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 Mu Liuer leaned on the door of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Everyone who entered the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion to take the test must greet Mu Liuer. After all, she was an Immortal Kitchen Pavilion elder, so they didn't dare to show even a bit of disrespect.

For those who greeted her, she would naturally respond with a nod and smile.

However, she still paid attention to the distance, specifically that small stall that was currently being surrounded by a crowd.

The small stall, at this moment, became the focus of everyone's attention.

But regarding this situation, she was also somewhat curious. In fact, she was also aware that the people in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion had made a move, so the mortal wouldn't have any chance.

Before that, she had reminded him, but he didn't listen. This guy had clearly committed a crime.

If one was guilty of something, that person deserved it.

Sighing, Mu Liuer's eyes moved. It was time to go back inside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

However, the moment she was about to move, her body froze.

Turning her head, she looked into the distance.

From that small stall, a loud noise was sent out by the crowd. Right after that, a thunderous sound burst forth as two naked figures were thrown down.

What's happening?!

Mu Liuer glanced at the two naked people, feeling somewhat incredulous.

That was because the two people who had just been thrown out, not to mention that they were both butt-naked, were none other than the two experts of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

How could their clothes be stripped off? Not only that, they were also thrown out just like that?

As Mu Liuer thought about it, her body suddenly froze as her eyes stared hard at the crowd.

If her suspicion was right...

...and indeed, she was right. After that, a loud screech resounded. That scream seemed to tear the sky. A moment later, one more naked figure was thrown out, crashing beside the two experts.

This time, Mu Liuer's face looked somewhat awkward.

That third person, who had been stripped as well, was no one else but the arrogant Tong Yue.

Looking incredibly pathetic, Tong Yue's entire being showed a panicked look.

Mainly, she didn't think that the result would be like this, much less end up with her being humiliated in this way. It was indeed different from what she had imagined before.

That mortal... He really dared to throw out Tong Yue, a member of an aristocratic family!

That mortal was not afraid of an aristocratic family's retaliation?

The position of the Tong family in the Immortal City was not ordinary. It was even at the top of the ranks among many aristocratic families.

Although it could be said that an aristocratic family would think that stripping clothes was just a small matter, and they may not necessarily look for Bu Fang due to this minor matter...

But, what if...

What if the Tong family came to cause trouble?

Once targeted by an aristocratic family, the fate of that mortal... would be too pitiful.

Unfortunately, the mortal who had just entered the Immortal Cooking Realm still lacked some awareness, especially when it came to facing people who wield power in the Immortal City.

Mu Liuer sighed.

This time, perhaps, she could not help Bu Fang.

In the distance, the originally pale faces of Tong Yue and the two experts had returned to their usual color, quickly becoming as red as a pig liver as they felt the grievances in their hearts.

That iron puppet could command lightning? How could it be so strong?

\"An Immortal Puppet?!\"

Tong Yue felt terrified. The aura of that iron puppet seemed to be familiar, and that terrifying feeling within her was constantly increasing.

That was the aura of an Immortal Puppet.

An Immortal Puppet was a valuable and rare puppet. In the Immortal Cooking Realm, some chefs were not good at fighting, so they would make an Immortal Puppet and have it help and fight on their behalf.

Of course, some people had them just for fun. In the Immortal Cooking Realm, competitions between Immortal Puppets had become a form of amusement to some aristocratic families.

Among those who had Immortal Puppets was Lord Tong Cheng, the young master of the Tong family. Since his own Immortal Puppet had been destroyed by a mortal from the lower realm, his anger soared to the sky, and he ordered the entire city to hunt down those mortals.

That alone was enough to see the importance of an Immortal Puppet.

How could a mortal from the lower realm have an Immortal Puppet? This was strange!

If Tong Yue were to think carefully, she could possibly put two and two together. However, at this moment, she was utterly distracted. The clothes on her body had just been stripped off by that iron puppet, so nothing else mattered except to flee in embarrassment.

In the end, Tong Yue and the two experts rushed crazily into the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

Tong Yue felt her whole body become hot. Although she was not good looking, she was still burning with shame. Being stripped naked like this, in front of the blazing eyes of the public, she felt like she was surrounded by a circle of raging fire.

Before the resentful eyes of Mu Liuer, Tong Yue got inside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

It was obvious that the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's action against this small stall failed.

Looking at the small stall that continued to do its business, the curiosity inside Mu Liuer suddenly arose.

She clasped her hands and walked towards Bu Fang's small stall. As she approached, an aroma suddenly assaulted her nose, piquing her interest even more.

What was Bu Fang cooking? What did that small stall sell?

Whitey's eyes flashed. After stripping and throwing out Tong Yue and the two experts of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, it stood behind Bu Fang, guarding the small stall.

However, Bu Fang seemed to see nothing and continued selling.

This scene caused a burst of uproar.

The owner of this stall really dared to offend the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion?

Could it be that he had a powerful backer?

The diners all looked at each other in dismay. After that, they seemed to recover and continued their enthusiasm.

The boiling hotpot continued to waft steam up to the sky.

Bu Fang returned to the stove, resuming his initial processing of ingredients.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand flashed, then the vegetables that were still covered in water drops were cut into pieces...

Meanwhile, Mu Liuer finally arrived at the small stall.

