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 \"This small stall is not allowed here!\"

The person who said these words was an Immortal Kitchen Pavilion manager. He was very old and had a thin face and a long beard. Overall, he looked pretty strict.

\"Manager Chen, you're right! This small stall has seriously affected our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's reputation. It must not exist at all. Also... according to my knowledge, the person who opened that stall is a mortal from the lower realm!\"

When Tong Yue saw the anger on Manager Chen's face, her face revealed a triumphant look. Of course, she had to say something, adding oil and vinegar as they say.

\"A mortal from the lower realm?\" The old man narrowed his eyes as he looked at Tong Yue.

Since the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was under the City Lord of the Immortal City, which was also under the jurisdiction of the aristocratic families, his power and influence as the manager were naturally clear. He was also aware which families were the most powerful.

\"I heard that the Immortal Puppet of Lord Tong Cheng, the young master of the Tong family, had been destroyed when doing its duty. Lately, he's in a bad mood, and he's always looking for that mortal in the lower realm. Now, many mortals have been taken away by Lord Tong Cheng.\"

Tong Yue was stunned upon hearing the old man's words.

If she had known this earlier, she would tell Lord Tong Cheng this news.

As the young master of the Tong family in the Immortal City, Lord Tong Cheng not only had strong cultivation, but his cooking talent, most importantly, was also amazing. He was someone who could make a huge impact in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Lord Tong Cheng captured mortals wantonly...

The eyes of Tong Yue were getting brighter and brighter. It seemed that there was a method now to deal with that mortal...

\"Tong Yue, since Lord Tong Cheng needs the mortal, then make that mortal close that stall first before handing him over. Remember to do it well, so our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion's reputation won't be affected.\"

The old man touched his beard, then looked at the queue that was all the way up to the entrance of Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. He coldly snorted, flicking the sleeves of his long robe before turning around.

The corners of Tong Yue's mouth curved up into an excited smile.

\"So, Lord Tong Cheng is looking for the mortal who destroyed his Immortal Puppet? No matter what... I will be the first to report that mortal's name.\"

Suddenly, in Tong Yue's hand, a jade talisman appeared and floated up. This jade talisman was a communication tool of their Tong family.

With a flicker of her mind, the words that she wanted to express were passed through the jade talisman. It would then be transmitted directly to the Tong family.

As for when Lord Tong Cheng would receive the news... that depended on the situation. The most important thing now was that Tong Yue needed to force that mortal to close his stall!

Anyone who dared to fight against her, Tong Yue, would regret it. This time, she would completely humiliate that mortal.

Tong Yue walked out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion with two assistants trailing behind her. As they approached the stall, the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion robes on their bodies billowed, making flapping sounds.

It was rare for the people of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion to go out, much less wear their robes while doing so. And today, since the three of them needed to carry out Manager Chen's order, they must show a little prestige.

Tong Yue clasped her hands as she followed the queue. Her steps were somewhat loud, so whenever she stepped on the ground, crisp sounds could be heard.

Eventually, the surrounding diners noticed them, causing their hearts to freeze.

These three were from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion? What did they need to go out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion for?

Suddenly, their faces revealed terrified looks. The status of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion in the Immortal City was no less than the aristocratic families.

Some passersby, as if they understood what was going on, looked at Bu Fang, who was setting up the small stall in the distance.

Things that were meant to happen had finally happened...

As expected, opening a stall opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would come to this.


In the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion entrance

Mu Liuer hadn't left. She leaned on the door, frowning as she looked at the situation in the distance.

She had already reminded Bu Fang that he would suffer the consequences of going against the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. He needed to pay the price for the trouble he had caused.

However, she didn't expect that Tong Yue would be the person who would actually do this.

It was really a narrow road.

It seemed that the mortal.... would be utterly humiliated...


Rumble! Rumble!

The steaming hot aroma and various meat fragrance filled the air, stimulating people's appetites...

Below the hotpot, dark golden flames flickered as they boiled the soup.

Around the pot, the four muscled men sat and ate without caring about the time. Eating with big mouthfuls and drinking with big gulps, they exuded a different kind of happiness.

This kind of happiness could make one sink into it.

Bu Fang stood in front of the stall expressionlessly. The movements of his hands didn't slow down as each ingredient was cut and arranged on a plate of delicate crushed ice.

Nethery was very responsible and diligent as a waitress. Carrying the trays filled with ingredients, she went to the tables to deliver the diners' orders.

In the distance, Nether King Er Ha pulled a chair to sit down. With a Spicy Strip on his mouth, he lifted his leg, which was constantly shaking, to rest on another chair.

People just couldn't help but feel ravenous after smelling the aroma coming from the hotpot.

Indeed, that kid Bu Fang never failed to make interesting dishes.


Nether King Er Ha's eyes narrowed.

That was because someone blocked Nethery, who was carrying a tray of ingredients.

With clasped hands, Tong Yue revealed a sneer on her bitter face.

She arrived in front of Nethery and saw that the latter was carrying fresh ingredients. Her slender brows shot up, but her figure remained in front of Nethery, blocking her way.

Behind her, the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts firmly stood, emitting a fearful and imposing aura.

\"Stop. Show me the ingredients in your hands,\" Tong Yue said with contempt. The pride in her eyes was very hard to conceal.

