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 What's that sound?

In the special grade chef test room, people were looking around with dumbstruck faces.

That echoing, ear-piercing noise sounded like a thunderclap in the clear sky, that's why they were shaken. It seemed pretty similar to the legendary lightning punishment.

But... how could they hear the lightning punishment now?

This room was for the special grade chef test, not the Immortal Chef test, so how could they hear a thunderclap?

Their eyes scanned over, seeing Bu Fang standing in the middle of the square. The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall jar in front of him emitted a glow, and the Buddha's smiling face released gold radiance, which was so dazzling.

But that wasn't the important thing.

The three judges had already stood up from their seats. They turned to listen. Soon, they heard the booming sounds of the lightning punishment in the sky.

\"It's a lightning punishment! Is it from the Immortal Chef test next door?\" The female judge with vivid red fingernails touched her red lips in surprise.

\"Maybe it's a coincidence? Did the Immortal Chef's dish and that mortal's dish appear at the same time?\"

\"Perhaps... It could be possible. Otherwise, how could we explain that?\"

The judges clamored. However, no matter what, it wasn't a bad event that the lightning punishment appeared here.

In the audience, Mu Liuer gaped, her eyes disbelieving.

\"Lightning punishment? A lightning punishment appears here in the special grade chef test? Is it because of the Immortal Chef test next door?\" Mu Liuer thought as only that explanation sounded reasonable.

After realizing that the Immortal Chef test was taking place next door, the others gradually calmed down.

Everyone's shocked face slowly returned to their sneering expression.

\"Yeah, right. How could a mortal trigger lightning punishment with his food?\"

\"Only Immortal Chefs could trigger lightning punishment. It's a dish that could have immortal energy... It also means the chef has become an Immortal Chef.\"

\"Don't tell jokes. A mortal can't become an Immortal Chef!\"

The audience discussed loudly. Some were astonished while some were laughing in disdain. After all, they knew that Bu Fang wasn't the one who had triggered the lightning punishment. The Immortal Chef next door had done that.

Bu Fang lifted his head, frowning. He hadn't thought that he could trigger a lightning punishment.

Indeed, using better cooking ingredients to cook the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall could increase the dish's quality.

Bu Fang gently exhaled. He didn't move. If a lightning punishment appeared, he needed to get over it to complete his dish.

To the others' insults and disdain, he didn't even bat an eye. Why should he? He just took this test to be qualified to open a restaurant here.

Anyway, he didn't know why the audience was laughing at him.

At this moment, the diffusing aroma of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was enough to intoxicate people. So, those people weren't affected by that aroma?

\"Young man, your dish should be done by now, right? What is it called? Buddha Jumps Down The Wall? Quick, bring it here,\" one of the judges said.

However, Bu Fang indifferently looked at him and shook his head, which was beyond that judge's expectation.

\"Wait a minute... It's not done yet. It needs more time to ferment the mood.\"

Ferment the mood... People around didn't know whether they should cry or smile. A dish needed time to ferment its mood?

However, at this moment...

The door squeaked open.

The squeaking noise was loud enough that it made people move their eyes to the two figures walking through the door.

Seeing the two, they became bewildered.

\"That's Immortal Chef Tong Cheng! Why is he here?\"

\"It's Lord Tong Cheng! Who's with him? Looks familiar...\"

\"It's Xuanyuan Xiahui, the one taking the Immortal Chef test next door... Oh f*ck, it seems we misunderstood?!\"

\"What the?! Xuanyuan Xiahui is supposed to take the Immortal Chef test, right? Why is he here? Did he finish his test?\"

\"So, what is that lightning punishment? Oh God...\"

The audience had another uproar. The more they discussed, the more bewildered they became. It seems as though they had just seen real ghosts.

Since the first thunderclap echoed, Mu Liuer hadn't closed her mouth yet.

She had thought that Xuanyuan Xiahui had triggered the lightning punishment from next door, but now, it was obviously not the case.

Xuanyuan Xiahui was now in the special grade chef test room. It just showed that... Xuanyuan Xiahui's cooking wasn't the one that had triggered the lightning punishment!

There was no one else taking the Immortal Chef test at the moment, and only Bu Fang was still cooking.

The time and place were unmistakable...


\"It's really... awesome!\" Mu Liuer exclaimed. She hadn't expected such a big joy from Bu Fang.

He changed the stove into silver, his food emitted an aroma that could shake the entire place, and, in the end, he could even trigger lightning punishment...

Was Bu Fang taking the special grade chef test or the Immortal Chef test?!

Boom! Boom!

Accumulated thunderclaps boomed in the sky.

Many youngsters from aristocratic families in the Immortal Chef test room were startled.

Why were they hearing the lightning punishment again? Hadn't the Immortal Chef test just ended?

The lightning punishment was stopped, wasn't it?

That booming sound seemed to come from the adjacent room?

The youngsters of the aristocratic families were all geniuses. After being astonished, they hurried to the room next door, where the special grade chef test was taking place.

Xuanyuan Xuan was negotiating with those people just now. However, they hurriedly bid their farewells and left her and her prepared excuses behind, leaving her dumbstruck.

Looking at those young men leaving in a flurry, she had to follow them to check the situation.

