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 \"Congratulations on completing your current task: Open a branch in Immortal City. Task reward: Cutting Immortal Style.\"

\"Congratulations on completing your business overturn mission. You've leveled up. Task reward...\"

The system's serious voice arose in Bu Fang's head.

This voice stunned Bu Fang. Then, the corners of his mouth slightly rose.

A breakthrough. He hadn't thought that he would break through here. It had been more than three years. Finally, he had a breakthrough...

Anyway, it was right on track that he leveled up at this moment.

Bu Fang's aura changed greatly. His true energy surged, increasing unceasingly.

A crystal, jade-like divine altar emerged above his head, and flames packed that divine altar. One divine flame, two divine flames, three divine flames...

Nine divine flames were now dancing above the divine altar.

At this moment, Bu Fang's aura had reached its pinnacle, and he was covered in an earthy gold halo. As his pressure naturally exuded, the Vermillion Robe fluttered.

In people's eyes, this scene startled them all.

Did that mortal take some drugs?

How could his cultivation base increase that fast?

His cultivation base had grown against the norm, and it was going so fast that it would be easy for him to fall into bedevilment.

Did that mortal use some secret technique?

Yeah! He must have done that!

However, a secret technique that had boosted an expert at an early Divine Spirit Realm level to the peak of Divine Spirit Realm wouldn't be ordinary.

No matter what, the onlookers were skeptical. They didn't know what kind of technique Bu Fang had just used.

Anyway, even if he used some secret technique, his cultivation base was still weaker than Tong Cheng.

True Immortal Realm was one level higher than Divine Spirit Realm, so even if Bu Fang had reached the peak of Divine Spirit Realm, Tong Cheng could still kill him easily!

There was still a huge gap and intimidation between the two realms, and there was no way to fill this gap!


His increasing cultivation base slowly steadied.

Eventually, the divine flames disappeared. Bu Fang indifferently lifted his head, looking around.

Seeing the stupefied looks of the surrounding people, the corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. What's there to be so surprised about? He just had a normal breakthrough.

Besides, the focus now wasn't that...

\"Hey... What about the question I asked?\" Bu Fang said.

As soon as he said that, everybody recovered their wits, and they all looked at Bu Fang as if he was a patient with some mental illness.

\"Immortal Chef test?\" Tong Cheng's mouth curved up into a disdainful smirk.

Bu Fang had triggered the lightning punishment, but he didn't condense immortal energy. That meant that he hadn't accumulated enough talent, so it was impossible for him to become an Immortal Chef in a short time.

It was the common understanding in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Xuanyuan Xiahui, for example, had worked hard for so many years to enhance his innate talent. And today, finally, he had become an Immortal Chef.

So, following that example, Bu Fang couldn't become an Immortal Chef in just a blink of an eye. How could he achieve such an attainment?

Mu Liuer, as the Junior Pavilion Master of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, of course understood the reason behind Bu Fang's question.

As for Manager Chen, who was really strong at the True Immortal Realm and was even stronger than Tong Cheng, he wore a dark face as he indifferently looked at Bu Fang.

\"Young man, don't dream too high. I've seen your performance, and I admit that I was wrong about you. Anyway, becoming an Immortal Chef isn't that easy. You've failed once. If you want to succeed, you need to work hard and improve your skills for several years at least.\"

Mu Liuer nodded, saying, \"Bu Fang, don't worry. As long as the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion stands, no one can touch you, even the Tongs. Your innate talent is excellent, so I'm sure you will become an Immortal Chef in the future. For now, you shouldn't destroy your own future.\"

The audience around them had bright eyes. The events today were so amazing. They had a good time, though.

At first, Bu Fang had shown his extreme innate talent, which made his dish trigger the lightning punishment in the special grade chef test. After witnessing that phenomenon, the others thought that he could pass the Immortal Chef test too. However, his dish didn't have immortal energy, which was so much different from what they had expected.

Tong Cheng's interference and the protection from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had widened their view of the world.

And, it turned out that Bu Fang's cultivation base had rocketed, and he even said that he wanted to take the Immortal Chef test!

Why didn't he ascend to heaven yet?

He had failed the exam, yet he didn't lose his hope to try the Immortal Chef test. If he used his power to increase his cultivation base, how could he become an Immortal Chef?

As everyone had sunk in their own thoughts, Bu Fang remained quiet, holding the Black Turtle Constellation Wok single-handedly.

\"I have just broken through. Give me a chance to take the Immortal Chef test too. It would save me from coming here again to take the exam,\" Bu Fang said casually, his voice calm.

However, when the others heard him, they only wanted to... hit him.

Give him a chance to take the Immortal Chef too?!

The others couldn't even touch that threshold even if they had tried their whole lives, and now he wanted to take the Immortal Chef test too?

That statement was no different from making more enemies. Did he want to receive a thousand stabs from them?

\"I sincerely mean it.\" Bu Fang was afraid that Mu Liuer would think he was just kidding, so he said that sentence.

\"I...\" The corners of Mu Liuer's mouth twitched. Well, he didn't need to be so serious.

Far from them, Xuanyuan Xiahui was speechless. Since he had just passed the Immortal Chef test, he knew how tough it was.

If he hadn't accumulated enough talent, he could probably fail this time.

But why did Bu Fang think it was something easy?

