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 Under the gray sky in the vast wilderness, the wind blew against the grass....

Bu Fang landed in the Heaven and Earth Farmland, his feet stepping on the lush green leaves. The scent of the rich soil filled the air.

It seems that it just rained in the farmland as droplets of water could be seen on the blades of grass. They were crystal clear and looked like they were glowing, which was an extremely beautiful sight.

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back as he walked through the grass. Soon, he arrived at the wooden cabin.

At this moment, Niu Hansan was lying on a chair. His loud snores periodically resounded in the air, and there seemed to be a rhythm behind it.

Bu Fang stood in front of the ball-like Niu Hansan, the corners of his lips curling upwards.

It seems like Niu Hansan was extremely satisfied with the meals he got in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

With a single thought, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared.

Bu Fang brought the wok next to Niu Hansan's ear, and with a single fist, he smashed it against the wok, causing a loud banging sound to echo through the sky, like a temple's morning bell.

Niu Hansan's body quivered before he fell from his chair. As his body rolled on the ground, he ate a mouthful of dirt.

"Go f*ck your ancestors!"

With a flurry of curses, Niu Hansan turned his ball-like body around to crawl up from the ground. The fire in his eyes burned bright as rage surged in his heart.

However, after looking around, his eyes finally landed on Bu Fang.

The moment he saw Bu Fang, Niu Hansan instantly sobered up.

"Ah! Hahaha! Owner Bu, where did esteemed elder find the time to enter the Heaven and Earth Farmland and play around?"

A wide smile instantly appeared on Niu Hansan's face as he walked beside Bu Fang with a bootlicking expression.

Bu Fang kept the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and glanced at Niu Hansan indifferently. "Looks like you're eating pretty well lately. Look at how fat you became..."

"It's just that the harvest was good... There's so much food, so this old bull had to taste some." Niu Hansan covered his mouth and gave a somewhat guilty laugh.

"Alright. It's fine to eat some. As long as you take care of the Heaven and Earth Farmland for me, you can eat your fill." Bu Fang naturally had to give Niu Hansan some advantages for the latter's hard work.

It was no problem for him. It was just some ingredients.

"Really?! Thank you, Owner Bu! Of course, if I can taste Owner Bu's cooking..."

After Niu Hansan said the last sentence, his eyes lit up, and a huge grin appeared on his face. As he laughed, he wiped the drool off the corner of his mouth.

Compared to the dishes he prepared himself, Owner Bu's dishes were much more delicious! He felt as though his cooking was no different from cow turd.

"Right. Any new creature that appeared here recently?"

Bu Fang went inside the wooden cabin and brought out a chair, which he placed in front of the cabin. He slowly sat and leaned on the chair.

A creaking sound was emitted from the chair as Bu Fang's body lay down on it.

"New creature?" Niu Hansan was stunned momentarily.

He knew that there was definitely a reason for Bu Fang to enter the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

"There is... but this creature isn't some sort of precious ingredient. It's nothing special." Niu Hansan scratched his head as he answered.

"Oh? Why is it not special?" Bu Fang's curiosity was piqued as he continued to ask.

"This new creature appeared all of a sudden two days ago. The moment it appeared, it dug out several lustrous cabbages! It really angered this old bull!" Niu Hansan sat on his chair as he complained to Bu Fang.

It dug out several cabbages the moment it appeared...

Bu Fang's brows arched.

"Owner Bu, you should know that our cabbages are different from the normal cabbages sold in the market. Every single head is extremely precious, and it dug out two the moment it appeared... It's such a waste!" Niu Hansan whined.

Bu Fang was expressionless as he continued to ask, "Alright, tell me about the creature who dug out the cabbages."

Niu Hansan's eyes widened as he spat out a single word. "Pig!"

"What the hell?" Bu Fang's eyebrows jumped once again.

"Yeah, a pig!" Niu Hansan breathed out columns of white gas as he said that.

"Try saying another sentence... Just try it." Bu Fang narrowed his eyes as he looked at Niu Hansan.

Niu Hansan was stunned for a moment before his mouth slowly opened. "Owner Bu, the creature that appeared was a pig! It dug out two heads of cabbages!"

Niu Hansan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"What pig? Isn't it an Eight Treasures Pig?" Bu Fang questioned.

"How would this old bull know what kind of pig it is? After digging out two heads of cabbages, this old bull didn't care if it was a Seven Treasures Pig or an Eight Treasures Pig. I immediately beat it up."

