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 The old man didn't think that the mortal before him would not run away. The latter even decided to smash him with a massive wok!

Where did this mortal get his courage?!

The old man's facial muscles twitched.

He was a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert. His power was extremely fierce and formidable, not to mention that he occupied a high and respectable position.

This mortal... How dare he counterattack with the wok despite the pressure he was under?

"You want to die? You filthy animal, you don't want to live anymore!" the old man from the Tong family angrily bellowed.

Tong Cheng had been wounded terribly by a mortal that hadn't even reached the True Immortal Realm. The brutal black wok had been swung twice, and this made everyone shiver in fright.

The old man sent out a palm, but he had been unable to stop and wound the mortal.

Of course, it was such a humiliation for him.

To repay this humiliation, the old man figured that he could use the mortal's life to wash it away.

It was just a wok. The old man thought he could blow it away with one strike.

He wasn't Tong Cheng.

Tong Cheng was at One-star True Immortal Realm, but he had been lazy in his cultivation. Hence, his fighting prowess was slightly weaker than that of a normal One-star True Immortal Realm expert.

As for the old man, his cooking talent wasn't good, so he had focused on cultivation instead. As an expert at Two-Star True Immortal Realm, how could a mere mortal defeat him?

Although the old man was somewhat bewildered that his true energy curtain was unable to strike that mortal to death, he didn't have much time to dwell on it.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang remained expressionless. The black-and-white bandage loosened, revealing his arm with the Taotie drawings. As the Taoties' ear-piercing roars resounded from it, the strength of his arm increased.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok swung hard, and its earthen-yellow glow lit up the area around it.

The sound of air being torn rang out.

The old man's expression was cold. He curved his palm into a claw and reached out to snatch the incoming Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He wanted to crush it to pieces!

The spectators were so shocked that their jaws dropped.

Bu Fang had decided to attack a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert!

How could that mortal be this arrogant?

How could he be this persistent?

Although two hits from that wok had almost killed Tong Cheng, this time, he was facing off against a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert from the Tong family!

This newly-promoted Immortal Chef had an amazing, overbearing aura.

The jaws of Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others had dropped as they watched these events unfold. Bu Fang really, really scared them.

Mu Liuer furrowed her brows. The Tong family was too lawless.

"Do you really think our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion does not have experts?" She snorted.

Shortly, a powerful aura shot out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

It was the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's Two-star True Immortal Realm expert.

Boom! Boom!

The terrifying pressure spread really fast, and a dazzling beam of light shot out from a corner. It moved like a meteor, heading towards the old man from the Tong family.

Bu Fang expressionlessly gazed at the old man as turbulent waves arose on his spirit sea.

The gold divine dragon soared, and the massive black turtle also floated up...

A moment later, Bu Fang's extreme mental force surged like an attacking, tidal wave.

The claw formed by the old man halted in midair. Bu Fang's mental force had him feeling flustered.


The audience watched with tense expressions as Bu Fang's wok shot towards the old man's head.


The void in the wok's path seemed to shatter.

The old man's cultivation base was definitely much higher than Tong Cheng's. In the True Immortal Realm, the gap between One-star and Two-star experts was really vast.

The old man was flustered only for a second and quickly pulled himself together.

The ground beneath him almost exploded. He raised his hands above his head, in an attempt to shield himself.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok struck the old man's arms, and its terrifying force sent the old man flying backward.

With a resounding boom, the man crashed into the ruins, causing clouds of dust to rise into the air.

The area suddenly turned dead silent.

The audience was stunned. No one could believe what they had just seen.

This mortal chef really did want to ascend to heaven.

His wok was able to blow the Tong family's Two-star True Immortal Realm expert away!

That wok... had won him so many confrontations.

Two strikes from it were enough to leave Tong Cheng near death. And now, one strike from it had blown away the old man from the Tong family.


Rocks soared into the air.

The old man climbed up from the ruin. Pulsing green veins appeared on his forehead, and bloody murder filled his eyes. His aura continued to rise.

"You filthy animal!" The old man screamed.

However, the expert from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had taken this chance to arrive in front of the old man from the Tong family.

"You said that you won't interfere... You broke the rule. Your Tong family looks down on our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion," the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's expert said coldly.

"You can't protect him! This mortal has offended our Tong family. His end will not be a good one!" the old man snarled.

When the old man saw the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's expert, he knew that he had lost his chance to kill Bu Fang.

"That has nothing to do with our protection. You said that you won't make a move," replied the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's expert.

The air chilled as though daggers had been drawn.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

In the distance, the two experts from the Tong family had finally escaped from Whitey. They dashed toward Tong Cheng and quickly helped him up.

However, the moment everyone got a clear look at Tong Cheng, they sucked in breaths of cold air.

Their minds trembled.

Tong Cheng's head was deformed. Indeed, Bu Fang had not shown any mercy.

When the two experts from the Tong family felt Tong Cheng's feeble aura, their hearts sank.

Tong Cheng's energy was vanishing. His head was now a bloody mess.

His mental force rapidly diminished as the seconds passed...

His spirit sea had been crushed by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok's spirit! Tong Cheng was completely screwed!

Upon seeing Tong Cheng's terrible situation, silence reigned in the entire place.

This was the best example of one courting death of their own free will. Not only did Tong Cheng fail to overcome his opponent, but he was left half-dead as well.

It had taken only two hits from the wok to shatter Tong Cheng's spirit sea.

