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 The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall's aroma filled the entire place. Everybody's nostrils flared, taking in the good aroma permeating through the air.

It was an extraordinary smell, which seemed to be a magical combination of tens of thousands of different tastes. Like threads, they blended and twisted with each other.

The radiant light shot out of the porcelain jar, causing everybody to be astonished. Together with a dazzling halo, the food's aroma attacked their noses.

Bu Fang's mental force burst out, and sky-reaching waves surged in his spirit sea. The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was still floating in the air, looking like a small sun.

People around were attracted.

It was a dish that could trigger a lightning punishment. One should know that in the Immortal Chef test, the chef got half of his success when his food triggered a lightning punishment. Furthermore, if his food had immortal energy, it meant he passed his Immortal Chef test.

Since Bu Fang's food had triggered the lightning punishment, it just showed the fact that Bu Fang could directly achieve the Immortal Chef title in this test!

Oh God!

Thinking about this possibility, people sucked in a breath of cold air, their eyes disbelieving.

Turning a special grade chef test into an Immortal Chef test... Only that mortal from the lower realm had done it.

The three judges couldn't hold it anymore. They inhaled the aroma in the air, their eyes shooting light everywhere.

\"This fragrance... seems like every single cooking ingredient is perfectly blended with each other! The heat control is good!\"

\"No wonder it triggered the lightning punishment. More than ten types of cooking ingredients have blended with each other under great heat control... Unbelievable!\"

\"This dish... Perhaps it could achieve the Immortal Chef title! Will we be able to witness the birth of another Immortal Chef in this special grade chef test?\"

The three judges were obviously shaken. Exchanging looks, they saw the thrill in each other's eyes.

Rumble! Rumble!

Bu Fang scooped the demon frog, Papillion meat, and other pieces of ingredients from the jar, pouring them into the judges' bowls.

Then, using his mental force to control the jar, he poured the golden soup.

The three judges finally got themselves together. They sat down, watching Bu Fang distributing the soup.

The audience couldn't help but crane their necks, their eyes filled with curiosity.

They wanted to see if that jar contained a wisp of immortal energy. If it had immortal energy, it meant Bu Fang was now an Immortal Chef.

A mortal becoming an Immortal Chef...

It was something shocking to the entire Immortal Cooking Realm!

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes gazed at the jar. His chest thrust in and out as he squeezed his fists.

Far from him, many youngsters from aristocratic families had light sparkling in their eyes.

If that mortal became an Immortal Chef... he would become a burning-hot gem compared to Xuanyuan Xiahui.

After all, Xuanyuan Xiahui belonged to a family before he became an Immortal Chef. If the aristocratic families wanted to recruit him, they would have to spend a lot.

In contrast, Bu Fang was just a mortal that had recently arrived in the Immortal Cooking Realm. Being a mortal, of course, he hadn't joined any family yet, so if they recruited him, it wouldn't cost half of the expense that they had to invest in Xuanyuan Xiahui...

Perhaps it was his innate talent. This mortal had the culinary talent of an Immortal Chef.


Having such thoughts, the youngsters of the aristocratic families felt their eyes burn.

Tong Cheng squinted. Different from his peers, while his eyes seemed to be burning too, his desire wasn't Bu Fang.

He was aiming for the Earth Immortal Puppet that those people had dismissed, which was standing in the spacious square.

It was a f*cking Earth Immortal Puppet that could swallow a lightning punishment!

As an Earth Immortal Puppet enthusiast, Tong Cheng felt like so many paws were scratching his heart.

He couldn't wait to capture that Earth Immortal Puppet to study it thoroughly.

How could this Earth Immortal Puppet swallow a lightning punishment?

The lightning punishment had the power of heaven and earth. Even the Immortal Chefs didn't dare to use their bodies to resist.

An Earth Immortal Puppet, due to its limitation in materials, would never be able to stop a lightning punishment. Under the lightning punishment, they would be completely destroyed.

Thus, his curiosity peaked after seeing Whitey swallow the lightning punishment!

His red tongue stuck out, licking his lips. His malicious eyes stared hungrily at Whitey.

He must... get that Earth Immortal Puppet!


An uproar burst out, which carried regret and disappointment.

Many people sighed.

The three judges looked at the food in their blue-and-white bowls, their eyes looking complicated.

No immortal energy...

Although the food had dazzling gold light, it... didn't have a wisp of immortal energy. This dish couldn't make Bu Fang an Immortal Chef.

What a pity...

The three judges sighed. They felt somewhat bored now.

The audience sighed in regret.

However, after being regretful, some began to taunt.

\"Heh. A mortal is just a mortal. I thought he could go against the heavens and become an Immortal Chef. Well, he just had a big fart with nothing else...\"

\"Too bad, right? If he could become an Immortal Chef, this mortal would become the Immortal Cooking Realm's focus.\"

\"It's not bad to become a special grade chef. No matter what, he's just a mortal from the lower realm.\"

The audience discussed, sighing and mocking.

The excitement disappeared from the faces of those aristocratic families' young members. Now, they only had disdain in their eyes.

Right, it was disdain. As members of aristocratic families, they were pretty practical.