This small stall was very simple. It had several tables, chairs, and nothing else. However, even if it was a simple stall, it attracted the attention of countless people.

Mu Liuer looked intently as a curious expression appeared on her face. \"Interesting... the pot is directly placed on the table? Then how do you eat it?\"

She looked at the diners near her who were eating hotpot.

There were three people on the table. In the middle, a bronze pot seemed to shine as the soup within it boiled unceasingly. As the soup bubbled, heat and aroma were rolling up fiercely.

Around the pot, there were many raw ingredients that had not been processed.

Could such a dish be so delicious?

Although she was surprised with the creativity of the hotpot, what's more important was the taste. After all, this was her first time to have such a dish.

After Mu Liuer saw this lively scene, her eyes moved, and she sat directly at the table with the three people. Narrowing her eyes, she said that she would add one.

When those three diners saw the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion robes on Mu Liuer's figure, their faces paled. Naturally, they didn't dare to refuse, so they immediately requested for additional tableware.

After eating together for a while, they realized that Mu Liuer did not have the arrogance of an Immortal Kitchen Pavilion elder. Instantly, their impression of her improved, and they happily told her the secrets and methods of eating hotpot.

\"First, you must mix the sauce yourself. This sauce is important as it tests your cooking skill,\" one of them said.

Of course, his idea was ridiculed by the surrounding people. Some thought that the delicious hotpot was due to the processing of the ingredients and its soup.

The thickness of the ingredients was just right. After being put into the boiling soup, the taste would be absolutely perfect.

Mu Liuer's eyes shone. The curiosity in her heart surged even more.

After she mixed the sauce, she returned to the table and took her chopsticks, fishing out an ingredient in the boiling red soup.

A stream of heat flew out as a piece of meat covered with spicy broth appeared before her eyes. It was a Papillion meat, which was unexpectedly well respected.

After dipping it in the sauce, Mu Liuer licked it before putting it into her mouth.

\"Oh?\" Mu Liuer's eyes suddenly widened.

Too delicious!

It was not cooked by a chef, and it was not even processed thoroughly... but how could it be so delicious?!

No wonder this hotpot became popular.

The spicy taste flowed in the mouth and instantly spread out, causing Mu Liuer's lips to turn red. Despite the intense spicy flavor, she continued to eat.

The more she ate, the more excited she was.

When the diners saw Mu Liuer's enthusiasm, their faces also bloomed into a smile.

It was good to maintain a good relationship with the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's elders. Therefore, this diner pounded on the table fiercely.

\"Owner Bu, please add three more plates of Papillion meat!\"

However, Bu Fang, who was standing in front of the stove, didn't turn around. He continued to swing the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as he said, \"Papillion meat is limited to two plates per table...\"

That diner was stunned. Nonetheless, he still ordered other ingredients.

Of course, when eating spicy ingredients, they wanted to drink cool good wine.

Mu Liuer finally knew why this hotpot was so popular. Even if she tasted all the delicious food in the world, she would still be attracted by it.

This was the unique charm of hotpot, which other dishes could not have.

After Tong Yue and the two experts returned to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, they didn't come out again... Probably because of losing their faces.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Bu Fang's hotpot continued to soar.

When the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion closed, it was also the time Bu Fang ended his business.

Many people felt that there were several strange points...

This Owner Bu is really not afraid of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

As Bu Fang wiped his hands with a white cloth, he looked at the surrounding diners and said, \"Tomorrow's dish will be Spicy Blood Lobster. I hope everyone will come again and eat.\"

As soon as he said that, some people complained.

\"Owner Bu, why don't you continue to serve hotpot? We still want to eat it...\"

\"The hotpot is too delicious. Such an interesting dish.\"

\"Give me a hotpot! I can eat it for three days and three nights!\"

All of the diners were dissatisfied, openly complaining in front of Bu Fang. Many of them hoped that Bu Fang would continue to sell hotpot tomorrow.

However, Bu Fang was firm in his decision, shaking his head.


The aspect of the food stall was not only hotpot...

When the right moment comes, he would show everyone a true delicacy.

At that time, the Spicy Blood Lobster was not worse compared to hotpot.

When Nether King Er Ha heard Bu Fang's announcement, his eyes shone like stars in the night sky.

Today, he saw Mu Liuer's method of eating and drinking, and it suddenly inspired him to eat and drink like that tomorrow.


In the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, Tong Yue's face was full of coldness and resentment. She wished she could tear Bu Fang into shreds thoroughly.

Her eyes were filled with viciousness as she said, \"Where did that mortal come from? Could it be that Lord Tong Cheng was beaten by this mortal?! Hmph. Lord Tong Cheng will surely teach that mortal a lesson!\"

Recalling that her clothes had been stripped off earlier, Tong Yue's whole body trembled.

As a member of the Tong family, how could she be subjected to this humiliation?

She grabbed a jade talisman, and her grip on that talisman tightened.

Suddenly, the jade talisman flashed.

Tong Yue's face revealed an excited expression. She lifted the jade talisman to look, as though she had just received some news, and a crazy look appeared in her eyes.

\"Damn mortal! Tomorrow... prepare to die! Once you're in my Tong family's prison, this lady will peel the skin off your body! Nothing else will satisfy the hatred in this lady's heart!\"