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 The next day, as usual, Bu Fang came to the opposite side of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion and began to open his stall.

Although the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion people threatened him in various ways, Bu Fang was like a rock. He wouldn't budge at all.

Today, the number of people queuing was fewer, probably because Bu Fang said that he would not sell hotpot today.

However, there were still many curious people, and as usual, they came to the stall to watch. Although it was not as busy as yesterday, the end of the queue had still reached the entrance of Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

In the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, Manager Chen's face was somewhat dark.

Yesterday, he had let Tong Yue solve the problem herself. Initially, he had thought that it should be easy, but now, it seemed that that wasn't the case. He was so naive.

\"The younger generation of the aristocratic families are indeed not up to par... It's only a small matter, but she failed.\"

Manager Chen sighed and repressed the anger in his heart.

Tong Yue's face was very unsightly. News of her being stripped naked yesterday had spread, and many people looked at her now with mocking eyes, as though they were all sneering at her.

Mu Liuer, in particular, had a vague smile. What did that girl's smile mean?

Was she laughing at her?!

Damn it!

The bitterness and fury in Tong Yue's heart surged crazily.

However, she couldn't do anything about it. That puppet's strength was equivalent to an Immortal Puppet's, and the two experts of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion were no match for it. How could she be its opponent if those two experts couldn't even fight against it?

\"If that small stall continued like this, it would affect our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Yesterday, I ordered Tong Yue to close it down, but why is it still doing business?\" Manager Chen lowered his voice and said coldly.

Hearing those words, Tong Yue's grudge was stirred once again. Her eyes narrowed as she said, \"Manager Chen, the owner of that stall is very crazy and relies on his puppet. We received all kinds of humiliation... But don't worry, I suspect that that mortal has something to do with Lord Tong Cheng's Immortal Puppet, so I informed our young master right away. He will send someone to come immediately.\"


Manager Chen was somewhat shocked, and the people around them were stunned as well.

In his heart, he scolded this sinister woman.

If Lord Tong Cheng came, with his hot temper, that small stall would be destroyed thoroughly, and the owner would most likely be taken away and sent to the Tong family's prison.

The Tong family's prison... was a hellish place.

\"Lord Tong Cheng will send his people here?\" Manager Chen was stunned, and his face twitched for a moment before he added, \"Very well. Let's just wait for Lord Tong Cheng's people to come and settle this... Now, let's all go back to work. Many people came to take the tests...\"

After nodding to everyone in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he turned and left.

Tong Yue's sinister eyes looked at Bu Fang. She coldly snorted before turning around.

For now, all she had to do was to wait for Lord Tong Cheng's people. After that... there would be a good show to watch!

Mu Liuer didn't expect that Tong Yue would do something ruthless. She had just casually connected the stall owner's puppet to Lord Tong Cheng's Immortal Puppet...

She thought that she should let Bu Fang know about this.

However, just as she started to go outside, she was blocked by Tong Yue.

\"You're going to warn that damn mortal, aren't you? Mu Liuer... even though you're an elder, I must remind you that opposing my Tong family for a mortal isn't worth it.\" Tong Yue said coldly.

Mu Liuer frowned. Suddenly, her eyes shrank.

That was because behind Tong Yue, the two experts also blocked her, ensuring that she wouldn't have any chance of stepping out and warn Bu Fang.


The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was located between the inner circle and the outer circle of the Immortal City. Like a watershed, the outside was very lively, while the inside was quite deserted. However, this feeling of desolation seemed to exude an air of grandeur and luxury.

And at the moment, a small stall was doing its business just opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

This time, Bu Fang was selling the Spicy Blood Lobster.

When had the diners seen a Spicy Blood Lobster? In the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, there were a few aquatic ingredients, but those kinds of ingredients were very scarce, and the most available material was fish.

That was why they had never seen, let alone heard the Blood Lobster.

Although today's dish was not hotpot, the diners were very curious about the Spicy Blood Lobster. For them, it was a novelty, a never before seen and heard dish that they were looking forward to trying.

The four muscled men also came. They liked Bu Fang's wine and dishes so much that it seemed like they were a resident in Bu Fang's stall. Today, they would definitely not miss the Spicy Blood Lobster.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The fire soared to the sky, and the spicy fragrance spread out.

Bu Fang stood in front of the stove while holding the wok, shaking it skillfully so the blood lobsters flew as juice splattered everywhere.

A red blood lobster being tossed around in the wok...

This scene and its accompanying aroma were really tempting people, and the four men soon drooled in anticipation.

When Nethery finally brought the cooked Spicy Blood Lobster, the four men couldn't wait anymore.

However, looking at the vivid and lifelike blood lobster, they felt rather awkward and didn't know how to begin.

Nether King Er Ha appeared at the right moment. He liked to be familiar with the four muscled men who were chatting, so he began to personally teach them how to eat it.

When a piece of juicy blood lobster was put into his mouth, the eyes of the four men widened.

\"You understand now? If you don't get it, this king will show you again...\" Nether King Er Ha said. Naturally, he was very eager to pick another blood lobster and teach them again.

The four muscled men looked and nodded.

Finally, they had learned from Nether King Er ha's movements and started to eat their blood lobsters.

\"I think you still don't understand, so I'll show you again,\" Nether King Er Ha said, stretching out his tongue to lick the sauce on the corner of his mouth.

The spicy taste of the sauce made him feel like a fire was burning in this mouth.


A blood lobster got into his stomach.