If Bu Fang became an Immortal Chef, they would happily welcome him with a smile. But if he didn't become one, he could only be a special grade chef.

To those powerful families, special grade chefs... were nothing.

Not only that, he was just a mortal special grade chef. They didn't need to recruit him...

Xuanyuan Xiahui exhaled.

His eyes looked very complicated, and within that complexity was a little bit of celebration. It seemed as though he felt glad because Bu Fang didn't become an Immortal Chef.

Although he was only interested in cooking, he wasn't dumb. He understood that if Bu Fang became an Immortal Chef, his value would reduce significantly, and the resources he would receive would also reduce. That wasn't something he wanted to see.

Since Bu Fang didn't become an Immortal Chef, he felt a little lucky.

As for Xuanyuan Xuan, she was standing with the young members of aristocratic families, watching Bu Fang with narrowed eyes. She had almost jumped in fright.

Mu Liuer stroked her hair, sighing in regret.

Although it was thrilling... Bu Fang still needed a little more.

\"Heavenly product, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. Please enjoy,\" Bu Fang said casually.

Taking one step back, he faintly looked at the judges.

The three judges gave Bu Fang a sidelong glance, nodding. They were disappointed that Bu Fang couldn't become an Immortal Chef, that's why they gave him attitude.

The female judge with red-painted nails grabbed her spoon, her pinky finger pointing out elegantly.

She scooped a spoonful of gold soup, which was clear without any oil, and it smelled so good.


Her red lips parted. A suction force came as she sucked the gold soup into her mouth.


That judge's brow arched, and her haughty expression changed instantly. Taking in a spoonful of soup, her porcelain white face turned rosy.

\"This taste... So fragrant! So intense!\"

Hot steam moved between her nose and mouth as she exclaimed with disbelieving eyes. Her body grew tenser, and her legs clamped together.

This soup seemed to have only one flavor. However, after tasting it carefully, it seemed to have tens of thousands of different savors.

It was an incredibly hard-to-describe feeling!

Seeing the female judge's strange expression, the other two judges' eyes lit up, and they hurried to taste Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

The audience then saw the three judges use their spoon to scoop the soup, pouring it into their mouths unceasingly.

After drinking the soup, they used their chopsticks to grab the meat.

The woman with vivid red fingernails had a Papillion claw in her bowl. That Papillion claw was originally big, but after being cooked, it shrank. However, its meat became more exquisite and juicier.

The woman licked the Papillion claw, and the juice coming from it flowed from her tongue into her throat. She shuddered...

\"Tastes so good!\" the woman mumbled. Then, she shoved the dragon claw into her mouth.

The other two judges dropped their jaws, goggling at her. They gulped, their throats moving.

The audience also looked excited. They could eat a dish in that kind of way?

Slurp. Slurp.

All of a sudden, the woman's eyes shot out light. After that, she bit off the dragon claw.

The audience who was watching the woman felt their hearts squeeze, shivering.

The other two judges began to eat their bowl too.

The demon frog meat felt so soft, while the octopus felt supple and chewy in their mouths.

One flew in the sky, one ran around the earth, and one swam through the sea...

They must admit that this dish was so impressive!

Too bad that it couldn't help Bu Fang become an Immortal Chef.

Finally, the three judges finished their bowls and wiped their mouths.

Although the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall couldn't make Bu Fang an Immortal Chef, at least... it would make him become a special grade chef without any problems.

And so, the three judges announced that Bu Fang was now a special grade chef.

It also meant that Bu Fang was now qualified to open a restaurant in the outer circle of Immortal City.

Bu Fang squinted, feeling a little excited. Since he could open a restaurant now, he was one step closer to finishing the task assigned by the system.

The audience began to leave the room.

Anyway, Bu Fang was just a special grade chef, so he couldn't attract much attention from the others. If it weren't for the lightning punishment, they wouldn't bat an eye at him.

\"Too bad...\" Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed. Then, he turned to look at Tong Cheng who was standing beside him.

Checking the other out, he felt a little bewildered. He arched a brow as he said, \"Lord Tong Cheng, you...\"

Tong Cheng turned to Xuanyuan Xiahui, revealing a smiling face.

\"Brother Xuanyuan, that mortal and I... have something to discuss. I'll talk to Brother Xuanyuan after I settle my grudge with him,\" Tong Cheng said, fiddling the jade bead in his hand.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes shrank. He had just sensed a murderous intent from Tong Cheng's eyes.

The moment Tong Cheng turned around, his smile vanished. His indifferent face turned somewhat excited as he looked at Whitey.

His grip on the jade bead tightened, breaking it in an instant.

Tong Cheng, with his eyes fixed on Whitey, sauntered toward Bu Fang.

Since Bu Fang had finished the special grade chef test and completed his goal, he didn't want to linger, turning around to leave.

Now that he was qualified to open a restaurant, he couldn't wait to open the new branch.

However, as soon as he turned around, a cold voice sounded behind him.

\"Mortal... Stop. Hand over the Earth Immortal Puppet. I suspect that it's one of my puppets that had gone missing in the lower realm.\"