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 Everyone was stunned.

Just moments after they concluded that Bu Fang couldn't trigger the lightning punishment, thick, dark clouds covered the sky, and the Thunder Dragon emerged and roared.

A soup dumpling could trigger a lightning punishment?

This made them suck in breaths of cold air.

After listening to Xuanyuan Xiahui, Xuanyuan Xuan was bewildered.

Could a soup dumpling really make someone an Immortal Chef?

There were many Immortal Chefs in Immortal City, but they used their special dishes in the Immortal Chef test, each of which was an extremely fine dish.

Be it in taste, smell, or colors, they were all the best. Each of these dishes was eligible to be recorded in the Book of Immortal Recipes.

When they realized that Bu Fang intended to make soup dumplings for the Immortal Chef test, they had looked down on him.

A serving of soup dumplings was a very simple dish, so how could it help anyone achieve the Immortal Chef rank?

From its taste, smell, and even its color... there was nothing magical about it.

Naturally, there were soup dumplings in the Immortal Cooking Realm, but they were just street snacks that were not worthy of being served at a table.

\"It triggered the lightning punishment! Unbelievable!\"

\"So what? When he took the special grade chef test, he also triggered the lightning punishment, didn't he?\"

\"Yeah. Triggering the lightning punishment doesn't mean he will become an Immortal Chef...\"

The audience lifted their heads to stare at the pitch-black clouds. They were still in disbelief.

Triggering the lightning punishment was just a part, as the most important step was to refine the ingredients' original energy into immortal energy.

Only when Bu Fang could condense immortal energy would he be granted the title of Immortal Chef.

Looking at Bu Fang standing with his hands clasped in the middle of the room, Xuanyuan Xuan's eyes were a little blurred as she asked, \"Brother, can those soup dumplings help him achieve the Immortal Chef rank?\"

After hearing his sister's question, Xuanyuan Xiahui became stern and focused.

\"Little Xuan, don't think that only exquisite, high-end looking dishes can enable one to acquire the title of Immortal Chef. A truly magnificent chef can condense immortal energy from any dish, which would help him become a real Immortal Chef. It could be a bowl of porridge, a steamed bun, or even a bowl of noodles... That sort of Immortal Chef is the real deal,\" Xuanyuan Xiahui said seriously.

Xuanyuan Xuan nodded. She somewhat understood, but she still had some doubts.

Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed but said nothing else.

Boom! Boom!

Thunderclaps boomed in the sky as the dark clouds emitted a suffocating pressure.

A dazzling blue Thunder Dragon soared and gave an ear-piercing roar.

Suddenly, the Thunder Dragon parted the dark clouds and plunged from the sky. Its roar reverberated around the room.

The audience raised an uproar, focusing their eyes on the center of the room.

Whenever the lightning punishment appeared, it caused a great commotion. After all, it signified the birth of another Immortal Chef.

Bu Fang stood at the same spot indifferently, his Vermillion Robe fluttering in the wind.

Opening his eyes, his water-like mental energy expanded as he lifted his head.

Feeling the pressure above him, he gently exhaled, dark clouds filling his vision.

A moment later, with a thought, white light dots emerged around him.

These light dots hurriedly coalesced, and soon, they had formed an array beside Bu Fang.

The array spun, and gusts of wind howled, frightening many people.

The audience cocked their heads, their hair fluttering wildly in the wind.

\"A teleport formation?\"

\"Is that the mortal chef's protector?\"

\"I remember that this chef has an immortal puppet that can resist lightning punishment...\"

The audience screamed.


When the audience saw a massive figure emerging out of the formation, they didn't know if they should cry or laugh.

This place was a special room that the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had prepared for the Immortal Chef test. It had a particular formation that could resist lightning, which was set up to protect the room.

Hence, even the mortal chef's immortal puppet would not have much to do.

Why did he bother to summon his immortal puppet? To stand and stare?

Some onlookers couldn't help but mock in hushed voices. They found Bu Fang's decision funny.

Boom! Boom!

Thunderclaps reverberated around, and bolts of lightning tore through the sky.

As Whitey emerged from the teleport formation, its eyes twinkled as lightning arcs crawled and exploded on its body.

With his hands clasped, Bu Fang's concentration was on the steamer. Apparently, he was at a critical moment.

Whitey raised its head, looking at the Thunder Dragon in the sky. Light sparkled within the puppet's eyes.

With a sharp sound, Whitey's metal wings spread open.

\"Oh wow! What does that Earth Immortal Puppet intend to do?\"

\"He wants to stop the lightning punishment? Too bad... We already have the Lightning Protection Formation, so it can't do much.\"

\"That Earth Immortal Puppet looks so cute, though... I want one!\"

The audience looked at Whitey and laughed. As soon as the Earth Immortal Puppet appeared, the tense atmosphere in the room loosened, and they began to jeer.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Naturally, Whitey didn't know why these humans were laughing.

Its metal wings opened and shot lightning strikes to the floor, boring holes in it. In Whitey's eyes, the bolts of lightning plunging downwards were just its food!

Swallowing one lightning punishment was enough to make Whitey much stronger. Later on, if it intended to increase its power, it would need to devour more lightning punishments.

At this moment, Whitey's fighting capacity was equal to a One-star True Immortal Realm expert, and its main food now was Bu Fang's lightning punishment.


Whitey lowered its body slightly before soaring into the air. Its metal wings flapped, raising strong gusts of wind.


