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 The surrounding diners were completely shocked, staring at this scene with dropped jaws.

Owner Bu dared to go against an aristocratic family!

Where exactly did he get the courage to face those people?

The aristocratic families had absolute dominance in the Immortal City. If a person dared to go against them, that person would definitely have no chance to continue living in the Immortal City.

However, thinking of yesterday's incident, where Owner Bu's iron puppet ruthlessly stripped the clothes off Tong Yue, they were somewhat complacent.

It seemed that in Owner Bu's eyes, there was no such thing as aristocratic families.

Recalling that someone mentioned that Bu Fang came from the lower realm, they all shook their heads. Perhaps Bu Fang was a top existence in the world of mortals, but here in the Immortal Cooking Realm, he could not do whatever he wanted. This world is completely different from his previous world.

That was why they all expected that Bu Fang would be taken away by the Tong family...

After wiping his hands, Bu Fang placed the white cloth on the stove and indifferently looked at Whitey.

The Thunder Dragon Horse was very frantic as it lifted its hooves and emitted a loud neighing sound.

However, Whitey's entire body just burst out lightning.

As the Thunder Dragon Horse bombarded on Whitey, the latter didn't seem to be affected. The lightning from the hooves was even completely absorbed.

The Tong family expert on that Thunder Dragon Horse was stunned.

What happened? Did this iron puppet just absorb the lightning?

Could it be that this is an Immortal Puppet?

The War God Stick unceasingly enlarged in their eyes, and all over it, lightning arcs were moving. It swept across at a breakneck speed.


The experts rose on the rushing Thunder Dragon Horses and roared. They were truly provoked now, their hair fluttering behind them as their cold eyes seemed to shoot daggers.

A big cleaver appeared in their hands as they rushed at the War God Stick to cut it down.

The horse's hooves trampled, and the cleaver swept across...

This scene made the surrounding diners feel somewhat shocked and fearful.


In the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion

Tong Yue's face revealed a crazy look as she looked at the distance.

Seeing the Tong family experts riding on their Thunder Dragon Horses to destroy Bu Fang, she couldn't help the excitement in her heart.

\"Die! A mere mortal dared to offend my Tong family! This old lady must let you be tortured to death!\" Tong Yue roared crazily. Her bitter face seemed to become somewhat distorted by anger.

\"Mu Liuer, look. That mortal will certainly die!\"

Mu Liuer followed Tong Yue's gaze and watched the situation in the distance.

So, the Tong family was indeed forced to make a move? If so, this small stall... would be utterly destroyed.


At that loud explosion, Mu Liuer's eyes suddenly shrank, and Tong Yue's maniacal laugh froze. The latter appeared like a duck that had been caught by its neck.

With incredulous looks, they all looked at the scene in front of them.

There, the three Thunder Dragon Horses, who had raised their front hooves and flew out at the same time, were bruised from head to foot and thrown into the distance.

As for the three experts, they were thrown off their horses, crashing onto the ground. Their entire bodies were covered with lightning arcs.

It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

The three experts looked at each other, seeing disbelief and shock in each other's eyes.

This Immortal Puppet... was really strong!


However, the three people were, after all, members of an aristocratic family. In an instant, they got up and moved swiftly, sweeping their blades across as they surrounded Whitey and charged toward it. It seemed like they wanted to cut Whitey into three parts.

Against this attack, the War God Stick flashed through, and the big cleaver in the hands of the three experts were all shattered, shocking not only those experts but everyone around them.

A moment later, their bodies were poked relentlessly by the War God Stick.

Putt! Putt! Putt!

Blood spurted from their mouths as their eyes shrank. This Immortal Puppet... was not any weaker than Young Master Tong Cheng's Immortal Puppet.

\"Troublemakers... will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!\"

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled, and the two metal wings on his back opened. Rumbling sounds reverberated unceasingly as lightning arcs appeared.

In a flash, Whitey's figure disappeared from its spot and appeared in front of those experts. With a loud tearing sound...

Pieces of cloth flew everywhere...

