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 Bu Fang's possession of an immortal ingredient, Precious Chicken, had exceeded the audience's expectations.

It was only natural that not everyone present knew about that immortal ingredient.

However, not everyone present was ordinary. There were two Immortal Chefs seated amidst the audience.

Tong Cheng, the Young Master of the Tong family, had a vast amount of knowledge, so of course he had heard about the cooking ingredient called Precious Chicken.

The Immortal Tree was located at the center of Immortal City. Its lush branches and leaves continuously absorbed heaven and earth spirit energy to bear fruits. Occasionally, cooking ingredients appeared within the fruits, which were called immortal ingredients.

Someone had once opened a fruit from the Immortal Tree and found a Precious Chicken within.

That chicken was of a higher level than Bu Fang's. Its spirit energy was dense, and it even possessed immortal energy.

Meanwhile, Eighty could not escape its fate. Grabbing Eighty by the neck, Bu Fang quickly captured it.

The chicken's small tear-filled eyes gazed at Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang remained expressionless.

\"Why did you run away? I just need one leg from you. It will grow back soon, so behave. When I send you back to the farmland, I will ask Niu Hansan to take care of you well,\" Bu Fang said.

Eighty was completely bewildered. How about you lend me one of your legs then?!

\"Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!\"

Soon after, Eighty screeched like a pig being butchered.

\"Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!\"

When Bu Fang was done, the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife flashed, peeling off the chicken skin. He minced the chicken meat, then poured it into the blue-and-white porcelain bowl.

After that, he stirred the contents of the bowl, which was a mixture of five different spirit beast meat.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

The broth in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to boil, and its color became a smooth ivory hue.

Bu Fang checked the flame, then proceeded to pour the broth into the blue-and-white porcelain bowl.

The broth was enough to fill the bowl, radiating a milky halo.

With a single thought, Bu Fang's spirit sea surged instantly, and it sounded like the roaring of multiple spirit beasts.

Bu Fang stirred his mental force, causing the heat emanating from the bowl to reduce.

Rumble! Rumble!

The soup in the bowl began to freeze at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon, it resembled jelly.

The cabbage that was as translucent as water was cleaned thoroughly and minced. Then, Bu Fang poured it into the bowl, which contained the mixture of five different spirit beast meat.

While stirring the meat mixture, Bu Fang prepared many spices.

He added in half a spoon of Abyssal Chili Sauce, a spoon of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, some Son Mother Ginger, some Purple Garlic, and other spices.

With that, the dumpling filling was done.

The next step was to prepare the dumpling wrapper.

Bu Fang poured the flour onto the countertop, piling it as high as a small mountain.

He rolled up the sleeves of his Vermilion Robe, revealing his fair arms.

Rattle. Rattle.

Bu Fang poured some Frost Blaze Path-understanding Brew on the mountain of flour. This made the peak of the flour cave in.

Then, he began to knead the flour with both hands.

After kneading for a while, the flour had become a big ball of dough.

The next step was the most important one.

As the audience watched Bu Fang use these by-the-book cooking techniques, they frowned.

Since the Immortal Chef test started, besides Bu Fang's knife skill, nothing else had surprised them.

It seems that he really was no different from normal special grade chefs.

Even Xuanyuan Xiahui furrowed his brows in doubt.

However, Manager Chen's gaze remained fixed on Bu Fang, analyzing every step of his cooking.

The longer he watched, the more he furrowed his brows.

\"With a display of this level, it will be really hard for him to become an Immortal Chef. This kid... What is he doing?\" Manager Chen mumbled.

The members of the aristocratic families began to look pensive.

Tong Chen, on the other hand, remained indifferent. He continued to roll the jade bead between his fingers.

\"Making soup dumplings... is not difficult at all!\"

\"That mortal chef is making soup dumplings? Has he decided to give up on his Immortal Chef test?\"

\"He has only attained this much, yet he wants to be an Immortal Chef? What a fool. I can beat ten guys like him all at once!\"

The audience began to clamor again, and many began to boast disdainfully.

Bu Fang's cooking method was too simple. He had done nothing noteworthy at all.

The noise from the audience was growing louder by the second.

They did not seem to care if Bu Fang was affected by their uproar. At his level, even if he was not affected, it was unlikely he could become an Immortal Chef. Hence, bothering him like this should not be a problem, right?

This was a thought they all shared.

The moment they thought one had lost his qualification to compete, they would not show him any mercy.


All of a sudden, a loud explosion overwhelmed the noise from the audience.

Everyone was startled, and their gazes instantly shifted to the stove in the middle of the room.

In an instant, their jaws dropped, disbelief filling their eyes.

White flour was hovering around Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's intimidating mental force erupted. Currently, his cultivation base has reached the peak of Divine Spirit Realm, and without the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, his mental force could be compared to One-star True Immortal Realm. If he used the spirits of his God of Cooking Set, his mental force would rival a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert.

The amount of mental energy surging out of Bu Fang was extremely terrifying, and the audience seemed to see an immense, turbulent sea.


The black-and-white bandage in Bu Fang's arm loosened and floated, swirling around his body.

He slowly raised his arm that was filled with Taotie drawings.

The powerful force surging from that arm seemed capable of smashing apart the world in one punch.

A moment later, his fist struck the stove station fiercely.

Manager Chen and the others winced. They felt every corner of the room tremble from the force of that punch.

The dough on the stove station, which Bu Fang had punched, exploded.

Immediately, his surging mental force controlled the scattering dough to coalesce.

Then, Bu Fang's pupils dilated. He raised his arm again, then it smashed downward once more.

The entire station quaked.

Manager Chen felt a twinge in his balls. The stove used in this Immortal Chef test wasn't ordinary. It was an immortal tool!

