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 A man wearing a golden robe, dragon boots, and a purple-gold crown appeared. His face was fair, but his eyes had a fierce look that made people fear him.

This person was Tong Cheng, the young master of the Tong family, one of the aristocratic families in the Immortal City.

He was also a chef who had reached the First Grade Immortal Chef level, so his status in the Immortal City was noble. After all, an Immortal Chef was rare, and obtaining an Immortal Chef status was no small feat.

Tong Cheng fiddled with the jade bead in his hand as he indifferently looked at the three experts, who were crouching outside the gate.

\"Hadn't I requested you to break his hands and feet and then bring him back?\"

The three experts suddenly looked at each other, revealing their helplessness.

They reported everything that happened earlier to Tong Cheng, even the part where they had been stripped naked by that puppet. After finishing the report, they lowered their heads and no longer said a word.

\"You three are experts who have ignited eight divine flames, not to mention each of you rode a Thunder Dragon Horse, and you're telling me you can't even beat a puppet? You three sure have a long way to go.\"

Tong Cheng fiddled with the jade bead and sneered.

\"A puppet from the lower realm is unexpectedly so strong that you three were unable to fight back... It does seem like it's an Immortal Puppet. This young master now wants to see that puppet for himself.\"

The corners of Tong Cheng's mouth lifted into a smile, revealing a pleased expression.

However, his hand that was holding the jade bead seemed to say otherwise. With a sudden burst of strength, the hand tightened its grip on the jade bead, crushing it in an instant.


Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed. The pitch-black heavy kitchen knife in his hand pounded down, and with a loud bang, the cutting board was smashed, breaking into several pieces.

Hearing that sound, Xuanyuan Xuan immediately ran from outside the kitchen. She seemed to be worried about what happened to Xuanyuan Xiahui.

After seeing that her brother was safe, she sighed in relief. However, when she saw that his forehead was full of sweat, she gasped and asked, \"Brother, are you okay?\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui opened his eyes, giving Xuanyuan Xuan a warm look as he flung his arm and exhaled.

\"Silly girl. What could happen to your brother?\"

\"Thank goodness... Don't worry, Brother. I know it's hard for a special grade chef to become an Immortal Chef. Just take your time, okay? You will definitely become one,\" Xuanyuan Xuan said.

Xuanyuan Xiahui looked at his younger sister speaking clearly and logically. He narrowed his eyes and rubbed his chin as he said, \"Take your time, huh? Tomorrow... we'll go to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. I'll take the Immortal Chef test...\"

Xuanyuan Xuan was about to say more, but after hearing Xuanyuan Xiahui, the words in her mouth froze. With her mouth hanging open, she stared at Xuanyuan Xiahui with shock-filled eyes.

For the rest of the day, Xuanyuan Xuan didn't speak a single word. Afterwards, when the initial shock wore off, this girl became very excited, so much so that she wanted to jump off the ground.

\"Brother, are you sure? You've broken through?!\"

\"Oh... there's no breakthrough, but I do think I've reached a certain point.\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui narrowed his eyes. He may be calm on the outside, but deep down, he was overwhelmed with emotions.

He had finally reached the barrier of becoming an Immortal Chef. This time, he would shock the entire Immortal City!

After all, the Immortal City hadn't had a new Immortal Chef for a long time.


When the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion closed, Bu Fang had also finished his business.

He also told the diners that this is the stall's last day and explained the reason for doing so.

After hearing Bu Fang's explanation, the diners were all very happy. Was Owner Bu planning to open a restaurant?

In that case, there was no need for them to be scared that they won't get to eat delicious food on the street.

However, this Owner Bu was very confident. If he wanted to open a restaurant in the Immortal City, he must pass the special grade chef test first. Could Owner Bu do it and become a special grade chef?

Although the hotpot and Spicy Blood Lobster were excellent food, when it comes to the difficulty of the dishes, they couldn't compare to the ones cooked by special grade chefs.

Regarding this matter, Bu Fang had not explained anything. In fact, he didn't need to explain as he was very confident with his cooking skills.

