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 Manager Chen used his jade chopsticks to pick up the soup dumpling, bringing his lips down to the cut that Bu Fang made on it.

Suddenly, his eyes bulged so much that they almost fell out of their sockets.

His shocked expression silenced the entire room.

So hot. It was as hot as lava erupting from an active volcano.

Clear spring water from the bun entered his mouth, permeating every corner of his oral cavity.

The scalding liquid made Manager Chen's face redden, and he even struggled to breathe.


However, he could not help himself and swallowed the hot soup, which slid down his throat into his stomach.

When the burning sensation reached his stomach, he felt as though it would explode.

Logically, such a sensation should bring nothing but harm, but instead, Manager Chen felt satisfied!

Indeed, it was satisfying!

After the burning sensation subsided, the delicious soup, which seemed perfect, stimulated his taste buds.

Its delicious taste made Manager Chen squint his eyes and caused his mustache to quiver.

At the same time, steam continued to swirl above the soup dumplings.

Perceiving more of the pleasant fragrance, Manager Chen chewed enthusiastically.

The Crystal Glazed Soup Dumpling was so elastic and soft. Some air remained trapped within its skin, and the moment Manager Chen bit into the dumpling wrapper, the trapped air erupted, assaulting his senses. It was a brand new experience and taste.

This soup dumpling's wrapper...

Manager Chen was skeptical. Recalling the unique way Bu Fang kneaded the dough, his eyes became stern.

That violent kneading technique had thrilled him.

Was the soft and elastic dumpling wrapper a result of that violent technique?

The dough was kneaded that way to make the dumpling's skin elastic. It seems that it even had pores in which the chef's true energy was stored during the kneading process.

Just by having it in his mouth, Manager felt small true energy explosions in his mouth.

The explosions were not fierce, and neither did they irritate whoever ate it. It was just right, generating a pleasant taste.

However, the soup dumpling's filling was much more prominent than its skin.

Five types of spirit beast meat had been used to make it, and one of them belonged to an immortal ingredient.

Manager Chen remembered the Precious Chicken. Although it was not mature, when filled with immortal energy, the young chicken tasted much better than the other ingredients used to make the filling.

As for the other spirit beasts' meat used for the stuffing, they belonged to creatures that once flew in the sky, swam in the sea, and ran on land.

These different spirit beasts' meat had been combined to create an exceptional taste capable of making people sink into it.

Chomp. Chomp.

Manager Chen squinted his eyes.

After savoring the immortal energy swirling around the soup dumpling, he put it into his mouth.

When he bit into it, his eyes sparkled, and soon, it found its way into his stomach.

Manager Chen's pupils dilated, and he turned to look at Bu Fang in disbelief.

When Bu Fang saw the reaction, he became bewildered.

That look... It was as though he meant to say, "Why is it so... hot?"

This Crystal Glazed Soup Dumpling made Manager Chen's true energy surge turbulently along with his spirit sea.

His cultivation base had advanced further, and it wasn't just by a little.

"Your soup dumpling..."

Manager Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. This dumpling was capable of increasing his cultivation base?

In Immortal City, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had judged a lot of chefs from many forces. However, it was rare for them to see dishes that had the same boosting effect.

Since this kind of dish could be met but not required, it was really precious in Immortal City.

In short, recipes like these were controlled by aristocratic families, as they were classified as precious treasures.

Hence, the dishes with boosting effects were all very rare.

This soup dumpling... had been prepared by a mortal. It was incredible that it could permanently increase one's cultivation base without any side effects. This kind of boost was amazing.

Manager Chen's eyes sparkled. This mortal wasn't ordinary at all!

Without paying his surroundings any mind, Manager Chen picked up another soup dumpling and tossed it into his mouth, eating it whole in one go.

The moment his teeth sank into it, a short, squishy sound rang out as the soft wrapper was torn, causing the soup to gush out.

Manager Chen trembled. His face reddened, and his eyes became bloodshot.

As the hot soup deluged his mouth, it no longer flowed like a gentle spring. Instead, it erupted like a raging waterfall.

Although Manager Chen trembled as though he was being electrocuted, he felt really refreshed.

There was only one word to describe this feeling-pleasurable!

As the audience watched Manager Chen eat soup dumpling after soup dumpling, their expressions turned awkward.

Manager Chen was a highly respected person in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Since he was in charge of the Immortal Chef test, his position wasn't ordinary at all.

Although he wasn't an Immortal Chef himself, he had eaten so many dishes cooked by Immortal Chefs.

It's almost impossible to see him wolf down food this way!

Are those soup dumplings really that delicious?

When they perceived the aroma lingering in the air, the audience couldn't help gulping down.

Perhaps... it really is delicious!

Suddenly, the audience became frightened. That was because they had almost missed a fact.

"Has this mortal... become a real Immortal Chef?"

"There are five soup dumplings. Do they all have immortal energy?"

"It looks really awesome. Those soup dumplings look delicious!"

The audience became uneasy and began to raise a clamor. This time, however, their words were not filled with disdain.

The way Manager Chen ate the dish was confirmation that Bu Fang was now an Immortal Chef-an Immortal Chef with a lofty position.

It had taken a mortal only three days to transform from a special grade chef into an Immortal Chef. It truly was a miracle!

