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 Bu Fang's words made the man's movements suddenly freeze in the air.

The man looked suspiciously at Bu Fang. Good soy sauce? What soy sauce?


The man gulped, smelling the spicy aroma and the dense white steam.

He could not wait anymore. He wanted to put this piece of meat into his mouth now, but when he heard Bu Fang, he was a little hesitant.


The man had already set his heart on eating the piece of meat, too lazy and impatient to think about the soy sauce that Bu Fang mentioned.

As soon as he put the piece of demon frog meat into his mouth, a hot feeling burst out, and his mouth released steam. Spiritual energy, together with the heat, surged up within him at the same time.

After all, the demon frog meat was a demon king grade ingredient, so its quality was good. In the Immortal Cooking Realm, it was considered a good cooking ingredient.

This kind of ingredient, mixed with Bu Fang's spicy hotpot secret recipe, created an extraordinary taste and feeling.

That demon frog meat constantly collided inside the mouth as it was chewed, giving a kind of refreshing feeling that was hard to describe in words.

\"Oh! Too delicious! This feeling and taste of fresh ingredients are really... too wonderful!\"

The muscled man narrowed his eyes, his face full of satisfaction. He flared his nostrils as his whole body relaxed, looking like he was immersed in this delicious dish.

After reminding that man, Bu Fang didn't say anything more. He didn't actively help this man prepare and mix the soy sauce.

Naturally, one must consider a person's preference.

In fact, even if there was no dipping sauce, the taste wouldn't be that bad. His hotpot soup was enough to make up for the lack of it.

However, he still prepared the seasonings in the distance.

In a tray, he placed some Purple Garlic, Scale Tail Scallion, cooking wine, aromatic vinegar, fish sauce, and chili sauce. He then placed these seasonings on one side for the diners to mix the sauce by themselves.

After eating a piece of meat, their hearts were captured by the cooking method of keeping the original taste, so when they saw those seasonings, their eyes shone.

They all stood up and prepared the sauce according to Bu Fang's instruction. The feeling of being involved in the cooking process made them feel very satisfied.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, everyone dreamed of becoming a chef. This dream had been possible when they were born, then went through various types of influences before eventually becoming their ultimate goal.

Although some were unable to realize their dream because of the lack of talent, how was it different from salted fish? Therefore, regarding the participation in the cooking process, the people in the Immortal Cooking Realm were very excited.

And it was evident in these men's hands, which shook when they picked up the bowl to mix the soy sauce. After the tension, they all became serious, and their eyes revealed a kind of dignified look.

What they needed to do now was to mix the seasonings for their dipping sauce.

What's this? Garlic? One spoon first...

Oh... Scallion? One more spoon...

Add some cooking wine, a spoon of aromatic vinegar, and... a spoon of chili sauce.

With serious faces, those men mixed the seasonings with their soy sauce carefully. Finally, they carried their mixed sauce back to their table.

The surrounding people were stunned.

Could there be this kind of operation?

The diners could participate in the cooking process...

Such a thing had never happened in the Immortal Cooking Realm!

This stall owner's dish was very unique.

No matter how the ingredients were prepared, cooked, and even how they taste, they all have their own characteristics according to the diner's preference, which completely subverted the tradition in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

It was more evident in the soy sauce that one can prepare and mix on their own. Seeing someone participating in such a process, the eyes of everyone around them shrank.

This feeling of participating seemed to be very good.

Some had shining eyes, their hearts somewhat excited. Looking at the men mixing the soy sauce, they felt a sudden itch in their hands, as though they wanted to try it too.

In the end, everyone became eager to try it.

The men who had finished their dipping sauce then sat back, then carefully stared at the sauce in the small bowl. They used their chopsticks to stir and, finally, licked the tip of their chopsticks.

\"Oh... It tastes very good!\" One of them nodded seriously. It seemed that he was very satisfied with his own mixed sauce.

The rest of them showed such a look. After that, they picked up the demon frog meat, then put it into the boiling red soup.

A moment later, the demon frog meat rolled up and was fished out of the pot.

The demon frog meat seemed to be dancing as it was put into the mixed sauce. Shortly after, it was stained with the color of the sauce, and the heat and aroma continued to spread out.

One of the men was very eager to put the demon frog meat into his mouth.

\"This feeling...\" That man looked as though he would burst into tears. He lifted his head, and in his eyes, a clear drop of water formed before it rolled down.

The feeling of being involved in cooking the dishes themselves made them feel infatuated. This feeling was really wonderful.

Rumble! Rumble!

The surrounding audience stared at the strong men, who were putting the steaming hot food into their mouths. Seeing the way they ate the mouthful of soup, they couldn't help but swallow.

Although the men's faces were flushed red because of the spicy taste, the kind of happiness when being conquered by this food could not be hidden.

