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 A paw's matter...

Yeah, right, it was just a paw's matter!

Nether King Er Ha looked at pieces of smashed gold puppet on the ground, his mouth twitching. He did not expect that that disabled dog would make a move and steal his thunder.

More importantly... it was the deal he had bargained well!

Those ten delicious Spicy Strips... Gone! Just like that!

The ache in his heart had almost suffocated him.

Lord Dog stuck his tongue out and exhaled, ignoring Nether King Er Ha's pain.

\"Lord Dog just needs a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. Dragon meat should be the best. I'm not like you. I don't bargain... If I have time for that, I'd better use it to solve a problem,\" Lord Dog said.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes were filled with grievance. You talked well with logic. How could I even argue with that?

The Black Dragon King also felt a twinge in his balls. He didn't know why that black dog always wanted Bu Fang to cook dragon meat. Was dragon meat that delicious? This dragon king had never eaten it before.

And... they were friends, close and dear friends. How could that dog want to eat dragon meat?

The Black Dragon King's bald head shone, as though it could bloom radiance.

Flowery was sitting on the Black Dragon King's shoulders. Her tiny hands patted his bald head, giggling continuously.

\"Let's go to the restaurant...\" Bu Fang said.

They nodded, following him.

Although Nether King Er Ha had an aching heart, he could only swallow this bitter pill. Anyway, he couldn't do anything to that mangy dog.

If this had happened in the past, he would have taught that mangy dog how to be a good dog!

Not long after that, this group of people disappeared from the long street.

The surrounding people didn't even dare to breathe loud, watching this strange group walking away.

The ground around them was blasted, so they had expected to see a great battle. However, the result happened so fast that they couldn't even imagine it.

That gold puppet was so intimidating. It was already at True Immortal Realm, but it was smashed by a dog's paw...

Were all dogs that awesome these days?

If that's the case, how could they dare to eat dog meat later?


Ptui! Ptui!

Tong Cheng vomited blood.

As he was sitting in a restaurant drinking wine, his face changed. Eventually, he opened his mouth, spurting both blood and wine...

His eyes turned bloodshot instantly. He felt countless needles pricking his brain, and this pain made him crazier.

\"It hurts! Damn! That Earth Immortal Puppet got destroyed?!\"

Tong Cheng's eyes were filled with fine blood veins. He slammed his hands on the table, squeezing his fists and clenching his jaw.

Back then, when the Earth Immortal Puppet he had sent to the lower realm was smashed broken, he had experienced the same pain. This was because his mental force inside the Earth Immortal Puppet got twisted and shattered, causing this torturous pain.

This time, he had no doubt that the Earth Immortal Puppet he sent to kill that mortal chef was broken...

That mortal... Killing him by thousands of slashes wasn't enough!

Tong Cheng grabbed the jar of good wine and poured the wine all over his face. The cold liquid splashing against his skin made him much sober.


He hastily flung the empty jar on the floor, shattering it into several pieces.

\"You won't escape me! After three days... you will definitely die!\"

Tong Cheng endured the needle-pricking pain in his head, cursing in his heart.



The restaurant's doors were pushed open.

Nether King Er Ha, the Black Dragon King, and the rest stepped inside the restaurant.

\"Oh f*ck! Bu Fang young man, how did you find this restaurant? How could it be as small as a dog's pen?\"

Nether King Er Ha was surprised when he saw the restaurant, which was much smaller than the restaurant on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The bald Black Dragon King goggled.

The restaurant's location was remote, and it was so small... Bu Fang, my little friend, you don't want to do business anymore?

Lord Dog strutted gracefully with his cat-like steps, walking inside the restaurant. He indifferently looked around. Eventually, his eyes landed on Nether King Er Ha.

\"Do you have something against dog pens? Also... who told you that a dog's pen is small?\"

Nether King Er Ha rolled his eyes. Immediately, he rolled his sleeves, showing his aggressive face as he said, \"This king disdains dog pens, so what? You mangy dog, you want to fight with me? I don't like you anyway... Come!\"

Lord Dog blinked. He didn't have time for this moron.

\"Retarded...\" Lord Dog spoke gently. Then, he found a corner in the restaurant, lying down.

Flowery jumped off the Black Dragon King's shoulder. Despite such a height, she landed effortlessly and regained her balance in no time. After all, she was a Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python with formidable power. Skipping towards Lord Dog, she hugged the dog's thigh, looking very satisfied.

The Black Dragon King's face darkened. Did his daughter consider him her mount?

\"Too small. I can't anchor the Netherworld Ship in here.\"

Nethery scanned the entire restaurant, furrowing her beautiful brows.

\"We got some rooms upstairs. You can stay there,\" Bu Fang said to Nethery. After that, he led them all upstairs.

The space was quite large on the second floor, and there were many rooms.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened. Would he have his own room too?

Nethery pouted her lips. Although she couldn't stay in her Netherworld Ship, she still felt a little joy in her heart.

After checking out their rooms, they went downstairs to the restaurant.

The Black Dragon King whined, insisting on getting a room for himself. However, in order to have a room here, he had to pay a high price.

Bu Fang looked at the Black Dragon King and finally said, \"You can work as a waiter to pay for your rent.\"

Hearing Bu Fang's words, the Black Dragon King rolled his eyes.

\"I am the impressive Black Dragon King in the Endless Sea... I can summon the clouds and make it rain. I'm a supreme existence... How could I work as a waiter in this hole-in-the-wall restaurant?\" The Black Dragon King's nostrils flared as he thundered.

