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 Chapter 98: Obey This Lord Dog's Words, Let Go of That Girl

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Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes widened as she stared at the extremely haughty boy in front of her. She recognized the brat as the extremely well-known heir of a Marquis. However, what was he doing there?

Yang Chen was the seventh child of the Marquis Who Pacifies the West, Yang Mo. Whenever the Yang family was mentioned, their deeds of sacrificing themselves for their country had to be acknowledged. The head of the Yang family, Yang Mo, had four sons. The first three sons were extremely talented individuals that used to be influential figures within the imperial city. Unfortunately, all three of them died on the battlefield during their participation on military campaigns. In the end, Yang Chen was the only son left in the entire Yang family.

Therefore, the Yang family was extremely concerned about Yang Chen. As the first-in-line successor to the Marquis position, there was no room for mistakes.

"What is a brat like you doing here?" Yang Chen was very arrogant. He had always been putting effort in his cultivation with his elder brothers as his goal. Now, he had already reached the level of a fourth grade Battle-Spirit. This degree of talent and cultivation level was already considered the highest among his peers.

When Ouyang Xiaoyi looked at Yang Chen's immature yet arrogant face, she could not help but roll her eyes and reply with a pout, "Do you really think I want to be here? There isn't even anything delicious here... This place is like hell on earth!"

Yang Chen was unable to understand Ouyang Xiaoyi's words. Even though they were being held captive, the people who abducted them was not ill-treating them. They were properly served with three meals each day and the taste of the dishes brought to them was very good. Yang Chen ate his meals with great relish.

"If you're getting excited over eating this sort of dishes, I can tell that you're someone who hasn't seen the world." Ouyang Xiaoyi held her arms across her chest as she disdainfully glanced at the dishes placed on the table as well as Yang Chen, whose lips were covered with oil.

"I haven't seen the world? A little brat like you is the one that hasn't seen the world! I've been to the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant numerous times!" Yang Chen unhappily mumbled while his mouth was filled with food.

"Immortal Phoenix Restaurant?" When the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant was mentioned, Ouyang Xiaoyi snorted and rolled her eyes in disdain.

"What's going on? Are you looking down on the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant as well?" Yang Chen's eyes widened as he looked at Ouyang Xiaoyi.

Ouyang Xiaoyi pursed her lips and said, "Compared to the dishes made by the smelly boss, the food from Immortal Phoenix Restaurant is no better than dregs. You haven't even tasted Owner Bu's dishes and you still dare to claim that you've seen the world... Let me ask you, have you ever tasted Fish Head Tofu Soup that increases the true energy within your body? Have you ever eaten Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that sends you into an euphoric state just from smelling the aroma? Have you ever eaten Egg-Fried Rice that sparkles?"

Ouyang Xiaoyi mentioned a few dishes from Fang Fang's Little Store in a row. As a waitress, she was naturally familiar enough with the names of the dishes to immediately list them.

Yang Chen blankly stared at Ouyang Xiaoyi in an adorable manner. He had never heard of the names of these dishes before... However, they sounded really impressive. Could a person really increase their cultivation level by eating a meal?

"Hmph! Impressive, right? I've eaten all of these dishes before!" Ouyang Xiaoyi loftily said.

Yang Chen picked up some food with his chopsticks and shoved it into his mouth. As he chewed the food, he said, "It sounds pretty good. Where's the location of the store? When are you bringing me there to have a look?"

When Ouyang Xiaoyi heard his words, her large eyes immediately did a little turn. Then, a smile appeared on her adorable face as she said, "Let's go right now. None of these dishes suit my appetite. I haven't eaten anything for over a day!"

"Right now?" Yang Chen was stunned. They were currently held captive, how would they be able to leave?

"That fellow who's monitoring us is only a fifth grade Battle-King. With our cultivation level, we can instantly deal with him if we take him by surprise. Then, we'll be able to make our escape!" Ouyang Xiaoyi said with sparkling eyes.

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows and then suddenly excitedly nodded.

Immediately after, Ouyang Xiaoyi fell onto the ground and started throwing a tantrum. Her acting that was instantly performed startled Yang Chen for a moment.