The spicy taste of the soup, the aroma of the fresh ingredients, and the delicate taste of the dipping sauce... Altogether, these flavors formed a special flavor.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang continued to process the ingredients. Aside from the vegetables, of course there were many other ingredients. These ingredients were diverse, and each had its own distinct taste.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife constantly swung in his hand as each piece of evenly cut Papillion meat was rolled up and placed on top of the crushed ice.

Bu Fang stacked them carefully. The distance between each piece of Papillion meat was so precise as he arranged them in a delicate pattern. Overall, it looked very beautiful.

He opened his palm, and with a bang, he overturned a tray. Soup mixed with blood flowed down in an instant.

Finally, he took out a porcelain bowl. The Papillion's blood was slowly moving, looking as soft as pudding cake.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife moved and slowly slashed down, cutting the Papillion's solid blood into pieces before he placed it in a tray.

Pouring some clean water on it, the Papillion on that tray looked more elastic and more lustrous.

Each tray of ingredients was then carried. Those ingredients were very fresh and specially processed.

The eyes of the strong men were dazzled, and they were very excited to eat them.

Their mouths constantly sucked in the cold air due to the spicy soup. After all, Bu Fang had put two spoons of Abyssal Chili Sauce in it, so the spicy taste was absolutely intense.

But even if it was too spicy, they still kept on eating it. Aside from the delicious taste of the ingredients, the aroma of the spicy hot soup was incredible. Combined with the sauce that they had personally mixed, the dish formed an indescribable taste.

When Bu Fang placed each tray of ingredients on their table, the spectators looked at those trays with bewildered looks.

Those various ingredients made them feel dazed.

How could this dish have so many ingredients?

The spectators were shocked, but the four men were very happy to eat those.

Their chopsticks reached out and immediately picked up a large pile of Papillion meat, then dropped it into the boiling soup.

When the Papillion meat was ready, they picked it up and dipped it into the sauce. As they finally put it into their mouths, the aroma spread out...


Chewing sounds resounded all around. The steam billowed up, rushing into the sky.

\"Hahaha! So awesome!\"

\"Too delicious! How could it be so delicious?\"

\"The soy sauce I mixed is the best!\"

Those strong men laughed loudly as they ate. But soon, they all froze.

That was because when their chopsticks stretched out, they could not pick up any more food.

One of them rolled his eyes. His red and swollen mouth opened to shout in a dissatisfied voice, \"Hey, Owner! Serve the food quickly. I can't wait!\"

Bu Fang dropped both his hands, and the Vermillion Robe fluttered in the wind. He raised his head and looked at that man. \"Sorry, I'm finished serving the food.\"

\"Ah? Finished? Owner, you're cheating!\" That man's eyes were red as he exclaimed.

He had eaten too much, but he was still not full. He was expecting the stall owner to bring a little more to eat.

Out of food? How annoying!

He was so angry that his small heart was about to explode!

\"I told you before that even if the first pot is free, the ingredients were chosen by me. Also, don't insist that you've only eaten a few. You saw it yourself that I placed many ingredients on your table...\"

As Bu Fang said that expressionlessly, he raised his hand and pointed at the trays on the table.

All of them turned to look, and their swollen red lips couldn't help but twitch...

Those empty trays had been stacked like a small hill.

\"Well, I have eaten too much...\" The man was somewhat embarrassed as he scratched his back.

Indeed, it was free, but they had eaten too much, so they were somewhat embarrassed.

\"Owner, can we continue to order food? We will give you immortal crystals!\" The man looked at Bu Fang with a face full of expectation.

They still wanted to eat. They had eaten some, but when their food had run out, it made them so upset that they want to vomit blood.

The man's words made Bu Fang a little stunned, but he was not too surprised. He nodded.

It seems that he was prepared as his spiritual force moved a bit. When he released his spiritual force, a small card suddenly fluttered and fell in the hand of that muscled man.

\"If you want to eat, then order the dishes using your spiritual force. Now, I'm about to start preparing the second pot,\" Bu Fang said.

The moment he stopped speaking, the spectators who had been waiting for a long time suddenly went into an uproar.

The first person ordered crab, and the one behind him followed. Soon, everyone was ordering, creating a loud din.

Nether King Er Ha had endured this temptation in front of him. He felt a bit foolish as he regretted following Bu Fang. This was pure torture!


In the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, Tong Yue and Mu Liuer were shocked as they watched that stall.

It was just a small stall, but why was it so lively and popular?

Tong Yue stared at Bu Fang, who still wore an expressionless face in the crowd. Despite the upset feeling in her heart, the corners of her mouth suddenly lifted up into a smirk.

\"So what if a mortal opened a stall and it's popular? This lady will not let him take the test. He will remain an unnamed chef forever!\"

Mu Liuer listened to Tong Yue's words and sighed.

Why should she bother? She felt that Tong Yue would regret her words anyway...