It was a tool grown from the Immortal Tree, so its value was extraordinary!

His heart lurched whenever Bu Fang violently punched the stove.

As for the audience, they were petrified by Bu Fang's actions.

What's that mortal chef doing?

They were only just talking about the by-the-book cooking techniques he had used so far, and now, he had turned violent. What's going on?

Is that really kneading?

Do you really need such violence to knead?

Bu Fang's expression was stern. The Taoties' roars rang out without pause as he smashed the stove again and again, causing dough and flour to scatter about.

A moment later, his mental force surged, controlling the dough to pile up once more.

Then, the dough was scattered again and piled back together.

This sequence of actions was repeated again and again.

As the audience watched what he was doing, beads of cold sweat dripped down their foreheads.

\"Does this mortal chef have a grudge? He's trying to seek revenge now?\"

\"That's not kneading. He's pummeling the stove!\"

\"I haven't seen this manner of kneading before. Now I'm sure he's planning to give up on this test.\"

The audience's clamor had been reduced to hushed discussions, but their gazes remained fixed on Bu Fang.

Xuanyuan Xiahui furrowed his brows even tighter. He did not know what Bu Fang was thinking.

As he couldn't figure that out, all he could do was continue observing.


Bu Fang soared into the air, with dough and flour still circling around him.

He raised his hand up, and the swirling speed accelerated. It was as though he had just created a tornado.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes.

The audience continued to watch in astonishment.

Suddenly, Bu Fang swung his fist at the orbiting mass.


The mass of dough crashed back down onto the stove station, causing the station to tremble tremendously.

Bu Fang raised his Taotie's arm, its lines seemingly lively.

As the roars of beasts shook the room, he began to descend as fast as a shooting star.


Bu Fang fell so fast that his figure could not be seen.


At that moment, his balled fist resembled a gigantic meteor striking the stove.

In the end, the stove couldn't stand this strike and cracked.

Manager Chen felt so hurt that he wanted to cry. His lips could not stop quivering.

This cooking session was no different from demolishing this kitchen.

Is this fellow sick?

Did that stove do you wrong?

The cloud of swirling flour finally settled, revealing Bu Fang.

There was a ball of dough on his hand. It was as transparent as jade and had a faint moving halo.

That violent method of kneading was Bu Fang's favorite kneading technique. Whenever he used this technique, the resulting dough would soften and glow radiantly.

After preparing the soup dumpling wrapper, Bu Fang took out the stuffing and placed it aside. He also brought out the ivory, jelly-like soup.

As he had now prepared everything that was needed, wrapping up the soup dumplings was what he needed to do next.

One spoon of stuffing and half a spoon of ivory jelly soup went into every ball.

Bu Fang's countenance did not change, and a moment later, his hands were already moving so fast that they left behind shadow-like, illusory after-images.

The audience sucked in breaths of cold air as they watched Bu Fang fold a soup dumpling. His hands moved too fast to be seen.

One fold, ten folds, a hundred folds...

In only a moment, a soup dumpling had been folded so many times. The audience were wide-eyed as they watched all this unfold.

Ten thousand-fold covering technique. For a little soup dumpling to have thousands of folds, this required precise control over speed and the right thickness of the wrapper.

A moment later, an exquisite, little soup dumpling was completely folded.

The thousand folds on the soup dumpling made it resemble a blooming flower. It was a piece of art that no one dared to show disdain at.

Although Bu Fang moved fast, he was also very meticulous.

Not long after, he had made more, making five soup dumplings that were filled with stuffing and the ivory, jelly-like soup. All of them had been meticulously folded.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok had been prepared. With a single thought, a food steamer arose in it.

Rattle! Rattle!

Bu Fang poured in the cool Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water. He was about to steam his soup dumplings now.

When the audience saw his smooth and fluid movements, they could not help gulping.

They now realized that Bu Fang's soup dumplings were somewhat different from others. However, they could not tell what the difference was.

As the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame burned fiercely, the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water began to boil.

White steam surged outward.

With his hands clasped, Bu Fang stood still. He slowly closed his eyes, and his mental force surged and covered the steamer.

What happened next was the most crucial part. If Bu Fang wanted to condense immortal energy, he had to extract the original energy of his ingredients.

The audience quieted down and focused all their attention on him.

All eyes were watching Bu Fang, who was quietly standing still.

Moments later, sighs echoed from the audience, and many spectators exchanged looks.

\"It couldn't trigger the lightning punishment...\"

\"Indeed. It seems the mortal's feat that time was only due to luck.\"

\"A dish that cannot trigger lightning punishment... This daddy can make one too!\"

The audience became noisy again. To them, the result was already set in stone.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Xiahui and some others had stern expressions on their faces as they watched Bu Fang.

Tong Cheng had stopped playing with his jade bead. His face seemed ready to ooze water.

Bu Fang's mental force had made him hold his breath. Why was that mortal's mental force so strong?

Manager Chen's lips twitched.

Mu Liuer smiled. The gaze she was directing at Bu Fang was filled with awe.

Xuanyan Xuan didn't understand the situation, so she asked Xuanyuan Xiahui, \"Brother, what's going on? No lightning punishment... Did Bu Fang fail?\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui's lips quivered as he watched Bu Fang stand in the middle of the room with his hands clasped.

\"If I'm not wrong, it will be alright...\"

Alright? Xuanyuan Xuan was bewildered.

Indeed, as soon as those words left Xuanyuan Xiahui's mouth, massive black clouds appeared in the sky.

In less than a second, the clouds had covered the entire sky, turning the atmosphere into a gloomy one.

Boom! Boom!

Thunderous explosions rang out, and a Thunder Dragon soared within the clouds.

The lightning punishment had appeared so suddenly that the entire audience became dumbstruck.