The moment his spirit sea collapsed, Tong Cheng was done for. He was no longer qualified to be an Immortal Chef, and there was even a possibility that he would become retarded.

The onlookers sucked in breaths of cold air. Too pathetic...

They hurriedly turned to look at Bu Fang, fear filling their eyes.

Tong Cheng's Third Uncle shivered, overwhelmed by grief.

Such a good man... How did he end up almost beaten to death using a wok?

"My Tong family's Immortal Chef has been rendered disabled. Do you think I will let this slide?" The old man's voice trembled as he gazed at the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's expert.

The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's expert did not reply.

Tong Cheng had actually brought this on himself.

If Tong Cheng had not been overcome by greed, trying to take Bu Fang's Earth Immortal Puppet using his lofty Tong family's status, he would not have ended up in such a miserable state.

Tong Cheng had started all of these, so of course it would all end with him.

"You two, take Tong Cheng back to the Tongs' mansion first..."

The old man from the Tong family sounded very solemn. A shattered spirit sea was a serious injury that could not be treated completely. However, the resources the Tong family had at their disposal were good enough to save his life.

The two True Immortal Realm experts exchanged looks and nodded at the old man. They took Tong Cheng's limp body and dashed out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

No one stopped them, and the three figures soon disappeared.

Bu Fang put away his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

His Vermillion Robe fluttered as he clasped his hands behind him.

Whitey quietly stood behind him. Its mechanical eyes twinkled constantly.

"The Immortal Chef test is over, and I passed it. If you don't have anything else to say, I'm going back to open my restaurant and start my business," Bu Fang said.

Open his restaurant?

You are still in the f*cking mood to open your restaurant?

That attack you doled out to the Tong family's precious son has made him a retard, yet you dare to leave so leisurely? Do you intend to walk into the net yourself?

As one of the top families, the Tongs would never allow this young man, who had challenged their prestige, to remain alive.

Although Bu Fang had become an Immortal Chef, it was not impossible for those influential families to scratch an Immortal Chef to death...

However, just when everyone thought that Bu Fang would ask for protection from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he casually left with his Earth Immortal Puppet.

In the end, the duo promptly left the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

Mu Liuer was dumbstruck.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and Xuanyuan Xuan wore expressions of shock.

This mortal... Isn't he afraid of anything?

Shouldn't he be soliciting for protection now?

By leaving the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he had lost its protection. How could he possibly fend off the Tongs on his own?

He was just seeking death.

The old man from the Tong family wore a cold expression as he watched Bu Fang leave. With a swish of his sleeves, he left too.

As for the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's Two-star True Immortal Realm expert, he didn't stop him as his responsibility was to protect the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

The wellbeing of an Immortal Chef didn't matter to him.

Moreover, that Immortal Chef looked like he wanted to die, so it was not necessary for him to take any action.

The crowd stayed silent for a while before leaving the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion in a hurry. After all, there was an interesting show bound to happen outside.

Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed. He didn't know where Bu Fang was getting his confidence from.


Outside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion

On the long street, Bu Fang casually walked with his hands clasped behind him.

A man and his puppet walked down the street. The clear sounds of their footsteps rang out, making everyone watching them hold their breaths.

Many people had followed Bu Fang, hoping to see some good stuff.

Beating up Tong Cheng until he became disabled... If Bu Fang could leave easily, the Tongs wouldn't be the Tongs, and they would not be qualified to be one of the top families in the entire Immortal City.

Suddenly, Bu Fang stopped.

Right in front of him, a long lance streaked down from the sky and embedded itself in the ground, causing rocks to fly and gusts of wind to form.

A True Immortal Realm expert from the Tong family slowly descended from the sky, his gaze locked onto Bu Fang.

Since they were no longer in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, the old man did not seek to conceal his murderous aura.

That murderous aura made the sky darken, and the spectators found it hard to breathe normally.

A Two-star True Immortal Realm expert attacking with full force...

The thought alone was truly frightening.

That mortal chef couldn't survive such a disaster...

The old man's expression was cold, and a chilling killing intent radiated out of him.

Above his head, his original soul had spurned a sky in which a dazzling star shone!

The old man's robe flapped as he descended like an imposing mountain. The air around him became heavy.

"You wounded a member of our Tong family, and now, you want to run away? Mortal, you are really arrogant," the old man spoke coldly.

Suddenly, a terrifying aura burst out of him and swept past the long street, giving rise to a large tornado.

The people on the long street began to flee in fright.

The spectators sighed at this development, feeling sorry for Bu Fang.

The old man had not bothered to hide his murderous aura. He could now kill Bu Fang, who was without the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's protection, with ease.

The apparent murderous aura made Bu Fang frown. He ran a hand through his loose hair and gently exhaled.

"You do not intend to let me go and open my restaurant?" Bu Fang asked in a low voice.

He raised his head slowly, his gaze settling on the old man with incomparable prestige.

When he did not hear a reply, he casually said, "Little Ha, ten Spicy Strips if you make a move now."

"Hahaha! Bu Fang young man, you should have made such a wise decision earlier. Let this wise and brave king ascend the stage. This king's stripping finger... is so hungry."

A burst of loud laughter rang out after Bu Fang spoke.

The spectators watched a man clad in a long robe, which opened at his chest, suddenly appear in front of Bu Fang. He had used his hand to cover half of his face.

That loud laughter had come from him.

Bu Fang looked at Nether King Er Ha, and then back at the old man who was emitting a murderous aura.

The corners of his mouth curled up as he said, "Strip off his clothes? No. Just slap him to death."