Surprised, Nethery lifted her head, her face looking very cold.

Tong Yue's eyes shrank upon seeing Nethery's expression. It was an extremely beautiful face, but it was cold as ice.

That beauty made her feel inferior and embarrassed.

The two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts behind her also felt suffocated, stimulated by Nethery's looks.

Looking at the beautiful appearance of Nethery, Tong Yue's heart suddenly became jealous. She was so jealous that she wanted to scratch Nethery's face at this very moment.

Deep down, she couldn't help but feel the urge to destroy any woman who was more beautiful than her!

\"Who are you?\" Nethery said in a cold voice, frowning. She didn't give the ingredients in her hands to Tong Yue.

\"Who am I? You don't deserve to know...\"

Tong Yue laughed bitterly. Then, she quickly reached out and grabbed the ingredients from Nethery.

\"These ingredients... are simply trash!\"

Tong Yue looked at these delicately cut ingredients in her hands. Piled up on the crushed ice, the Papillion meat seemed to twinkle. Although a surprised look flashed in her eyes, her mouth remained ruthless.

After that, she relaxed her hands, letting the plate of Papillion meat fall on the ground.


The plate was shattered, causing the pieces of Papillion meat and crushed ice to scatter everywhere.

The surrounding diners' eyes shrank, feeling the power on the bodies of the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts.

Nethery sucked in a cold breath. \"What did you just do?!\"

The expression on her face shifted, and her eyes instantly became pitch-black. Above her, Nether energy surged up and covered her body, and a terrifying aura suddenly burst out from her.

\"Well? A small mortal dared to resist!\" Tong Yue shouted coldly.

The two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts behind Tong Yue looked at each other, and they also burst out their auras.

Their power was incomparably strong as they were not weaker than the strongest demon king!


Nethery's aura was immediately suppressed. With her long, black hair fluttering, her graceful figure somewhat staggered as she took a step back.

\"Everyone, pay attention to me! Opening a stall near the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion is strictly not allowed. Since the stall owner hasn't gotten the assessment of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, he is not qualified to open a stall. He is also not allowed to cook for profit. Therefore... our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion must close and seal this small stall!\"

Tong Yue's sharp voice resounded through the sky.

All the diners were stunned, and they whispered to each other.

\"Hey... Isn't that too much?\"

\"Yeah, he's not the only one who opened a stall. Why isn't he allowed to do that...\"

\"Well, since the stall is in front of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion... that stall owner is simply seeking death.\"

Around them, everyone was full of emotions as they discussed among themselves.

They felt somewhat regretful that a unique dish had to disappear like this.

It would be difficult for them to look for another dish like this, a kind of dish that allowed people to feel their heart's contents as they wallow in the original taste of the ingredients.

Of course, they could do it themselves... But basically, they didn't know the recipe of the soup.

At this moment, Nethery's anger had reached its limit. Her hatred for Tong Yue seemed to soar to the sky.

\"You are seeking death,\" Nethery said coldly.

In the next moment, her long black hair shot out, piercing towards Tong Yue. It seemed as though she wanted to pierce a big hole in Tong Yue's head.

However, when the long black hair was about to touch Tong Yue's face, it was blocked by the two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts behind her.

Their cultivations were not weak, and compared with the strongest demon king, they were even more powerful. Therefore, it was easy for them to block Nethery's hair.

Although Nethery was so beautiful, their mission still had to be done.


An aura burst out, causing Nethery to be pushed back by several steps.

It's similar to provoking anger in a female lion.

As Nethery's pitch-black eyes stared at them, a terrible aura surged out of her.


An invisible strength suddenly burst out, wanting to scatter the two experts.

However, the two just looked at each other. A light flashed in their hands, and the energy was immediately dispelled. Suddenly, they forced down a palm, scattering the invisible impact from Nethery.

This made Nethery take several steps back.

Although Nethery's cultivation was constantly improving, it was still weaker against these two existences.

When the diners saw that the beautiful waitress was being bullied like this, many people were angry. A sense of justice surged in their hearts as they slapped the table before standing up.

\"Anyone who dares to make a move will be considered enemies of our Immortal Kitchen Pavilion! Let's see what kind of life you will live later!\" Tong Yue shouted coldly. Wearing a cold smile, she looked at these people with a bitter face.

Actually, Tong Yue was not afraid. She knew very clearly what was going on through the minds of these people.

Hearing Tong Yue's words, many diners who had been fascinated by the beautiful waitress became calm. Yes, it was not worth it to fight for a woman and go against the monstrous Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

Indeed, they were powerless against it.

Nether King Er Ha's face became cold. They dared to bully my little girl Nethery... Was it true that this melancholy king didn't exist?!

However, when Nether King Er Ha prepared to make a move, his eyes slightly narrowed, and he looked at the distance with excitement.

From there...

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun as it whistled with terrifying power.

The two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion experts frowned, and they raised their hands to block and hit the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok emitted an earthen yellow glow, and in the next instant, a fearful spiritual force burst out from it.

Tong Yue's mind trembled.

The two Immortal Kitchen Pavilion Experts felt their hearts sinking...

Behind Nethery, a lean figure slowly walked out.

\"Bullying my waitress and throwing my dishes... Immortal Kitchen Pavilion? What the hell is it?\"