Manager Chen stroked his mustache as he could feel Bu Fang's seriousness in his voice. After coughing a couple of times, he said, \"If you really want to take the Immortal Chef test, you have to wait three more days. Since this test is a big event, we need to make appointments and prepare the Lightning Protection Formation. Although you have an Earth Immortal Puppet that could swallow the lightning punishment, we must still have the Lighting Protection Formation to prevent any loss.\"

After hearing Manager Chen's words, everyone was surprised.

What? For real?

Manager Chen was really allowing that mortal to take the Immortal Chef test?!

Meanwhile, Tong Chen remained silent after hearing their conversation. After a while, he burst out in a peal of laughter.

Tong Chen's unexpected laugh made everyone around him freeze. Soon, they all looked at each other and burst into laughter as well, as though they were infected by his joyous mood.

The youngsters from the aristocratic families also joined in, laughing as though they had just heard a hilarious joke.

Everyone's laughter was full of contempt.

\"You mortal... You just want to take the test to buy you some time. Do you think being an Immortal Chef will save you? That the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion can really protect you? It's useless! Nothing can stop me!\"

Tong Cheng was laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes. Finally, he stopped laughing and looked at Bu Fang indifferently. The corner of his mouth rose tauntingly.

It turns out that that mortal had some scheme!

Bu Fang was speechless, rubbing his fingers together while listening to Tong Cheng's self-righteous analysis.

This fellow had a really good imagination...

In this world, no one would believe him if he said he wanted to take the Immortal Chef test?

Anyway, Bu Fang was too lazy to play around with Tong Cheng. He held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and walked to the door.

\"Come, Whitey. Miss Mu, I'll come here three days later to take the Immortal Chef test. I hope that the Lightning Protection Formation will be done by that time.\"

Tong Cheng's expression suddenly froze. He felt the other had just ignored him.

He analyzed and said a lot, but that Bu Fang didn't even give him face and acknowledge his words!

\"You want to leave? You're not allowed to do that. If I said you will stay, then you will stay with your Earth Immortal Puppet!\"


Tong Cheng's aura rocketed. He stormed out, moving like a shadow. He darted at a breakneck speed.

Tens of thousands of shadows emerged. Shortly, they all aimed at Bu Fang.

Manager Chen hadn't thought that Tong Cheng would attack. He shouted and was about to interfere...

However, it seemed that Tong Cheng had long been prepared. Gold light shone, and a gold figure immediately appeared to stop Manager Chen.


Manager Chen's palm slammed against the gold Earth Immortal Puppet, causing it to be blown backward with a loud explosion.

Indeed, Manager Chen had a formidable cultivation base at True Immortal Realm, which wasn't something that a gold Earth Immortal Puppet could resist.

Tong Cheng's eyes flashed as he moved very fast. He rolled with pressure, appearing in front of Bu Fang in just a blink of an eye.

The surrounding people had to back off against such a terrifying pressure, and some screamed in fright.

\"Stay here!\"

Tong Cheng looked at Bu Fang from his height, his face taunting.

This little chef was just a mortal, and in front of the Tong family's genius, he was just trash!

However, Tong Cheng's eyes shrank.

That was because he found Bu Fang's eyes were so calm. They were so calm that he couldn't even stir up a wave.

He frowned, turning his head to one side to see...

The Earth Immortal Puppet that could swallow lightning didn't move. It seems that this fellow didn't rely on the puppet.

What did this mortal drink?

Even though he had become a peak Divine Spirit Realm expert, Tong Cheng was at True Immortal Realm, which wasn't something a mortal could resist!

Anyway, he shouldn't care what kind of trick the other party got! He could just violently blast him off!

Boom! Boom!

The air around Tong Cheng seemed to compress. His formidable aura rippled, booming unceasingly.

This condensed energy was so powerful that it distorted the void with its immense power. A single blow of this could create a black hole in the air.

Once it hit Bu Fang, he would be seriously injured or even killed...

The people around them couldn't help but sigh.

The youngsters from the aristocratic families had disdain in their eyes.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes filled with regret.

Xuanyuan Xuan's eyes were complicated.

Mu Liuer looked unwilling.

After Manager Chen blew the gold Earth Immortal Puppet away, he wanted to help Bu Fang. However, he knew he couldn't make it on time...

It seemed that the young chef... had encountered a thief.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang didn't dodge or move. He didn't even blink...

He stood at his spot, bravely receiving Tong Cheng's blow.

However, people thought that Bu Fang was stupefied because of Tong Cheng...

That poor young man. He was so scared that he couldn't even close his eyes before he died!


As people were regretting and jeering at him, Tong Cheng's palm hit Bu Fang's chest, trying to break his heart.

Tong Cheng grinned. This mortal had offended him, so it serves him right to get hurt and die. After this, that Earth Immortal Puppet... would belong to him.


Tong Cheng's grin froze on his face, and his originally triumphant look slowly turned into a frightened expression.

\"What... How could it be!\"

Bu Fang wore an indifferent face, looking at Tong Cheng.

The red-and-white Vermillion Robe radiated light as he directly received Tong Cheng's blow...


It seemed something had just shattered. The Vermillion Robe's invincible function was used.


Bu Fang instantly wielded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. As he swung it, the black-and-white bandage on his arm loosened, revealing his arm filled with Taotie drawings.

Strips of his bandage fluttered.

The Black Taotie and the White Taotie roared as he raised the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang's eyes were calm as he said, \"Do you want to get some wok pounding?\"


The moment Tong Cheng got himself together, he became bewildered again.

A moment later, a black wok zoomed in his eyes...