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 Only Manager Chen had the power to stop Tong Cheng. However, he was held back by Tong Cheng's puppet, so he missed his chance to help Bu Fang in time.

The others could only watch with widened eyes as Tong Cheng's palm hit Bu Fang's chest brutally.

That palm changed the wind and thunder, shattering the void!

Since Tong Cheng was at True Immortal Realm, he was so powerful that this palm of his could sweep away a mountain peak and break a long river!

The power of that blow was astonishing indeed. Once that mortal chef receives that blow, he would be smashed into pieces.

Mu Liuer covered her eyes, feeling helpless. She couldn't bear to watch anymore. Under Tong Cheng's palm, Bu Fang would definitely die.

Even if Bu Fang had his Earth Immortal Puppet to save him, he couldn't stop it.

What a pity. Bu Fang had innate talent, and if he had more time, he would absolutely become an Immortal Chef. And now, that future Immortal Chef would die right at this moment.

It was really unfortunate.

Manager Chen sighed. There's only so much he could do.

Xuanyuan Xiahui opened his eyes wider. Bu Fang wanted to die here?

The surrounding audience held their breaths.

The aristocratic families' youngsters grinned fiendishly. A mortal dared to offend a genius from a powerful family. He didn't know how to write the word \"death.\"

All of a sudden...

The scene somehow strangely froze.

Tong Cheng's palm brutally hit Bu Fang's chest. It was like a strong wind blowing over Bu Fang, billowing his Vermillion Robe.


Bu Fang was safe and sound!

He didn't look like he was about to die!

How... How could it be?

Everybody was a little bewildered. They blinked, studying Bu Fang's emotionless face.

At this moment, the entire room turned dead silent.

Tong Cheng was perplexed. He had hit Bu Fang with so much confidence, and he couldn't make even a fart...

How is this possible?

In a normal situation, his palm would blast Bu Fang into dust and ash, that's why everybody who thought that Bu Fang would be killed was so stunned.

Mu Liuer, who had her hands over her eyes, felt that her surroundings became so quiet. She took a peek and saw Tong Cheng's palm had already hit Bu Fang's chest.

People's faces turned extremely odd.

The Vermillion Robe had an invincible effect. However, it worked only once at a time. After that, the invincible effect would go into cooldown.

Anyway, it was enough.

Because the invincible effect had shielded Bu Fang from Tong Cheng's sure-kill attack, the latter's attack in his chest didn't give him any hard impact.

However, Bu Fang felt a little pain, maybe because of the punch's residual force. Anyway, at his body's current level, it didn't hurt much.

Looking at Tong Cheng with his absolutely confused face, the black-and-white bandage on Bu Fang's arm loosened, revealing his arm filled with Taotie drawings.

As the strips of his bandage fluttered, he wielded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok amidst the energy-filled roars of the Taoties, aiming at Tong Cheng's head.

Tong Cheng couldn't stop the wok because he didn't know how strong this attack was.

Previously, Bu Fang had depended on this set, which was the Black Turtle Constellation Wok combined with the power of the Taoties, to finish many experts that were stronger than him.

And now that his cultivation base had increased, his fighting capacity had become even more terrifying.

When his wok pounded... even an iron head would be blasted!

Of course, Tong Cheng's head was much tougher than iron. After all, he got a True Immortal Realm cultivation base.

Tong Cheng looked at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok that was zooming bigger and bigger in his eyes, completely stupefied.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok brutally hit his head, blowing him away.


Although no blood was shed, Tong Cheng felt his head buzzing, as though countless little stars were flying around inside.

Little stars... F*ck those little stars!

Tong Cheng was infuriated.

Roaring angrily, he shook his head, trying to get a clear mind. When he saw Bu Fang's face, his wrath rocketed.

He was dizzy as a mortal had pounded his head with a wok!

What a humiliation!

Bu Fang's face was cold, watching furious Tong Cheng as he exhaled.

A moment later, his Taoties' arm rose again, flinging.


In front of everyone's goggling eyes and dropped jaws, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok hit Tong Cheng's head one more time.

That wok pushed Tong Cheng backward, making warm blood ooze out from his nose.

Tong Cheng's eyes were baffled. His aura had almost scattered.

The people around didn't even dare to breathe out loud.

