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 Whitey stood behind Bu Fang. After eating lightning punishment and a puppet's crystal core, it looked even more serious.

And, at this moment, Bu Fang looked bewildered.

He was standing in front of a restaurant.

Looking at this relatively small restaurant, he couldn't help but rub his head.

Bu Fang didn't choose the location for this restaurant. After he had completed the special grade chef test, the system announced this address directly to him.

At first, Bu Fang was excited. If it were a product from the system, it must be exquisite. However, soon, Bu Fang knew he was wrong.

The moment he saw the small restaurant, it felt like he had ten thousand black dogs wearing taunting faces crossing his heart.

Pushing the restaurant door, Bu Fang entered the place.

As soon as he pushed the door open, his eyes brightened. This time, the system gave Bu Fang a happy surprise.

Indeed, it was a big surprise. This time, this restaurant was completely different from his other restaurants.

The decoration style was different from Fang Fang's Little Store, and there were many other changes.

The restaurant didn't have square tables. Or, to be exact, there weren't many tables in this restaurant.

Since this restaurant wasn't big, it looked a little packed. Thus, the dining tables were set around the kitchen.

The tables were arranged in a circle, facing the kitchen's cold bronze door, which didn't allow people to see what happened inside.

Anyway, it brought people endless curiosity.

Of course, although the arrangement was different, the restaurant's general style was still a warm one. Once the diners entered the restaurant, they would feel safe and calm, as though every sadness and worry would vanish after stepping inside.

Bu Fang slowly walked around the restaurant.

It felt like the time he had walked around Fang Fang's Little Store when he had first arrived. Everything was new to him.

Of course, Bu Fang was a chef, so he paid more attention to his kitchen.

Even though the tables were around the kitchen, it had a path that allowed people to move through.

Bu Fang walked on the path to the bronze door, then pushed it open. He had expected it to be heavy, but it was so light that it was almost effortless to open it.

After stepping inside the kitchen, Bu Fang exhaled.

The kitchen's decoration didn't change much. Everything looked familiar to him.

This was good. An excellent chef should have his familiar set-up and equipment, which would help him cook the best dishes.

After admiring the tools in the kitchen for a while, Bu Fang walked out of it.

As soon as he walked out, he saw the tables.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

The system's arrangement was interesting, though...

From now on, whenever he walked out of the kitchen, the yearning, anticipating eyes of his diners would be the first thing he'd see.

Which was hair-raising...

\"Host, please pay attention. For this newly-built restaurant, you have a chance to choose the restaurant's name...\" The serious voice of the system echoed in Bu Fang's head.

Bu Fang was bewildered. Then, he smiled, looking pensive.

\"The restaurant's name? What are my options?\"

The system pondered for a while. It didn't answer Bu Fang immediately.

Then, it gave him answers. \"Names for the restaurant: Immortal Chef Little Store, Immortal Chef's Restaurant, Immortal Chef House.\"

The system sounded cold and calm. However, after Bu Fang heard its answer, his mind couldn't stay calm...

\"System, your naming skill... could it be more creative?\" Bu Fang didn't show mercy, showing his disdain to the system.

The system decided to ignore Bu Fang.

Blacky, Whitey, Flowery... The system had always disdained Bu Fang's naming skill. Where did you get your f*cking confidence to scorn the other?

\"Immortal Chef House? Meh. Pass. How could this kind of name be an option?\" Bu Fang didn't change his face, mocking the system.

Eventually, Bu Fang didn't need to twist his mind much.

\"Immortal Chef Little Store then.\" Bu Fang held his forehead, feeling helpless.


As soon as Bu Fang said that, his mind was shaken. He stepped out of the restaurant, turning around to look at the restaurant's gate.

A horizontal tablet was hung, which read \"Immortal Chef Little Store.\" The four big words were written smoothly and gracefully like flowing water.

Bu Fang gave a satisfied nod. This was his restaurant in Immortal City.

He didn't stay too long, though. He closed the restaurant's door, then took Whitey and walked back to the inn.

Bu Fang wanted to bring the others here immediately.

The restaurant wasn't far away from the inn. After a short walk, he finally arrived.

Standing at the door, Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He turned his head around to check behind him, feeling something strange.

He didn't know why, but after leaving the restaurant, he always had a strange feeling. However, he couldn't tell exactly what it was.

Clasping his hands, Bu Fang didn't think much about it and went upstairs.

Long after Bu Fang had left, a gold shadow appeared by the door of the inn.

That gold shadow shivered continuously. It seemed its body couldn't contain the formidable inner force.

It was Tong Cheng's puppet.

This Earth Immortal Puppet had Tong Cheng's mental force, which was very powerful. It could even use and execute some of Tong Cheng's moves.

Anyway, this Earth Immortal Puppet's material couldn't endure for a long time. It would be blasted within a few hours.

However, that amount of time was enough for the Earth Immortal Puppet to fulfill the task Tong Cheng had assigned to it.


Bu Fang returned to his room and pushed the door open, seeing that it remained unchanged.

The Black Dragon King was playing with his daughter, Flowery, while the latter was leaning against Lord Dog, showing a relaxed expression as she enjoyed Lord Dog's aura.

Nether King Er Ha leaned against the door, holding a Spicy Strip in his mouth, his face serious.