Eventually, in front of people's thrilled eyes, the special grade chef test room was filled.

Everyone had now realized that the special grade chef test had triggered the lightning punishment...

Were all the special grade chefs these days that strong?

Meanwhile, Bu Fang's mental force surged, and the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall floated in front of him.

Radiance unceasingly gushed from the jar. Above them, the pressure grew thicker.

\"Not good! This room is not equipped with a Lightning Protection Formation!\"

\"This lightning punishment had come to strike that mortal!\"

\"How could a mortal stop the lightning punishment? That fellow will be electrocuted to death!\"

Suddenly realizing something, the audience became boisterous once more.

Tong Cheng narrowed his eyes.

Finally, he met Bu Fang, the chef with an Earth Immortal Puppet, and the one Tong Yue had reported to him.

This fellow didn't care about the Tong family.

\"As expected of Bu Fang... A special grade chef could trigger a lightning punishment!\" Xuanyuan Xiahui smiled.

\"Brother Xuanyuan, you know that chef?\" Tong Cheng frowned, casting the other a sidelong glance.

\"Not really. I just had the chance to see Bu Fang cook before...\" Xuanyuan Xiahui answered sincerely.

So it was like that.

Tong Cheng raised the corners of his mouth. Just an acquaintance. If he captured Bu Fang, he wouldn't offend Xuanyuan Xiahui much.


The moment Tong Cheng sank into his thoughts, a booming sound echoed above the room.

In just a blink of an eye, the roof exploded.

No one had ever thought that special grade chefs could trigger a lightning punishment, so the room where the test was taking place didn't have a Lightning Protection Formation.

Bricks and stones fell from above.

A moment later, lightning strikes came. People checked and saw lightning rolling and roaring between the layers of dark clouds.

Above them, a Thunder Dragon meandered.


Then, after a loud boom, the Thunder Dragon plunged, aiming at Bu Fang.

The audience was stirred up.

How could he stop it?

With his cultivation at Divine Spirit Realm with only one divine flame, how could he resist that Thunder Dragon?

It seems that that chef would be struck to death, and that fragrant food was going to be crushed together with him.

It was really unfortunate...

Under people's gazes, Mu Liuer recklessly raised her fist...

The corners of Tong Cheng's mouth rose into a smirk, watching Bu Fang under the lightning.

However, soon, everybody was astonished.

That was because they found that Bu Fang wasn't frightened or surprised. His face had a nonchalant look...

How could that mortal be so calm?

Of course, Bu Fang had his reasons to stay calm.

Lightning punishment... was a thing that he wasn't afraid of.

His mind flickered, and white light dots emerged, congregating in front of him. Shortly, they became a mysterious formation, which glowed as it flashed.

Radiance reached the sky, swirling.

Then, a massive, tall figure emerged.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lightning arcs danced.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled. Then, it raised its head, watching the lightning punishment falling from the sky.

With a swishing sound, the two metal wings spread open behind Whitey, shooting lightning. As a terrifying air wave rippled from it, its eyes sparkled before soaring up to chase after Thunder Dragon.

The moment Whitey appeared, many people glued their eyes to it, especially Tong Cheng, who was the first one who paid attention. After all, he had studied a lot about Earth Immortal Puppets.

The surrounding people were startled.

No wonder that mortal was so calm. It turned out that he had an Earth Immortal Puppet to protect him...

However, could that Earth Immortal Puppet resist a lightning punishment?!

Eventually, the audience became skeptical. How could a mortal own an Earth Immortal Puppet, a high-end product?

As Whitey soared up into the sky, its belly spun, revealing the black hole. Whitey drew the red-iron War God Stick out of it, which was immediately thrust into the blue sky to hit the lightning strike.

Shortly after, the Thunder Dragon swirled, coiling around Whitey in an instant. At this moment, Whitey became a lightning ball.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lightning arcs shot in the sky.

Everybody felt regretful.

Indeed, that Earth Immortal Puppet couldn't stop it. That mortal would be struck by lightning to death...

Tong Cheng sneered. Using an Earth Immortal Puppet to stop a lightning punishment... That fellow must be retarded. An Earth Immortal Puppet couldn't stop lightning strikes.

Since he had studied Earth Immortal Puppets, he understood their features clearly. Thus, he hoped to see that Earth Immortal Puppet explode and that mortal struck to death.

However, after a while...

Bu Fang moved.

Bu Fang didn't mind Whitey being coiled by the Thunder Dragon in the sky. He lifted his Buddha Jumps Over The Wall and walked toward the three judges.

When he was in front of them, his mind flickered. In an instant, three fancy blue-and-white bowls appeared on the judges' tables.

Bu Fang gave a slight smile.

At the same time, above the sky...

Explosions reverberated.

The lightning ball broke, and tens of thousands of lightning arcs scattered in the sky. However, they were all sucked away by some strange force.

Everyone was stunned.

As the audience watched Whitey swallow those lightning strikes, their faces looked like they were seeing ghosts.

Underneath that phenomenon, Bu Fang lowered his hand. Lifting the lid with the smiling Buddha's face, tens of thousands of jets of gold light shot out from the jar.

The radiance was dazzling, and the aroma was assaulting their senses.