordinary Red Braised Meat..." Lord Dog mumbled.

Nether King Er Ha flew down the stairs with a Spicy Strip in his mouth.

This was part of the ten pieces of Spicy Strips he received from Bu Fang after killing the Two-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert.

He had just finished eating his last piece, so it was a pleasant coincidence that Bu Fang rewarded him with ten of them.

With a Spicy Strip in his mouth, an ecstatic look appeared in Nether King Er Ha's eyes.

"This meat doesn't smell greasy, and the aroma isn't overwhelming. Bu Fang, this little kid... His cooking skills are getting better!" Nether King Er Ha commended.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Bu Fang opened the lid of the earthenware pot, filling the room with steam.

The color of the meat already turned reddish-brown, and a bright light shot out of it. However, the light wasn't too glaring, as it was just a gentle glow.

Maybe because the dish wasn't complete yet.

Bu Fang believed that when the dish was done, the instant he opened the pot, a dazzling light would fill the room.

Picking up a pair of chopsticks, he flipped the meat a few times, then poured in the other half of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew. After that, he placed the lid again to allow the meat to continue cooking.

This time, it didn't cook for too long, and it only took half the time previously.


Bu Fang's mental energy crashed towards the pot like waves, causing the origin energy within the pot to roll around unceasingly.

He opened the lid once again...

Wisps of origin energy seemed to be emitting radiant light as they swirled around inside the pot.

However, Bu Fang used his mental energy to control them, and he didn't allow them to charge out from the pot.

While he was controlling the origin energy, he asked for a ceramic bowl from the system. Then, he took out the Braised Pork and placed it into the bowl.

It was as though the bowl was specially designed for the Braised Pork. The opening of the bowl was rather small, but its body was bulging.

After stuffing the Braised Pork into the bowl, chunks of glistening meat could be seen from the top.

Bu Fang poured the stock from the pot over the chunks of meat.

The stock was extraordinary. It contained a lot of energy, and it possessed the flavor of bamboo leaves, Son Mother Ginger, Scale Tail Scallion, and the taste of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

However, because Bu Fang poured the wine in two separate batches, the taste of the wine wasn't overbearing. It was precisely this kind of faint alcoholic taste that would captivate people.

After placing the ceramic bowl into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang started to steam it...

This steaming process was the most important step. It would allow all the flavors to blend and integrate itself into the meat, not to mention that it was the critical step in congealing immortal energy from the origin energy.


Immortal Kitchen Pavilion

Mu Liuer and Manager Chen took their leave.

Beside Mu Liuer was a tall and sturdy man with his hands clasped behind his back. It was the protector of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert.

This time, this expert was listening to the request of Mu Liuer to stop the people from the Tong family.

Both Manager Chen and Mu Liuer knew that they had already missed the chance once, and they knew that after this second chance, there would definitely not be a third. They couldn't afford to lose another opportunity now.

Bu Fang's talent and skills were too shocking, so Mu Liuer wanted him to join the City Lord's team of Immortal Chefs.

In Immortal City, every single influential family would invite Immortal Chefs to their side. They would form teams of Immortal Chefs on their own.

That was because after stepping into the Land of Inheritance, all of them required the help of Immortal Chefs. As for the Immortal Chefs themselves, they naturally wanted to improve themselves, which was the reason why they would join and enter the Land of Inheritance.

In the Land of Inheritance, they would be able to obtain recipes of a higher grade, as well as obtain the chance to acquire an immortal flame.

Mu Liuer was extremely optimistic about Bu Fang, thinking that there would be no one more familiar with him than herself.

From the moment Bu Fang set up a small stall, she always paid attention to him.

Bu Fang's body was seemingly filled with a magical power that deeply intrigued her. The more she interacted with him, the more she felt that this mortal, who had ascended from the lower realm, was unfathomable.

Bu Fang's talent wasn't the best, but it was filled with unlimited possibilities. For example, the speed of his improvement was never before seen by Mu Liuer.

That was why she managed to convince the Two-star True Immortal Realm expert who guarded the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion to help Bu Fang.

