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 "You... still want to get hit by my wok?"

Bu Fang's faint voice echoed around the room.

When the audience heard him, they were surprised. Their jaws dropped as they stared at Bu Fang in shock.

What did... that mortal just say?

Tong Cheng froze. When he heard Bu Fang's words, he almost vomited blood.

He had been hit by Bu Fang's wok twice before, and he had even gotten a nosebleed. This was a pain that had etched itself in his heart!

Although Bu Fang had not specified which wok he intended to use, his words still had reopened the scar in Tong Cheng's heart.

"You... Damn!"

Tong Cheng was completely enraged, and his eyes had turned bloodshot. The resentment he felt for this mortal had reached its peak.

He hated the fact that he could not just capture this mortal and use the Tong family's extreme methods to torture him!

"Manager Chen, if you stop me, I'll consider it a hostile declaration from the City Lord's mansion. I don't care about the consequences! This mortal... must die!" Tong Cheng emphasized each word in the last sentence.

Suddenly, the two True Immortal Realm experts beside him moved.

Boom! Boom!

The railing was shattered instantly, and in a flash, those two True Immortal Realm experts appeared right in front of Bu Fang. It was as if they had just teleported.

Their expressions were cold, and their auras were intimidating. Their true energies sought to shatter the void as their mental force encompassed the area.

Tong Cheng's aura also exploded outward. However, he didn't make any move.

It's not that he didn't want to, it's just that he was afraid of being hit by a wok.

Hence, he decided to wait for the right moment to strike.

Manager Chen's eyes shrank as he saw those two experts move.

Suddenly, he disappeared from the judge's table and reappeared in front of Bu Fang, shielding him.

"Bu Fang is our Junior Pavilion Master's friend. I must ensure his safety! Young Master Tong, if you want to make a move, I will meet your demand!"


Manager Chen's cultivation base was at One-star True Immortal Realm, which was also the two experts' cultivation base.

However, there were two of them, so when Manager Chen felt their combined pressure, his expression changed.

He thrust his arms forward forcefully, and the space in their paths shattered as his palms met the attacks of the two experts at the same time.

The impact from those attacks made Manager Chen shiver. His face reddened, and he could not help taking several steps backward.

The expressions of the two True Immortal Realm experts instantly changed, and they backed off immediately.

When did this old man become so strong?!

How was he able to receive their attacks at the same time?!

Those thoughts made the two True Immortal Realm experts furrow their brows.

Tong Cheng's eyes narrowed.

"You old moron, do you want to die? In that case, I won't show mercy! Kill him!" Tong Cheng coldly ordered.

The eyes of the two True Immortal Realm experts turned cold.

They charged again, and their intimidating true energy surged like waves, furiously whipping every corner of the room.

The audience felt the terrifying pressure clamp down on their chests. They were frightened.

This was the power of the influential families, the power of True Immortal Realm experts...

Bu Fang's hands remained clasped. His Vermillion Robe fluttered in the gusts of raging winds created by the terrifying auras of the experts.

Meanwhile, Whitey stood still behind him. Starlight twinkled and lightning flashed in its mechanical eyes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several strikes were launched, causing Manager Chen to take several steps backward.

The room trembled as it couldn't bear the pressure. It seemed close to breaking apart.

Amidst the crowd, Mu Liuer's eyes turned stern.

The Tongs... Did they really intend to cause trouble?


Out of nowhere, an intimidating aura erupted within the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

The expressions of the two True Immortal Realm experts of the Tong Family instantly changed, and they came to a sudden halt.

It belonged to a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert. It seems that they had disturbed a powerful expert who protected the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

However, Tong Cheng didn't bat an eye. It seemed he had prepared well.

Today, he really wanted to kill Bu Fang.

"If you don't want to make things worse between the Tong family and the City Lord's mansion, I advise you to quiet down and watch. Or else, I won't mind joining in on the fun..." An ear-piercing voice resounded from outside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

The aura of an expert at Two-star True Immortal Realm surged, clashing with the other auras in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

For a short while, the two kinds of formidable auras and mental energies, while invisible, clashed in the void. After that, the True Immortal Realm experts snorted angrily and retracted their aura.

The aura surging from outside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion also subsided immediately. It seems that the latter had only intended to warn them.

Mu Liuer's expression suddenly turned pale.

Tong Cheng was indeed very well prepared. He grinned.

There was no doubt about it. He would get his way today!

That mortal would not be able to dodge his attack!

"Thank you, Third Uncle!" Tong Cheng said as he respectfully bowed in the direction where the voice came from.

The corners of his mouth curled into a smirk. Then, he turned around, his cold gaze landing on Bu Fang.


Tong Cheng roared as he dashed forward.

The audience sighed. They knew Bu Fang couldn't escape this disaster.

The Two-star True Immortal Realm expert had retreated, which was an unspoken permission to Tong Chen's actions.

Without the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's protection, how could Bu Fang, who was just a mortal, resist the Tongs?

Puff! Puff!

Three True Immortal Realm auras charged over, and their combined mental forces surged incredibly.

The walls of the Immortal Chef test room cracked.

The audience went pale, and a mad dash towards the exit ensued as they sought to flee.

This room instantly became a battlefield.

Although Manager Chen had eaten the Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings, which had boosted his cultivation base, he had yet to break through.

His power was not enough for him to take on three True Immortal Realm experts at the same time, so when he received their attacks, he coughed out blood as his body careened through the air.

Anyway, Tong Cheng did not really want to kill Manager Chen.

After all, Manager Chen was an important member of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. If he was killed, the City Lord's mansion wouldn't stay quiet, and big trouble would ensue.

