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 Tong Yue looked down upon the mortal from the lower realm. Perhaps not only Tong Yue, but also the rest of the aristocratic families in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Those influential families had a high sense of superiority. That was because they controlled the majority of resources in Immortal City, not to mention that they had countless chefs. Basically, each Immortal Chef had a clear position, and they would be taken in by an aristocratic family.

The skills of a mortal from the lower realm wouldn't come up to scratch here at the Immortal Cooking Realm. Except for using their natural resources, what role could he play? Of course, the aristocratic families naturally didn't want those mortals, who they consider leeches and a waste of space.

Seeing Bu Fang's lively small stall, Tong Yue's heart felt as though it was being beaten. This was naturally a feeling of shame that she could not bear.

She already denied Bu Fang the right to take the test, but why did that mortal persist in staying and rising up the ranks in the Immortal Cooking Realm?

That person from the world of mortals didn't have any outstanding resources. Not only that, but his innate skills were not enough, so how could he stand firm in the Immortal Cooking Realm?

This was the reason why Tong Yue did not feel good.

Of course, she was upset, but as an Immortal Kitchen Pavilion person, if she didn't want Bu Fang to take the test, then he would not be allowed to take it!

Was it possible that Bu Fang wanted to turn over the sky? Well, only if he could make his small stall popular enough to make the entire Immortal City traffic paralyzed...

Looking at Tong Yue, who laughed coldly and turned away, Mu Liuer shook her head and sighed.

These people from the aristocratic families were still very arrogant.

However, Mu Liuer always felt that this mortal from the lower realm was extraordinary. From their brief interaction, she felt that his aura was different... It was somewhat the same with her father's...

Thinking of this, Mu Liuer was suddenly frightened.

Someone like her father?

How was this possible...

What a joke!

Her father's identity... How could this mortal even be compared to him?

But even so, Mu Liuer was still curious. With clasped hands, she walked out of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion and approached that street stall.

Originally, she was wearing the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion clothes, but before stepping out of the front door, the clothes on her body disappeared and changed into ordinary clothes.

Mu Liuer's appearance was not very beautiful, but it gave people a kind of warm and friendly feeling.

At this moment, Bu Fang's small stall had been well arranged, and he had started to make another serving of hotpot.

The four muscled men at the first table had already eaten until their mouths were full of oil. Their faces were flushed with the intense flavor, which was so spicy that their foreheads were beaded with sweat.

However, their innermost feelings were incomparable. This hotpot... was simply too delicious!

It was so delicious that it was hard for them to suppress their excitement!

To be honest, it was not the kind of peak taste that was cooked by an Immortal Chef. It was like the calm murmuring of running water that could be accepted by normal people, as though their entire being was being refreshed every time a piece of ingredient was put into their mouths.

Those four men looked at the menu and ordered more dishes. It seems that they were very rich. Although Bu Fang's prices were expensive, they still ordered a lot.

Many dishes were prepared and brought up by Bu Fang, but there were still many dishes that they hadn't tried yet.

Of course, when they saw the wine, they wanted to try it as well. However, when they saw the price, they thought that this expensive wine was somewhat outrageous.

A jar of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew needed eight immortal crystals.

Although it was too expensive, they thought it was still essential. Paired with the spicy hotpot, they would relish another explosive and refreshing feeling!

Naturally, the four men wanted to experience that kind of feeling, so they ordered the wine.

A moment later, Bu Fang brought over a jar of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew and placed it on their table. He also specially opened the seal for them and poured each of them a small cup.


As the pure wine splashed against the cup, dense mist swirled upward. And when Bu Fang added some ice, it looked even more fascinating.

One of them couldn't bear it anymore and grabbed the good wine from Bu Fang, tilting his head up as he took a swig.

As the wine entered his throat, the cool feeling caused his whole body to tremble. His hot and flushed face seemed to be drenched by iced water, looking as if there was steam rising up from his skin.

\"Well... It was so cool! Good wine!\" the muscled man exclaimed. It seemed like he was about to fly up with excitement.

After that, a lively scene could be seen in their table.

Those four men also ate fish from the pot, and its spicy taste irritated the nose. After drinking the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, the feeling was incomparable.

Overall, they felt that life was so beautiful.

Of course... for this beautiful life, one must need to spend a lot of immortal crystals.

When the second serving of hotpot was done, Bu Fang carried it over to the second table.

This time, two men and two women ate. Their appetites had long been tempted and stimulated by the table manners of the four men, so their stomachs were grumbling with anticipation.

Now that the hotpot was in front of them, they didn't expect that they could finally get a taste of it.

As the soup boiled, heat and steam arose, looking like a mushroom cloud that rushed toward the sky.

After putting the ingredients into the pot, they waited for a bit before taking them out. Dipped in the sauce that they had personally mixed, they then put the ingredient into their mouths...

A feeling of intense satisfaction appeared on their faces. Like a heavy hammer, it rapped the hearts of the diners.

Meanwhile, Nether King Er Ha's mouth drooled. Watching this scene was just pure torture for him.

This hotpot business was beyond his expectations. Indeed, he was wrong. He should never doubt this kid Bu Fang anymore. Anyway, when did this kid play cards according to common sense?

Indeed, the existence of a chef who could cook Spicy Strips and Spicy Blood Lobster naturally had its peculiarities. Otherwise, how could he, the smart and divine Lord of the Netherworld, be enchanted with such a crazy spirit?

Actually, Nether King Er Ha also wanted to taste the spicy hotpot.

One table, two tables, three tables...

In the end, the popular hotpot attracted many diners.

However, since it was getting late now, Bu Fang started to pack up and close his stall, which caused many surrounding diners to have regrettable looks.