It tore into the sky like an arrow.

Suddenly, Whitey's mechanical eyes shrank. It could see that the Thunder Dragon would be stopped by a green formation.

With bolts of lightning spreading out, the Thunder Dragon rammed itself against the formation. Then, it drew its claws and bared its fangs, trying to attack the formation.

Whitey stopped. It had sensed something strange.

\"Hahaha! That puppet is scared!\"

\"It just realized that he's useless here, so it doesn't know what to do.\"

\"A big debut for a moron...\"

The audience laughed, not minding their manners at all.

They knew that Whitey wanted to stop the lightning punishment. However, with the Lightning Protection Formation present, it was useless here.

Manager Chen clasped his hands and rubbed his beard, the corners of his mouth rising.

\"Of course, the room for the Immortal Chef test is well-equipped. The Lightning Protection Formation is the key to help the chefs focus on their cooking...\"

Tong Cheng's eyes rolled. He gazed at Whitey floating in the air with a greedy expression, unable to contain his excitement.

Apparently, he was curious about Whitey, a puppet that could swallow lightning punishments.

He wanted that puppet.

Whitey seemed bewildered. Its mechanical eyes moved around, but a moment later, they became focused. The sharp lights that flickered from its eyes seemed capable of cutting even the void.

Suddenly, a black hole appeared on Whitey's stomach. A moment later, the War God Stick emerged with lightning arcs dancing around it.

As Whitey's leaf-like palm grabbed the War God Stick, its wings flapped once. Then, it swung the War God Stick aggressively, shattering the void around it.

The audience shut their mouths instantly, dumbstruck. It was as though their necks had been tied like ducks.

In front of them, the War God Stick became bigger and bigger, and shortly after, it became as big as a giant pillar. Whitey hugged the War God Stick and swung it at the Lightning Protection Formation.


A loud, brain-piercing sonic boom reverberated, shaking the entire place.

Oh my god...

Everyone sucked in breaths of cold air, shock evident on their faces.

That Earth Immortal Puppet... is f*cking insane!

Manager Chen had almost pulled his beard off his chin.

Is that Earth Immortal Puppet sick? Why did it attack the Lighting Protection Formation?

Nobody understood what Whitey intended to do.

Tong Cheng was so excited that he stood up and grabbed the handrail. The jade bead in his hand fell and rolled.

\"What an excellent Earth Immortal Puppet! Too perfect! Too perfect! I must get him!\"


After receiving another strike from the War God Stick, thick cracks instantly appeared on the Lightning Protection Formation.

The Thunder Dragon roared.

In just a blink of an eye, the formation was shattered. At the same time, the Thunder Dragon's power skyrocketed, wrecking the formation and storming into the room.

Its goal was obviously Bu Fang.

The audience were all petrified. They could only curse under their breath...

They had never expected to see such a violent scene in an Immortal Chef test. Bu Fang had summoned an Earth Immortal Puppet, which surprised them a lot.

Some were genuinely surprised, but others were laughing at what they thought was his misfortune. They wanted to see Bu Fang's effort end in vain.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others who knew Bu Fang were frightened.

Manager Chen shot to his feet with a frown.

Mu Liuer's smile disappeared, and worry took its place. She was anxious about Bu Fang.

Whitey landed heavily, causing the floor beneath it to cave in. However, a moment later, Whitey soared back up.

Its mechanical eyes twinkled as the War God Stick shrank. In a flash, the puppet teleported and appeared above Bu Fang's head, hovering there as it received the incoming Thunder Dragon.


Bolts of lightning spread all around, bringing with it a radiance so bright that it could make people go blind.

Many people were startled, while others were frightened at what they saw after.

Whitey grabbed the Thunder Dragon and ripped it apart. The halves became wisps of lightning, which were instantly devoured.

The Thunder Dragon was... eaten?!

This scene had shocked the audience into silence. Not a single sound was heard in the room.

However, soon, panting could be heard.

Tong Cheng was panting greedily.


With lightning arcs all over its body, Whitey landed beside Bu Fang.

At this moment, the audience realized that Bu Fang had not moved an inch. It seemed that he never feared that the lightning would strike him.

With his hands clasped, Bu Fang remained emotionless. It seemed like the shocking chain of events had nothing to do with him.

This mortal chef... is quite calm!

Suddenly, Bu Fang's mental energy surged, condensing in his head.

He exhaled deeply.

The dark clouds that were high in the sky scattered, and the sun instantly reappeared.

Gold light shone down from the sky, covering the ground below and, of course, Bu Fang.

Everyone stared at Bu Fang with awe.

Bu Fang's dish... was complete.

Bu Fang walked to the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and opened the steamer. Clouds of steam instantly surged out, causing the audience to scream in excitement.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others craned their necks.

Is this the moment that Bu Fang finally becomes an Immortal Chef?

Tong Cheng's eyes finally shifted from Whitey to Bu Fang.

This mortal chef has finished cooking. Can he become an Immortal Chef or not?

Everybody held their breaths, anticipating to see the food inside the steamer.

Shortly after, the radiant glow dimmed.

A mushroom cloud of steam erupted, piercing the sky before scattering.

Inside the steamer, five jade-like crystal soup dumplings sat quietly between the meandering steam, emitting a sparkling radiance.

However, when people saw the soup dumplings, their eyes shrank.

\"Those soup dumplings... don't have any immortal energy?!\"