However, Bu Fang didn't answer him. He just indifferently looked at the Black Dragon King, watching the latter growing awkward and embarrassed by the second.

The Black Dragon King just realized that if he went out there, someone would capture him and cook him in less than half a day. Could such a thing really happen?

This world was much more dangerous than the Hidden Dragon Continent.

There were so many True Immortal Realm experts in this world. More importantly...

Those f*cking True Immortal Realm experts were all chefs!

If he walked out of this restaurant... he would simply become a f*cking moving ingredient, the one people admired and sought after.

At that time, he would likely become Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs.

\"Good! Waiter is a noble word, which is pretty suitable to my majestic Black Dragon King status.\" The bald Black Dragon King nodded seriously.

\"The waiter's job isn't that difficult. You just need to serve food and bill them... Nothing involves a great amount of intelligence,\" Bu Fang said casually, squinting at the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King was bewildered. Did Bu Fang just give him some compliment?

Bu Fang didn't mind the Black Dragon King anymore. He walked over to the entrance, pushing the restaurant's doors open.

\"Good. Everything's ready. We'll start our business now...\"


However, at this moment, the serious voice of the system echoed in Bu Fang's head once again.

\"Current task: How could we miss the opening ceremony of the brand-new restaurant? Invite at least three guests to join the opening ceremony of Immortal Chef Little Store. Task reward: Crystal Glazed Soup Dumplings.\"

The sudden task announced by the system made Bu Fang dumbstruck.

Opening ceremony?

Did they have this event before? Why didn't he have such a thing when he established the other restaurants?

Bu Fang rubbed his head. Inviting three guests to join the opening ceremony?

It would be a little bothersome.

He didn't know many people in the Immortal Cooking Realm. How could he invite guests?

Xuanyuan Xiahui could be one. Mu Liuer was another. And who else? Manager Chen? Or Tong Cheng?

Rubbing his chin, Bu Fang thought about his guest list as he walked into the kitchen. Once inside, he began to mess around.

Shortly, he came out with three simple invitations and called the Black Dragon King over.

At this moment, the bald man was playing with his daughter. After being called, he felt a little displeased.

Bu Fang called him to deliver the invitations. Naturally, his first reaction was to reject it.

No kidding. He was a moving cooking ingredient in the eyes of those Immortal Cooking Realm's chefs. If he went out to deliver the invitations, he wasn't sure if he could come back alive.

Even if he could return, he wasn't sure if his body would still be intact. Perhaps he would lose his arms or legs...

However, as Bu Fang stared at him expressionlessly with his cold eyes, the Black Dragon King eventually gave in.

Holding the three invitations, he covered himself in a black cloak. Then, he left the restaurant to deliver them.

After that, Bu Fang sat by the table, exhaling. He took out a wooden tablet and started to draw on it.

Soon, he finished his menu, which only had three dishes.

\"Hotpot, barbeque, and blood lobsters...\"

Under each dish was a line of crooked writing describing what it was and how it would taste.

Bu Fang's writing and his cooking skills were absolutely different. His writing was barely readable.

However, Bu Fang was pleased with his work. Admiring his handwriting for a while, he hung the menu on the wall.

Whatever they wanted to eat, as long as he wanted to cook, he could cook it.

He was such an arrogant chef.

However, because of the remote location and the restaurant's size, even if they were open, no one had visited them yet.


Meanwhile, the Black Dragon King was as stealthy as a thief. Holding the invitation, he stood in front of Xuanyuan Xiahui's nameless restaurant.

As soon as the Black Dragon King entered the restaurant, Xuanyuan Xuan's sharp eyes stopped him.

\"Who is it?!\"

Xuanyuan Xuan's eyes were extremely cautious as she looked at the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King smiled wryly. \"I'm looking for your brother.\"

\"Many people have come to see my brother. Who are you?\"

Since her brother had become an Immortal Chef, more and more people came to congratulate them. Some had come to recruit, and some just simply came to share some luck.

Who was this man?

The Black Dragon King had almost choked on his breath...

He was too lazy to talk to this big-boobed woman, so he simply handed her the invitation and said, \"This is the invitation from Bu Fang, our little friend. I'm just here to deliver the invitation. Take it.\"

Xuanyuan Xuan wore a skeptical face as she took the invitation. Looking at the crooked lines on it, her brows arched. \"Invitation, Immortal Chef Little Store's opening ceremony. Please come and join?\"

After reading the invitation, Xuanyuan Xuan held up the card, asking, \"You mean, Bu Fang will open a restaurant and invited my brother to come?\"

\"Yes. Anyway, it doesn't seem that he invited you,\" the Black Dragon King said sincerely.

Xuanyuan Xuan rolled her eyes. \"That fellow... He said he will take the Immortal Chef test after three days. Why isn't he using this time to practice? He wants to have some opening ceremony? Is he giving up?\"

The Black Dragon King didn't bother to reply. He still had two invitations in his hand.

Without a word, he ran away with an ashen and panic-stricken face to deliver the other two invitations.

Xuanyuan Xuan looked at the Black Dragon King dashing away. Patting the invitation, the corners of her mouth rose. \"This invitation... What an ugly handwriting.\"

At the same time, in Immortal Chef Little Store, Bu Fang sneezed. His emotionless face looked around, baffled.

Then, he stood up and entered the kitchen, preparing the dishes for his opening ceremony.

For his opening ceremony, the system requested him to cook food that would make the diners feel the restaurant's mood and insight.

Of course, Bu Fang wouldn't fail everyone. He was about to give Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others a big surprise.