Niu Hansan crossed his arms in front of his chest as he tilted his head towards the sky.

The immortal ingredient, Eight Treasures Pig... was beaten up?!

"Take me to the pig." The corners of Bu Fang's mouth pulled up into a smile.

Even though Niu Hansan was puzzled about why Bu Fang wanted to take a look at a pig, he obediently brought the latter over.

After walking for some time...

In the tall grass, some rustling sounds could be heard.

In the next instant, a figure appeared in Bu Fang and Niu Hansan's vision.

It was a figure that ran at a breakneck speed.

With its head tilted towards the sky, its round body was noticeable with several black spots on it. It looked very, very... meaty.

It was really just a pig. A big fat pig who had a bloody nose and a swollen face.

On the Eight Treasures Pig's back, a tiny figure was riding on top of it.

Upon closer look, Bu Fang saw that it was Eighty.

A pig-riding chicken?

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upwards.

Eighty's leg grew out again... As Eighty grew up, it's regenerative abilities became stronger.

It was indeed worthy of being called Precious Chicken, an ingredient that was comparable to immortal ingredients.

Little Three, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion was following behind the fat pig as it appeared from the tall grass.

Landing on the ground, Little Three started to pant.

As a freaking Wild Lion of the Ruin Prison, it was actually unable to keep up with a pig!

The pig was even carrying a damn chicken with it!

It was really too embarrassing!

As the Eight Treasures Pig landed on the ground, it coincidentally faced Bu Fang and Niu Hansan. With its eyes rolling around, it breathed out continuously as it emitted loud cries.

The moment Eighty, who was on the pig's back, laid eyes on Bu Fang, goosebumps appeared all over its body.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck?!"

Eighty's eyes seemed to be emitting flames as it glared at Bu Fang.

However, when Bu Fang turned his gaze to look at it, Eighty didn't dare to release a single sound.

After clucking faintly, it rolled off the Eight Treasures Pig's back and landed on the ground before dashing away at a breakneck speed.

At this moment, the Eight Treasures Pig seemed at a loss of what to do as it stood in its place.

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back and walked in front of the Eight Treasures Pig.

"Immortal ingredient, Eight Treasures Pig... " Bu Fang observed the pig carefully with an indifferent expression on his face.

No wonder Niu Hansan couldn't recognize that this was an immortal ingredient. The pig had no special features!

However, Bu Fang's spirit energy could easily probe out the pig, and he could feel that it possessed terrifying energy in its body.

This pig had immortal energy!

If he used this pig, he could easily prepare a dish that contained immortal energy!

In simple terms, if anyone used this pig to prepare a dish, they would easily become an Immortal Chef!

Bu Fang was sure that if this pig were to appear in the Immortal Cooking Realm, everyone would chase it to the ends of the earth.

Patting the pig's stomach, the fats on the Eight Treasures Pig's body trembled.

Feeling the gaze on its body, the Eight Treasures Pig felt a shiver down its spine as it flared its nostrils.

A moment later...

The Eight Treasures Pig sprinted around in front of the wooden cabin at a rapid speed. It released miserable cries nonstop...

Bu Fang weighed the piece of pork breast in his hand as a strange look appeared in his eyes.

There was a wisp of immortal energy lingering in this piece of meat.

Niu Hansan's eyes were wide as he looked at the meat in Bu Fang's hand.

The pig that had dug up the cabbages was actually a good ingredient!

Bu Fang realized that the Eight Treasures Pig was pretty similar to Eighty as they could both regenerate quickly.

Even if Bu Fang chopped off a leg, another would grow out before long.

Simply put, this was a pig that could be used many times, just like Eighty.

Holding the Eight Treasures Pig's meat in his hand, Bu Fang happily left the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

He left Niu Hansan, whose drool was dripping from the corners of his mouth, staring at the Eight Treasures Pig who was running around crazily.

Eighty poked its head out from the grass. Seeing that Bu Fang had left, it shook its chicken butt as it ran back.


When Bu Fang returned to Immortal Chef Little Store, he immediately stepped into the kitchen, the bell on the doorframe jingling as he did so.

He looked at the piece of meat in his hand, looking forward to trying the effects of the dishes he could make from it.

What dish should he prepare?

Red Braised Meat? Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs? Or should he just barbeque it?

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he looked at the piece of pork in his hand. Not long after, the corners of his mouth pulled up as he finally decided what to cook.

"I'll just make Braised Pork!"

Braised Pork... was a famous dish in Bu Fang's previous world.