When the guard outside heard the commotion, he stepped into the room and immediately saw Ouyang Xiaoyi kicking a fuss onto the ground.

"What's going on? Stop making so much noise!" The guard impatiently knitted his eyebrows together. He was annoyed that the two brats were not behaving.

"She thinks the taste of the food is too terrible. She also said your chef is a pig," Yang Chen earnestly said.

Upon hearing Yang Chen's words, the guard did not know whether to laugh or cry. After he approached the food on the table and sampled it, he said, "The taste is pretty good though?"

Yang Chen approached the guard and said with a nod, "I think it's pretty good as well... However, she thinks the chef is a pig, so she doesn't want to eat the food here and wants to go outside."

"Hmm?" Just then, the guard noticed something was wrong. In the next moment, true energy burst forth from Yang Chen and restricted the guard's limbs. Even though the guard was a fifth grade Battle-King, he was unable to react after receiving a sneak attack from such a close range.

Ouyang Xiaoyi leapt off the ground while brandishing her fists and greeted the guard's face with a punch.

The Ouyang family's style was kicking their opponents when they were down. Therefore, Ouyang Xiaoyi's next few punches all landed on the guard's face. The guard fell onto the ground and lost consciousness.

Then, Ouyang Xiaoyi pulled Yang Chen along as they left the room that imprisoned them at a trot and snuck out of the mansion.


During the bright sunny days in the imperial city, the sunlight shining through the clouds was rather dazzling. As it shone over the people, it felt warm and comfortable.

After Bu Fang finished serving the first wave of customers, the store regained its tranquility once more. And so, Bu Fang was curled up on a chair near the entrance like the past few days. There was sunlight on that day and he was feeling drowsy from the warmth felt throughout his body.

It was quite comfortable to pass the days like this.

"Smelly boss! Save me!" At the entrance of the alleyway, a heart-rending scream rang out. Bu Fang, whose eyes had just closed, opened them and puzzledly looked into the distance.

There, two runty figures were running like mad while taking wide strides as a few experts with powerful auras chased after them. The speed of the pursuers was very fast and they were right about to catch up to the two brats.

One of the Battle-Kings caught up with them and directly grabbed hold of Ouyang Xiaoyi. He picked her up and said with a sneer, "Let's see how you're going to run now!"

They did not expect the two canaries kept within a birdcage would be able to get out! They almost let them escape!

"Do you know who I am? I'll make my grandpa strip you down and hang you up on the walls of the imperial city!" Ouyang Xiaoyi was furious. The smelly boss' store was not far from there, but she was caught at the last moment. The anxious feeling of waiting for help made her want to go crazy.

"Smelly boss, save me! Blacky, save me!" Therefore, Ouyang Xiaoyi started screaming for help, hoping that Bu Fang would save her. However, she felt that her chances of escaping might be much higher if Blacky came instead...

Blacky, who was lying on the ground, murmured as it opened its eyes. It lazily yawned while sticking its tongue out and exhaled a cloud of white breath.

"Who's calling for your lord dog?" Blacky puzzledly scanned its surroundings and soon found Ouyang Xiaoyi struggling to escape at the entrance of the alleyway.

"You brat, why are you calling your lord dog for no reason? Don't you know how busy your lord dog is..." Blacky lazily got up and slowly headed for the alleyway's entrance while striding like a cat.

Bu Fang slowly walked out of the store. He stood at the entrance and expressionlessly looked toward the alleyway's entrance.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's large eyes immediately lit up when she spotted the big black dog slowly approaching them. She yelled out, "Blacky, save me!"

Yang Chen sniffled his nose that was slightly numb from the cold and puzzledly looked at the swarthy big black dog that was rather overweight...

The few guards were also looking at Blacky with weird expressions on their faces.

Did this girl really think a dog would be able to rescue her from the hands of a few Battle-Kings? Should they call her naive... or naive?

However, in the next moment, these people were all shocked by the big black dog that started speaking like a human.

"Obey this lord dog's words, let go of that girl..." Blacky's lukewarm voice sounded out of nowhere.