Nonetheless, it was not difficult to defeat Manager Chen.

The two True Immortal Realm experts dashed forward. Their formidable auras generated gales as their attacks soared towards Bu Fang.

Every step they took caused the walls to break away, causing crushed rocks to fly everywhere!

At the moment, Tong Cheng followed behind the two True Immortal Realm experts. He was on his guard as he was afraid of Bu Fang's wok.

That wok... was really unique.

He had to be cautious.

The audience were wide-eyed as they watched the events unfold. None of them believed that Bu Fang could escape death.

Bu Fang's cultivation was only at the peak of Divine Spirit Realm. How could he possibly resist them?

He could not even resist one True Immortal Realm expert, let alone three...

Although Tong Cheng had experienced the terror of his wok before, he believed that Bu Fang had gotten lucky back then.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Suddenly, a lightning arc tore through the air.

Whitey appeared in front of Bu Fang, shielding him. As it opened its metal wings, buzzing sounds rang out with sharp gusts of wind!

Boom! Boom!

Whitey's massive fist welcomed the charging True Immortal Realm experts of the Tong family.


Lightning crackled around Whitey's fist.


Despite the explosive impact, Whitey remained standing, as still as an imposing mountain.

The two True Immortal Realm experts, on the other hand, took several steps backward.

Tong Cheng let his fist fly, striking Whitey's belly. However, his face instantly went pale.

He felt a suction force surge from the belly of the Earth Immortal Puppet, and his eyes became filled with desire!

"You're fine despite receiving a punch from me. I must have this Earth Immortal Puppet!" Tong Cheng howled in excitement.


Despite saying that, Tong Cheng did not dare continue. He pulled back his hand and backed off.

Whitey's aura began to rise. It had already reached the True Immortal Realm.

Whitey took out the War God Stick from its belly with a sweeping motion. Arcs of lightning crackled around it.

And, in the blink of an eye, Whitey was off.

The two True Immortal Realm experts rushed towards the charging Whitey.

They hurriedly took out their weapons, the twin lances. When they raised their lances, a sharp sound rang out.

The floor was struck, and depressions appeared on it.

The room could no longer bear the opposing forces and was directly blasted open.

The walls collapsed.

The onlookers, who had long since fled, observed the battle from afar.

Seeing Whitey fight two experts at the same time, they could not help sucking in breaths of cold air. That Earth Immortal Puppet was definitely not ordinary.

Meanwhile, Tong Cheng stood in the distance.

The desire in his eyes became even more intense.

His strongest Earth Immortal Puppet had just reached the peak of Divine Spirit Realm, so it was no different from a fragile ant in the presence of True Immortal Realm experts.

However, this mortal's Earth Immortal Puppet could resist two True Immortal Realm experts at the same time.

Several days ago, he had encountered this Earth Immortal Puppet, but it wasn't this strong. Has its strength increased because of the lightning punishment it devoured?

Could this Earth Immortal Puppet really evolve after eating lightning?!

Oh my god!

An Earth Immortal Puppet that could evolve!


Although it was surrounded, Whitey was not at a disadvantage. Tong Cheng couldn't help but rub his chest, trying to calm his frantic heart.

He looked at Bu Fang, who was standing some distance away from the battle, and sneered.

He was alone, without Manager Chen and that Earth Immortal Puppet...

How would that mortal stop him now?!


His hand shook once, and a red kitchen knife appeared in his grip.

It was his immortal tool, which had been found in a fruit born by the Immortal Tree. The Head of the Tong family had bestowed him this kitchen knife when he became an Immortal Chef.

With this immortal tool knife, he was more than confident that he could crush that mortal.

The kitchen knife moved, and blazing red energy instantly filled the room.

When the audience saw this, they gasped in terror. They stared at the knife in Tong Cheng's hand. The red divine knife was really eye-catching.

A moment later, shouts rang out from the crowd.

An immortal tool?

Did Tong Cheng really have to use his immortal tool just to deal with a mortal?

With his hands clasped behind him, Bu Fang's eyes shifted from the battle to the red kitchen knife in Tong Cheng's hand.

Suddenly, with a single thought, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

When he saw Tong Cheng's immortal tool knife, he sensed a tinge of disdain emanating from the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's spirit.


Bu Fang blinked. This was indeed interesting.


Tong Cheng moved. He stomped his feet and shot out, gliding forward like a shadow. In a moment, he appeared in front of Bu Fang.

The red knife was slashed horizontally, going for Bu Fang's head.

"Damn you, mortal. You should pay a high price!"

The red knife emitted an arc of invisible knife energy. The ground within the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion couldn't endure its power, and it exploded.

Everyone held their breaths, regret and pity filling their eyes as they gazed at the mortal.

He had just become an Immortal Chef. It was unfortunate that he was killed right after.

Arriving at the zenith of life only to be instantly knocked back down to the bottom... It was really tragic.

However, outside of their expectations, Bu Fang remained expressionless.

Suddenly, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which emitted an earthen yellow glow, appeared in his other hand.

Holding the wok in his left hand and the knife in the other, he expressionlessly stared at the approaching Tong Cheng.

A dragon roared in his spirit sea as it rose.

Bu Fang's mental energy was released in its entirety, with waves of mental force rippling out of him.


Facing this mental energy that could be compared to that of a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert, Tong Cheng's knife froze in midair, and he became flustered.

The moment Tong Cheng got a hold of himself, his pupils dilated.

Reflected in his eyes were thirteen gold blade shadows, which superimposed over each other.

Eventually, they merged into one blade, slashing down at him.