\"Little Ha, close the stall,\" Bu Fang said in a faint voice as he gave Nether King Er Ha a side glance.

Nether King Er Ha opened his eyes, giving Bu Fang a sullen look.

He refused to follow him. He had helped him set up the stall, but he couldn't even get a taste of the hotpot.

He was so angry that his nose almost fumed with steam!

As Bu Fang was tidying up the kitchen tools, he glanced at Nether King Er Ha, and the corners of his mouth pulled into a slight smile.

\"Hurry up if you want to eat hotpot later.\"

Nether King Er Ha was shocked, and in the next moment, his eyes suddenly shone.

\"Bu Fang young man, is that true? If you dare deceive this king... you will never see this lovable king again!\" Nether King Er Ha pouted as he held a Spicy Strip in his mouth.

After speaking, he quickly began to tidy up the mess. In the next moment, tables, chairs, and other things were received and sent into the system storage space.

\"Owner Bu, what time will you start business tomorrow?\" a diner, who was intoxicated by the hotpot, suddenly asked Bu Fang.

Bu Fang took out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, glanced at the person who had asked, and seriously said, \"Considering the popularity of the hotpot, the stall's main dish for tomorrow is still hotpot. As for the opening time...\"

Bu Fang suddenly paused. Then, he turned his head and looked at the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion in the distance before finally saying, \"When the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion opens, my stall will start business as well...\"

Since they wanted to cause trouble, they must do it to the end.

The diners' faces were confused. What did this mean?

Did Bu Fang and the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion have some issues?

That diner suddenly shook his head, looking somewhat regretful before he finally left.

If this stall owner had some beef with the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, it seems that this stall would soon disappear.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Mu Liuer looked very concerned upon hearing this.

This mortal... Did he really want to go against the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion? If that's the case, this small stall... would not be enough!

She felt somewhat disappointed with Bu Fang. Did he really think that the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was similar to his previous world?

This mortal... lacked the awareness of this unknown world. Sooner or later, he would suffer huge losses.

What a pity for the hotpot... It sure was a perfect and creative concept.


Bu Fang naturally wasn't aware of Mu Liuer's thoughts and disappointment. Of course, if he were to know, he wouldn't care at all.

After they finished packing up, he took Nether King Er Ha away, and the two walked on the Immortal City street and quickly disappeared.

At this moment, the curtain of night was gradually falling.

The Immortal Cooking Realm's night sky was very dark. There were no stars, no lights, and even the moon, which was common in the Hidden Dragon Continent, was nowhere to be seen.

The sky was purely pitch-black.

Of course, in the Immortal City, the streets were brightly lit. Lights flashed and shone as the people bustled to and fro, just like a sleepless city.


In an inn somewhere in the Immortal City

A window opened, and hot air rose and rolled out of it.

\"You mangy dog! Don't steal the Blood Lobster of this king!\"

\"Wow! Little Nethery, how could you be like this?! This king worked hard to cook that demon frog meat!\"

\"Bald Dragon, you're such a pig! How could you eat this soy sauce?\"

Along with Nether King Er Ha's constant screams, the room was very lively as a group of people were busy eating hotpot.

Bu Fang had already processed and placed the ingredients on the table. The cooking process of the ingredients was still the same, and the various meats were still arranged delicately on a bed of crushed ice. They looked simple, but overall, nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

The soup in the hotpot made Bu Fang feel satisfied.

In a hotpot, one could have some soup and eat fresh ingredients at the same time. It was a kind of fusion that burst out a delicious taste, causing one to become absolutely intoxicated!

Meanwhile, news of the unusual stall that opened opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion spread in the Immortal City.

Of course, the spread of this news was not that fast.

Since Bu Fang's stall location was quite remote, not to mention that the diners were not many, the information carried by the grapevine didn't travel fast.

However, those people who had eaten the hotpot actually never forgot. For them, it was hard to forget its unique taste.


The next day, Bu Fang took Nether King Er Ha with him again and left the inn.

Now that they have immortal crystals, the inn was now their temporary residence.

This time, Nethery, who wore a cold face, followed closely.

Three people arrived in front of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion and started to set up the stall. One by one, the wooden tables and chairs were taken out and placed on the street, and they finished setting everything up quickly. Bu Fang had also taken out the wooden board with the words \"Food Stall\" and placed it.

The moment they appeared, the stall was immediately surrounded by people. These were the hotpot enthusiasts, their most faithful customers.

The most excited in the crowd were the four strong brothers, who were all staring at Bu Fang with red eyes.

\"Owner Bu! Give us a hotpot!\"


Immortal Kitchen Pavilion

The people in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion all looked curiously at the opposite group of people, who were crowded like ants.

When Tong Yue arrived at the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion entrance early in the morning, she saw Bu Fang's lively stall and coldly snorted.

Mu Liuer also came. Seeing that Bu Fang really intended to go against the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, she shook her head in disappointment.

With the increasing flow of people, more and more people came to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion for the tests, and they were all curious about Bu Fang's stall.

Those who ate hotpot were exclaiming their praises, and the newcomers, who were initially staring blankly at them, eventually joined the queue.

The long and narrow queue was straight from the opposite street up to the entrance of the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

This popularity made countless people, who were passing through, shocked.

However, those shocked people quickly joined the queue as well...

In the end, an Immortal Kitchen Pavilion expert with a face full of anger came out, and that angry face could be seen clearly by the naked eyes.

\"Someone actually dared to open a stall opposite the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion! Not only is it in front, but the queue is all the way up to the entrance! Where is the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion in your eyes?! What kind of trouble do you want to stir up?! This small stall could not exist!\"