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 The onlookers struggled to breathe.

They stared wide-eyed into the distance to see Tong Cheng slashing Bu Fang, attempting to split him in half.

They could already envision the bloody scene. Some couldn't stand looking at him and decided to close their eyes instead.

Mu Liuer sighed.

The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had decided to give up on Bu Fang...

Manager Chen was a True Immortal Realm expert, but Tong Cheng had brought two True Immortal Realm experts from his Tong family to deal with Bu Fang. Naturally, he couldn't handle them by himself.

However, it was beyond her expectations that Bu Fang's Earth Immortal Puppet could resist the two of them.

Nonetheless, it didn't do much good for him. Although he could stop the other two, Tong Cheng's power was much stronger than Bu Fang's.

Facing Tong Cheng, Bu Fang would be crushed.

The red kitchen knife's glint dazzled everyone. This was an immortal tool's radiance!

Immortal tools were the kitchen equipment grown from the Immortal Tree. They were incomparably strong with developed tool spirits.

If the chefs could contact the spirit, their culinary attainments would be improved further.

To ordinary people, it was very rare to see immortal tools during their lifetime since they had all been scooped up by those powerful families.

But now, they were all witnessing the might of an immortal tool.

How could Bu Fang resist it?

Bu Fang had seized the chance when Tong Cheng wasn't ready to hit him twice with his wok. But this time, he wouldn't get a chance to overturn the situation.

After all, Tong Cheng had taken out his immortal tool.

The others couldn't help but cover their eyes as the red light became more dazzling.

Some had their eyes stimulated to the point that tears rolled down their faces.


A terrifying explosion blasted in the center of the room. Dust rose up torrentially, covering the entire place.

"It's over..."

Xuanyuan Xiahui and Xuanyuan Xuan stood amidst the ruins, and they couldn't help but sigh as they stared at the rising dust.

Xuanyuan Xuan felt somewhat mournful. Her slender hand pulled the hem of Xuanyuan Xiahui's shirt, her eyes sympathetic.

"Immortal Cooking Realm... The aristocratic families are the rulers. Mortals and ordinary people don't have any right to speak."

Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed, rubbing Xuanyuan Xuan's head. "Those families have an absolute ruling order. The City Lord's mansion is also an influential family..."

Mu Liuer's expression was complicated. She had done so much but still failed to protect Bu Fang in the end.

This extraordinary mortal would die soon. It was the consequence of offending powerful families.

The clamorous onlookers quieted down as they stared at the ruins.


Suddenly, everyone's eyes shrank. That was because they found two figures emerging from the dust.

Two figures? How come there are two figures?

Logically, it should have been one figure and a half.

That mortal should've been halved by Tong Cheng, right? Halves of his corpse should be there.


A strong wind swept through, blowing the dust away. It slapped people's faces, bringing with it sharp pangs as wind blades cut them.

This wind blade... is so sharp.

The crowd couldn't help but scream.

Xuanyuan Xiahui lifted his hand, and a flow of true energy gushed out, blocking and dissolving air blades from hurting Xuanyuan Xuan.

However, a wisp of air blade got through, splitting a strand of Xuanyuan Xuan's hair.

"No! This blade energy... It isn't Tong Cheng's immortal tool's energy!" Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes shrank as he screamed in fright.

Xuanyuan Xuan was bewildered.

Far from them, Mu Liuer was also bewildered as she stared at the center of the room.


Dust scattered, revealing the destroyed stage...

Seeing this scene, everybody was petrified!

Tong Cheng was stunned as a cut ran across his face like a thin line. Beads of blood oozed from it.

However, his focus was on something else. His eyes were gazing forward...

In the distance, gold light shone and irritated his eyes. That dazzling light emanated from an object, its gold hue sending shivers down his spine.


A clear but echoing sound arose...

A moment later, the onlookers took in a breath of cold air, staring at a scene they would never forget.

The knife in Tong Cheng's hand split into two halves and fell, producing sharp and clear clanging noises as they hit the ground.

The immortal tool was destroyed.

"How... How could this be?!" One of the youngsters from the aristocratic families couldn't help but scream, getting goosebumps all over his body.

The others were stupefied.

Bu Fang's face was emotionless. His hand holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife shook once more before it spun, radiating light.

Bu Fang also held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok aloft.


The black wok increasingly grew in Tong Cheng's eyes as it descended.

As soon as Bu Fang brandished the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Tong Cheng finally got himself together.

However, it was too late. That familiar wok had already appeared in front of him...

This f*cking wok again!


This time, Bu Fang didn't show mercy. He used all of his strength as he brought the wok down, brutally hitting Tong Cheng in the face.

After being walloped, Tong Cheng fell backward. Blood gushed from his nose, which was almost broken.


Tong Cheng crashed to the ground, holding his nose.

Bu Fang slowly walked over to Tong Cheng.

Holding the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife aloft, his true energy deluged the knife, and a dragon roar shot up into the sky.

A moment later, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hand enlarged, becoming a huge butcher knife. A divine dragon phantom twirled around it, which rose up as it brandished its claws and bared its fangs.

The onlookers were shaken when they saw the dragon phantom.

