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 As Bu Fang slowly pulled the sleeves of the Vermillion Robe, the velvet rope tying his hair unraveled, letting his long hair down.

His eyes were cold as he walked out of the stove with an expressionless face. From his spirit sea, a terrifying spiritual force was constantly being released.

Bu Fang's mental energy was very powerful. Moreover, after forming a connection with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, his power became even stronger.

As the Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun and shot towards the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts, the spiritual pressure in the air made the faces of the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts suddenly change.

Tong Yue was also somewhat surprised, staring at Bu Fang in disbelief.

This mortal... A mortal from the lower realm could burst such a formidable spiritual fluctuation. It felt so surreal.

However, the alarmed look on Tong Yue's face quickly dissipated. Although Bu Fang's spirit was formidable, his cultivation was not that strong. In her eyes, he was as weak as an ant.

\"You finally dared to come out.\" Tong Yue's bitter face suddenly revealed a sneer as she looked at Bu Fang coldly.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok suddenly pounded on the ground, and a wave of air dispersed. That force made the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts retreat a step as they lightly exhaled.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was very heavy. Even in their current cultivation, they felt it was somewhat too much for them.

Unexpectedly, this young chef could carry and move such a big wok.

Bu Fang's hand suddenly moved, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok immediately rushed back to his hand. Shortly after, it transformed into a small and exquisite wok, which hovered and spun above his palm.

Compared with the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts' sharp yet strenuous moves, Bu Fang's movement seemed effortless.

\"What? Cat got your tongue? Anyway, whatever you say is useless!\" Tong Yue's gaze swept at Bu Fang before landing at the beautiful Nethery, who was standing behind him.

Waves of jealousy arose in her heart once again as her nostrils seemed to fume in anger.

\"You, pack up and close this stall! From now on, it is prohibited to set up any stall here! Once I see another stall, this old lady will destroy it at once!\"

Once you see it, you will destroy it?

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. This Tong Yue... It seems like she wanted to cause more trouble than him.

However, regarding the latter's words, Bu Fang naturally chose to ignore it. In fact, it was no different from what he had expected.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth pulled into a smirk. He looked at Tong Yue indifferently and said, \"Even so... there's no other way but to cause trouble.\"

\"Cause trouble? It depends on whether you can!\" Tong Yue snorted disdainfully.

A tiny mortal thinks he can beat her up?

Tong Yue belonged to an aristocratic family. As their junior, her status was noble, and the gap between her and this mortal was akin to heaven and earth.

Where did this guy get the courage to dare to beat her up?

Bu Fang shook his head, his eyes remained indifferent.

Suddenly, the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts standing next to Tong Yue trembled. This young chef always gave them a restless feeling... And now, this restless feeling was getting more and more intense.

A strong mental force suddenly swept over, which made the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts feel a tightening in their hearts. They were extremely vigilant now.

Although Bu Fang's cultivation was not strong, his mental energy was something else. That was why they couldn't help but regard him seriously.


The mental force disappeared, and everyone felt that the pressure on their shoulders had also disappeared.

The two experts were somewhat stunned.

\"You know... I have this rule in my restaurant, and that is, troublemakers are not allowed... Although this is not a restaurant, it is just a food stall.\"

Bu Fang retracted his mental force and coldly looked at Tong Yue and the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts.

\"But even if it's just a food stall... anyone who stirs up trouble is still not allowed.\"

In the distance, Nether King Er Ha's eyes shone after listening to Bu Fang's words.

That's right! That's exactly Bu Fang's character!

If someone dared to cause trouble in the food stall, it was the same as causing trouble in the restaurant!

Stripping clothes accompanied him like the wind, and it's been a while since he last used his clothes stripping finger. He, Nether King Er Ha, couldn't wait to use it again!

He was just waiting for Bu Fang to shout at him. After that, he could bargain and get some Spicy Strips in exchange.

Holding a Spicy Strip in his mouth, Nether King Er Ha grinned, revealing a look of anticipation.

The diners close to Nether King Er Ha were all confused. Is this guy sick?

\"Me? Troublemaker?\" Tong Yue smiled before she continued, \"I'm not stirring up trouble. I'm just here to chase you away... you lowly mortal from the lower realm! As a mortal, you must have the awareness of a mortal!\"

She could not be bothered to say anything more to Bu Fang, so she said to the two experts, \"Teach this mortal a lesson!\"

Immediately, the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts made a move. Their auras, at this moment, suddenly changed as two terrible waves of energy burst out from them.

Bu Fang remained calm, standing at the same spot. Those pressures from the two experts were only a breeze to him.

As for the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts, they were quite confident in their abilities. Even though this young chef's mental force was strong, his body's cultivation was too weak, so there was nothing to worry about.


Bu Fang's eyes focused. He opened his mouth, took a breath, then shouted a single word.



As soon as Bu Fang said that, a lightning arc instantly fell from the sky, striking the spot in front of the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts.

Those two experts were stunned and took several steps back.

Huh? Lightning?

Their two faces were filled with doubt.


With a loud crash, a huge white iron lump appeared in front of them.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled. The lightning arcs in its entire body danced and scattered freely.

After swallowing the Earth Immortal Puppet token thrown by Lord Dog, Whitey had evolved again. Although it was hard for Whitey to discharge and keep the lightning with ease, its battle efficiency had been upgraded again.

\"Whitey, tell them what happens to troublemakers?\" Bu Fang said, looking at Whitey.

