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 Sil... Silver?

The entire room was stunned.

What happened to the stove's color? It wasn't green or red as they had imagined. It was silver...

That mortal's mental force was so strong it made the stove radiate silver light?

How could it be?

This mortal's cultivation base had only one divine flame!

Everybody here was basically stronger than Bu Fang. However, being able to turn the stove silver... it was impossible using the cultivation base with only one divine flame.

Since Bu Fang could make the stove bloom silver light, it meant that his mental force had reached the peak of Divine Spirit Realm. Moreover, it was especially condensed.

However, it was a huge contrast to his cultivation base. How could an expert who had ignited only one divine flame show the extreme power of the peak of Divine Realm's mental force? It was... really strange indeed.

The chefs that had passed the special grade test shrank their eyes as they gazed at Bu Fang, especially the female chef from the Gongshu family.

Her face was filled with disbelief. She could only make the stove turn scarlet red.

Mu Liuer's eyes shrank. However, the corners of her mouth rose into a delighted smile, chuckling.

\"Indeed... He didn't let me down!\"

The judges were surprised.

They were really amazed that Bu Fang could make the stove bloom in silver light. However, the aristocratic families had many geniuses like that.

They had seen a lot, so they weren't overly shocked.

At this moment, Bu Fang was urging his mental force. His mental force was like threads getting into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, doing some fine-tuning to the cooking ingredients in the porcelain jar.


In another room, which was even bigger, there was a similar stove in the center of the room. And, at this moment, a hunky figure was busying himself by the stove.

The audience watching him didn't even blink.

Xuanyuan Xuan balled her fists as she watched from her seat. She was so nervous her palms soaked with sweat.

Immortal Chef. Her brother had been working hard for quite a long time because of the Immortal Chef title, which was his dream. And now, his dream was just one step away. He couldn't afford any mistake.


Immense heaven and earth energy was triggered. Above the hall, this great energy was gathering unceasingly.

The audience had completely serious looks.

\"An Immortal Chef test is really tough. Any mistake will lead to the chef's failure...\"

\"Yes, to become a First Grade Immortal Chef, the chef must cook a dish that could condense a wisp of immortal energy... It's not easy to condense immortal energy, though.\"

\"Indeed, it's not the immortal energy from the ingredients. It must be condensed during the cooking process...\"

The onlookers discussed excitedly. However, they tried to keep their voices low so as not to distract Xuanyuan Xiahui and affect his concentration.

Meanwhile, people continuously entered the room.

When the aristocratic families got hold of this information that someone was taking the Immortal Chef test, they immediately rushed over. If he hadn't finished the exam, they still had a chance. If they were late, another family would have recruited that Immortal Chef, and by that time, they couldn't even cry.

Thus, this room seated many members of aristocratic families. Not only that, but the Immortal Chefs from the five great families were all here as well.

Among the audience, Tong Cheng was sitting on a seat. Leaning against the backrest, his fingers played with a jade bead, which was constantly sparkling.

In the Immortal Chef test room, the stove station didn't have many patterns or drawings, and it didn't change into different colors. That was because they needed to focus on seeing if the dish could condense immortal energy at the end or not.

Only after successfully cooking a dish with immortal energy would the chef be considered an Immortal Chef.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Xuanyuan Xiahui. His dish was about to be finished.

Rumble! Rumble!

Thick layers of dark clouds gathered above the sky, rolling thunder and lightning all together.

The intense atmosphere permeated, expanding all around them.

\"Seems almost done!\"

Some lifted their heads, checking the changing clouds through the open roof. They couldn't help but gasp and scream.

There was only one judge for the Immortal Chef test, and that was Manager Chen. At this moment, his eyes were gazing at Xuanyuan Xiahui, who was busy around his stove.

\"Still needs a little more!\" Manager Chen also looked restless.

Xuanyuan Xiahui was soaked in his sweat, his hands not pausing for a single second. Green veins bulged on his arms as he unceasingly released his intimidating energy and mental force.

\"Brother, do your best!\" Xuanyuan Xuan looked anxious yet excited.

Eventually, the moment Xuanyuan Xiahui's mental force caused a gust of wind to swirl, the lightning that had been accumulated for quite a long time in the sky had reached the pinnacle. It was about to strike now.


Lightning struck from the sky. It crooked and moved in a zigzag path like a dragon!


\"Here comes the lightning. It means this dish is almost complete!\"

\"Just wait and see if that food has a wisp of immortal energy... If it condenses some energy, our Immortal City will have a brand-new Immortal Chef!\"

Everybody was waiting and anticipating.

Lightning fell and hit from the sky. Its cracking noise didn't stop.

Right at that moment, the lightning strike would hit Xuanyuan Xiahui's body. At the same time, a formation glowed in the room, creating a protecting shield above his head.

In an instant, the lightning dissolved, and it didn't even touch a single hair on Xuanyuan Xiahui's head.

It was a special feature of the Immortal Chef test room. It could save the candidates from the lightning punishment triggered by their food.

Thunder and lightning scattered.

A fragrance slowly arose.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes were bloodshot. He looked very exhausted, as though all his energy was drained.

He quickly took a step back, panting and sitting on the ground.

His chef coat was soaked by his sweat. This time, this dish had almost used up all his mental force and energy...

A white porcelain bowl sat on his stove station. It was his dish for this test.