\"Lord Tong Cheng... Would he be pounded and turned into a retard?\"

\"It hurts only looking from here. When that wok hit his head, it sounded like booming thunder...\"

\"Wow! Worthy of being the young master of the Tong family! His head is even harder than an immortal crystal.\"

After the audience got themselves together, they began to discuss boisterously.

With an odd face, they studied Bu Fang. No one had expected that he, a mortal, would counterattack.

And what made them speechless the most was that Lord Tong Cheng was now dumbfounded after receiving two hits. He even had a nosebleed.

How funny. Hilarious...

But so arrogant...

What status did Tong Cheng have? How could that mortal dare to fight back?

He even hurt him!


Madly furious!

With his bleeding nose, Tong Cheng groaned and snarled like a wounded beast. Terrifying aura continuously exuded from his body.

\"You damned mortal! I will tear you into pieces!\" Tong Cheng thundered, his eyes reddened.

His aura condensed, shaking the entire place. It seemed the room would soon collapse under his attack.

Ribbons of true energy fluttered behind him, turning into sky-reaching columns.

As the true energy ribbons blasted the roof, which was already broken by the previous lightning punishment, they damaged it even more, causing crushed bricks and stones to shoot in all directions.

Meanwhile, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok returned to Bu Fang's hand. He frowned, looking at furious Tong Cheng.

Looks like he must show his real power.

Since Bu Fang had just broken through, his mental force became more powerful as well. Actually, he didn't rely too much on his cultivation base. The one that was really strong was his mental force.

Although he was a chef, his spirit sea was unimaginably vast like an immense ocean.

When Bu Fang ignited his first divine flame, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with his mental force could resist an expert at the peak of Divine Spirit Realm.

And now that he was at the peak of Divine Spirit Realm, his mental force seemed to have reached the True Immortal Realm.

Since his mental force increased, his sensitivity to the God of Cooking set became more comprehensive. Once he got the boost from Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, he could roughly reach the True Immortal Realm.

The True Immortal Realm and the Divine Spirit Realm were vastly different. Compared to a True Immortal Realm expert-who had his body's strength, cultivation base, and mental force improved significantly-a Divine Spirit Realm expert's mental force would be very chaotic at that time.

At Divine Spirit Realm, the spirit sea would be open.

And, at True Immortal Realm, the original soul would appear above the spirit sea.

At One-star True Immortal Realm, the spirit sea would have the original soul. At Two-star True Immortal Realm, the space above the original soul would become an immense sky with seven stars. The original soul would receive starlight from the seven stars to cultivate and get stronger.

At Nine-star True Immortal Realm, the seven stars would converge, boosting the expert to the extreme level. At that time, a small world would open within the spirit sea...

Thus, the True Immortal Realm was the real intimidating realm. After receiving each star, the cultivation base would grow greatly.

However, the gap between each realm was like the gap between heaven and earth.

It was also the reason why Bu Fang's mental force, with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's boost, could be compared to a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert.

Anyway, it was enough.

If Bu Fang had urged his spirit sea's mental force, he could have affected Tong Cheng's thoughts shortly. After that, he could pound the wok on Tong Cheng until he blacked out. Although the other was an Immortal Chef at a True Immortal Realm level, it was enough to make him doubt his life.

\"Lord Tong Cheng... that's enough.\"

Just when Tong Cheng was about to attack and Bu Fang was about to use his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, an aged voice resounded.

An old man appeared in front of Bu Fang, shielding him from Tong Cheng.

It was Manager Chen.

\"This is the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, not your Tong family's backyard. If you make a mess here, I won't be polite!\"

Manager Chen's face was dark and solemn. Looking at Tong Cheng diffusing his energy and tearing this special grade chef test room apart, his face turned even darker.

He was the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's manager. He knew it would cost a lot of immortal crystals to rebuild a special grade chef test room, so Tong Cheng wreaking havoc in his room made his heart bleed.

Tong Cheng's eyes turned red, roaring angrily, \"Old moron! Get lost. Today... I must kill that mortal!\"

However, facing his roaring and shouting, Manager Chen's eyes rolled. He was really furious now.

\"If you cause more trouble, our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion won't be polite. At that time... Let's see if the Tong family's head comes and bail you out from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion!\" Manager Chen shouted indignantly.