Indeed, those experts were unjustly stripped off their clothes and thrown to the ground...

With tears streaming down their faces, they had a lifeless look in their eyes as they grieved soundlessly. This kind of experience was a big shock, and their minds and bodies shook from the aftermath.

The surrounding diners all sucked in a cold breath.

They only felt dazzled at the moment. Three members of the Tong family were just stripped naked in front of them. Why was this script so familiar?

Where had they seen it before?

Tong Yue's entire body trembled. This scene... was exactly the same as when she had been stripped off her clothes!

Was this puppet perverted?

Did it really have a hobby of stripping people?!

Bu Fang clasped his hands and walked over slowly.

He arrived in front of the three experts on the ground, giving their twitching bodies a glance before turning to the Thunder Dragon Horses.

Because of Whitey's lightning, these three horses were also twitching as foam gurgled out of their mouths. It seemed that it would take some time before they completely recovered.

With a move of his mind, a force suddenly burst out, sucking the three Thunder Dragon Horses into the Heaven and Earth Farmland in an instant.

Bu Fang glanced at the three naked experts, then turned around to look at the diners, saying in an indifferent voice, \"Business as usual.\"

The surrounding diners had dumbfounded looks...

At this moment, they felt somewhat stupid.

Those experts were stripped butt-naked and thrown out... and their Thunder Dragon Horses had been taken away as well...

This Owner Bu really wanted to ascend the heavens!

This time, he was really asking for it!


In the distance, the corners of Mu Liuer's mouth twitched. Her eyes looked strange as they stared at Bu Fang.

This Owner Bu was really such a character...

\"Why... How could this happen...\"

Tong Yue looked as dumb as a wooden chicken, her whole body trembling.

Her powerful Tong family experts could not catch Bu Fang?

\"You're asking why? You still don't get it, do you? If you hadn't denied him to take the test, do you think he would dare to open a stall opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion?\" Mu Liuer said, glancing at Tong Yue's pale face.

The expression on Tong Yue's face suddenly shifted.

She's right. It seemed that everything was caused by herself.

If she had not refused Bu Fang's application, then he would not set up a stall outside...

However, it was one thing for Tong Yue to realize her mistake, but another to have her openly admit it. She would rather die than do it, even if she had some regrets in her heart.

Manager Chen's group of people went out once again.

Manager Chen's face was somewhat gloomy. He also saw the situation in the distance, and the look on his face was extremely cold.

\"Tong Yue, haven't I ordered you to solve it well? Why... is there such a commotion?\" Manager Chen couldn't help but raise his voice as he reprimanded Tong Yue.

Facing Manager Chen's anger, how could Tong Yue even explain? She couldn't say anything at all.

Her Tong family's experts had made a move, but they were still unable to deal with that guy. How could she fix the situation now?

Could it be that they let the experts who had retreated in the family to undertake this task?

However, she did not dare to say this and lose her face. Even if she dared to, the other party wouldn't make a move for a mere mortal.

Thinking about these, she could only grit her teeth and swallow her bitterness.

She could only suffer silently...

\"Manager Chen, solving this matter is very simple,\" said Mu Liuer.

She gave Tong Yue a glance, and the corners of her mouth lifted into a slight smile as she turned to look at Manager Che.

Manager Chen froze, looking at Mu Liuer with inquiring eyes.

Mu Liuer took out Bu Fang's application and explained the situation leading up to this fiasco. She left nothing unsaid and even explained why Tong Yue refused and why Bu Fang's stall was so popular.

Hearing all these, the fault lies indeed on Tong Yue.

Manager Chen then touched his beard. So, it was like that.

\"You chased people away before the test even took place... Who gave you this authority? Our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion is tasked to oversee the Immortal City and select good and talented chef seedlings, whom you have offended. Not only that, you have offended a strong chef...\" Manager Chen said coldly.

\"This time, your mistake is unforgivable. This position is not suitable for you, so go and return to your Tong family.\"


The surrounding people sucked in a cold breath.