That dish was radiant, releasing hot steam. Its aroma diffused, hovering, triggering people's appetites.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Xiahui was staring at his food.


Within the rolling hot steam, a wisp of thick white air arose, swirling around the dish.

That wisp of white air lingered around it, making it dazzlingly radiant.

After Tong Cheng saw that wisp of white air, his eyes narrowed, then he exhaled...

\"It's done... A new Immortal Chef is born in Immortal City.\"


After an uproar, people began to discuss and compliment unceasingly.

Manager Chen exhaled in relief. His pounding heart finally settled down.

They had been waiting for a long time. Finally, he had successfully become an Immortal Chef.

Xuanyuan Xiahui didn't fail him.

Xuanyuan Xuan was so thrilled that she had almost jumped off the room. Her brother had become an Immortal Chef! An Immortal Chef!

It was a genuinely high position in Immortal City. His identity and position have changed, and he could open his restaurant in the inner circle, where all the famous families got their business done. From now on, life will no longer be the same.

Many people had come to observe the Immortal Chef test, so after this, Xuanyuan Xiahui's name would definitely spread to every corner of the city.

Xuanyuan Xiahui was smiling. At this moment, he wanted to scream his joy out. He succeeded!

Finally, he brought the dish to Manager Chen.

Manager Chen grabbed his chopsticks, tried the food, and gave him some constructive criticisms.

Although Xuanyuan Xiahui had become an Immortal Chef, Manager Chen's critiques were still useful to him.

Xuanyuan Xiahui didn't become arrogant even though he had become an Immortal Chef. He smiled, nodding his head to the other.

Far from them, the experts from the aristocratic families were very excited. Of course, they had great expectations as they looked at Xuanyuan Xiahui, as though they were looking at a treasure.

If they could have an Immortal Chef on their side, it would raise their family's power and prestige.

It all boils down to negotiation and persuasion.

Even though Xuanyuan Xiahui was humble and nice, Xuanyuan Xuan was quite shrewd. She helped her brother arrange all the offers from the aristocratic families.

They didn't confirm their acceptance, nor did they deny any family. Thus, the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

\"I wonder how Bu Fang's test is going...\" Xuanyuan Xiahui rubbed his neck, exhaling.

He was a little optimistic. It was just a special grade chef test, so he knew it wouldn't trouble Bu Fang much.

\"Little Xuan, let's go and watch Bu Fang's test.\"

Seeing the youngsters from the aristocratic families stare intensely at Xuanyuan Xuan, Xuanyuan Xiahui scratched his nape.

\"Okay, Brother. You go first. You're an Immortal Chef now, so your status isn't ordinary. The young masters couldn't wait to recruit you. We have to assure them, so I'm staying to negotiate with them for a while,\" Xuanyuan Xuan said with a smile.

The youngsters from the aristocratic families smiled, nodding their heads.

\"Then I'm going first...\" Xuanyuan Xiahui felt a headache. He wasn't interested in these things. He was only interested in cooking.

Not far from him, Tong Cheng's eyes sparkled when he heard this. He smiled at Xuanyuan Xiahui and said, \"Brother Xuanyuan, are you going to watch the special grade chef test? I want to go there too. Why don't we go together?\"

Of course, Xuanyuan Xiahui wouldn't refuse this request from the Tong family's young master. They left the Immortal Chef test room together.


Meanwhile, in the special grade chef test room, steam continuously rose from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and a thick fragrance was diffusing.

The aroma contained wonderful complex flavors, and people couldn't help but gasp in admiration.

Different smells blended together, creating a unique aroma that could trigger people's appetites.

However, at this moment...

Lightning gradually gathered in the sky above the room. It was gathering so quietly that no one had noticed.

The moment the three judges took in the fragrance, they stood up in awe. They exchanged looks, seeing the surprise in each other's eyes.

\"It smells... so good!\"

\"Each fragrance blends perfectly with each other. It's incredibly unimaginable!\"

\"No matter what, I'm craving for it!\"

It was obvious that the three judges had been captivated by this complex aroma.

The audience was stunned. The moment the aroma entered their noses, they quietened down.

This aroma... It seems that that mortal had perfectly fused a dozen cooking ingredients altogether!

Are the mortals nowadays so awesome?

In the center, Bu Fang's mental force rippled. The spirit spring water in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was boiling up.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang opened his eyes and exhaled deeply.

Instantly, under Bu Fang's mental force control, the earthly yellow jar floated up and slowly flew out of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Beads of water rolled down the porcelain jar.

From the jar, golden light shot out everywhere, and the Buddha's face on the lid seemed to have come to life.

That... That's the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?

There was no Buddha Jumps Over the Wall in the Immortal Cooking Realm. It was the first time they saw this dish, so all of them were surprised.

The three judges were all standing now, their eyes studying that jar.

Steam and fragrance were coming out from the slit in the jar... and it was enough to enchant the entire room.


Bu Fang was a little bewildered, lifting up his head.

Boom! Boom!

Thunderclaps resounded, echoing.

A moment later, everybody in the room was stunned.

Mu Liuer dropped her jaw, the three judges looked awkward, and... the audience was all bewildered.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Tong Cheng, who were chatting just now, had walked through the door. Seeing the scene before them, they were taken aback.

Did they enter the wrong room?

How could a lightning punishment appear in the special grade chef test?!

Xuanyuan Xiahui was confused. A moment later, his rough face looked frightened as he took in a breath of cold air.