A moment later, his aura burst out, shooting up his True Immortal Realm might up into the sky.

No matter what, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was a force under the City Lord's mansion, and their internal strength wasn't something the others could ignore.

The True Immortal Realm auras made the onlookers and the youngsters of aristocratic families change their countenances.

Among those auras, there was one that was so intimidating, which was the Two-star True Immortal Realm aura.

The moment Manager Chen's aura shot up, Tong Cheng got himself together. His aura subsided, but the murderous look in his eyes became even more intense.

However, as soon as Tong Cheng calmed down, he turned and looked around. Instantly, his eyes opened wide, turning bloodshot.

He had almost vomited blood.

Bu Fang was bewildered.

The surrounding people were dumbstruck.

They turned and saw...

Whitey slowly walking over to the gold puppet that Manager Chen had smashed with his palm.

Its leaf-like palm stretched, grabbing the puppet's head and holding it up.

A moment later, as the others took in a breath of cold air...

The gold puppet was torn apart.

Boom! Boom!

When the materials fell apart, Whitey's hand groped inside the puppet's body. Eventually, it took out an orange crystal, which looked valuable and important.

Grabbing the crystal, Whitey's belly suddenly turned into a black hole. It then threw that orange crystal in, swallowing it an instant.


Tong Cheng gawked. He was so angry that his lips trembled.

He lost an Earth Immortal Puppet, and even the core of that Earth Immortal Puppet was eaten!

He couldn't steal a chicken and even lost his rice!

The surrounding people's mouths twitched. No one had expected such an event.

In the end, Tong Cheng was the one who had been robbed.

\"Bu Fang has agreed to take our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's Immortal Chef test. Young Master Tong Cheng, please wait until the Immortal Chef test ends to make your decision.\"

Manager Chen ignored the fact that Tong Cheng was bleeding inside as he spoke.

\"Once the test is over, if Bu Fang didn't become an Immortal Chef, you can do whatever you want... But if he becomes an Immortal Chef, you guys should solve your problem yourselves. Do not involve our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion...\"

Tong Cheng's chest thrust in and out. Although he was the Tong family's genius, he didn't dare to act rashly facing the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

After all, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was backed by the City Lord's mansion.

\"The day the Immortal Chef test ends is the day you mortal will die!\"

Tong Cheng's face was cold as he looked at Bu Fang. After that, he flapped his sleeves, turning around to leave.

His body turned into a jet of light, storming out of the room through the broken roof, disappearing into the sky.

It was over.

Everyone looked at Bu Fang awkwardly. Then, they left the room.

Bu Fang turned to Manager Chen and nodded. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok vanished. He clasped his hands, sauntering out of the room.

After Whitey had eaten the puppet's crystal core, it followed Bu Fang.

A man and a puppet disappeared from the special grade chef test room.

Manager Chen looked at Bu Fang's departing figure, taking a deep breath.

\"What an incredible mortal... After three days, it's you who decides your fate. Death or life... It's your fate. By the way... how could that little fellow stop Tong Cheng's palm?\"

Manager Chen remembered that Bu Fang didn't shed a single hair after receiving Tong Cheng's attack.

Mu Liuer came to Manager Chen's side, exhaling. \"Manager Chen, thanks for your help.\"

\"Junior Pavilion Master, I just did what I needed to do. Since Bu Fang will take the Immortal Chef test, we shouldn't just stand and watch him be killed in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion,\" Manager Chen said naturally.

\"Right. He dared to take the Immortal Chef test. That mortal... I couldn't see him through,\" Mu Liuer mumbled.


Tong Cheng's body crossed the void like a beam of light. When he landed on the ground, his face was so dark it could even ooze water.

His mind flickered, and an Earth Immortal Puppet appeared in front of him.

Tong Cheng's spirits rose high. A moment later, his mental force was sent to that puppet, raising the puppet's aura to the point it could explode in the next minute.

\"Find that mortal for me... I want to know where he sets his feet in the city! If you have a chance, kill him!\"

As the puppet went off to carry out his order, he muttered darkly, \"I'm not the sort of man that will wait for him to finish his Immortal Chef test!\"


On the long street, Bu Fang and Whitey were strolling.

Suddenly, Bu Fang quickened his pace, feeling very excited.

He couldn't wait to see the new branch...