Nethery sat on the Netherworld Ship, dangling her fair legs.

As soon as they saw Bu Fang, their eyes lit up. Bu Fang's return meant that they could eat soon.

\"Bu Fang young man, I heard that you took the special grade chef test. Did you ace it?\" Nether King Er Ha asked, sucking his Spicy Strip.

Bu Fang looked at Nether King Er Ha and gave him a slight nod. \"Just some daily cooking. I'm a special grade chef now. Oh well... I got the new restaurant. We should move in now.\"

Hearing Bu Fang's words, Nether King Er Ha's eyes instantly sparkled. \"You got a restaurant? We will open a restaurant in Immortal City?\"

Bu Fang nodded.

Wasting no time, they all stood up and left the inn in excitement.

Of course, Lord Dog was still sleeping. Nether King Er Ha pulled and dragged him, but he wouldn't wake up. This fat dog slept a lot these days.

Bu Fang came to the inn's front desk, paying their rent with immortal crystals. Then, the inn's receptionists smiled like blooming flowers, bidding farewell to them.

A group of people walked out.

Nether King Er Ha walked to Bu Fang, feeling that something was strange.

\"Er? Seems somebody's going to do something?\" Nether King Er Ha winked, talking to Bu Fang.

Of course, he could sense the change in Bu Fang's aura. Originally, he got a divine flame at the Divine Spirit Realm, and now, he was at the peak of Divine Spirit Realm.

Bu Fang's breakthrough was always out of people's estimation.


A sound of compressed air exploding arose.

A moment later, the air around them boomed as a gold energy ball shot toward Bu Fang.

It was moving so fast that the energy ball turned into an oval shape in people's vision.

Bu Fang slightly furrowed his brows.

Nether King Er Ha sucked a Spicy Strip. His mouth moved, lifting the Spicy Strip up.

Then, he blew a palm. Hitting the energy ball, he used both hands to grab it.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The energy ball struggled between Nether King Er Ha's palms.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes twinkled as he said, \"Interesting... A Heavenly Ethereal Realm power.\"

The corners of his mouth twitched. Heavenly Ethereal Realm was a relatively powerful existence in the Netherworld's Earth Prison.

His hand suddenly squeezed, crushing that energy ball. Tens of thousands of light dots vanished...

\"Bu Fang young man, who did you offend?\" Nether King Er Ha cast Bu Fang a sidelong glance, smiling before he added, \"The enemy this time is really strong, so I'm gonna be fair. Ten Spicy Strips for this king to make a move. What do you think?\"

Ten Spicy Strips...

Ever since Nether King Er Ha learned to bargain, his demand was getting higher.

Bu Fang arched his brow, looking at him.

\"The enemy this time isn't ordinary. It's a Heavenly Ethereal Realm expert. Heavenly Ethereal Realm, you know that? It's the True Immortal Realm in your terms...\"

Nether King Er Ha saw that Bu Fang didn't trust him, so he seized the chance to explain.

He was always fair. He didn't want to take advantage anyway.

True Immortal Realm?

Bu Fang frowned. A True Immortal Realm expert wanted to attack him?

Was it Tong Cheng?

No... It wasn't him. Tong Cheng was from the Tong family. Since he had an agreement with the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he wouldn't do something rashly. Otherwise, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would turn their back to them, and Tong Cheng would encounter a lot of trouble.

If it wasn't Tong Cheng, who could it be?

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The air exploded continuously. A moment later, gold energy balls shot out from a distance.

\"Is it fun to hide in a corner and play?\" Nether King Er Ha rolled his eyes, the Spicy Strip in his mouth shaking once.

He flicked his fingers, and sky-reaching Nether energy shot out from his feet. This Nether energy burst, turning into a storm.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Those gold energy balls hit the dark storm, but they couldn't explode or dissolve it. In the end, the gold energy balls were all pushed backward.

Boom! Boom!

The energy balls went into a frenzy, booming and exploding, making the ground tremble.


Nether energy scattered.

The passersby on the street were all scared, retreating to a far place to observe. Not a single one of them dared to approach.

Clang. Clang.

With metal clunking sounds, a gold figure slowly walked out of the dust curtain.

That gold figure was full of bursting energy. Its surging energy seemed able to break the void, which made the gold figure shiver unceasingly.

\"Oh... A puppet?\" Nether King Er Ha rolled his eyes.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered.

\"Bu Fang young man, you're not expensive. The other party only sent a puppet to deal with you. They're looking down at you, you know. For ten Spicy Strips, this king will destroy this puppet for you!\"

Nether King Er Ha's eyes were bright as he looked at Bu Fang. However, his face turned purple...


Lord Dog, who was sleeping on the ground, opened his eyes. He raised his exquisite paw, gently patting on the gold puppet in the distance.

Thousands of jets of energy gathered into an exquisite dog paw before the paw patted down.

The gold Earth Immortal Puppet didn't have time to react. It was smashed, falling apart onto the ground. It couldn't even fart out its surging, brutal energy.

\"No need for so much trouble. About this paw's matter... Bu Fang boy, remember to cook Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Lord Dog... Lord Dog isn't that picky, so dragon meat will do,\" Lord Dog said in a drowsy voice.

After that, he yawned and gave the bald Black Dragon King a sidelong glance.