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 \"Your Earth Immortal Puppet looks pretty similar to the one I lost in the lower realm...\"

The moment Tong Cheng said that, the noisy room quieted down in just a blink of an eye.

The people who were on their way out of the room twitched their ears and turned to look at Bu Fang, looking skeptical and surprised.

Xuanyuan Xiahui stood in the distance. Of course, he heard Tong Cheng's words, and his face looked strange.

At this moment, everyone's attention turned to Bu Fang's puppet.

\"Oh... that Earth Immortal Puppet does look extraordinary!\"

\"Of course it is. It could resist the lightning punishment... How could it be something common?\"

\"You're wrong! It didn't resist it. It swallowed the lightning punishment!\"

Everyone stopped leaving and talked about Whitey. The more they discussed, the more incredible they found that Earth Immortal Puppet was.

Previously, their attention was caught by Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, so they hadn't noticed Whitey's mysterious features.

However, they couldn't deny the fact that an Earth Immortal Puppet that could resist lightning punishment without a scratch was uncommon.

\"Lord Tong Cheng... Bu Fang...\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui furrowed his brows. Although he was just an acquaintance to Bu Fang, Tong Cheng's scheme on Bu Fang's Earth Immortal Puppet was blatant bullying. Thus, he wanted to say something about it.


Tong Cheng cocked his head to one side, looking at Xuanyuan Xiahui. He placed one of his fingers on his mouth and said, \"Shush... Brother Xuanyuan, don't say another word. When I work, I hate people interfering with me the most.\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui was astonished.

Thinking about Tong Cheng's status, Xuanyuan Xiahui could only sigh.

Although he was now an Immortal Chef just like Tong Cheng, the latter was also a member of an aristocratic family. His identity was much more precious and noble.

He could talk, but he hadn't reached the power where he could affect Tong Cheng yet.

Mu Liuer wanted to walk over and congratulate Bu Fang. However, Tong Cheng had intervened before she could do that.

Tong Cheng was a member of the Tong family. Did Tong Yue report something to him?

It was possible. Remembering Tong Yue's bitter and mean face... Mu Liuer immediately knew Bu Fang was about to face trouble.

Inside Immortal City, everybody knew that Tong Cheng was obsessed with Earth Immortal Puppets. And now, seeing that Bu Fang had a mysterious puppet that could swallow the lightning punishment, how could Tong Cheng not notice it?

Bu Fang stood at his spot, while Whitey was standing next to him. Its mechanical eyes sparkled continuously as lightning arcs danced on its body.

Tong Cheng raised the corners of his mouth into a smirk, coldly looking at Bu Fang.

As for Bu Fang, he wore an emotionless face.

After hearing Tong Cheng's voice, he slowly turned around and raised his head. Their eyes met.

\"What did you say?\"

\"I said... your Earth Immortal Puppet is mine.\" Tong Cheng lifted one finger and pointed at Whitey.

Bu Fang rolled his eyes. He didn't want to waste his time with this fellow. Turning around, his Vermillion Robe flapped in the wind as he said, \"Whitey, let's go.\"

Whitey immediately moved, following Bu Fang.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

One human and one puppet headed to the door.

\"Did I allow you to leave?\"

Tong Cheng had heard that Bu Fang was cold and arrogant, but he didn't expect to see that mortal being arrogant in front of him.

That mortal... was so stupid.

However, Bu Fang didn't seem to hear what Tong Cheng said and continued to move forward.

\"Did I say you can leave?!\"


Tong Cheng's eyes opened wide. A moment later, an intimidating aura shot out from his body.

At this moment, the entire place felt like a muddy puddle. Everybody in this room felt it hard to breathe, and they all looked flustered.

Tong Cheng from the Tong family was an Immortal Chef at the One-star True Immortal Realm!

When a True Immortal Realm expert got angry, everybody was so scared!

That horrible pressure coming from him was like a giant rock pressing on people's hearts, suffocating them.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes rolled. Green veins bulged on his body as he tried to resist the pressure in the air.