Finally, the fourth and fifth soup dumplings had disappeared into Manager Chen's mouth.

After eating all five dumplings, he licked his lips. Then, he exhaled deeply before standing up.

With his bloodshot eyes fixed on Bu Fang, Manager Chen doled out a compliment. "Delicious! Wonderful! Congratulations on getting your Immortal Chef title!"


When the audience heard that, they raised an uproar.

He had become a real Immortal Chef!

Xuanyuan Xiahui looked at Bu Fang standing under the sunlight. He crossed his arms and smiled.

Xuanyuan Xuan was flustered. Bu Fang, a young chef who no one appreciated, had become an Immortal Chef, thanks to his overbearing performance.

It had taken him only three days to make them lose their faces.

Xuanyuan Xuan could still remember the first time she saw Bu Fang. Such a countryside young man...

But, now, he was an Immortal Chef.

Xuanyuan Xiahui noticed his sister's flustered expression, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he reached out to pat her head.

"Girl, do you remember what I told you? If you want to pick up an Immortal Chef, you have to do it as early as possible. Although you're late now, there's nothing to worry about. I believe in your competence!"

Xuanyuan Xiahui grinned before bursting into laughter.

Xuanyuan Xuan was bewildered at first, but a moment later, understanding dawned on her. Her face instantly flushed red.

In embarrassment, she twisted her body away from his hand and pouted playfully. "Brother, what did you say?! I won't care about you anymore!"

Her eyelashes quivered as she looked up at the young man standing expressionlessly, who was neither happy nor upset. Light flashed in her eyes.

He seemed... handsome.

Mu Liuer clasped her hands. The corners of her mouth twitched once, and then she gave Bu Fang a slight nod.

This mortal... had lived up to expectations.

What the naysayers thought impossible had been done. This was akin to slapping their faces.

It was as though this mortal was born to slap people's faces. From the moment she met Bu Fang, how many people had he slapped?

Tong Cheng's chest heaved. He stood by the stage, coldly gazing at Bu Fang.

The audience gazed at him with a gloating look, as though they were enjoying a joke.

The youngsters from the aristocratic families sneered at him.

Tong Chen understood that he would become a laughingstock for the influential families in Immortal City.

Getting slapped by a mortal was something only he had experienced.

However, Tong Cheng quickly calmed down and grinned. He gazed at Bu Fang with hope-filled eyes.

"Even if you are an Immortal Chef now, so what? Mortals will always be mortals!"


Suddenly, Tong Cheng's aura burst forth. The rising aura surged past the room and pierced the sky.

Three flows of True Immortal Realm aura rushed through the entire place.

The spectators were stunned. They were so scared that they did not dare breathe aloud.

They suddenly realized that the situation had not been resolved yet.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Two figures flashed through the crowd and appeared beside Tong Cheng. Those two flows of aura had come from them.

Tong Cheng was at the True Immortal Realm, and now, two other True Immortal Realm experts had joined him. The combined pressure they emitted was enormous.

Manager Chen's expression instantly changed.

"Tong Cheng! What are you doing?! This is the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. It's not a place you can make a mess!" Manager Chen roared.

Three True Immortal Realm experts... Did the Tong family intend to declare war on the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion?

Did Tong Cheng intend to turn his back and offend the City Lord's mansion?

The youngsters from the aristocratic families sucked in breaths of cold air. They were stunned after seeing Tong Cheng's move.

Tong Cheng has lost his mind because of a mortal!

As the aura of three True Immortal Realm experts burst forth, the entire room trembled as though it was about to collapse.

"Manager Chen, I don't want to offend the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. I just want to take this mortal. He offended me!" Tong Cheng said casually, making sure to stress the word 'mortal.'

By this, he implied that a mortal was not worth Manager Chen and his Immortal Kitchen Pavilion turning their backs on the Tong family, one of the four great families.

"After all, Manager Chen said before that, as long as the mortal completes the Immortal Chef test, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion wouldn't care about his death or life later on. After that, I can resolve the grudge I have with him myself. Do you intend to go back on your words right now?"

Tong Cheng's aura surged even more, and it became more terrifying.

The audience could see his spirit sea emerging above his head. A gold figure, which looked just like Tong Cheng, sat cross-legged above it.

This was Tong Cheng's origin soul. It was the reason why a True Immortal Realm expert could crush a Divine Realm expert easily.

When Manager Chen heard Tong Chen's words, his face became unsightly.

Right. He did say that.

However, back then, he had not realized Bu Fang's potential.

Now that he knew Bu Fang could cook dishes that boosted one's cultivation, at that moment, he held his potential in high regard. If he could recruit him for the City Lord's mansion, he could help the City Lord stand a better chance in investigating the prestige!

Hence, he had to protect this mortal!

Suddenly, Manager Chen saw the stern expression on Mu Liuer's face.

This caused his heart to lurch. He instantly knew what decision the Junior Pavilion Master had made.

He decided to reply, but the moment he opened his mouth, Bu Fang, who hadn't done anything so far, suddenly moved.

With his hands clasped behind him, Bu Fang expressionlessly looked up at the three standing before him. Despite facing off against three experts at the True Immortal Realm, he showed no hint of panic.

His gaze shifted to Tong Cheng, who was smiling coldly, before he nonchalantly said, "You... still want to get hit by my wok?"