\"You get it now? Well, it's not that hard to understand. This king had studied the correct eating method and practiced several times just to do it perfectly.\"

\"Oh... smells very good. You understand now? If you don't, you should not be discouraged. This king, on the principle of mutual progress, will teach you again.\"

\"Oh... the spicy taste is so awesome! Do you feel refreshed now? This king will teach you how to eat it in a cooler way.\"

Looking at Nether King Er Ha, who was eating and talking nonstop, the four men didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

At last, they understood. This guy precisely came to get a free meal!

But honestly speaking, the taste of the blood lobster was really much better compared to hotpot! Moreover, the price of the blood lobster was much cheaper.

And so, the more the four men ate, the more they became addicted.

After eating a blood lobster, a sip of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew followed. The refreshing wine flowed through the throat and into the stomach, making them feel a very comfortable sensation. This combination was truly irresistible!

As the aroma spread out, the queue immediately became noisy.

When everyone had eaten the blood lobster, they could feel that its taste was completely different from the hotpot. Simply put, it went beyond everyone's imagination.

The queue was getting longer and longer...

Looking at those diners who were eating blood lobsters with rosy sauce on their mouths, people kept lining up. A rumbling sound unceasingly resounded in their stomachs as they waited for their turn.


A loud noise was heard from the end of the queue. All those who had lined up turned their heads in the direction of the inner circle.

The sound of hooves hitting the ground resounded in their ears, and the brick floor incessantly trembled.

From the inner circle, three figures appeared riding on horseback.

They were riding on black horses. Those horses were covered in dense dragon scales, and as they moved quickly, there was a deafening sound of thunder.

It was a Thunder Dragon Horse!

The Thunder Dragon Horse was a high-level means of transportation in the Immortal Cooking Realm, so only aristocratic families could raise it. It could run tens of thousands of miles a day without any problems.

\"It's a Thunder Dragon Horse! They're from the Tong family!\"

\"The Tong family really came? Is it because of yesterday's incident?\"

\"It's over! This little chef is finished! What a pity. This stall's food is so delicious!\"

The diners exclaimed in surprise. The popularity of the Tong family's Thunder Dragon Horse in the Immortal City was very high.

Three strong and tall figures were on those horses, and the aura coming from those figures was very powerful. Their sharp eyes were filled with dominance as they gazed ahead.

Their auras were much stronger than those two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts.

A good show was about to unfold in front of them. However, the diners couldn't help but sigh.

Da! Da! Da!

The three Thunder Dragon Horses were treading very fast, running around the small stall. The rhythmic sound of the hooves spread to the hearts of everyone, making them tremble in awe.

It made everyone feel nervous.

\"Someone said you're a mortal from the lower realm?!\" one of them shouted.

Those three people continued to ride the Thunder Dragon Horses, continuously running around the small stall. They all had iced-cold looks as they stared at Bu Fang, who was standing in front of the stove.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang was looking at the Thunder Dragon Horse with appraising eyes. This horse seemed to be very meaty, and he could knock it unconscious and throw it in the Heaven and Earth Farmland. Niu Hansan would help to breed them.

\"My Big Brother asked you a question! Are you deaf?!\" scolded the other expert.

Seeing that Bu Fang had not responded, that expert who was riding a horse suddenly got angry.

The surrounding diners all couldn't help but sigh. Even Owner Bu didn't dare to speak, and they couldn't blame him. These experts were very powerful.

However, Bu Fang just frowned. He nonchalantly swept his gaze over those three people and exhaled lightly.

\"Your horse is not bad. It's actually a good choice for hotpot...\" Bu Fang calmly said.


As soon as the surrounding people heard his words, they were confused. They couldn't help but think if horse meat was good for hotpot or not.

Why think of such a thing at a time like this? The important thing now was to save your life!

\"Arrogant! Lord Tong Cheng ordered to arrest you as well as your Immortal Puppet. Where is it? You had a hand in destroying the Immortal Puppet of our young master!\" an expert coldly said.

These three experts were quite calm. Suddenly, one of them swung a big punch, which seemed like a signal to begin.


A strong aura burst out, and the air around twisted as though a long sharp sword slashed in the air.

Two experts suddenly pulled the reins, causing the Thunder Dragon Horses to let out a long hissing sound. Their front hooves were raised high, trampling toward Bu Fang.

Looking at this posture, they intended to trample on Bu Fang and injure him first before arresting him. In their eyes, they didn't care about him.

However, at this moment, only the Thunder Dragon Horse was in Bu Fang's eyes. Since the opposing side sent an ingredient... he was welcome to it.

Under the horse's hooves, lightning scattered in all directions, as though it wanted to trample and electrocute Bu Fang to death.

However, in the next moment...

An intense aura suddenly spread out.

Starlight shone in Whitey's eyes, twinkling as it suddenly appeared in front of the three Thunder Dragon Horses.

Whitey's eyes flashed. It seemed it didn't fear the lightning-covered hooves in front of it. Instead, it looked rather excited.

\"A puppet...\"

Above the Thunder Dragon Horse, the leader's eyes suddenly shrank. A moment later, he shouted, \"Good! Let me step on this puppet and break it into pieces!\"

Bu Fang wiped his hands with a white cloth and gave a glance at that expert. In an indifferent voice, he said, \"Whitey, don't burn that horse meat with electricity...\"

As soon as Whitey heard that, lightning arcs suddenly covered its body, dispersing electric shocks in all directions.

A long iron stick appeared in its hands. That stick became bigger and bigger, with lightning arcs dancing all over it as it swept out!