Although he was an Immortal Chef, his true energy hadn't reached True Immortal Realm yet.

In fact, all the people who lived in the outer circle had a cultivation base that was lower than True Immortal Realm, while the Immortal Chefs, aristocratic families, and True Immortal Realm experts all lived in the inner circle.

He and Tong Cheng still had a big gap between their powers...

Xuanyuan Xuan was soon petrified. Her breathing seemed to stagnate, and she didn't dare to breathe out loud.

The members from the other aristocratic families squinted, a little scared as they looked at Tong Cheng.

He was the genius of the Tong family's younger generation. Besides being an Immortal Chef, he was also a One-star True Immortal Realm expert.

Indeed, his aura was dazzling. He was the Tong family's hope.

Feeling the pressure in the air, Tong Cheng's peers from the other families exhaled. Perhaps only the real geniuses from their families could compete against Tong Cheng.

For example, Gongshu Xi from the Gongshu family, Zhang Yang from the Zhang family... These geniuses, who were as dazzling as the stars in the sky, were the only ones who could stand up to him.

The air turned ice-cold in an instant.

Tong Cheng's eyes looked so cold, and a cold and harsh aura emitted from him, pushing toward Bu Fang.

Since Bu Fang was just at the Divine Spirit Realm with only one divine flame, with his prestige, he could make Bu Fang kneel in fright.

However, he soon found out he was wrong.

That was because Bu Fang didn't even bat an eye on his intimidating aura.

Tong Cheng's True Immortal Realm pressure was useless on Bu Fang. Since Bu Fang got the system, he was immune to any kind of pressure.

Slowly turning around, Bu Fang looked calm and unaffected.

His natural, unrestrained movements made people take in a breath of cold air. This mortal was somewhat mysterious.

Mu Liuer was shaking. She couldn't believe her eyes, watching Tong Cheng and Bu Fang.

\"Do you know the name of this iron chunk? Where's your proof to say it's your Earth Immortal Puppet?\" Bu Fang asked, his face emotionless.

\"I said it's mine, so it's mine. It's my word against yours...\" Tong Cheng's hair flew up. He clasped his hands, walking toward Bu Fang.

Every step he took made the surrounding people feel their minds restrained. It seemed an invisible hand was pulling and pressing them down.

\"Mortal, you are from the Hidden Dragon Continent, right? You know... my Earth Immortal Puppet went missing in that world... So, that puppet beside you is mine,\" Tong Cheng said coldly.

Bu Fang was surprised.

Gone missing in the Hidden Dragon Continent...

He frowned. Was Tong Cheng's Earth Immortal Puppet the light shadow guarding the entrance of the Immortal Cooking Realm?

Lord Dog had smashed that light shadow by one paw, then said that it looked like an Earth Immortal Puppet. After being destroyed, only a token was left of it, and Whitey had swallowed that token...

That Earth Immortal Puppet belonged to Tong Cheng?

At this moment, Tong Cheng's eyes, which were full of greed and excitement, were glued to Whitey. His desire for that Earth Immortal Puppet made him lose his control, showing his obvious greed for it.

If Bu Fang became an Immortal Chef, he would perhaps be a little afraid. Fortunately, Bu Fang was only a special grade chef, so he had nothing to be scared of.

It would be no problem to kill a mere special grade chef. Would the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion and the City Lord's mansion trouble the Tongs for a mortal ant?

\"Whitey doesn't belong to you.\"

Facing Tong Cheng's overbearing manner, Bu Fang decided not to look at him.

Tong Cheng squinted. A moment later, he flicked his fingers, and a wisp of true energy turned into an arrow, tearing the sky as it darted toward Bu Fang's head.

Even though they were in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, Tong Cheng didn't hesitate to make a move.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed.


The War God Stick thrust out, hitting the true energy arrow.


Whitey trembled.

\"Wow... You can resist my attack. The more I look at you, the more satisfied I've become!\" Tong Cheng grinned.