There was no doubt that the Tong family would try to take revenge.

Since the City Court wanted to bring Bu Fang to their side, they had to show some sincerity.

It would be easy to add flowers to a brocade, but it would be difficult to find someone who would send coal in the snowy weather. What they had to do was help Bu Fang when he needed help!

Manager Chen let out a dry cough before saying, "The person the Tong family sent out this time... is Tong Muhe."

"Tong Muhe? Is Uncle Mu confident in defeating Tong Muhe?" Mu Liuer's pupils shrank as she turned her head to look at the tall and sturdy man.

That man had a head full of spiky hair. His gaze was steady, and his aura was strong.

"Ah, Tong Muhe... The Tong family's madman in the younger generation. Even though he's trash when it comes to cooking, his talent for combat is terrifying!" the man called Uncle Mu seriously said. He then looked at Mu Liuer with a solemn gaze and asked, "Junior Pavilion Master, for a mere mortal chef... is it worth it?"

Mu Liuer sank into silence for quite some time. She didn't know if it was worth it or not, but she did admit that it was a gamble-a gamble with offending the Tong family as a result!

If she lost, the price the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had to pay wouldn't be small at all.

"I believe... I believe that it's worth it. It's because he never let me down so far. He has always been showing results beyond my expectations," Mu Liuer answered.

Manager Chen gave a sidelong glance at Mu Liuer and mumbled to himself.

Junior Pavilion Master... you definitely can't fall for him!

He's just a mortal and doesn't deserve you!

"Alright! Since Junior Pavilion Master is so confident, Uncle Mu will go crazy with you just this once! When the City Lord finds someone to blame, Uncle Mu will assume all responsibility!"

The look in the man's eyes was sharp, and the breath he exhaled was seemingly like a dragon's.

In the next moment, the three of them turned into beams of light as they flew quickly to Bu Fang's small restaurant.


Mu Liuer's thoughts stirred as she raised her head to take a look.

Above the restaurant, black clouds were gathering.

The surrounding people noticed it as well, their faces filled with bewilderment.

Mu Liuer was stunned. "This... Could it be another dish that will attract lightning punishment?"

The moment Manager Chen saw those black clouds, several dry coughs escaped his mouth. There was a strange look on his face as he said, "This mortal chef's talent is really scary. The dishes he prepares attract lightning punishment so easily..."

Indeed, it was the lightning punishment. The dark clouds in the sky let out an oppressive aura, causing people to feel a heavy weight pressing down on them.

Manager Chen suddenly sucked in a cold breath. "With this old man's evaluation... this dish is even more extraordinary than the Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings!"

When Mu Liuer heard his words, her eyes lit up. "This proves Bu Fang's worth!"


The black clouds continued to pile up above them.

In the distance, a silver light broke through the sky as it charged towards the restaurant. It seemed as though the void was cracking and shattering as it flew through the air.

"They're here!"

Uncle Mu had a solemn look on his face as he stood in front of the small restaurant. He raised his aura, and a bright light shot out from his eyes as he stared into the distance.

There, the silver light started to fade away, revealing several people clad in silver armor, who began to tread the air.

There were fifteen One-star True Immortal Realm experts, and leading them was Tong Muhe, who had reached the Two-star True Immortal Realm. The terrifying aura they released caused many people to hold their breaths and not make any sound.

Everyone started to shiver.

This is the power of an aristocratic family! This is what would happen when one offended them!

Normally, True Immortal Realm experts wouldn't appear in the streets, much less in the outer circle. And now, the Tong family sent out sixteen of them at once!

Tong Muhe hovered in the air as he held a silver spear. On his body, the silver light seemed like dragons as it meandered around him.

Not far from him, the fifteen silver-armored experts hovered as well.

They confronted Mu Liuer's group in front of Immortal Chef Little Store...

"The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion... wants to stop me?"

Tong Muhe's eyes became cold as he slightly raised his chin. The corners of his mouth curved upwards into a smirk as his arrogant voice resounded through the air.

"Today, no one can protect that mortal chef. No one can stop me."