Using such a precious ingredient to prepare his dish... Bu Fang couldn't help feel a sense of anticipation in his heart.


Inner circle, Immortal City

In the imposing mansion of the Tong family, a miserable howl pierced the sky.

"Goddamn it! Damn it! That mortal... I want him dead!"

Tong Cheng's eyes were red as tears streamed down his face. There was a wild look on his face.

A bandage was wrapped around his head as he lay in his bed, powerless. He couldn't move at all.

However, even though he couldn't move, nothing could hide his rage and bitterness.

His spirit sea was broken... He couldn't feel his mental force at all.

Without mental force, how was he supposed to cook?

If he couldn't cook, how could he be considered an Immortal Chef?

If he couldn't cook, he was a nobody!

Lying on his bed, he looked at the ceiling. However, Tong Cheng had something he had to admit... It was the fact that he was now a cripple.

That damned mortal... He used a single wok to smash apart his spirit sea.

Every time he thought about it, Tong Cheng felt a surge of rage well up in his heart, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The sound of footsteps got closer.

Shortly after, a figure appeared and stepped into Tong Cheng's room. It was a middle-aged man who had a grave expression on his face.

Walking over to Tong Cheng's bed, he felt the depressing atmosphere around as he looked at Tong Chen who didn't have the slightest trace of mental energy. An aggrieved expression appeared on his face.

"Dad! Dad! You have to avenge me... Your son is a cripple now! I can't take this lying down!"

When Tong Cheng saw who it was, he tried to turn his head as fresh tears streamed down his face. With his tears flowing down, the malevolent look in his eyes became stronger.

"Cheng'er, don't worry. I won't allow you to be a cripple like this... That mortal must pay the price! Your Third Uncle cannot die a meaningless death!" The middle-aged man gritted his teeth, and a mournful look appeared in his eyes.

Tong Cheng was stunned. Third Uncle... a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert... is dead?

"How did Third Uncle die? How is it possible for that mortal to kill Third Uncle?!" Tong Cheng felt as though he was suffocated, and he almost vomited out another mouthful of blood.

"That mortal has some backing... However, your father will make him pay the price. My Tong family isn't something anyone can offend!" the middle-aged man coldly said.

After a short while, he added, "Cheng'er, you just stay here and rest. When the land of inheritance opens, I will look for immortal medicine to heal your spirit sea."

A sluggish look appeared in Tong Cheng's eyes.

When the middle-aged man left Tong Cheng's room and closed the door, he turned around to look at his subordinate who was fully clad in armor.

This was an elite soldier of his Tong family. Every single one of them was in the True Immortal Realm, and their leader, Tong Muhe, was a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert!

"Second Elder, I am ready," Tong Muhe said with an ice-cold expression, nodding his head at the middle-aged man.

"The dignity of the Tong family cannot be trampled upon. Even if other families offend us, we have to take revenge, not to mention that guy is just a mere mortal! Hurry up and surround the city. Take down that mortal!" the middle-aged man said.

A moment later, he waved his hand, and a beam of light shot towards the man in front of him.

"Take this immortal tool with you. This is a middle-grade immortal tool. If you use it, it can make your cultivation reach the Three-star True Immortal Realm. I'll hand over the mission of catching the killer of Third Elder in your hands," the middle-aged man said in a solemn voice.

Tong Muhe grabbed a long spear and received the immortal tool that was handed over to him.

Brilliant light rays shot out from the immortal tool before it turned into a blue wok.

What kind of immortal tool is this?

Tong Muhe narrowed his eyes. With this immortal tool in his hand, he was confident in facing Three-star True Immortal Realm experts!

Catching a mere mortal... would be too easy!

"Second Elder, please wait for Muhe's triumphant return. The criminal who harmed Young Master Tong Cheng must be executed! We will punish everyone who offends our Tong family!"

Tong Muhe whistled loudly as energy rushed through his body.

In the next instant, several armor-clad experts rushed out of the Tong family residence with Tong Muhe in the lead. They transformed into silver lights as they shot towards the outer circle.

At this moment, many other huge families were watching the good show that was about to play out.

When the geniuses of those families felt the silver energy that filled the sky, a grave expression appeared on their faces.

"The Tong family's Tong Muhe... is really a powerful fighter!"


In the inner circle, a horse-drawn carriage slowly rolled along the road.

Xuanyuan Xiahui raised the curtain and looked outside, sensing the terrifying energy above them. He let out a long sigh.

"The Tong family's retaliation has begun... Owner Bu, are you ready?"