He became even more excited. Whitey seemed to have an enchanting power of a black hole that attracted him hard.

True Immortal Realm...

Bu Fang frowned. So, True Immortal Realm was next after Divine Spirit Realm?

Nether King Er Ha should be an existence at True Immortal Realm. As for Lord Dog, Bu Fang couldn't guess.


In a flash, Tong Cheng disappeared and reappeared in front of Whitey.

Whitey's eyes flashed. Lightning shot at Tong Cheng as the War God Stick aimed at him.

Tens of thousands of stick shadows jumped with lightning arcs. Eventually, they turned into one.

However, that imposingly powerful stick was stopped by Tong Cheng.

Tong Cheng's hand seemed to become some jade, which was strong and crystal clear, as he casually grabbed the War God Stick.


Tong Cheng suddenly raised his hand, shooting out an invisible force that hit Whitey, blowing it away.

Whitey directly hit the wall, causing a huge hole to appear on it.

\"A little weak. Anyway, you can absorb lightning. I'm really interested in this ability.\" Tong Cheng sneered.

He then turned to Bu Fang and said, \"Well... We don't need you here.\"

Bu Fang's face was emotionless, but his eyes turned cold.

\"If you give that Earth Immortal Puppet to me, I will save you from pain... Otherwise, well, my Tong family has so many toys to play with you.\"

Tong Cheng made the onlookers take in a deep breath of cold air.

The aristocratic families were overbearing indeed!

\"Actually, you got a chance. If you became an Immortal Chef... I wouldn't be able to take you down. But now, too bad, you let me down. You didn't condense immortal energy, so you can't become an Immortal Chef.\"

Become an Immortal Chef?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

\"Tong Cheng! This is the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. It's not some place where you can do whatever you want!\"

Tong Cheng was startled.

Far from him, Mu Liuer dashed over.

\"City Lord Mu's daughter? Why would she care about this...\" Tong Cheng frowned, a little skeptical.

\"Young Master Tong, Junior Pavilion Master is right. In the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, you shouldn't make a mess...\" An aged voice arose, and the wrinkled face of Manager Chen emerged, looking at Tong Cheng in the distance.

\"For a mortal, you want to offend me. You should know that offending me is no different from offending the Tong family... Do you think you can bear this?\" Tong Cheng sneered coldly.

Things were getting more interesting...

Everyone looked at Mu Liuer and Manager Chen standing up for Bu Fang with pensive expressions.

Would the Tong family start a fight against the City Lord's mansion just because of a mortal?

However, just as both parties were about to make a move, Bu Fang cleared his throat, as though he was going to say something.

Mu Liuer turned to see Bu Fang, her face extremely solemn. \"You should go home now. Since you're a special grade chef, we, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, will ensure your safety.\"

\"Just a special grade chef... Sister Mu does want to go against me?\" Tong Cheng's aura became even denser, and the air around them shook under his pressure.

Manager Chen's old face didn't change. However, all of a sudden, his white hair flew, and the special aura and prestige of a True Immortal Realm expert expanded.

This move seemed to show his stance and opinion.

The atmosphere was so intense that the others didn't dare to breathe loud...

Bu Fang took out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, pounding on the floor.


Tong Cheng, Mu Liuer, and Manager Chen couldn't help but look.

After a loud boom, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok caused a large dent on the floor, which attracted everyone's attention.

\"Excuse me, before leaving, I want to ask something. After becoming a special grade chef, when will I be able to take the Immortal Chef test? Can I do it now?\" Bu Fang asked with an indifferent face.

Immortal Chef test?

The crowd was bewildered. A moment later, their eyes shrank when they saw Bu Fang.

As Bu Fang held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok by one hand, everyone could sense his aura increasing rapidly.

One divine flame, two divine flames, three divine flames...

From his original Divine Spirit Realm with only one divine flame, he had reached the peak of Divine Spirit Realm with nine divine flames in just a single breath!

And, at this moment, the serious voice of the system was echoing in Bu Fang's head.