"This mortal, He... he... He got an immortal tool too?"

"That gold knife... It destroyed Young Master Tong's immortal tool?"

"Tong Cheng's immortal tool is... broken?"

One could see beads of cold sweat on the foreheads of the onlookers. Indeed, Bu Fang had brought them so many surprises.

Is he a real mortal?!

So, all the mortals are this awesome and strong?!

That gold kitchen knife... What level is that immortal tool?

Actually, immortal tools have classes of their own. However, most of the spectators didn't know the level of an immortal tool-only the members of the aristocratic families knew.

It was similar to the names of the dishes in the Book of Immortal Recipes. Ordinary people would never get a chance to access such information.

Bu Fang's eyes were indifferent as he shouldered the massive kitchen knife.

Far away from them, two True Immortal Realm experts from the Tong family were battling against Whitey, and it looked like they couldn't win against the latter.

The Tong family experts were also keeping tabs on Tong Cheng and Bu Fang's battle. However, they never imagined that their Young Master would have a nosebleed and fall on the ground.

"Damn!" One of the True Immortal Realm experts cursed.

His long lance turned into tens of thousands of shadows, filling the sky. He wanted to force Whitey to back off so he could retreat and save Tong Cheng.

However, the lightning arc-covered War God Stick stopped him. It swept over, and tens of thousands of stick shadows parried the long lance away before it shot out a bolt of lightning.

That True Immortal Realm expert coughed blood instantly.

The other True Immortal Realm expert seized the chance and pulled Whitey back, but to no avail.

In an instant, the situation changed. Everything seemed to turn around!

"You... What do you want?!"

Tong Cheng felt a shadow loom over him, blocking the sunlight. Covering his bleeding nose, he tried to open his eyes. However, what welcomed him was that mortal, who stood and watched him.

"You damn mortal!" Tong Cheng's eyes turned bloodshot as he snarled.

A gust of wind blew over, breaking the velvet rope that Bu Fang used to tie his hair. Instantly, his hair fluttered in the wind.

Bu Fang cast Tong Cheng a sidelong glance, pulling the corners of his mouth into a smirk.

A moment later, his shoulder shook, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife swooped down, slashing at Tong Cheng.

The onlookers were utterly frightened. They shuddered, the hair on their napes rising!

That mortal... He dared to kill Tong Cheng?!

That man is the genius Immortal Chef of the most influential family in Immortal City!

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's power was extremely formidable. The air seemed to be slashed altogether under the might of this blade.

Tong Cheng shivered.

Bu Fang's kitchen knife had split Tong Cheng's knife with just a slash, and if it struck his head, wouldn't it be no different from cutting a piece of tofu?

"You can't!"

"Filthy animal! How dare you!"

The moment the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was about to strike Tong Cheng's head, a series of terrifying shouts boomed in front of Bu Fang.

An intimidating aura surged over from outside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, and it came near Bu Fang in an instant.

A lance zoomed over, crossing the void as it hit Bu Fang's Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.


Bu Fang arched his brows as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was pushed backward.

The surrounding people's tense nerves grew all the more taut.

That is... the Two-star True Immortal Expert from the Tong family!

However, in the next moment, what the spectators saw made them draw in a breath of cold air.

Bu Fang didn't stop. Instead, he raised the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok at the same time.


He aimed at Tong Cheng's head as he fiercely attacked.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok grew increasingly larger in Tong Cheng's eyes once again.

Tong Cheng's nerves were tense, and his entire body shook like a leaf. He was cursing ten thousand times under his breath.

He wanted to run. However, his heart was occupied by the tremendous black wok, and he couldn't move an inch.


An ear-piercing noise resounded. Then, the ground shook as it caved in.

Fine cracks reached further away like threads of a spiderweb with Tong Cheng as the center.

His head was buried in the ground, his body still.

The onlookers seemed to have heard the sound of something cracking...

That sound came from the golden shadow hovering above Tong Cheng's spirit sea, which shattered after being hit by Bu Fang's attack.

After two hits from the same wok, Tong Cheng, who was at the One-star True Immortal Realm, had his spirit sea shattered!

Tong Cheng saw a towering black turtle, which was big enough to cover the sky and shoulder the world, intimidate his spirit sea, tearing it apart.

Then... he lost consciousness.


A surge of intimidating energy approached rapidly.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and lifted his head, staring at the fierce old man who was rolling his eyes at him.

The old man charged over and opened his eyes wide, as though the corners of his eyes were about to be torn.

"You... Damn you!" He let out an ear-shattering roar.


Suddenly, a palm descended. This terrifying attack, which seemed like a massive curtain made of true energy, aimed at Bu Fang.


The red and white Vermillion Robe emitted a radiance, and a moment later, it rattled as if something was smashed broken.

At this moment, the invincible function of the Vermillion Robe took effect.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

Gazing at the old man, he wielded his Black Turtle Constellation Wok without any thought on manners or respect!

The onlookers took in a breath of cold air, as though they had seen a ghost.

That mortal chef... He was not shaken at all! Did he really intend to go against a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert?!

He wanted to ascend to heaven!