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 When Mu Liuer heard Bu Fang's name, she turned to him and said, \"It's your turn.\"

She had a different point of view from the others. Although Bu Fang came from the Hidden Dragon Continent, the world of mortals, his current behavior had changed her way of looking at things.

She understood that this young chef from the lower realm wasn't that simple.

Bu Fang nodded, clasping his hands as he walked straight ahead.

It seems that he had become the focus of everyone. However, it wasn't the kind of attention that people would respect and appreciate.

Everybody looked at him in disdain, wearing mocking faces.

As citizens of the Immortal Cooking Realm, they had their pride. That's why in their eyes, people from the lower realm were all beneath them. It was a kind of arrogance that made them look forward to seeing what kind of fun this mortal would amuse them with today.

They were confident that the mortal chef didn't realize the terrifying features of the special grade chef test. Perhaps it was his ambition that had driven him to show up here, since he thought his cooking skills weren't so bad.

Frankly speaking, an Egg Fried Rice wouldn't be enough to get him through the test. If that was the case, the Immortal Cooking Realm would have soon be filled with special grade chefs, and many people would open a restaurant in the Immortal City.

When Bu Fang walked to the center of the square stage, an ancient style stove was waiting for him.

Bu Fang stood in front of the stove and rolled up his Vermillion Robe's sleeves. At this moment, the red-and-white Vermillion Robe exuded some sort of strange beauty.

In front of that stove were the three judges, two men and a woman. They were all old, with evidence of vicissitudes and the passage of time on their faces. However, their eyes were keen and sharp.

From the previous tests, if the candidates showed any mistake, the judges would brutally attack them with their critiques, which would fluster the chefs even more and lead to their failure.

Thus, although they looked old with marks of time, their harsh words and nitpicking were really frightening.

\"Ah... A little fellow from the lower realm. Interesting. It's been a long time since we had anyone from the world of mortals,\" An old judge, whose white hair was combed and styled meticulously, excitedly looked at Bu Fang.

The other two judges also showed their curiosity.

The female judge fiddled with her hands, showing her fingernails that were painted in a vivid red hue. She said in an unconcerned voice, \"Little fellow, tell us the dish you want to cook for this test.\"

Before the test, the chef needed to announce the name of his dish, which was the rule. The previous candidates did the same, so of course, Bu Fang wasn't an exception. He didn't hold any special status.

Thinking, he rubbed his chin as he said, \"Then... I'm going to cook Buddha Jumps Over the Wall...\"


What was that Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?

The audience and the judges were a little bewildered.

And... the strange thing was, this mortal's voice didn't sound serious at all. It seems he had just thought about the dish at the moment he was asked about it.

He's just winging it?

The audience was speechless. Before the candidates came to take the test, they would prepare carefully and practice all the time. They didn't want to make a mistake during the test.

And now, that mortal... had just thought about it on the spot.

\"I guess he's already given up...\"

\"Oh, so the mortals down there have become so arrogant? Anyway... Is he the little moron that that monkey invited?\"

\"Perhaps he's confident enough. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall sounds... Okay, I can't find the words to explain...\"

The audience all clamored to discuss. Looking at Bu Fang, they teased and mocked him, not even bothering to hide the disdain on their faces.

Mu Liuer frowned. She was sitting among the audience, watching Bu Fang who was standing calmly in front of his stove.

She sighed. She hoped that Bu Fang wouldn't let her down.

\"Buddha Jumps Over the Wall... Actually, it's an interesting name. You can start cooking now...\" one of the judges said with a smile.

Bu Fang nodded.

It had been a long time since Bu Fang cooked Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. However, it didn't mean that he had forgotten the dish's recipe.

This recipe had been carved deeply into his brain.

The first thing to do was to prepare ingredients. Since the test didn't provide the cooking ingredients, they had to prepare them themselves.

For Bu Fang, that wasn't a big problem. He had never lacked cooking ingredients.

One by one, he took out his ingredients from the system storage space-a big chunk of demon frog meat that emitted spirit energy and essence, Papillion claw, Blood Lobsters, octopus, and many more.

The level of these cooking ingredients was not low.

When Bu Fang took out his ingredients and placed them on the countertop, the audience's disdainful discussion shut down.

There were so many ingredients... It seems that this dish wasn't ordinary.

Everyone knew that the more ingredients the dish had, the higher the mental force and skills were needed. A minor mistake could change the flavor of those ingredients, which affected the food's taste.

This time, Bu Fang took out... so many cooking ingredients?