Perhaps... he might even apply for the Immortal Chef test while he's at it.

After packing up and closing the stall, Bu Fang took Nethery and Nether King Er Ha back to the inn.

Lord Dog was lying on the floor, snoring peacefully as though sleeping forever was still not enough.

Flowery, the little girl, was lying beside Lord Dog, holding his tail as she slept.

The Black Dragon King was sitting on a chair in the distance. Sometimes, he would look at Flowery, and he couldn't help thinking that his dear daughter was actually dependent on a dog. Such thoughts made his heart ache, and it felt like he had a hard time breathing.

When Bu Fang came back, Flowery immediately woke up. She knew that Bu Fang's return meant that there would be delicious food.

Yesterday's hotpot had not satisfied her, and she actually wanted more. Today, she didn't know what delicious dish Bu Fang would cook...

Of course, Bu Fang lived up to the expectations of everyone. As soon as he came back, he started to get busy with cooking.

Soon, night fell.

From the inn's window, hot steam and smoke wafted out, along with a strong aroma...

Although he would take the special grade chef test tomorrow, Bu Fang was not concerned and worried.

After a full meal, Bu Fang lay down on the bed to sleep.

In the room, it was very quiet...


The next day, the sun shone brightly as Bu Fang got out of the bed.

After stretching, he made Egg Fried Rice to fill his stomach, made Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Lord Dog, then packed his things and went out.

Yesterday, he had accepted Mu Liuer's invitation to go to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion and take the special grade chef test today.

There were many special grade chefs in the Immortal City. In contrast, Immortal Chefs were rare.

If one passed the special grade chef test, they could open a restaurant in the outer circle. After that, if they were to take and pass the Immortal Chef test, they could open a restaurant in the inner circle.

The latter, for chefs and aspiring chefs, was the supreme glory. Becoming an Immortal Chef was something that many were dreaming of.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't think too much about it. His priority at the moment was to take the special grade test so he could open a new branch.

Walking on the long street, Bu Fang went straight toward the location of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. He passed by the spot where he opened a stall for a few days and saw many people along the way, who were all familiar with him and greeted him.

Bu Fang also nodded in response.

When he arrived at the entrance of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, Mu Liuer was already there waiting for him.

\"Finally, you're here. I've been waiting for a long time.\" Mu Liuer smiled at Bu Fang. She was really curious about his cooking level, so she was looking forward to his test today.

Bu Fang did not understand why the other party was so excited, but due to courtesy, he still nodded to Mu Liuer and said, \"I made you wait for a long time...\"

\"Follow me. I'm somewhat excited to see your cooking skills... As someone who came up with the idea of hotpot and Spicy Blood Lobster, which are wonderful dishes... I'd like to know how strong you are.\"

Mu Liuer brought Bu Fang deep into the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Along the way, many people were staring at Bu Fang with strange looks.

Naturally, these people recognized him. Bu Fang had caused a huge commotion the past few days, so how could they not recognize him? Furthermore, Tong Yue had been defeated by this guy.

This guy... was a really aggressive person.

Among them, Bu Fang also felt two frightened eyes. The owners of those gazes were the two experts who accompanied Tong Yue and had been stripped off their clothes.

In their hearts, they still felt fear whenever they recall that traumatizing event.

Following Mu Liuer as they stepped up the spiral staircase, Bu Fang suddenly stopped in his tracks.

That was because a familiar figure was coming towards them.

\"Oh, you?!\"

Xuanyuan Xiahui was somewhat surprised when he saw Bu Fang. As for Xuanyuan Xuan, she looked at Bu Fang with a strange gaze.

Bu Fang didn't expect to meet the two people here. \"Did you also come here to take the special grade chef test?

Xuanyuan Xiahui frowned. \"It's been several days since we last met. Why haven't you taken the test yet?\"

The answer to that question was naturally hard to describe... and Bu Fang was too lazy to explain, so he only nodded to Xuanyuan Xiahui.

