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 Five soup dumplings sat quietly inside the steamer.

Halo appeared above them, shooting dazzling rays of light into the sky.

Above the sky, the black clouds had scattered, and bright, gold light shone down, making Bu Fang sparkle.

"The soup dumplings... are done?"

The audience was quiet, and no one dared to breathe.

Since the result would be known very soon, everyone was nervous. They wanted to know if Bu Fang would get the Immortal Chef title, or if he would end up beaten by Tong Chen, the Young Master of the Tong family, like a dead dog.

They watched the center of the room with wide eyes. Those five soup dumplings in the steamer would determine everything.

However, after sucking in another breath of cold air, the audience became noisy once more.

As they had spent half the day in astonishment without any conclusive results, they have become irritated, hissing and booing as loud as they could.

Moments later, the boos and hisses had risen to a clamor.

"Three days ago, I said that there was no way for him to acquire the Immortal Chef title. Looks like I was right. How could such a genius exist?!"

"Immortal Chef is a noble title. How could a mortal dirty it?"

"You trashy mortal, go home, have your bath, and go to bed early!"

The audience laughed hard. They were so excited that some even jumped to their feet and punched the air.

There was no immortal energy. The soup dumplings inside the steamer did not have a wisp of immortal energy.

It meant that Bu Fang had failed. Since his dish couldn't condense immortal energy, he won't become an Immortal Chef.

And since the arrogant mortal failed to become an Immortal Chef, horrible events, which he would encounter in succession, awaited him.

Some people in the audience felt regretful. They really did consider Bu Fang a miracle worker.

However, that miracle worker had been grabbed by the throat and throttled.

In the end, the mortal was unable to become an Immortal Chef.

Xuanyuan Xiahui craned his neck, looking at the five soup dumplings in the steamer, which sat atop the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The soup dumplings were as translucent and beautiful as jades. With halos hovering above them, they emitted multiple colored rays of light, as though they were crystals.

However, they did not have a wisp of immortal energy within them.

"How unfortunate..." Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed deeply with regret.

Xuanyuan Xuan, who stood beside him, watched the unfolding events with a complicated gaze.

Indeed... Not yet?

She had thought that Bu Fang would succeed, but now... Too bad. It looked like he failed this time.

After all, mortals will always be mortals.

Mu Liuer furrowed her brows, and her smile vanished. As she watched Bu Fang, who was being bathed by sunlight, her heart beat frantically.

Although she didn't see any trace of immortal energy within the dumplings, Bu Fang's expression seemed devoid of worry.

That calm expression...

It was as though he disdained the people causing a racket in the room.

Manager Chen's expression was stern as he sat at the judge's seat. He was the only judge for this Immortal Chef test.

The criteria to become an Immortal Chef was simple-just trigger the lightning punishment and have your dish condense immortal energy. As long as the chef could do these two things, regardless of the method used, no one would concern themselves with how the dish tastes.

Anyway, any dish that could trigger lightning punishment and condense immortal energy would certainly not smell or taste bad.

Tong Cheng suddenly stomped his foot, smashing the jade bead on the floor.

"Trash! Let's see what you have! This time, I want to see who will dare to help you!" Tong Cheng grinned coldly, his eyes filled with disdain.

He had feared that Bu Fang would become an Immortal Chef and cause trouble for him, but it seems that the preparations he had made were unnecessary.

If Bu Fang had become an Immortal Chef, things would have been a little troublesome.

Indeed, he had overestimated that mortal.

Now that Bu Fang had failed, Tong Cheng wanted nothing more than to scratch him to death. It would be no different from smashing a lowly ant.

"So, what do you have to say now?!"


A terrifying aura erupted from Tong Cheng's body, and the space above him distorted.

At this moment, he was showing off the full force of his True Immortal Realm power.

An intense wave of pressure choked the room, causing the audience to hardly breathe.

This True Immortal Realm aura was enough to suppress the entire room.

Tong Cheng's eyes were filled with killing intent, and it was all directed at Bu Fang.

The immense pressure seemed to materialize into a small mountain, which was crashing down on the chef standing at the center of the room.

Tong Chen wanted to see the mortal kneel before him and beg for mercy.

It had been several days since that mortal had troubled his mind, so he was really, really annoyed. And now, finally, he could vent out his rage and frustration.

He wanted to make that mortal taste... the eighteen great tortures of the Tong family!

Manager Chen frowned at Tong Cheng. His lips moved, as though he wished to say something.

However, he had second thoughts. Offending the Young Master of the Tong family for a mortal, who could not condense immortal energy, was not worth it.

Hence, he refrained from speaking. He... had also given up on Bu Fang.

Since he had failed to become an Immortal Chef, he wasn't qualified to fight against those powerful aristocratic families.

This mortal was still pretty young, though.

Seeing Manager Chen give up, Tong Chen burst into triumphant laughter. He had been afraid that the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would go against him, but luckily, that wasn't the case.

Although the Tongs were not afraid of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, it still had the backing of the City Lord's mansion. If he created a mess, both his family and the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would regret it. Letting things go that far because of a mortal was not worth it.

And now... things would end well for him.

"No one can help you now!" Tong Cheng sneered.

He jumped up atop the barrier surrounding the stage and looked down at Bu Fang from up high.

However, Bu Fang remained calm. He just stood there with his hands clasped behind him.

Bolts of lightning crackled in Whitey's eyes, who was standing beside Bu Fang.