Looking at the ingredients displayed on the countertop, many people wore a dumbstruck face.

There were dozens of them?

The three judges' eyes brightened. They became more and more interested.

The drowsy judge opened his eyes, and the female judge who was playing with her fingers placed a finger on her plump red lips.

After preparing the ingredients, Bu Fang must process them.

His mind flickered, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife came with dragon roars, and its dazzling gold light had almost blinded people.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Bu Fang shook his wrist. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand, spinning like a flower and sparkling like a falling meteor as it swept across the ingredients.


Too fast!

Bu Fang's knife skill was so fast that it made people dizzy.

The surrounding people took in a breath of cold air.

\"This knife skill... is not bad,\" commented one of the judges.

\"This knife skill is fast. Actually, it's quite similar to the Zhang family's knife skill... They're all fast.\"

After giving comments, the judges continued to watch him.

Bu Fang cut the demon frog meat into hexagonal chunks. The meat looked like a soft, crystal-like jade, which was somewhat exquisite.

After that, he quickly cut the other ingredients and the ones he had picked from his Heaven and Earth Farmland.

A smooth series of knife shadows dizzied the audience, making them almost breathless.

As soon as an expert moved, the others would know he was an expert.

This mortal chef from the lower realm did have some achievement.

\"Should we consider this knife skill? When it comes to speed, it isn't as fast as the Zhang family's... The next cooking steps would be more important. See, he got a dozen cooking ingredients. That fellow's mental force will be drained soon!\" One of the audience wasn't convinced.

Being slapped by a mortal from the lower realm, their egos suffered a blow. A mortal should be their target for pranking and teasing!

They wanted to see... that mortal become their laughingstock!

Meanwhile, Bu Fang took out a porcelain jar.

It was the jar that was made specially to cook Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, which looked earthy yellow. On its lid, a carving of a Buddha's face with a tender smile could be seen.

As soon as this strange item appeared, it caught everybody's attention.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't bat an eye at the others' curiosity. He carefully placed part of his cooking ingredients into the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall's jar.

In a precise order, he added and arranged the ingredients and spices into it.


Rattling, he poured the cool Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water into the jar. After filling up halfway, Bu Fang closed the lid.

His mind flickered, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged instantly. It spun in the air before it hit the stove.

\"Wow... That wok looks interesting... It seems to be rather extraordinary,\" said a judge in surprise.

The others didn't comment.

After pouring water into the wok, Bu Fang placed the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall jar in the center and took a step back.

He opened his mouth.


The dark golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame flew out, going underneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The audience was quiet for a few seconds, then they burst out laughing.

\"I was almost scared to death. I thought that he could spout out an Immortal Flame!\"

\"An Immortal Flame is super precious, you know. It's already good that he got the low-level mysterious flame. Among the mortals, he's already outstanding.\"

\"Are you joking? He's just a mortal. How could he even control an Immortal Flame...\"

Finally, the audience had something to mock, and they whispered even louder.

Mu Liuer's rolled her eyes. Those people were so bored their balls hurt.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, the ranks of flames were classified carefully.

In the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was a relatively high-quality flame. It was condensed from heaven and earth's spirit energy, so of course, its power wasn't ordinary.

However, here in the Immortal Cooking Realm, they had high-level ones and low-level ones.

The high-quality Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame could make the temperature increase within a radius of several hundred meters, and it would change heaven and earth's energy in that area.

The Immortal Flame was also ranked differently. There were low-rank and high-rank ones, and those Immortal Flames could greatly enhance an Immortal Chef's ability.

Thus, Immortal Flames were the flames every chef in the Immortal Cooking Realm yearned for.

People with keen eyes could recognize the level of Bu Fang's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. It was a low-level one anyway.

Despite their mocking jeers, Bu Fang didn't mind it.

After spurting the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, Bu Fang took a step back. His eyes gazed at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok...

The others' laughter gradually ceased. Seeing Bu Fang's move, everybody held their breaths.

They knew... that Bu Fang would release his mental force in the very next moment.

Since he was just a mortal, his mental force should be weak, right?

Really, really weak.

Bu Fang gently exhaled. A moment later, his mind flickered, and his spirit sea surged, raising high waves.

Boom! Boom!

A gold dragon phantom emerged together with its loud roar. A moment later, Bu Fang's intimidating mental force was emitted from his body.

At this moment, the ancient style stove changed its color...


A glorious radiance shot like meteors, breaking the darkness. It was so dazzling that it could even blind people.

Before everyone's astonished eyes, the stove turned into radiant silver...