\"My Big Brother is here for the Immortal Chef test!\"

Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Xuan opened her mouth to say that, beaming with pride.

As soon as the young girl said those words, the eyes of the surrounding people couldn't help but fall on Xuanyuan Xiahui's figure.

\"Little Xuan... Everyone, don't mind her. I'm just going to try. Anyway, every chef wants to be an Immortal Chef, and of course, I'm one of those,\" Xuanyuan Xiahui explained with a smile.

Despite Xuanyuan Xiahui's self-deprecating words, everyone was somewhat amazed at him. For him to take the Immortal Chef test, he sure had a lot of confidence.


In the distance, a door opened, revealing Manager Chen's figure. Seeing so many people before him, he was a bit stunned.

His eyes swept on Bu Fang's body, carrying a somewhat chilly gaze.

However, when he looked at Xuanyuan Xiahui, his eyes became gentle.

\"Xiahui, come here. This time, this old man will help and assess you personally,\" Manager Chen said with a smile.

Xuanyuan Xiahui gave him a look filled with gratitude and said, \"I'm thankful for Manager Chen's assistance. I, Xiahui, feel more confident...\"

Of course, this was a compliment, and Manager Chen actually felt very happy when he heard it.

\"The Immortal Chef test is very difficult, and you must depend on your own abilities. This old man just wants to witness the new Immortal Chef's birth. After all, it's been a very long time since a new Immortal Chef appeared in the Immortal City,\" Manager Chen said with a smile.

After that, Xuanyuan Xiahui said goodbye to Bu Fang and walked toward Manager Chen.

\"Let's go. Xuanyuan Xiahui's skills are very good, so I hope this time, he will become an Immortal Chef,\" Mu Liuer said with emotion. In her eyes, there seemed to be some expression of admiration.

Her cooking skills were not good. Otherwise, she would have aimed to become an Immortal Chef, even at the risk of her life.

Anyway, regardless of the Immortal Chef test, she needed to pay attention to Bu Fang's special grade chef test. After all, she felt more and more curious about Bu Fang.

\"If I may ask, can I take the Immortal Chef test too?\" Bu Fang said.

Mu Liuer was stunned for a moment. She then smiled and answered, \"Don't aim too high. It's a very difficult journey. Some people spent a lifetime, but they couldn't even touch the threshold... Of course, if you want to take the Immortal Chef test, you must become a special grade chef first. Otherwise, how could you even pass the more difficult Immortal Chef test?\"

So, he needed to become a special grade chef first?

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and nodded.

Alright then. He would become a special grade chef first, then settle the matter after that.

\"We're here. This is the assessment room.\"

Finally, the two of them arrived at a door. Mu Liuer took out a jade talisman and pressed it on the door lock. Instantly, lines appeared on the door, and with a creaking sound, it opened for them.

Both of them entered...

The special grade chef test was about to start now.


Immortal Kitchen Pavilion Entrance

A gold and jade luxurious carriage stopped in front of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

The horse that was pulling the carriage was a Thunder Dragon Horse, but compared with the horses that Bu Fang had taken and thrown into the Heaven and Earth Farmland, this was a more spirited horse.

The bead curtain shook and swayed as the guards opened the carriage door. From the carriage, a man wearing a golden robe stepped out.

On top of his head was a purple-gold crown, and on his feet were dragon boots.

As soon as the golden-robed man appeared, like the glaring sun, he attracted all the surrounding people's eyes. Everyone's focus was all on him.

\"Hey! It's the First Grade Immortal Chef, Lord Tong Cheng!\"

\"The Tong family's genius, Tong Cheng!\"

\"Is that really Lord Tong Cheng? I finally saw my idol in person! Ohh! An Immortal Chef!\"

As everyone around discussed with excited voices, Tong Cheng fiddled with a jade bead in his hand.

When he raised his head, the hair on his forehead fell forward, and he pinched it with two fingers and swept the strands back.

\"So, that mortal is here to take the test? Did he really think that he can escape once he becomes a special grade chef? How naive. No matter what, this young master will still cripple and capture him...\"