After devouring the lightning punishment, Whitey's fighting capacity had reached the One-star True Immortal Realm, so it would not be at a disadvantage if it went up against Tong Cheng.

However, it wasn't the only thing Bu Fang relied on.

"Young Master Tong Cheng, you're reckless. Whether you get it or not is something we have yet to decide."

Suddenly, a faint voice resounded throughout the room.

The audience was bewildered.

Tong Cheng furrowed his brows.

On the other side of the room, Mu Liuer stood up. Those words just now came from her.

"Junior Pavilion Master, you're not an Immortal Chef, so perhaps you do not understand the rule. His dish does not have a wisp of immortal energy in it, so he won't become an Immortal Chef. Isn't it clear enough? Does the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion want to go against the Tong family?" Tong Cheng said in a cold voice. It was clear that he was somewhat enraged.

Did the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion really want to make an enemy of his Tong family because of this mortal?

"No, I just said that it is too early to make a conclusion. How do you know that his dish has no immortal energy in it?" Mu Liuer asked with a smile.

Her gaze was fixed on the young chef, Bu Fang, who was being bathed by the sparkling sunlight. She didn't know why, but she was confident in him.

"Do you think we're all blind?" Tong Cheng sneered, shaking his head.

"Yes, you all are..."

A cold voice suddenly rang out.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

The audience, Tong Cheng, and Manager Chen were all speechless. A moment later, they shifted their gazes to Bu Fang.

Under the warm sunlight, Bu Fang stood lazily. He slowly unfolded his sleeves before shaking his arms.

With a single thought, the five soup dumplings, which resembled crystal glaze, flew out from the wok. They landed neatly inside a blue-and-white plate that he had already prepared.

Inside the blue-and-white plate, the soup dumplings were arranged neatly. Shrouded in a lush green spirit energy, it seems as though it could wrap up dense air.

"What did you say?"

Tong Cheng glared coldly at Bu Fang. The aura he was emitting became thicker, and soon, the entire room began to shake.

Bu Fang remained expressionless. He gave Tong Cheng a sidelong glance, as though he was looking at a moron.

"I said that you are blind."

As Bu Fang said that, he took the plate of soup dumplings and casually walked away.

In moments, he arrived in front of Manager Chen, who was sitting at the judge's seat.

Manager Chen was so surprised at Bu Fang's calm demeanor. He was at a loss for words.

Neither of these five soup dumplings was emitting any immortal energy, so where did this mortal get his confidence from?

Hold on!

Manager Chen's eyes shifted to the soup dumplings, and he began to study them.

Suddenly, his pupils dilated. It was as though he had just thought of something absolutely inconceivable!

"Is that..."

At a seat far away, Xuanyuan Xiahui seemed to realize something he had missed before, and his eyes immediately lit up.

"So, it's like this! Turns out Owner Bu's confidence comes from... Tch! Tch! Tch!"

Xuanyuan Xuan was bewildered. What's going on?

What's that "turns out" thing you said?!

Didn't you just say that Bu Fang had no hope? And now, you suddenly became excited!

Is the immortal energy going to appear out of thin air?

Indeed, Xuanyuan Xuan was baffled.

The audience was just as speechless. Their gazes were fixed on the young chef standing in the sunlight.

A golden kitchen knife appeared in Bu Fang's hand. He twirled it casually before slashing it down, moving as fast as a shooting star.

A soup dumpling, which resembled a glowing jade, was sliced open.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

Everyone's eyes widened.

From the cut on the soup dumpling, something resembling pure spring water gushed out.

A thick fragrance seeped out from the cut, and a wisp of ivory gas slowly surged from it.

That ivory, milky gas...

It was immortal energy!

In an instant, its fragrance spread and filled the room.

The moment the crowd smelled it, they were hooked.

This smell... How is it so rich?!


Many swallowed as they looked with disbelief at the swirling immortal energy.

How could a soup dumpling emit such a fragrant and pleasant aroma?

Manager Chen's face twitched.

This was indeed real. It was as though another world existed within the soup dumpling.

Manager Chen cast Bu Fang a complicated gaze, and a moment later, he straightened his posture.

Pure spring water, together with a pleasant aroma, was still gushing out of the lacerated soup dumpling. That fragrant aroma surged from its refreshing, hot soup.

Inside the soup dumpling, the filling emitted a colorful radiance.

"Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings. Enjoy."

Bu Fang twirled the radiant Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hands, and with a flash of gold light, the knife vanished.

Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings?

Manager Chen took a deep breath, filling his nostrils with the dumpling's rich aroma.

This aroma contained the smell of various grains and spirit beasts' meat. The aroma of the spirit beasts' meat was so dense that everyone who sensed it felt as though a rope had bound their souls.

The aroma coming from the grains was refreshing. As soon as the audience smelled it, they felt their souls being cleansed.

When Tong Cheng saw the immortal energy wafting out of the dumpling, he narrowed his eyes.

This mortal had actually cooked a dish with immortal energy!


Tong Cheng was really furious! His eyes became bloodshot, and his breath came in heaves as he tried to contain the fury in his heart!

That mortal... How was he able to cook a dish that produced immortal energy?!

However, no one paid any attention to Tong Chen. All eyes were on Manager Chen.

At this moment, Manager Chen, who had picked up a pair of jade chopsticks, was grabbing the cut soup dumpling, which was still letting out spring water.

He breathed in deeply.

Stroking his beard, he opened his mouth and tossed the soup dumpling inside.

The moment he did that, his eyes bulged out!