Was Tong Yue fired?

An aristocratic family junior who had a position in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was unexpectedly fired like this...

Indeed, there was no difference between thunder from a clear sky.

Tong Yue, who was in a daze, suddenly screamed, \"I... No! Why are you firing me? You're letting me go for a mere mortal? This is unacceptable! I'm a Tong family member! You can't treat me like this!\"

Her eyes had a crazy look as she staggered backward. She couldn't believe this was happening to her.

Her good position... was unexpectedly gone because of that mortal...

How could she even accept this?

\"Hmph... The Tong family is good and amazing! Don't forget... this is also the City Lord's territory, and this old man serves the City Lord! Since it's you who stirred up all this trouble, this is exactly the price you need to pay!\" Manager Chen coldly said as he waved his sleeves.

He then turned to Mu Liuer and said, \"Mu Liuer, I will hand over this matter to you. Go to the stall and invite the owner to take the test. If he could achieve such a popularity in just a short time, let alone with a small stall, this old man believes that his cooking skills are not weak. It's a waste for a good chef to open a small stall like that,\" Manager Chen said.

Mu Liuer was stunned. She hadn't thought that Manager Chen would make such a decision, but still, she immediately nodded.


After that, Manager Chen coldly snorted as he glanced at Tong Yue, then walked away as he swept his sleeves.

The surrounding people looked at Tong Yue with sympathy. Not only was she unable to steal a chicken, but she had also lost a handful of rice.

Tong Yue was so immersed in her own power that she always looked down on mortals. Now, she was punished thoroughly because of a mortal.

Tong Yue really regretted it. Why did she provoke Bu Fang like this?

Why not let him take the test?

She could pretend to do something...


Outside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion

The three naked experts got up in embarrassment and ran away.

How could they remain and endure the crowd's ridicule? They were a laughingstock in everyone's eyes now.

This mortal... was really crazy.

Also, that iron puppet was no small matter... It looked like it was an Immortal Puppet.

He was only a mortal. Where did the Immortal Puppet come from?

The three Tong family experts' eyes were cold.

This mortal had absolutely something to do with the destroyed Immortal Puppet of Young Master Tong Cheng... It was too much of a coincidence.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang was naturally not aware of what's going through those experts' minds.

However, Mu Liuer once again came, and what she said to him made him somewhat surprised.

Mu Liuer told him that Tong Yue was punished and was expelled from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

Bu Fang was slightly startled. This Tong Yue was really weak. He just opened his food stall for several days, and the other party had already given up. He thought it would take him several more days to make her regret it.

Mu Liuer also brought some good news, which was to let Bu Fang go to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion to take the special grade chef test. This news stunned Bu Fang for a while.

According to Bu Fang's inherent arrogance, he intended to reject, but thinking of the system's task to open a branch in the Immortal City, he needed to obtain the required qualifications.

And so, because of the restaurant, Bu Fang finally agreed with Mu Liuer's request.

Of course, Bu Fang also had a requirement-the test had to wait until tomorrow as he needed to finish today's stall business.

Regarding this, Mu Liuer naturally had no objection.

She was very interested in Bu Fang's Spicy Blood Lobster, so she sat in one of the tables and ordered it.

Wow... the taste was really good.

Mu Liuer's left hand held a blood lobster while her right hand held one as well. As she ate, her mouth was covered in sauce, nodding several times after each bite.


Tong Family

When Tong Yue and the three experts gloomily returned to the inner circle, it attracted the attention of many Tong family people.

Those three experts and Tong Yue directly went to the Tong family's garden and finally arrived at a small courtyard.

The three experts wore simple robes. They crouched with grave expressions as they faced the small courtyard.

\"Young Master Tong Cheng, we found the mortal who destroyed your Immortal Puppet!\"

With a creaking sound, the small courtyard's gate slowly opened.

Shortly after, a figure with clasped hands walked out of that small courtyard.

\"You found him? Didn't I order you to find, cripple, and capture that person? Why are you all empty-handed and looking pathetic like this?\"