\"Troublemakers will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!\"

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled, then radiance flashed in those mechanical eyes.

The air around it was compressed before bursting out fiercely. In a flash, Whitey's figure appeared in front of the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts.

\"Just a puppet! You also dared to cause trouble!\"

The Immortal Kitchen Pavilion expert was truly provoked. Troublemakers will be stripped in front of everyone?

These extremely arrogant words made him extremely angry. Very well, that puppet's arrogant face will meet the end of his fist!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whitey's palm-leaf hand moved as well and turned into a big fist.

As both fists collided, a huge explosion occurred.

The surrounding diners all rolled their eyes. A moment later, they all sucked in a cold breath.

That Immortal Kitchen Pavilion expert was hit by the iron puppet, flying backward to crash onto the ground.

However, that expert sat up immediately, revealing a gaze full of hatred and embarrassment. He looked at his fist and saw a lightning arc dancing on it. It seemed to be alive, unceasingly drilling into his flesh and blood, which caused his muscle to ache.

Damn! What the hell was this?!

How could this puppet have lightning?

\"Stand up and destroy him! Couldn't you take care of a mere iron lump?\" Tong Yue roared, seeing the expert still sitting on the ground.

Thinking of the status of Tong Yue, the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts looked at each other, then clenched their teeth before rushing once again.

This time, they must show their true strength.


Whitey's figure was just like an illusion as it appeared in front of the two experts in a flash.

Zi! Zi! Zi!

As the lightning arc shot toward them, it became even more intense. It spread all over their bodies, covering them with electric shocks, causing their bodies to tremble over and over again...

Of course, Whitey was not done yet. As its mechanical eyes twinkled, it grabbed both experts and suddenly threw them in the distance.

Things seemed to happen in a flash. As lightning arcs crawled around the bodies of the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts, a tearing sound reverberated in the air.

Before everyone could react, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion robes on their bodies were suddenly gone...

The two experts were butt-naked as they flew in an arc, crashing down on the ground in their butts.

The two experts were really confused...

What happened?

Why were they sitting on the ground... Why was it cold on the lower part?

An uproar burst out in an instant, recovering the wits of those two experts.

With looks of surprise, the spectators' stared at the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts sitting on the ground.

The clothes on their bodies were torn, and they were sitting naked on the ground with a bleak look...

Everyone was speechless and felt that it was rather funny...

They were really stripped off their clothes! And in front of everyone!

This stall owner was really something!

Unexpectedly, he dared to have the clothes stripped off the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion people.

That was the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion! If you offended the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, how could you live peacefully in the Immortal City?

Tong Yue's face was a little stiff, staring at the two naked people. A moment later, her loud scream resounded everywhere.

That horrifying scream made the surrounding diners so scared that they almost pissed.

\"Y-You... Y-You... You dared to be so bold!\" Tong Yue pointed a trembling finger at Bu Fang.

\"You didn't allow me to take the test in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, and now that I opened a stall, I'm also not allowed to do that? Why are you such a bully?\" Bu Fang calmly said.

After a moment's pause, he continued, \"Since this is the case, and you only know how to bully...\"

Bu Fang raised the corners of his mouth and looked at Whitey.

Whitey, as if it understood, locked its mechanical eyes on Tong Yue.

\"Troublemakers... will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!\"

Stripped... Strip her clothes? How could this be!

Tong Yue's face suddenly changed. She was a woman!

In a public place with numerous people, could it be that this iron lump dared to force her to strip her clothes off?

Even if she was thrown out, she was a woman. Not only that, but she was a member of the Tong family in the Immortal City! Her status was noble!

This mortal would really dare to strip her clothes?!

In the distance, Nether King Er Ha smirked and shook his head, as though he was laughing at that innocent woman.

Did she really think that just because she was a woman, she was untouchable?

In Whitey's eyes... what's the difference between a man and a woman?!

Now that Whitey had lightning powers, it was getting stronger and stronger!

Tong Yue's bitter face reddened with shame, and she opened her mouth to scream shrilly, \"You are not allowed to touch me!\"

As she said that, she kept retreating, her body trembling slightly.

But... with Whitey's speed, how could she escape?

As of this day, Whitey's aura and manner became more formidable... Whether it was because of the Earth Immortal Puppet token or not remains a mystery.


In the end, Tong Yue was not able to escape, and the surrounding diners sucked in a cold breath.

Silk clothes were torn and fluttered around. In the next moment, the clothes on Tong Yue's body were all stripped off.

Three naked and gloomy people crawled up from the ground.

Tong Yue was dazed, and her pale lips were trembling. \"You... You...\"

Today's experience had a huge impact on Tong Yue. As she didn't have anything on, she ran away like the wind to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, extremely distressed.

Nether King Er Ha looked at those three distressed figures and laughed. Shortly after, his laughter froze.

Wait! Nothing was left for him!

Seeing Whitey holding the other party's clothes, Nether King Er Ha felt cheated and useless.

He won't get a Spicy Strip?

What a huge loss indeed...

The corners of Nether King Er Ha's mouth pulled up as he looked at the three naked people who had disappeared. He really had an urge to shout and call them back...

Meanwhile, the surrounding diners were very shocked.

However, quickly, every one of those diners looked at Bu Fang with faces full of sympathy.

\"You dared to offend the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion people... Then, Owner Bu, you really want to be ruined...\"